Peter Thiel Speech Endorsing Donald Trump Movement to National Press Club…

Pay Pal founder, Peter Thiel said at a press conference at the National Press Club that Mr. Trump’s ideas are not going away and his refreshing ideology concerning the way our government is run is what will Make America Great Again.


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105 Responses to Peter Thiel Speech Endorsing Donald Trump Movement to National Press Club…

  1. M33 says:

    This is actually a pretty big deal.

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    • EJ says:

      I thought the speech was very good and very honest. I hope people take the time to listen to it.

      I keep hearing that this is a big deal, but can someone explain why? I never heard of him before yesterday. Thanks.


  2. Finalage says:

    I view folks like Thiel and Mike Flynn as the future of the new Trump nationalist movement going forward. I see them as individuals that Trump can groom to continue the spirit of his movement long after he’s done MAGA.

    I’m very excited by the new leaders that have been inspired by Trump and who will lead this nation in the future. Thiel is yet but the latest example of how Trump has realigned politics with this campaign!

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  3. JAS says:

    I watched him hit it out of the park!

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  4. apcharles says:

    Yes it is.

    This guy is riding the emotion of the country. Both sides are failures and Donald Trump is the antidote.

    Blasting Bush’s war that started at $40 billion and is 50x that amount today, with much more chaos. The Clinton’s and the Democrats are now just as hawkish, if not worse, because her Syrian No-Fly Zone policy would draw us to the brink of Nuclear War with Russia for the first time since 1962.

    So much great stuff in this speech

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  5. Thanks Peter, you’re a standup guy.

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  6. a gutsy man who has found himself in spite of his well-earned fortune.
    that being said – he’s a billionaire, speaks to groups not infrequently…. however, his use of the teleprompter sure makes one appreciate how quickly and fully trump has mastered that mode of communication…. just like a lot of other stuff he’s needed.

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  7. Dan Patterson says:

    No longer a movement, this is a revolt.

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  8. Regina says:

    This was such a beautiful speech – and so timely considering all the Schmidt/Google info coming out via Wikileaks. I wish nothing but the best for this brave guy – it’s nice to know there’s Someone on our side out there in IT-land

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    • Ruffin says:

      Another man with the courage of his convictions.

      They have been in short supply for a long, long time. This Nation of ours is hungering, as Thiel said, for NORMALCY. Most of us have forgotten what that is and are weary of hearing “get used to the new normal” i.e. failure on all fronts.

      I applaud Thiel and appreciate his courage and his endorsement of out next President, Donald Trump.

      Let’s hope there are some more Thiels, willing to risk their comfortable existence and help Donald Trump get this corruption rooted out of not just Government, but those that are corrupt enablers and accomplices of those individuals who have no love for this great Country that enabled them to prosper.

      In truth they hate the US and all those that they are consider beneath their self anointed superior status which they wear like a cloak-not against the cold, but against everyone else who is not as worthy as they believe themselves to be.

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      • Paco Loco says:

        Contrast Peter Thiel with Eric Schmidt of Google. Google has become what they said they weren’t going to become, EVIL!

        We can build a secure new Internet without the Google and Microsoft dominance of search. We must free ourselves from Big Brother Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon, as they now are in control of world commerce, computing and communications. If these companies (all founded in the USA) were being run by honest patriotic Americans, that would be one thing. Unfortunately they are not…their founders and top management all feed at the Globalist trough. Their goal is world dominance and they are well on the way to it.

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    • phoebehb says:

      Brilliant speech, literate and eloquent. He has been ostracized by both his gay & Silicon Valley “friends”. There was visible pain behind his wry comment on the shallowness of the “diversity” peddlers

      He is an authentic profile in courage and I am adding him to my prayer list.

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      • Rebnstx says:

        Yes Phoebe, i noted such warmth & compassion in his speech along with sadness & pain. I will be praying for him as well. I also envision a multitude of young people. Ready to fill in the void of the many corrupt goverment officials. These young people may not have experience but that will not matter. They will have a loving & a servants heart. Wisdom beyond their years. A young new bred of trail blazers MAGA.

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  9. hugofitch1 says:

    He should buy The Advocate and institute a sane editorial policy.

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  10. FLEEVY says:

    We are going to win, and we are going to win, and we are going to WIN.

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  11. deborah foster says:

    Very good speech. I don’t know if the Press Club was in love with it though.

