Trump -VS- Clinton: Live Stream Speech Comparison – Engagement and Enthusiasm Example…

♦ Today Hillary Clinton delivered a speech during a campaign event in Cleveland Ohio, the venue was Cuyahoga Community College.  Secretary Clinton held only one rally, and gave only one speech.  (pictured below left)


♦ Today Donald Trump delivered a speech in Fletcher North Carolina.  The venue was WNC Agricultural Center.  (pictured above right) Mr. Trump held three rallies, in two states (NC and PA), and gave three speeches.

All optics and data below are presented to be most liberally favorable to candidate Clinton and most conservatively restrained toward candidate Trump.  For the sake of this expository we compare the Fletcher (Trump Rally) engagement with the Cleveland (Clinton Rally) engagement.

  • Both of these events were within 2 hours of each other.
  • Hillary Clinton’s Ohio mid-day rally had approximately 500 supporters in attendance.
  • Donald Trump’s North Carolina mid-day rally had approx. 3,000 in attendance.
  • Both of these events were also live-streamed by multiple carriers.
  • The first comparison is the highest viewed individual live-stream for each candidate.
  • The second comparison is the total of the highest viewed live-streams for each candidate.
  • All statistical captures took place at the same time 8:30pm 10/21/16.

The most watched live-stream for Hillary Clinton was RBC Network with 2,282 viewers:


The total of all live-streams for Hillary Clinton was 4,429 views:


There were no more full speech live streams.  We captured all of them.

The most watched live-stream for Donald Trump was RSB with 30,156 views

rcb-2The total of just the top two live-streams for Donald Trump were 38,986


There were more Trump live streams, but we only captured the top two viewed.

Hillary Clinton 4,429.  Donald Trump 38,936.  Combined Total Views = 43,365

  • Hillary Clinton 10.21% of Total Viewership
  • Donald Trump 89.78% of Total Viewership

These comparisons are obviously anecdotal, but they are representative of an overwhelmingly consistent trend and pattern.

These comparisons are not intended to predict the voter turnout; however, these comparisons are valid in displaying, contrasting and comparing the engagement and enthusiasm which holds a correlation to voter turnout.

After you assemble enough anecdotal evidence, factually overwhelming anecdotal evidence, the picture each pixel adds to the aggregate begins to clarify….


Republican voter turnout projected 2

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  1. Martin says:

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    • shallbe4 says:

      Dear Sundance. You have been great when it comes to telling us just what’s going on with the polls. Trump has seen today’s polls which show he’s in first place but all the Pundits Hannity had on tonight were writing Trump’s epitaph. What nauseated me was hearing Hillary say that it was UnAmerican for Trump to oppose election results. What’s the real story 18 days prior to this election with Trump voters chomping at the bit to vote for their candidate

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      • bertdilbert says:

        If it is UnAmerican to challenge election results then what was Al Gore doing campaigning for her? That would be UnAmerican of her to do that right? Is Hillary going to denounce Al Gore?

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        • Joe Knuckles says:

          Trying desperately to stay out of jail. If Trump gets elected, he is going to shed some sunlight on all the fraud that has been going on and Al Gore is one of the worst offenders.

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        • maiingankwe says:

          Their argument has been Gore did it after the election and not before, and therefore he had a right to do so, whereas Trump looks like he will be a sore loser when the hag stomps on him on Election Day.

          Kaine (ugh) giggled and said Trump would only say something like that if he knew he was losing.

          The pundits feel (have been fed to say), since there is no way Trump will have a good turn out, and even he must know this through their internal polls, so if he makes a big enough stink, Trump is under the false illusion he will win with a recount where he lost, but he can only argue it and make a stink if he loses a state by just a little bit because anything else would be even more of a complete waste of time on the tax payers dime.

          Whew, that was ramble. Please know I was just trying to make this post in how they sound. A lot of words that are completely worthless.


