Donald Trump Calls For Congressional Special Session To Repeal and Replace ObamaCare STAT !

It is NOT accidental the two most significant closing policy speeches -as delivered by Donald Trump- are given at historic Gettysburg and Valley Forge.  NOT accidental.   The 2016 moment is a modern revolution, a new insurgency…  And we will win…. And we will win…. and we will win.

We are winning!… and this is BIGLY.


[ Transcript ] I would like to thank my incredible running mate, Governor Mike Pence, who has been a tremendous leader on health care issues.

Let me also thank Dr. Ben Carson, not only a great man – but one of the toughest competitors I’ve ever faced. People do not know how well he did during the primaries, but even more importantly, he is a brilliant physician, and I hope he will be very much involved with my Administration.

I’d also like to recognize the distinguished Members of Congress in attendance, who have all been at the forefront of health care reform. Congresswomen Ellmers and Lummis, and Congressmen Price, Harris, Burgess, Desjarlais. And let me give a special thanks to Senator Barrasso, a terrific doctor, and a Senate leader, who did incredible work chairing our platform committee.

When we win on November 8th, and elect a Republican Congress, we will be able to immediately repeal and replace Obamacare. I will ask Congress to convene a special session.

Obamacare is a catastrophe. The President said if you like your plan you can keep your plan, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor – which may go down as one of the great political lies of the century. Even the skeptical Democrats believed him and approved the legislation.

No one even read the 2,700-page bill.

The Obama Administration has just announced massive double-digit and triple-digit Obamacare premium hikes everywhere in the country. Here, in Pennsylvania, premiums are going to increase more than 60 percent.

That means parents won’t have enough money to pay their bills, or get medicine for their kids.

In the great state of Arizona, a wonderful place I just left, premiums will go up even higher than 116 percent – others states are going up more than 60, 70, 80, and 90 percent. Deductibles can go to 12 thousand, 13 thousand, 14 thousand and even 15 thousand dollars. These deductibles are so high that your health care won’t even be usable.

People all across the country are devastated. In many instances, their health care costs are more than their mortgage costs or rent, a first in American history. This is particularly unfair to millennials, and younger Americans generally, who will be totally crushed by these massive health care costs before they even get started on their journey through life.

One-third of the counties in Pennsylvania will have only a single insurance company. That includes Philadelphia.

The Associated Press found that “some of the 440,000 Pennsylvania consumers who buy insurance through will face some of the highest premium increases in the nation.”

Insurers are leaving, premiums are soaring, doctors are quitting, companies are fleeing, and deductibles are through the roof.  Workers’ hours are being cut, hiring is frozen, and wages are being slashed.  Obamacare means higher prices, fewer choices, and lower quality.

Yet, Hillary Clinton wants to expand Obamacare and make it even more expensive. She wants to put the government totally in charge of health care in America.  If we don’t repeal and replace Obamacare, we will destroy American health care forever – it’s one of the single most important reasons why we must win on November 8th.

Our replacement plan includes Health Savings Accounts, a nationwide insurance market where you can purchase across state lines, and letting states manage Medicaid dollars. We will create quality, reliable, affordable health care in a free market where parents can make the health care decisions that are right for their families. It will be much better health care, at a much less expensive cost.

We’ve also outlined detailed solutions on so many other issues to make life better for every American family.  That includes a plan to bring back the manufacturing jobs that form the backbone of the American Middle Class, and our country as a whole.

Pennsylvania has lost almost 40% of its manufacturing jobs since NAFTA – a deal signed by Bill Clinton and supported by Hillary Clinton. The City of Philadelphia has lost more than 1 in 3 of its manufacturing jobs since China joined the World Trade Organization – another Bill and Hillary-backed deal.

A Trump Administration will renegotiate NAFTA, and stand up to foreign product dumping, currency manipulation and unfair subsidy behavior. We are going to bring manufacturing and jobs, lots of jobs, back to Pennsylvania.

We are going to open modern mines, and take care of our great miners. We will be producing clean coal, oil, natural gas and shale energy.

We’re also bringing back our steelworkers, whose jobs have been stolen by the dumping of steel all over this state and country by China, and other countries. Nobody has been treated worse than these workers, but that will change on January 20th of next year.

We are also going to provide the children of this state with school choice. That means parents can send their kids to the public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home school that is right for them. We will totally eliminate Common Core and bring education local.

Our tax plan will provide a 35% tax cut to Middle Class families with two kids. We will let parents deduct childcare expenses from their taxes, and create tax-free Childcare and Eldercare Savings Accounts – with matching contributions for low-income families.

We will eliminate the Obama-Clinton defense sequester and rebuild our badly depleted military. Our Navy is the smallest it has been since World War I, and rebuilding it will require a truly national effort. That is why I will ask my Secretary of the Navy to review facilities like the Philadelphia Navy Yard with a long history of service to our Navy, proximity to vibrant private industry, and room for expansion to enlist them in rebuilding our Fleet. To recruit the master craftsmen this buildup requires, we will establish “centers of excellence” at locations like the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

We will rebuild our military and we will rebuild this country.

I am not a politician. My only special interest is you, the American People.

The guiding rule of the Political Class in Washington, D.C. is that they are looking out only for themselves.  They will say anything, and do anything, to cling to their power and prestige at your expense.

I’m running to change and reverse decades of failure, and to work with the American people to create generations of success.  I’m running to restore honesty to our government, safety to our communities, and prosperity to our economy.

