North Carolina: Trump 51%, Clinton 44% – Trump Winning 23% of Democrats, and +12 Independents…

The media is still gaslighting, ignoring empirical data and pretending not to notice the scope of what’s going on around them.  While trying to sell and retain a Clinton narrative around several key states.

Unfortunately for the MSM sunlight has broken through.  A local WRAL Poll (non national media poll with full pdf below) in North Carolina shows the scope of the lead for Team Trump:

north-carolina-poll-nov-1st(click to enlarge)

Trump thumbs up

Donald Trump is winning 51% to 44%, a seven point lead.  That seven points is important because CTH and FLEPOREBLOG reached the same conclusion independent of this just released polling result.

We have been predicting a 7% (or larger) win in North Carolina for several weeks now.  That win is approximately three times the scope of the win by Romney in 2012.  That win is part of the Monster Vote impact.

In addition to the 51/44 topline.  You’ll notice 23% of North Carolina Democrats are voting for Donald Trump, and the lead with independent voters is 51/39 (+12 for Trump).


Here’s the full analytics:


We are winning.  Use this data to give a morale boost to your friends and family who might not be inoculated to the MSM gaslighting.  However, do not get complacent.  We must behave as if we are 3 points behind.  Get everyone out to the voting booths.  Continue to push hard….

Vote Bigly



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212 Responses to North Carolina: Trump 51%, Clinton 44% – Trump Winning 23% of Democrats, and +12 Independents…

  1. Trumped says:

    I really despise Gatewaypundit. So many false stories out that damage Trump. Probably done for the ads

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    • peace says:

      Not true – gatewaypundit is an excellent blog and helps Trump. Maybe you’re thinking of the rightscoop.

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      • joninmd22 says:

        Gateway Pundit is a good site but some of the bs story’s turn up on it.

        In this election cycle it’s hard to filter everything.

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        • Trumped says:

          I agree and I shared more then once false stories on accident. I then try to retract or correct it. Gateway just lets it stand. I got frustrated with the site and stopped following it.


          • yy4u says:

            One of the reasons I don’t share stuff until I know for certain — by then it is generally too late — everyone already knows it! That said, Hillary and Bill can tell monumental lies and when caught at it just go on as if nothing happened (latest being he says he didn’t say what’s on a video of him saying) — no defense needed. But if Trump or a Trump supporter makes an honest mistake, it’s Karakatoa and the media blow sky high. It’s frustrating.


      • Trumped says:

        I know gatewaypundit is for Trump but they have so many false stories out (often without a retraction after it beeing proven false by their own comment section) that I cant go there and just start sharing them with undecideds.

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    • Cardinals82 says:



    • Gateway Pundit has been one of the top 5 sites for real news this election season.

      Apparently the old magpie blew a gasket this afternoon in Florida.

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    • Stu in Henderson says:

      I think you mean Allahpundit who truly is worthless. Gatewaypundit is actually pretty good – and a Trumpster to boot.

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      • Mike says:

        Gateway Pundit reports something totally false at least twice a week it seems. Never corrected, often left as the prominent story. I’m also a Trumpster but they need to work on getting stories correct. Example? Remember the thugs that destroyed the Trump car? Anyone could tell that was fake cause it didn’t look right, it was Joey Salads and if you didn’t know who he was just view his other videos. Clearly fake and one of our thugs had the same island voice as one in Salads other very fake looking video.

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    • Ghostrider says:

      I am surprised to hear you say that. Jim Hoft is a patriot and his blog is well read. Fox & Friends lifts much of their early morning breaking news reporting from his site. Besides, he and Sundance share or support stories with another and compliment each other’s writing.

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    • solomonpal says:

      They have a jackass named Pollard at BB. Big never Trumper. Same deal. Not so sure about GP. I thought they were hard core Trump.

      I like the “because this isn’t working” theme but the donkey should be humping the elephant.


      • Marc says:

        Pollard is a globalist neocon 100%. He only feigns being a Trump supporter to keep his job.
        Jim Hoft is totally on the Trump Train but he does, indeed, often post false hoax stories related to the election. I’ve complained a couple times about this in the comments and my posts were deleted. It hurts your credibility when you post fake news or use hoaxer sources.

        And I have not once seen a story taken down or even an editor’s note to say what needed to be corrected. It’s lazy and irresponsible.

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    • E C says:

      The important thing is Hannity is correcting the record. The others leave it out there when it’s been proven to be wrong.

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  2. AndrewJackson says:

    Watch out, more gaslighting going on. TargetSmart poll (william and mary) saying clinton is +8. What are they smoking?


  3. Libertyvibe says:

    Apparently they haven’t heard… the silent coup has begun. Seriously, Huge news: Insider just spelled it all out – the connection between Assange, and all of the leaks (where he got them). You know how frustrated we all are that they never actually DO anything about Hillary and Obama? Well, THEY ARE DOING IT NOW!

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    • sDee says:

      Seems to align with events and situations. I have kept a question in my mind ever since I seriously started listening to Trump last year and realized we was aligning himself against the globalists…..Who then protects him and his family?

      Then, if I am to assume Assange has what he says he has (he is delivering) who keeps him alive? Certainly is not Ecuador.

      What is beyond doubt is that America’s enemy is within and our entire Federal government is lawless.

      Much runs behind the scenes we will never know. I pray for God’s grace and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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  4. Patriot says:

    There is a poll coming out tomorrow showing clinton up 8 in florida and saying almost 30% of early voting republicans voted for hillary.

    Libtards getting quite desperate.


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  6. chojun says:

    Hey guys, as mentioned above new gaslight poll is coming out. Here’s some early analysis that I did. There’s plenty of red meat here.

    I don’t have any more time to research this but the poll methodology itself is complete and utter bilge. Have at it!

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  7. canadacan says:

    I have been watching the films of Laurence Olivier and Kenneth Branagh as they played the roles of Henry the fourth.
    I’m referring to the battle scene and the speech about St. Crispin’s day and other speeches during this period In the play.
    It will be with great relief on Tuesday evening to be able to say of Donald Trump “The day is ours”

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  8. yy4u says:

    I’m getting whiplash. I hear Trump is ahead by a lot in Ohio, then it’s one point, now both sides are campaigning there which suggests it is in play for Hillary (as VA is not for Trump if the ads and/or campaigning is any indication). I don’t believe the polls but it’s hard not to be affected.


  9. Pigletrios says:

    The bottom line is that the Clinton’s cannot afford to lose this election and are fighting as if their lives depended on it. People who paid big bucks to the foundation expect returns. If she is not elected President (and I am convinced she won’t be) they will probably be facing a day of reckoning that they would give anything to avoid.


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