      • ladypenquin says:

        I would have replied to Wallace’s question at the debate… “Mr. Wallace, it’s a felony to participate in, and promote a fraud in a federal election. And that includes media, pundits, boots on the ground, and tampering with votes and machines. That’s my answer. Oh, and I don’t have to accept criminality. The people have had enough.”

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      • MVW says:

        I didn’t wait to vote, I sent my ballot in already.

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      • Bildung says:

        Yes its nut cutting time and I’ve heard enuf about yard signs.

        Real vote data is coming in and I want it analyzed DAILY for consistency with the Sundance Theorem.

        We Treepers have to deal daily with those, like Buchanan, whose hearts are in the right place but who are still in the Matrix and far too old to get out on their own. Pat in particular is a DC creature par excellance–born and raised there.

        We need powerful analytical facts to break the fog of deception.

        Give it to us and we’ll turn the leftymsocial media platforms against them.

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      • NvMtnOldman says:

        When o when is Hillery going to answer the same question????


    • scott says:

      Events I received class credit for attending, lecture on Civil War Medicine, Latino day celebration, Evelyn Davis (local African American icon) day and a couple local politicians speeches. It’s almost guaranteed that her slim audience was bribed with class credit to attend.

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    • n3angus says:

      Voter Fraud 2 EXPLODE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Hillary Clinton’s pollster Benenson Strategy Group says she is tanking; Trump supporters unstoppable

      Executive Overview: Hillary Clinton Flash-Crash to 12% Favorable, Losing 19-77% Nationally


  2. theduchessofkitty says:

    Watch the video from tonight’s rally in PA. Right before Trump is supposed to speak. Start at 48:00. You will see slightly left on the screen three guys, late teens to early twenties, checking out who is present from the media. I think they might have seen some people from CNN or ABC or MSNBC, because they… ahem… let them know very quickly how they truly feel about their presence. (Heh!)

    But they soon saw the cameraman from RSB, and behaved much better. Heh!

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    • georgiafl says:

      I saw those young pups…. and realized what was going on when they changed their manner after engaging with the RSBN guy.

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    • doit4atlas says:

      I was at the rally in Wilkes-Barre and as far as I can tell, that’s the rally that started the “CNN sucks” chant. It was AMAZING! The MSM says that Trump started that chant…totally wrong. It was organic, it started exactly as you describe at Newtown. CNN starts it’s live reporting, folks near the media section see the red light on the camera, and the chant starts right there and spreads around the entire arena.

      I’ll tell you, it makes me proud to be an American to see this, the only force fighting against the huge corruption is Trump and his deplorables. MAGA!

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  3. Pam says:

    This was actually an impressive crowd for the Fletcher rally today especially when you consider the town’s population is just over 7300 according to a 2013 census and with it being a mid day rally. Fletcher is right outside of Asheville. This particular part of the state leans more left so not a bad showing at all.

    NC has more registered Dems than reps and with one stop absentee voting starting yesterday, it’s not really surprising to see the dem voters slightly above reps. As Sundance has stated, there will be dems and Indies that will crossover. I do know of a few personally that will. I intend to go vote next week.

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    • Joe says:

      The rise came from a bunch of college kids getting rides to the polls. It will probably be slowly drowned out by the monster vote.

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      • ladypenquin says:

        For all the early vote, and even absentee, there will be a monster turnout on Nov. 8th. I believe that with all my heart. I hope folks will take pictures of those lines to boost morale across the country. Because that’s what’s going to be important in the later time zones. Though, personally, I think that Trump voters are going to vote no matter what… it’s that important, and they’re not going to let the malignant media or corrupt Dem/GOP political parties interfere with doing the right thing for America’s survival.

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        • People Must vote early though….we don’t need the MSM to call a state before it’s don voting….. EARLY people


          • ladypenquin says:

            Yes, and I expect the scenes of long lines are going to mean something entirely different to the Dems than to us. So, get out there, take the pics and send them to all your friends and relatives… Those lines are going to be Trump voters, I’m sure of it. Hillary isn’t/doesn’t inspire anyone to knock themselves out to vote for her – they’re certainly not going to stand in line for her, or leave their dorm rooms.

