November 9th – Post 2016 Presidential Election – Open Discussion

Today we dance.  You did it.  Congratulations U.S.A.

There will be some post-election debriefing as we assemble some important discussion threads.  However, consider this an open discussion thread as we boldly assert, with all the righteous resolve each of you deserve:


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1,771 Responses to November 9th – Post 2016 Presidential Election – Open Discussion

  1. Michael says:

    I love every one of you. MAGA!


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  2. Nick says:

    Sundance, God bless you and thank you for everything. Without you and people like you, our victory would never have been possible!!!!!

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  3. Spencer's Mom says:

    Yeah, Baby!!!!!

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  4. Betty says:

    It is the music of a people who would not be slaves again !

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  5. Ad rem says:

    This needed to be screencapped before Nate Silver sent it down the memory hole…. 😀

    ……………. photo 1dti3w_zpszwolb17f.jpg

     photo 5ec76a8e-a394-4fd4-836b-aec4f983ce7e_zpswqojbwb7.png

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  6. James F says:

    Looks like shenanigans in Michigan. The margin keeps decreasing but the percentage of reporting precincts has remained the same for hours.

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    • G3 says:

      Win or not in Michigan or another state, President Trump will make sure these shenanigans will be brought to light. This is our law and order President. He has arrived.

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      • blognificentbee says:

        As she conceded, does EV even matter? I thought during Bush/Gore fiasco that came out & that’s why GOre had to officially rescind his concession? Not sure, just trying to remember.


        • Sandra says:

          I think you’re right. She conceded. It’s over. I guess she could yank it back like Gore did. But considering how the Dems made such a big deal about Trump’s comment about conceding during that last debate …

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  7. Nesta801 says:


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  8. Spencer's Mom says:

    And thank you, Sundance!

    You saved a lot of us – talked us all off the ledge when we were ready to give up!
    All the way through the primaries…
    Explaining how the media were rigging the polls, etc.
    I had such despair at times – but you kept my hopes and spirits up.
    You made a believer of me.

    I can’t thank you enough.

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  9. TeddyOn20th says:


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  10. quintrillion says:

    “Feels Good Man”, Pepe

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  11. Nesta801 says:


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  12. Mao's Noodle says:

    Awesomeness, tempered with the knowledge of what happened and cannot be unseen. We’re not done with the uniparty yet. It’s a long march through the institutions for us. First stop POTUS, next SCOTUS, Obamacare repeal, The Trumpenwall, a world wonder for the ages, nation building, expelling the usurpers and the million+ invaders, onshoring, so much to do. May God bless America and a new golden era when what needs to be done is done.

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  13. robertnotsowise says:

    it might be too soon, but it might not be too soon. ENJOY

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    • Sandra says:

      I like this thread title:

      I think it’s worth mentioning that Hillary avoided giving a concession speech. Did she forget to prepare one?


  14. Dan says:

    I’ll take the win for sure, but am chilled at the closeness. Against one of the most corrupt, vile figures in American history, with vast amounts of exposed corruption and a history of failure, the popular vote margin is fractions of a percent. And she may well win THAT when California is counted.

    Would have expected a landslide. Suggests the country is in deep trouble as far as ability to discern right and wrong, good and evil.

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    • SteveInCO says:


      Many commenters here had been predicting a landslide. It never materialized.

      If the monster vote happened…it appears to have benefitted BOTH candidates.

      But a win is a win, and getting WI and PA are definite plusses!

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      • The Defiant One says:

        Virginia had 60k felons vote… which resulted in Virginia going to Killary by 60k votes.

        Basically I think the monster vote did happen, but it was tempered by all the dead people and illegals voting.

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        • Chris says:

          .. Some one here (sincere apology for forgetting who..) suggested last night, that the MONSTER vote DID occur, it’s simply logged into the fraudulant electronic vote counting machines.. never to be seen or admited . It overtook the machines margin of error..
          Like the Hills emails.., those machines will need to be ” Bleech- Bitted” hahaha!
          It’s a beautiful NEW DAY !