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  12. NJF says:

    Wonderful speech. The guy doing the Q&A is an a$$.

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  13. Beverly says:

    Anyone else weirded out by Rush’s bizarre behavior re Trump? Been a Rush 24-7 member for a few years, but he’s been off the wall: on Friday he kept pushing a cockamamie theory that the Dims started the latest email investigation to “distract” us from the Wikileaks revelations, which made no sense at all, and he went on in this vein for some 20 minutes, giving me the sensation he was pushing our head back underwater. “Don’t get excited!” was the gist of it.

    Then today, he spent his entire opening monologue Defending this nonsense, and protesting that he was quoting a “friend” of his who’d “emailed” this theory: “I said a ‘Cynic’ would say all this, not me!” was the gist of his protest. I got irritated again and turned it off, because he was so obviously trying to cover a big misstep.

    So disappointed in Rush. I think since he’s been doing the embedded Apple infomercials he’s sliding over to the Dark Side, at least partway. DAMN. He Never praises Trump; just keeps repeating the leftwing slanders over and over, then saying “but you have to vote for him because She would be worse….” What? never making the Positive case?

    Like he talks about America, and never, ever says “America,” we’re always “the country this, the country that.” (Leftists never, ever use the name “America.” They know how powerful it is. No, I’m not saying RL is a leftist, but….) He also repeats the leftwing slanders about America, saying they accuse our country of being founded as a “racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted” nation, but NEVER making the case that these are all LIES.

    I wish he’d get his s*** together. We could use him.

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    • jupitercomm says:

      Way too much concern. Eh, it differentiate his brand and doesn’t hurt Trump at all. It just means people who believe him will pay more attention to WikiLeaks.


    • sundance says:

      He’s on the other side.

      Remember, Trump is the SECOND PARTY. The system is the UniParty (R+D).

      Donald Trump represents the first challenge to the UniParty. In essence Trump is a second party in DC.

      Trump’s party puts America First and believes by extension his families best interests are served. Limbaughs party puts their own personal best interests first…

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    • Kristin says:

      I have been yelling at Rush as he repeats and repeats all the negative talking points about Trump. For segments at a time.
      Behore in other elections he was more orevice and talked up the reasons to vote gor say Romney….
      Disappointed bigly.

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      • NvMtnOldman says:

        I have been emailing him(I am a 24/7 and an original listener) since June to back Trump but he always pushed Cruz. They are all elites and when my contract with Rush is up Dec 1, I am thru with him.

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    • Ruffin says:

      Rush is basically a parrot of those”friends” who will never praise Trump.
      Turn him off, he only spouts lies that he can use against DJT.
      Rush would not recognize intelligence if it bit him on his large ass.
      Just another worthless liar well past his expiration date.

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    • unseen1 says:

      Rush is paid by iHeartRadio which is owned by Bain capital. Yeah that Bain the mitt Romney. The never trumpet. Does it all make sense now? Always follow the money

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      • flova says:

        Yes. My local talk radio guy in the morning Jimmy Barrett WRVA owned by iHeartRadio has been bashing Trump since he announced. I figured early on he was bought and paid for when I looked up iHeart. Wow. These guys will sell out our country to stay all cozy in their digs.

        I called in a few weeks ago to say he talks trash about Trump 99% of the time and leaves Hillary alone. His news director said he does talk Trump more but also talked about the wikileaks. Then a few days later Barrett acted all snarky on his show saying something nasty about Trump, and then said ‘I better say something about Hillary before I get more calls’ or something to that effect.

        Man. I can’t wait for November 8.

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    • It so happens I heard both of those shows. He was very clear on Friday that he was quoting his “friend” not advancing his own theory. And today he was fit to be tied about the theory being attributed to him.

      He questioned why it was that he would be deliberately mis-represented that way. (Note to Rush: Because attaching your name to it instantly generates interest).

      I for one don’t think it’s anything of the sort – this is WAAAY too close to the election for that kind of stunt, and anyhow Hillary isn’t that clever. Exhibit A, that ridiculous manufactured sex scandal she tried to pin on Trump.