            This isn’t 2008, and this isn’t Obama’s stage anymore.


          • ladypenquin says:

            Jim, they actually have a law place – because of what happened in 2000 – that it’s illegal to “call” a state before ALL the polls are closed in that state. The Leftist media screwed with Florida and that’s what discouraged people from going to vote in the panhandle – a heavy GOP stronghold.


    • grannysue says:

      Please stop the vote fraud. That is all that matters.

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    • inquirer2point0 says:

      By contrast, Cleveland is a major metro area and so Crooked Hillary’s poor rally turnout is all the more revealing.


  4. bobsunshine says:

    Here is a very Uplifting 5 min video of Trump’s recent speech with overlaying images of what we are fighting for. To take America back from: Special Interests; Corrupt Clintons; Globalists. To Make America Great Again:

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  5. tony5460 says:

    Beginning Saturday, October 22,2016 and in the coming two weeks, in more than 20 cities across USA, airplanes will carry “Chinese Americans for Trump” messages to show Chinese Americans’ support for Donald J. Trump’s campaign for the United States President. This is after their first successful aerial campaign for Trump which took place in Phoenix, Arizona on October 15. 2016. On that day an airplane that carried “AZ Chinese Americans for Trump” message flew across the sky of Greater Phoenix for 4 hours. On October 18, Chinese Americans for Trump in Denver, CO organized another successful aerial campaign.

    The cities that Chinese Americans for Trump movement will launch aerial campaign include:

    Daytona Beach, FL: 10/22 1-3pm
    Miami, FL: 10/23 11am-3pm
    Fort Lauderdale,FL: 10/23 11am-3pm
    Tampa, FL: 10/23 12-3pm
    Orlando, FL: 10/23 2-4 pm
    Philadelphia, PA: 10/23 10am-2pm
    Dallas, TX: Takeoff time: Saturday 10/22. 10:00 AM. Flight duration: 3 hours.
    Houston, TX: Takeoff time: Saturday 10/22. 12:00 Noon. Flight duration: 3 hours.
    Austin, TX: Takeoff time: Saturday 10/22. 3:30 PM. Flight duration: 2 hours.
    Ann Arbor MI: 10/22 1-3pm
    Detroit MI: 10/22 3:15-3:45pm
    Troy MI: 10/22 4:15-4:55pm
    San Francisco, CA: 10/22 1-4pm
    Charlotte NC: 10/30 10am-2pm NFL game
    Cincinnati, OH: 10/23
    Columbus, OH: 10/29
    Cleveland, OH: 10/30
    Las Vegas, NV
    Los Angeles, CA
    New York, NY
    Madison, WI

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Chinese want business unleashed. Investment will pour in the US if taxes are cut and regulations eliminated. These folks are pure capitalists and want growth.

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    • DebbieUK says:

      This is absolutely the right thing to do because it grabs attention and gets people talking. They did this during Brexit usually during a live event ,so it couldn’t be ignored.

      The fishermen sailing up the Thames to Parliament was an event that couldn’t be ignored.It got even more publicity when Saint Bob Geldof tried to hijack it.

      Chinese for Trump. Hmmm .Many if them will know all about living under an overbearing brutal regime where every area of life is controlled. No Hillary and her state machine for them.

      Its really impressive from here that so many different groups are participating as proud Americans .That is Americas strength. Country first no matter what your ethnicity.

      Here we are much more divided .

      Thats the cult multiculturalism for you. It doesn’t work. It isolates communities and sets them against each other.

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    • anarchist335 says:

      I think this says it all! MAGA

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    • louche9 says:

      What a cool idea. It stands to reason that productive, entrepreneurial immigrants from every country would want a safe, free and prosperous America. They didn’t chuck it all in at home and cast their lot here just to watch America turn into the same poverty-stricken, repressive s***hole that they left.