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    • Duhders says:

      I concur with this statement, it is shocking how many can justify corruption and fall for neural programming via a box.

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    • starfcker says:

      Good point Dan.


    • the5thranchhand says:

      Is it possible that there really was a landslide vote for Trump, but was overwhelmed with the democrats fraud? After all the Clintons are corrupt, vile and evil.

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      • Thurstan says:



      • LP says:

        My first thought is there was a monster vote, but it was manifested in states he may have won despite it, such as OK and Wyoming as examples (landslides). The district/county map looks very different than the state-wide map. Urban heavily populated areas held by Dems made the win very close. I’m sure the wonks will find this of endless fascination funding many an academic career.


      • stobberdobber says:

        the5thranchhand says:
        November 9, 2016 at 4:58 am
        Is it possible that there really was a landslide vote for Trump, but was overwhelmed with the democrats fraud? After all the Clintons are corrupt, vile and evil.

        Sure seemed to be a LOT of shenanigans to me. I have been watching those states and the counties really close. I learned through the primaries that a lot of stuff just didn’t make sense. I mean here in my county in WI it somehow went from Trump to Cruz with less than 1% reporting left and a 1500 vote difference with Trump leading to Cruz winning by 23 votes. I said NO WAY. There just aren’t that many people in the county especially of voting age. It was just weird.

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    • Coast says:

      I totally agree…we have a very sick society.


    • Sandra says:

      I’m unconcerned. He won. Now think: if he does well in the next 4 years there will be even more people who will vote for him in 2020. The margin will be bigger and there won’t be the dirty campaign against him as there was this year.

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      • huskerheart says:

        But we still can’t rollover with regards to the machines. They have to go and we have to find a way to lessen the sheer volume of voter fraud. And it all should start in Broward county Florida.


  15. ZurichMike says:

    EXCELLENT! I am still grinning from ear to ear.

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  16. SPMI says:


    G o T R U M P D J!!!

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  17. sDee says:

    Thank you Sundance for choosing God’s side, and for keeping us focused.

    Much much work to begin. We now have the upper hand but evil never sleeps.

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  18. quintrillion says:

    We Won..I Felt It ALL Day. I fell asleep at 8:00 pm and woke to Sundance post on top of thread 6 at 3:00 am ct. Ran outside screaming did a jig in the driveway…….I’m so happy, you can shoot me now. NOW WE TAKE BACK THE CULTURE. Praise our merciful Lord YHVH.

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  19. Tone-deaf they are, but they heard this cold anger…and it scare them.

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  20. SamSteel says:

    Today we bask in victory for the battle hard fought, tomorrow, we begin the war against the uniparty and let the light shine in the darkness.

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  21. nobaddog says:

    How many times did you say to yourself “It wont even be close folks” ? After i read that here i would repeat it to myself whenever i would hear people saying Trump cant win or i would get down about it. That saying kept me sane throughout this election. Very calming. Thanks to all of here at CTH..
    Now we will see how it goes. Can only get better. LOL Drain the swamp and start the investigations. MAGA!

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    • Sandra says:

      I’m going to be honest, despite reading everything here at CTH I was still afraid Hillary might win. I knew Trump COULD win but I didn’t know if he could overcome the sheer number of stupid voters and the fraud.


  22. ufferndan says:

    The first people Trump thanked were his parents, for teaching him so much. Putin has already sent a congratulatory telegram. Friends in the UK and Brasil have already called, screaming with excitement. People of the world are rejoycing with us. We’ve been granted a second chance to unite as one nation under God. Thank you Sundance. Our work is just beginning. I’ll sleep tonight

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  23. FLEEVY says:

    Congratulations, team! Time to make this country great again.

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  24. Uh…’scares’ them.


  25. kltk1 says:

    Well done fellow deplorables. I have to admit, I didn’t feel good around 6:00 est today and was incredibly nervous. And I wasn’t even watching the news! At 9:00 I started watching the coverage and ever so slightly worked my way out of the funk. Sheesh, could they have waited any longer to call Pennsylvania? Lol.