I want to go into our poorest communities and work on a national plan for revitalization.  Americans are tired of being told to defer their dreams to another day – but politicians really mean another decade.

Enough waiting. The time is now.

But to accomplish our goals, we must cut our ties with the small, bitter and petty politics of the past. We must declare our independence from a failed establishment that has squandered $6 trillion on foreign wars in the Middle East that never end and that we never win and that have made us less safe. They’ve left our borders wide open at home, and shipped our jobs and wealth to other countries.

It is time for a new leadership.

I’ve led a great life – and I truly love our country. So now, I want to give back to the country that has been so good to me. All I see, everywhere I travel in this nation, is untapped potential waiting to be realized.

If we unlock the potential of this country and its incredible people, no dream is outside of our reach.

If we stop believing in our failed politicians, and start believing in ourselves, then anything is possible.

I’m asking you to Dream Big, to push for Bold Change, and to believe in a movement powered by our love for each other and our love for our country.

That is how we will truly make America Great Again.

~ Donald Trump


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204 Responses to Donald Trump Calls For Congressional Special Session To Repeal and Replace ObamaCare STAT !

  1. MfM says:

    I’ve always like Dr. Ben Carson. I didn’t think he was Presidential material, he’s not strong enough for the nastiness. One of the turning points for my husband on Trump was seeing how Trump reacted when Ben didn’t hear his name called. Bush, Cruz and Rubio pushed past. Trump stayed with Carson, very clearly making that decision. It was a ridiculous thing for the people running the debate to let happen… and then they left Kasich standing.

    The reason it was clear that Trump was in perfect control was when Carson was finally called again, Trump was also immediately called. Trump just stood there waiting for Carson to get to his podium and get his applause, then Trump went when he was called again.

    I never saw it as calculating on Trump’s part, I saw it as him just making a split second course of action and sticking to it.

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    • lepanto says:

      That was a great moment.

      Trump showed in one split second that he understood the whole situation, and he acted in a way that was gracious, unselfish, kind and courteous.

      Looking back on that moment, I saw that he had something that no other candidate possessed. He could think on his feet, act responsibly, and take a stand on something that no one else saw as important.

      The TV people, the organizers, the other candidates, the people with microphones, everybody, failed to see the problem. Trump saw it, diagnosed it, made a decision about how to handle it correctly and graciously.

      And when it was finally straightened out, Trump went out on stage and won the debate like a champion.


  2. Old CrewDog says:

    My Treeper Brethren, this place has helped me stay sane. So too for you all, I hope.
    But let’s be clear on one thing. All this “sigh of relief” and “thank goodness for stuff” is great – ON NOVEMBER NINTH!!

    It ain’t over til its OVER. A runner who fails to run THROUGH THE TAPE at flat out effort is called the Runner-UP.
    This race ends twenty-five yards PAST the finish line. STAY IN THE RACE.


    Get everyone you know to work at this like we’re five points BEHIND!!


  3. Amy Insalaco says:

    The issue about ObamaCare is really a winning issue. I was talking to my father-in-law who lives in CA. He said that his cousin (a staunch liberal, LGBTQ defender, etc.) was actually voting Trump. My jaw dropped bigly. I asked what changed her mind. My father-in-law said that his cousin works in a doctor’s office. After what ObamaCare has done to the medical field, she is voting Trump. We are winning! Even in California!!!


    • Guy K. says:

      Obamacare is a non-partisan issue: Soaring health insurance premiums (whether you are in O-care or not) are inevitable and they strike at a broad swath of the electorate, from the far right to the far left and everywhere in between. It is a winning issue. Why the hell would any middle-class person vote for a person who would continue this travesty of a fascist law?


    • Major Styles says:

      Don’t forget that the far left use intimidation tactics that silence the opposition, but do not result in a change of mind.

      I was at a party where some girl stood up on a chair and said that she would not speak to anyone who liked Trump. Essentially, a bullying tactic.


  4. robertleebeers says:

    Trump’s replacement proposal is grounded in common sense. The politicians should hate it.

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    • Attorney says:

      Well said.


    • Mike says:

      Ultimately the medical issues are about excessive prices of procedures and new drugs, and self responsibility. Cancer drugs that are tied more to the available pool of money (pumped up by coercive means) rather than scarcity, manufacturing cost, investment or performance, can go to infinity with more coerced premiums.


  5. Scrap1ron says:

    There’s unfinished business with this Obamacare fiasco. We demand that Congressmen, Senators and their staffs pay back the undeserved illegal, as the law was written, subsidies they took to pay for their health care. How dare you scumbags carve out exemptions for yourselves that aren’t available to the rest of us. You voted this boondoggle without even reading it.

    Make it happen, Don.

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  6. Molly's Pitcher says:

    I also hope that President Trump will look into either reforming or repealing Medicare Part D.

    Brought to you by the GWB administration.

    My 86 year old mother was late for signing up, and yep, she was penalized. They raise the rates on her every year and she also still has to pay the penalty every year, because she missed the initial deadline.

    I ain’t afraid to say this: “Its Bush’s Fault”

    Cold, cold, cold anger!

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    • libraryg says:

      I truly hope Pres. Trump will repeal all the ways in which “disabled” folks are fleecing us taxpayers. I know so many folks on SSI/disability and 80% of them are milking the system, because thanks to Obama, they can!


  7. Such a wonderful speech. Made me cry

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