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      • Aparition42 says:

        In addition to that, it makes good sense that people who did it right, played by the rules, and took an oath of citizenship that includes the words “support and defend the Constitution” would have little sympathy for criminals and cheats that whine about it being too hard to do things the right way as an excuse to ignore the law.

        I imagine their feelings would be similar to the way I, a person who grew up impoverished, have less sympathy for whiney poor people then others who’ve never experienced truly being poor seem to have. We don’t fall for the “no other choice” / “not my fault” crap. When you really work hard to earn something, you don’t like to see it devalued and diminished.

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    • ladypenquin says:



    • Katie says:

      Tony, I saw that in Denver on the 18th! It was too high to read while I was driving, but I could make out the Trump letters. Thanks for solving the mystery 🙂

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  6. NoOneButTrump says:

    A great Trump ad aired during Blue Bloods on the local CBS station here in the Washington DC area tonight. Hits Maryland and Virginia, too.

    Virginia for Trump! MAGA!

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    • unseen1 says:

      Love that show. About the only one on TV that still has family values.

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      • inquirer2point0 says:

        …though from time to time even Blue Bloods contains lib-favorable story lines. 😉

        Right offhand 3 come to mind: 1) a ‘diversity is our strength’ police force meme in a plot about a neo-Nazi politician who held a rally in NYC where NYPD provided the rally security detail; 2) a scenario where the Commissioner essentially looked the other way regarding an anti-Vietnam War criminal fugitive, and 3) a plotline sanctioning the youngest Regan girl’s ‘anti-snitch’ position regarding her friends’ drug use at a party she attended where some of the friends OD’ed.

        I get that the show makes teachable moments out of these scenarios, allowing for the device of the dinner-table discussion of the issues involved. I also get that the resolutions of these dramas mirrors real life in that things don’t always work out the way I’d like them to.

        I guess I’m just cynical and find some of these efforts too contrived to allow me to suspend disbelief enough to find these particular efforts to be successful storytelling. But that’s just me.


  7. sundance says:

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  8. William says:

    I am convinced that free election results reflect the level of enthusiasm for the candidates. The candidate who generates the most enthusiasm among his supporters is the winner. The loser is the one who fails to generate enthusiasm. That’s why polls are worthless. If you are motivated to support your candidate, you are going to get off your ass and cast your vote. Voting requires initiative. Answering an unsolicited phone call from a poll taker poorly measures level of motivation. If you want to get an idea of the level of enthusiasm, polls are not the place to look.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      I won’t answer any of the political/poll callers. We still have a landline, and I believe many of us have now turned that way – none of their business what we think or are going to do.


    • Toronto Tonto says:

      Here in CA, once you’re registered, they mail you a ballot and a book, and that’s it. No ID to check. They just verify you’re on the rolls. I imagine it’s becoming that way in more and more states. The bussing around on Election Day is how they make up for deficits that I’m sure someone in state government alerts them to.


  9. 7of7 says:

    The PA rally was also live on Facebook. When I was watching, it showed 37,000+ viewers tuned in.

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  10. I just don’t see how she gets anywhere close the turnout Obama had. She will get more votes than John Kerry’s 59 million votes but not Obama’s 69-65 million votes. She will have people turn out for her just because they trust the MSM & hate Trump. Trump will have more who turn out for him because they hate Hillary for selling out the country and want her prosecuted.

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  11. Serena says:

    I was busy today and after 10:00 this morning until around 6:00 this afternoon was not on any social media or heard or saw any news. WOW! I got on Facebook and my few Hillary friends on there were going crazy bashing Trump all over the place. I have never seen them so mad and foaming at the mouth! I was wondering what caused them to be so angry. I have to think maybe it was some of my Trump friends posting a lot of his poll results and his rally videos! LOL They are so rabid it must really hit them hard that Trump is serious about winning and is working his behind off while Hillary is just a tired old lack luster nasty woman that has to have her rest and naps!

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Dem friend of mine said she was getting sick to her stomach the other day with worry that Trump would win. (She meant it, not hyperbole.)

