Sanctimonious Pontification – #BestElectionEver – Video With Great Ending…

There’s been a lot of these great videos, but this one has the best ending.  Sanctimonious Pontification thy name is…



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442 Responses to Sanctimonious Pontification – #BestElectionEver – Video With Great Ending…

  1. Gov Jay says:

    These were the same political pundits… um… journalists that said the thousands upon thousands of yard signs and massive attendance at rallies meant very little to nothing… yeah right…

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  2. mister549 says:

    Childish people don’t listen. They don’t know where to look; AND, they don’t know what to look for . . . Especially, if they lie for what they consider to be for their own good. Uh, yeah! Love this video; it’s one of my favorites. Ann Coulter is the best!

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  3. I have posted this video on the wrong topic last night. Here’s the right place.

    Please, forgive the bad quality of sound. I hope the pics would balance that 🙂

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  4. The Trump haters aka those that hate us, at least for me the worst instance was when Trump held the Veterans benefit and raised SIX MILLION DOLLARS instead of going to a debate where trap questions and a canned lion hunt was planned. And the next day they were chastising and falsely accusing what Trump did as “bad” “wicked” “evil” and then not repenting and during the following months even went on to falsely accuse Trump of lying and not dispersing the monies raised.


    When I hear of going soft on these murderers and character assassinators (THE MSM), I simply only need to remember that one instance. Of course there are many more but for me this is the WORST!

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  5. asawasa says:

    in the spirit of the #BestElectionEver i’m just going to leave this here for your viewing pleasure


  6. Wendy Russell says:

    There are a lot of idiots to keep you company, they are called democrats@


  7. Cymrygirl says:

    I thoroughly, THOROUGHLY enjoyed that!! The “Hall of the Mountain King” soundtrack was absolutely on-point for that video. I loved how the music creschendoed and sped up as “time” on the video went on and we re-lived Trump’s siege of the battlements, taking down one barricade (state) after another, as if you could hear the sound of the encroaching army getting louder and louder. And that last quip, perfect!

    As an aside, I felt so sorry for young Barron, standing there at 2:30 in the morning, in a full suit and tie. Bless his young heart, he blink-started several times and you could tell he would rather be at home in bed. I hope he got to sleep late that day!! 🙂

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    • herbork says:

      Yes, the boy was hypnotized by exhaustion, but… Barron’s father kept him up late, not only so he and the boy could stand together at this moment of triumph, but also, after the fashion of DJT’s own father, to teach his son that you push on when you are tired, you leave it all on the playing field, you don’t give in or give up, you soldier on to victory no matter what the cost. Having the boy beside him was IMO one of the grandest acts of fatherhood I’ve ever witnessed.


  8. guitar107 says:

    Listening to the prog aparatchiks (and watching O) was very stressful for me…
    (none of those people (and I use the term loosely) are journalists).

    but the ending of the video was great!!!
    I’m smiling from ear to ear… poor Wolfie… he had to suck it up and announce the Lion’s victory!

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  9. racerxx says:

    Still not tired of winning. God Bless Mr.–I mean PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump. 😀

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