    In the end, a big thank you to everyone here. Lots of great folks and good discussion. Big thanks to Sundance, you did a phenomenal job keeping us focused and informed. You were successful….

    Be safe everyone and please hold DJT to his word. This was a tremendous victory but, as Mr. Trump noted in his victory speech, it means nothing if we don’t go out and do good things with it. He made a lot of promises on the campaign trail, let’s not let him do to us what Ryan, Boehner and McConnell have been doing to us since 2010.

    Not that I expect him to go back on his word, that’s not his style, but still, he needs to know we’re supporting him but still watching..

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  26. Peoria Jones says:


    Make t-shirts. I’ll buy one.

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  27. Bill Higgins says:

    I live in Thailand and the news media here has been getting their information from America’s msm.The news anchorshere, are shocked and at a loss for words,instead they just report the results and said Trump is the next American president.
    I teared up watching him and his family come on stage for his speech,the underdog thing.This place is the only site where I read the comments.I love this place.
    This victory is the hand of the creator and now there is the potential to have peace in the world.Thank you God!
    Thanks Sundance,I read your site the most and I’ve turned many people on to it.
    We’ve only just begun!
    Patriot Bill

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  28. Bob says:

    Sundance, you rule. CTH has saved the world. Good on you, Good lookin’ out.

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  29. Wookiebush says:

    Dan you are SOOO right. This election should not have been nearly that close. Hillary is an UN-endited felon for multiple violations of the Espionage act. Should have been a landslide of 1984 proportions.

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  30. F.D.R. in Hell says:

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  31. Jackk says:

    I stayed with CTH all day, from noon to 5AM, I could not have asked for a better night (although those johnson voters really should have gone for Trump!), Congratulation to everyon and all the best to Donald Trump, our future president.

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    • Spencer's Mom says:

      Me too – although i was scared at first – but i stayed focus – after being chided by Sundance not to give in to the media hype….but this was one of the best – albeit scary – evenings i ever spent.

      DEFINITELY the most exciting election season – evah!

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  32. Cetera says:

    Happy Trump Day!

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  33. coltlending says:



    Now prepare for the struggle ahead friends…

    The battle has just begun!

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  34. Peoria Jones says:

    Mexico better straighten out that thing with their Peso. They’re gonna need a bunch of ’em to pay for The Wall.

    We Deplorables don’t need no idjucashun, we don’t need no thought control…

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  35. quintrillion says:

    Can’t wait for all the evil people who said they would leave to go away whrn Trump won and stfu too.

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  36. Jack says:

    Thank you Sundance for keeping the faith and for giving us a clear lighthouse beam that penetrated the fog of globalism.

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  37. quintrillion says:

    R’s KEPT THE HOUSE AND SENATE TOO. It’s a beautiful morning I think I’ll go outside and just smile for a while.

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  38. citizen817 says:

    “The road is long With many a winding turn”

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    Wow. For once, I’m speechless*

    *not for long!

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  40. Driver1 says:

    Oh what a beautiful morning. Oh what a beautiful day. Like the old Lowenbrau commercial- Sundance, you’re a genius.

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  41. Shadrach says:

    Thank you Sundance.
    You were standing up on the stage with the Trump family and supporters, in my eyes.

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  42. Jaxvillekid says:

    I just want to say it has been a pleasure to go through this journey with all of you. I love you all. God bless you all , Trump and the USA!!!

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  43. lawrencepaul1 says:

    Well I’m done. It’s About 8 hrs past my bedtime. I am zonked.

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  44. Peoria Jones says:

    We have just averted WW3.

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  45. M33 says:

    The Trump Effect:

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  46. Tony says:

    I could not sleep at all. I didn’t stay up to see the end. I wanted him and America to win. Now the struggle begins to break the barriers inside DC. No time to lay back now.


  47. Atticus says:

    As Alexander Hamilton said “Here Sir, the PEOPLE govern.”

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