      She “senses” that the polls are lying when they indicate Hill is winning.

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    • paulraven1 says:

      These people are going to be crushed, as they should be. They need to suffer for their idiocy, and have the opportunity to grow up and understand what civic virtue means and what America is really about. They will have that chance. Trump will give it to them. What they do with it is their business.

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    • Indimex says:

      They likely watched the dinner, “roast,” that took place tonight.
      Hillary got the smackdown she deserved. Trump for the win. Again.

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  12. Bull Durham says:

    Trump wants to be friends with these people.

    Clinton and her Khazarians want to start nuclear war with these people.

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  13. Fluffy says:

    I pray that the enthusiasm translates to votes for Trump! The MSM and the Polls are trying to brainwash the people. It is truly unbelievable how bias this election cycle has been; negative reports and comments about HRC are even being deleted by the mods at blog sites. A big effort is being made to depress the Trump vote. (I wish WikiLeaks would come out with the big smoking gun.)

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    • shallbe4 says:

      On Hannity’s radio show he had on the Head of The National Enquirer who stated they have a huge store on Hillary’s sex life. Hannity was very excited about it and this gentleman was supposed to be on tonight’s Hannity. Never appeared and was never mentioned. So much for Hannity going out on a limb.


      • beni franlkin says:

        the head of NE is a guy named Pecker and i thought Hillary’s sex life story came out today. i think no one wants to even think of her having sex with anyone let alone read a story about it. Just eeewww

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      • Bull Durham says:

        He has to follow Fox policy. They’d fire him before letting that stuff on. If others had it on their stations, they’d follow. Sex and dirt is good for numbers. But they are never going to break anything bad on Clinton.

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      • Didn’t Drudge have something on that a few days ago?

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        • Trumpelstiltsken says:

          He teased the NE story on his personal Twitter page, and then linked to the NE website all day on Tuesday when it announced this week’s issue/cover story on HRC’s sex scandal.


          • No one will believe anything they read in the NE. If the owner of that publication has anything that he wants to reveal about Hillary, he’s best off “Leaking” it to a more credible outlet.

            As far as revelations about Hillary’s sex life go, it will take a lot more than simple allegations by neighbors who claim to have “heard groaning through the walls” of a hotel room. They’ll need an actual person to come forward and say “Yeah, we bumped uglies” and I have PROOF (either pictures or witnesses). This isn’t going to happen.


      • jwingermany says:

        I thought Drudge was coming out with a bombshell this weekend.


  14. AndrewJackson says:

    I know it doesn’t mean much, but I checked into Predictit tonight to read some of the comments. A lot more ProTrump posters there than I would have thought. Ever since the 1st debate, the place has been a straight up Crooked discussion board. Prices haven’t moved much but people seem to be sensing something.


    • shallbe4 says:

      i read the same thing on Breitbart. That something big was going to happen but what do they mean by that?


      • deqwik2 says:

        I don’t know if it’s what they were talking about but OKeefe is suppose to drop another video Mon. He said he has put a dead man’s switch on it & it is suppose to be damaging to Hillary & Donna Brazile.


    • Eris says:

      I’m pretty sure the Clinton Campaign, the DNC, and their deep pocket allies manipulate Predictit and other similar websites since they have money to burn from big corporate donors in order to complement the crooked media polls.


  15. Gerard says:

    The MSM is of course giving the same old bleak message for Trump. But does anyone have any data on how Trump are looking and how he will do with the electoral college? I’m hoping he’ll flip some supposed “blue” states early in the evening and set the tone for a greater than 1980 landslide. Jimmy Carter conceded at a record early hour on election night if I remember that correctly.

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    • Deborah says:

      The only state Carter won was Minnesota, not even his home state.