    • Regina says:

      Pence called in to his show one day last week, and then Trump called in the next – I was amazed at how polite and deferential Rush was – it’s on youtube. I’ve been playing his podcasts at night as I go to sleep – lol – it works too well, because I never hear more than the first 20 minutes or so but I actually thought he was sounding supportive of The Movement? He talks more about The Movement than Trump in particular – I even heard him say that he wasn’t sure Trump understood how strong the army behind him was (at which point I again realized he was FOS haha)

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    • lorenetn says:

      I agree. Something is “off” with Rush. Used to listen every chance I got. Now I can only take about 5 minutes of him. Another think, his opening is almost always all about him…what the commentators said about him the night before.

      Luckily The Wayne Dupree Show is on at the same time, though only for the 1st hour. You can catch it at and just put Wayne Dupree Show in the search bar. There’s a live chat, it’s pro-Trump and fun.

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      • sassymemphisbelle says:

        i listen to Waayne and his gang twice daily. i catch up with the nightly program before linch, thne listen to the noon show after lunch ( inbetween TRump rallys of course)


  14. The Boss says:

    That was one powerful 13 minute speech.

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  15. barton2016 says:

    Karl Rove and Dick Cheney are shitting their pants.


  16. rashamon says:

    Last June 16, 2015, a former employee said Mr. Trump was a maestro who didn’t necessarily know how to play the instruments, but DID know how to select the best players to make an orchestra perform exceptionally. I think we are beginning to see that talent.

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  17. Kristin says:

    A courageous man.

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  18. Glenn Stehle says:

    The Real News Network did an insightful series on why most of those in “the knowledge economy,” which includes Silicon Valley, back Hillary Clinton and her push for globalization, one-world government, and the trade deals which are designed to bring that about.

    Silicon Valley’s support for globalization has nothing to do with what’s best for the United States. It has nothing to do with the economic wellbeing of most of the American people. It is often sold with that spin, but what it really has to do with is the promotion of Silicon Valley’s own material self-interest.

    In Trump’s opposition to one-world government, he finds some common ground with Bernie Sanders, even though Sanders seems to have now abandoned all his principles which he stood for during the campaign.

    Here’s a link to the first segment, from which the other six segments can be found.

    TRIPS: The Story of How Intellectual Property Became Linked to Trade (1/7)

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    • Glenn Stehle says:

      Hillary Clinton: The Silicon Valley Candidate

      Clinton paints her tech agenda in appealing terms. She says it’s about reducing social and economic inequality, creating good jobs, and bridging the digital divide. The real goals – and beneficiaries – are different….

      • The internet industry has been lobbying Congress for years to reform US immigration policy to gain flexibility in hiring, to ease access to a global pool of skilled labor, and to weaken employees’ bargaining power….

      • Clinton’s blanket endorsement of online education…is an encouragement to online vendors to renew their attack on the U.S. education system – despite a track record of failure and flagrant corruption. Still more deceitful is Hillary’s lack of acknowledgment of a personal conflict of interest. According to a Financial Times analysis, after stepping down as Secretary of State in 2013, Hillary accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches to private education providers; her husband Bill has “earned” something like $21 million from for-profit education companies since 2010.

      • Clinton’s proposal for access to high-speed Internet for all by 2020…are euphemisms for corporate welfare, after the fashion of the Google fiber project – which is substantially subsidized by taxpayers….

      • Clinton’s international plans are equally manipulative. She will press for “an open Internet abroad,” that is, for “internet freedom” and “free flow of information across borders.” Despite the powerful appeal of this rhetoric, which she exploited systematically when she was Secretary of State, Clinton actually is pushing to bulwark U.S. big capital in general, and U.S. internet and media industries, in particular.

      • Outside the United States, especially since the disclosures by Edward Snowden in 2013, it is increasingly well-understood that the rhetoric of human rights is a smokescreen for furthering U.S. business interests.[8] Reviving this approach is cynical electioneering rather than an endeavor to advance human rights or, indeed, more just international relations.

      • “Multi-stakeholderism” endows private corporations with public responsibilities, while it downgrades the ability of governments to influence Internet policy….

      • To build up her policy platform in this vital field, Clinton has assembled a network of more than 100 tech and telecom advisors.[11] The members of this shadowy group have not been named, but they are said to include former advisors and officials, affiliates of think-tanks and trade groups, and executives at media corporations.

      • Apparently, just as with respect to Wall Street, the public has no right to know who is shaping Clinton’s program for technology.

