October 31st – 2016 Presidential Election – Open Discussion

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “2016 Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Presidential Race and/or any of the candidates therein.

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This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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  1. Hey all you Minnesotans, is it true the Donald has a chance next week? The country wants you to be on bard for Trump’s landslide.

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  2. Guy K. says:

    If this Trump-Russia non-story that The New York Times (of all entities) has debunked was the big scandal that Frank Luntz and Rick Stevens were breathlessly heralding over the weekend, are they both fixing nooses to hang each other in about now?


  3. fred5678 says:

    Great timing!!! NBC’s “Timeless” will do an episode on Watergate next week — on the evening before the election!!! They obviously thought they would tie Trump to Nixon — instead they will be tying Hillary’s latest email scandals to Watergate!!!

    Didn’t NBC postpone an all-too-obvious episode of SVU involving a NYC billionaire??? So they had two shows shilling for Hillary, one was so obvious they were forced to postpone, and the other now works against Hillary!!!


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  4. Dale says:

    This stock market metric says the likely winner is…Trump

    The stock market’s election year performance between July 31 and Oct. 31 has often accurately predicted the next president — and this year it’s pointing to a victory by Donald Trump, if history is a guide.

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  5. fred5678 says:

    I don’t want this election cycle to end. TOO MUCH FUN! I get to attend my third Pensacola Trump rally on Wednesday!!

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  6. Ace says:

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  7. Can anyone help? A list of swing states without polls in last 10 days on RCP’s website: WA, NM, UT, MN, IL, NJ, NY, RI. Swing states that had polling last 10 days were removed.

    Swing States: Left Wisconsin off because GOPe territory

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    • kalbren2r1 says:

      This is a poll out of WA published by PBS: http://kcts9.org/programs/vote-2016/new-poll-finds-washington-state-often-divided-region-and-political-parties-many . It was published on the 27th and some corrections made today.

      On a casual note my husband and toured our WA Thurston county ballot processing center today. WA is a mail or drop off voting only state, no polls open on Nov 8, ballots must be received post marked by Nov 8 or in drop box by 8 pm Nov 8. I casually watched over the shoulders of two ballot processors and at on table in one batch of 10 ballots they were 2 to 1 for HRC but at a second table that batch of ten ballots were 2 to 1 for DJT. So based on my casual small peek it is pretty tight.


      • kalbren2r1 says:

        should be and I toured
        Our son found this, it is interesting and eye opening about voting machine software. It explains why certain candidates numbers never go above a certain threshold: https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=11&v=Fob-AGgZn44. The woman in the video has also been on Info Wars talking about her black box voting project.


      • I was hoping Trump would campaign there a bit harder, but it is a lot to ask. Trump was getting sabotaged constantly.

        In the Primary, Trump sounded really confident he could win the state in the General. He had a massive rally there in WA. I’m holding out hope.

        Think Dem. mail-ins will be down for HRC, especially after the FBI relaunch?

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      • Lol Gotta love “leading” in polling questions! Something I remember from my college stats class is that you NEVER want to construct a question in a way that directs the participant to a particular answer, and the first question does just that:

        “Do you think things here in Washington State are GENERALLY going in the right direction, or SERIOUSLY on the wrong track?”

        “Generally going in the right direction” covers a much greater circle of opinions than “seriously on the wrong track”. It’s subtle but it has an impact. It is also a good indicator of potential bias from the poll taker who, in this case, appears to be trying to frame the question in a way that is favorable to the current WA administration. A bit off point but I figured it was something worth mentioning.

        All that being said this is a really interesting poll so I’m glad you shared it! One thing in particular that stood out to me in the presidential race question was that Trump got a much higher percentage of non-white votes in this poll than white votes: 35.5% of the non-white vote to 29.5% of the white vote. Also, the largest percentage of undecideds are non-white voters. I think that bodes very well for Trump and I think Washington will be another state joining the movement in making Nov. 8th a landslide! 🙂

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    • It warms my heart so much to finally hear someone refer to Illinois as a “swing state”! Thank you! However, I am not aware of any IL polls other than what Tammy Duckworth was conducting about 2 months ago where she inquired about presidential candidate of choice. My mom (lifelong dem) was more than happy to tell them Trump all the way! 🙂

      I believe these were most likely internal polls, and I am unaware of any other more visible polls being conducted in the state.

      I’ve probably said it way too much already but… Illinois is turning red this year! 🙂 #Landslide

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      • Another IL contributor said we would be lucky to see a close race since it is a Presidential election year. Y’all do have at least 2 Republican state wide offices with Rauner & Kirk.

        Any chance Dem. turnout is down for HRC after this FBI relaunch? Any chance rural IL turnout is up for Trump?

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        • Yeah, last time we went to the polls Rauner ousted “The Unbeatable” Pat Quinn to become the first Republican governor in over a decade so it is VERY possible for the Illinois electorate to elect a Republican to a high office.

          I personally don’t know for sure whether Hillary’s support has fallen, but I imagine it has. I know that a lot of Illinoisans weren’t so thrilled with her to begin with and a large portion of Illinois Democrats went for Bernie in the primary.

          However, I can say with 100% certainty (at least in Central IL) the rural population is going gangbusters for Trump! Literally just about every other farmhouse has a Trump sign, there are HUGE Trump signs along the highways, and the small towns have Trump signs at virtually every major intersection. I am expecting a MASSIVE rural turnout for Trump, unlike anyone has ever seen before!

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  8. I worry that Obama/Earnest are backing Comey to set up the narrative when Comey “CLEARS” Hillary next week. I’m sure they said something like … “Nice family you’ve got, Jim. Would be a shame if something happened to them.”


  9. piper567 says:

    wander over to gatestone institute, and take a look at what’s going on on German streets.
    If any of you can forward stuff to TRUMPs folk, this is a great site for France/Germany reality…open borders, ramifications of…(reality, not speculation)


  10. fred5678 says:

    Hillary Exposes Russia and Trump Connection — A play in three acts.

    Hillary claims she found an email from Trump to Putin trying to buy uranium from Russia’s Rosatom — Hillary makes a Tweet about it.

    Hillary’s team in Brooklyn then discovers another email wherein Putin refers Trump to Uranium One. Hillary Tweets again.

    The team discovers an email from Uranium One to the Clinton Foundation thanking them for getting Hillary to force the sale of U.S. uranium to a Russian controlled company. Hillary demanded only that Bill give them a speech for $500,000. Hillary demands that her team retract previous Tweets.


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