      • Angie says:

        No, Carter did win Georgia and Minnesota, as well as W. Virginia, and a couple other tiny little states like R.I., CT.
        It was the 1984 election that Walter Mondale only won his home state of Minnesota


  16. remuda2016 says:

    Evangelists would find such a clamoring assembly more than worthy…as Donald has established a ‘foundation’ to build our ‘beyond monster’…but behemoth…following…with max capacity, overflow and endless lines leading to and away from his ‘catchment’. He, like Paul…once a sinner… descends from the sky, shelters and ministers prophesy… us…to then departs on wings. He asks for no offering, only to hear, understand…and trust in his counsel. Remember when there were five thousand at a gathering on a mount that were fed from 2 fishes and 5 loaves…mammoth at that time? And no agitators to contend with. We ‘Blessed Depolorables’–‘Needful Sinners All’…are truly witnessing “Divine Intervention”.

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  17. squid2112 says:

    I love the enthusiasm here, it lifts me up when I am feeling a bit depressed. After watching Hannity tonight, and reading all of the various news garbage all day, virtually every sources seems to have already conceded this election to Hillary Satan. It has been depressing, especially since I just cannot understand how anyone could possibly want a Hillary Satan as their President.

    I am just praying that what Sundance depicts here is how it all plays out. I don’t know if my wife and I can take it if Hillary Satan becomes President. We are already plotting where to move.

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    • shallbe4 says:

      I wrote a comment to Sundance regarding the same thing. It was like we were attending Trump’s wake on Hannity’s show. I hope Sundance has a theory about all this because Trump saw poll numbers that came out today and said he is winning big.

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      • Wend says:

        Hannity’s owners obviously gave him some instructions.

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        • ladypenquin says:

          Stop watching even Hannity. We quit Lou Dobbs two weeks ago, after realizing his pearl clutching was getting to us. It was the night he “had” to report the FOX poll – no internals ever given, and it turned out that there was a 11% Dem weight in there. Totally a lying poll, as even Obama was at 6-7% in 2012. So you’ve got to turn off these shows, even if in the past they were your favorites. The drop in ratings will be quickly recognized – measured every night.

          So, if the media knows they’re going to “steal” the election, they’re participating in election fraud. That’s another can of worms. The people aren’t going to accept fraud this time around.

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      • satmfs says:

        Hannity said he accepts the polls. He needs to be sent links to Sundance’s poll breakdowns.

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      • Kroesus says:

        Alex Jones (consider the source) had an “anonymous” letter purported to be from a LV oddsmaker who said since the last debate Trump is up 12 – 14 points except in MA and CA where the Hag leads by 8 and he made the point that even NY is in play

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        • Evelyn says:

          Donald Trump is going to win New Jersey. I visit the boards around once a week. Months ago the overall tone of the comments was what you might expect considering that is owned by Advance Media, which is in the tank for Soros, and is trolled by his supporters. I visited on the day this past week when the fake story broke about the yoga instructor who accused Trump of inappropriate contact 30+ years ago, and I would estimate that 85% of the comments in response to that story were by people who saw right through the crap and are awake Trump supporters. I can’t begin to tell you how remarkable that is in New Jersey.

          The people have awakened. Trump is going to win NJ and New York. And I would not be surprised if he wins CA, although I admittedly don’t have personal knowledge of things on the west coast.

          Let’s see what Project Veritas drops on Monday. Couldn’t happen to two more deserving ladies!


          • thewallbanger says:

            Yeah! He is doing OK in NJ. In my informal poll, just driving around NJ, I have yet to see a Hillary yard sign anyplace. There are Trump signs around, but 0 hillary signs. This is supposed to be a blue state. I was reading a blog that said the exact same thing about SAN FRANCISCO CAL of all places !!!!! Now THATs encouraging!


    • Eris says:

      Do what I do – stop consuming any of that Big Media garbage 😀

      Pundits have been wrong so much this election cycle so don’t waste your time with them.

      There are a lot of stupid people in the world – a lot of people want to vote for Crooked Hillary just because she is a woman. It is what it is.

      Just do whatever you can to help get Mr. Trump elected and be a Happy Trumper!

      (I made more donations to his campaign in honor of his debate victory and his awesome campaigning this week.)