      • Clinton’s policy platform is meant to resonate with Apple’s Tim Cook, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz – all of whom have publicly rallied to her campaign.[12]

      • Clinton’s program, though, is both surreptitious and plutocratic.

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      • Beenthere says:

        Thanks for posting the article.

        There may be an attempt to blacklist Peter Thiel but as far as I know there is only 1 person who has come out doing this. And it is infamous Ellen Pao who once instigated & then lost an unjustifiable discrimination lawsuit. She then became interim CEO of Reddit & further embarrassed herself by imposing idiotic rules on the free spirited Reddit community & eventually was forced out. Now she is trying to shun Thiel out of Silicon Valley which is not working. Zuckerberg of Facebook came out in support of him.

        Ellen Pao is trying to make herself relevant & fails at every attempt. The article will probably get no traction.

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    • Beenthere says:

      Thanks for posting the video. I don’t know if I agree with everything Drahos said. To me all these trade deals are about 2 things: cheap labor & preventing intellectual property theft. (I once worked in the pharmaceutical industry & I can tell you that countries like India & China are notorious in stealing patented & invented compounds that many persons spent 1000s of hours ensuring their safety & efficacy.)


  19. RedBallExpress says:

    Now I know why PayPal works so good!

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  20. ryanomalley1 says:

    Great speech. He has some nuts on him, just like Donald Trump. #MAGA

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  21. DavidDavid says:

    I have the real story of the real security breach of Hillary. It’s on a new YouTube video with only a 100 views but it is going to go viral.

    Or search YouTube for : “Must see!!! Hillary’s #1 Aide”.
    Spread the video.

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  22. FeralCat says:

    In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
    – Mark Twain

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    • flova says:

      Makes me feel good about myself. I have been a patriotic Trump supporter since the beginning. We have lived through the ‘scorn’ of being called ‘racist, ‘vulgar’ irredeemable’ ‘deplorable’, etc and have worn all as a badge of courage knowing these are compliments coming from such corrupt, hateful people in the media and the left.

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  23. Beenthere says:

    Peter Thiel is a forward-looking, exceptional smart man who knows where the future big bucks lie, in American labor & fair trade practices. He is a very brave person for backing Trump & potentially ostracizing himself from Silicon Valley & his many progressive friends.Peter Thiel knows a winner when he seems it.

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  24. Glenn Stehle says:

    Here’s the article in The Advocate where the high priests and priestesses of the LGBT church excommunicated Theil from the “LGBT community.”

    Ideological, philosophical and political diversity is a heresy for the LGBT Vatican, and is excoriated.

    Peter Thiel Shows Us There’s a Difference Between Gay Sex and Gay

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  25. Marygrace Powers says:

    President Trump’s courage is contagious/irresistable/
    Most importantly Trump has freed all of us from the
    PC/ politically correct shackles/ Thank God/

    So much untapped potential/ as Trump always says/
    Tech billionaire Thiel’s speech today/ deafening/

    Peter Thiel/ I’m voting for Trump because politicians
    are just ‘rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic’/
    If that’s not a visual/ I don’t know what is/ WAKE UP/

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  26. flyingtigercomics says:

    Meanwhile, the smoke from the dumpster fire continues to drift…

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  27. History teaches says:

    Oh, oh, breaking story tomorrow.drudge had the headline but no link yet.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI walks back this somewhat, bowing to media hysteria. Long enough to give Hillary breathing space through the election.


  28. tuskyou says:

    Make America Normal Again.

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  29. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Look for Democrat homophobes to attack Thiel.


  30. yakmaster2 says:

    It took many influential people a while to gather enough courage to back our candidate. Now the wave has swollen so big they can ride it with the rest of us. I’m more impressed with those like Jeff Sessions (and CTH) who came out with support at the beginning of the campaign with strong convictions, but I welcome all aboard now and say to them, “Better late than never.” 👍

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  31. PatriotKate says:

    The Democrat Party has never been about its “constituencies” but rather about Liberalism.

    This is the massive awakening that is happening in the gay community, blacks and Latinos, and women.

    We’ve always known it, but the Peter Thiels’, Milos’ and even your ordinary Liberals like Scott Adams have found just how intolerant and hypocritical their former buddies really are.


  32. Sentient says:

    Fantastic speech.