      TRUMP / PENCE 2016 * MAGA!

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  18. Gov Jay says:

    Great comparison and analysis Sundance…


  19. Bull Durham says:

    You want a feel for the Monster?

    Look at the online polls after debates, the FB and Twitter activity, now the FB streaming.
    These are indicators that the Milennials are not into Clinton.
    She has phony followers, and no enthusiasm from the most powerful demographic group online.
    They may vote for her, but in depressed numbers.

    The Movement has passion and participation. They follow everything.
    RSBN has had 100,000,000 view of its videos of rallies.
    OAN is growing.
    We are killing Fox ratings on shows we hate and building Fox ratings on shows we like. (Hannity
    and Varney and Dobbs dominate).
    These are real impact facts about the Movement and the hidden vote.

    The Tyranny has had to use Violence, Media smears, Lies, sabotage of broadcast microphones, trick video filters and lighting, interrupted satellite feeds, criminal gangs, firebombs, beatings, intimidation, property damage and vandalism.

    If they were ahead, they would only have to win.
    But they are not ahead. They know they can lose.

    And the campaign has come away from two candidates.
    It is about America saved or America lost.

    How do they win that contest?

    Trump is going to win. I can’t prove it with 17 days to go. But the evidence abounds. All indicators of policy and issues, Change vs Corruption, outrage and disdain for all parts of government and every official in DC tell me something strong about the voters.

    The stakeholders are coming out to voice their opinion and claim their stake in America.
    Cold anger.
    Inspiration from Trump’s audacity and perseverance.
    Love of country.
    Fear of finality to Liberty.
    Sacred battle between good and evil, God and Satan.

    Even secular materialists have a clear understanding that Trump means a better economy and more of what they seek.

    The campaign, I repeat, has been recast. It has been Trump/Clinton, then Change/Status Quo but now is America Saved/America Lost.

    His speech tomorrow may spotlight that with a Ten K Spotlight. Gettysburg. The sheer audacity of the man. Ha! Donald knows how brand his life’s projects.

    And he sticks Lincoln back in Hillary’s pie hole, right down that scary throat.
    Lincoln, emancipator. Lincoln, founder of the Party. Lincoln, savior of the Union.

    The man is amazing.

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    • Charlie "The Deplorable" says:

      Man, can it get any better? Loved that progression. Soon the slogan will be MAKE AMERICA GREAT NOW. Trump is brilliant. A man for our time.


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    • ladypenquin says:

      I believe you’re right about the millennials, Bull. And that’s important. Because they’re the ones who are really into social media and they’re the ones who were into Obama and Sanders. Hillary just isn’t their cup of tea (except for the young women abortion fanatics) – I think they’ll be either totally disengaged or go for Trump. Grumpy old hags aren’t attractive to millennials…

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  20. Charlie "The Deplorable" says:

    Trump gets 78 million. Can someone tell me how many votes hillary would get?


  21. Charlie "The Deplorable" says:

    never mind. I found the 2012 voter turnout. 130million. So that means turnout Trump 80 million, that woman 50 million.

    Trumps Got This

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    • KBR says:

      There was NO monster vote in 2012.
      And the Monster vote is not a Hillary vote. So no one can predict how large the number for Trump will be.

      I guess you can play with numbers if you want though. So by your calculations based on no monster vote in 2012:
      80 million+ monster vote =Trump vote
      50 million including fraudsters and the dead=Hillary vote.

      Liked by 1 person

  22. GREENMIRROR says:

    James O’Keefe talking about twitter/individual journalism viewed more than controlled Globalist Media.

    I think we are seeing real time war of population vs. rothschild FED IMF Media control of Government.

    Liked by 4 people

  23. Did anyone else comment on the approval/disapproval figures displayed in the RBC screenshot? Of the 2,300 viewers on the Hillary vid, 246 give it a “thumbs down” versus 82 clicking “thumbs up.” Seems to me one could argue that about 10 percent of her viewers are Treepers jumping online to catch the next coughing spell or secret service rescue.