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  33. james23 says:

    Truly an excellent speech

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  34. justfactsplz says:

    Peter Thiel is a very brave and principled man. He exhibits what Trump brings out in his supporters. Trump has given us our voice back. We have endured being called all kinds of names. We refuse to live in fear and proudly wear our Trump gear, adorn our yards with Trump signs, and put Trump bumper stickers on our car not compromising our support for fear of what others will do. When brave accomplished public figures like Thiel endorse Trump it’s just icing on the cake. Real Trump supporters are fearless.

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  35. lbmomblog says:

    I love paypal. It has always been my way of doing things.


  36. ryanomalley1 says:

    This woman has lost her mind:

    It's time for Trump to answer serious questions about his ties to Russia.— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 31, 2016



  37. History teaches says:

    Absolutely nothing will happen to Hillary. No wonder Obama was so nonplussed today after pulling strings.

    The DOJ will drag this out till it dissipates into a murky pool of lawyer speak. They may even give Hillary a benign cover before the election by claiming she is innocent until otherwise proven guilty. Others will eventually be blamed and the Clinton’s charmed lives continue.

    The last few days brought Democrat anger and angst.Obama’s moves will revive their ambitions. We will roll into the election with Trump having to revisit the ‘rigged system’ theme once again. Hillary will miraculously regain her smug arrogance and resume the offensive.

    Wikileaks seems to have nothing more dramatic in store. Time is running out for them. It looks like the drip of Podesta content has stopped making an impact. Unless there are actual details presented from the Weiner computer I doubt that it will be a fatal blow to Clinton’s chances.

    Obama’s meddling and Chicago political methods are going to be in absolute full tilt intensity this week. We are in the calm before the real storm at the moment.

    Slaying the dragon is never easy. Like all action movies these days, just when you think you’ve seen the resolution a surprise twist changes the plot.

    This will all end in court one way or the other and possibly make election results almost the subplot.


  38. 4bleu says:

    Tried to come up with a list of financing that goes to education. remember this when they cry that ‘educators’ are low-paid. If they are, for 3/4 year work, all holidays and a four-day work-week, then it’s the schools’ fault, because this is a bottomless pit that is draining the nation dry:
    property taxes
    federal taxes
    parent-organized fund-raisers
    student-organized fund-raisers
    cereal tops/etc. marketing tie-ins
    % of book sales for publishers (selling fiction/non-fiction books to kids: for example, Harry Potter was hugely promoted in the schools)
    over-priced unused textbooks
    sports fees/marketing merchandise
    failure of high school rigor: unprepared high schools students have to take additional courses at their own expense
    failure of high school rigor added a year to university in ‘distribution’ courses. (World wide, bachelors is usually three years, not the US four)
    post secondary level:
    unrefundable application fees
    tuition far past inflation pace
    extra fees
    room and board
    % of the selling fees to sell loans to students – that the schools receive (conflict of interest)
    (now school loans are a monopoly of the Dept of Education as written in ObamaCare)
    no refundable tuition/fees if no diploma is awarded
    useless degrees so students encouraged to try again in another diploma
    encouraging students to take lighter course loads to stretch 4 years to 5
    maintaining two tiers of course credits – transferable and non-transferable so some students are forced to repeat/pay for courses because the course they thought was transferable wasn’t
    Not offering enough spaces for critical courses – some which can’t be taken again for a year – adding time and expense to the students
    credit card sales agents – universities pushing credit cards to students. colleges get % of all sales
    alumni fund-raising
    encouraging estate donations from wills of deceased alumni
    sports-sports-sports – an enormous business that could pay for itself
    % of state lottery sales!
    proposed legalization of marijuana – % of tax proceeds to go to… what else? education!
    state constitutions that make university a ‘right’ guaranteeing subsidies to state schools
    jacked up out of state tuition – charging more for the same product
    cheap labor from students
    not-for-profit tax status
    So, when they argue that the schools are failing because there are no good teachers because there’s not enough money to pay competent staff…


  39. racerxx says:

    I give Thiel a lot of credit for standing up for his beliefs, especially with the sh*storm he’s gotten from his Silicon Valley pals.

    And he totally gets it. It’s The Economy, The Economy, and The Economy.


  40. Father Thyme says:

    Thiel looked uncomfortable making this speech and his awkwardness detracted from the message. If he wants a bigger communication platform he’ll need to work on improving his presentation.


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