    Liked by 3 people

  24. Trump support 78% Republicans 15% Dems. HRC 77% Democrats 11% Republicans. Just by looking at this if turnout was equal we win.

    Trump up 2 in this poll in 4 way race, post debate. I don’t trust the polls in general but trust the party ID make up.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. anarchist335 says:

    I get the enthusiasm for The Boss. He is a great guy, business man and father. I loved when the stuffed shirts at the Al Smith catholic charity dinner booed The Boss – to me, it sounded like VICTORY!
    BTW, to see a Bishop of the Catholic Church sit next to a woman that encourages 9th month abortions and the selling of dead-baby body parts makes me sick to my stomach and almost ashamed to be a Christian. Almost, thank You Baby Jesus!
    What I don’t understand is the latest Gallup poll with the approval rating of Obama at 55%. Who are these people? That is a frightening number if true.
    Baby Jesus please help the US of A and elect Donald J. Trump on November 8th, 2016 in a freekin landslide! MAGA

    Liked by 5 people

    • Eris says:

      Obummer benefits from “nothing bad” happening on his watch lately hence the 55% “approval” rating. Of course Big Media hides a lot of bad things that are happening so that 55% is quite illusionary.

      TRUMP / PENCE 2016 * MAGA!

      Liked by 3 people

      • Bull Durham says:

        I don’t believe that number at all. It is based on race-shame and race-guilt. Very few people will say aloud what they think of the Fraud.

        I believe the number is no more than 40%. He has failed at everything.
        He has helped no one but criminals, terrorists and illegals.

        It is a totally bogus poll. Like Saddam winning his elections 100%.

        Americans loathe Obama. And Blacks, themselves, don’t think well of him.
        They have the other problem of having to defend him. He’s their guy. They have to defend their own mistake of voting overwhelmingly for him. But, truth be told, he would not get more than 50% approval, maybe lower, from Blacks.

        Obama is an abject failure by any standard, except for this: he has accomplished all the damage he wanted to do to America. In that standard, he is the most successful President in history.
        But that is beside the point. How can Americans approve his destruction of their country? Therefore, the approval is totally false and bogus.
        A secret tally would bury him in disapproval.


    • anarchist335 says:

      Forgive me, this man is a Cardinal, in the college of Cardinals of the Catholic Church, WTF?


    • TwoLaine says:

      It is a FAKE #, just like everything else that comes from the WH.

      Liked by 1 person

    • The Boss says:

      Best boos came when (ahem!) “The Boss” said “Hillary is here tonight pretending to like Catholics”.

      Liked by 2 people

  26. bornbackwhen says:

    Did you see us there, did you? We were high holding the PINK Women for Trump signs, did you see us? We were the 2 little old ladies in front of the darling, legally immigrated woman from the Ukraine waving her PINK sign as well, did you see us? The 3 of us were next to the dashing young businessman all suited up, just left work who’s daddy legally immigrated from Syria before he was born. Did you see us? Did you hear us? We were united, loud and having the time of our lives! We were there, bigly. Fletcher, NC yesterday.

    Liked by 7 people

  27. DEPLORABLE Jeff says:

    In my truck I put on Hannity just long enough to hear him begin the corporate media message .

    ” That this election is close and Hillary is ahead or Trump is up by 1 ”

    ” We need to act like we are behind ” ” I can’t tell you the outcome ” Hannity who has been a ardent Trump supporter has capture bonded the FOXIES …those of you who still worship your TV set for ….wait for it …..” THE NEWS ”

    Hannity and the rest will slowly begin the message of Hillary is winning . All the political class is tasked with this job if they reach your TV .

    Hannity is an employee of the corporate ENEMEDIA ….get that through your thick head !!

    Their tactics are very subtle and effective …WHY ?

    BECAUSE YOU HEAR WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR …THE DESIRE FOR SOMEONE ON THE TV OR TALKY RADIO TO LOVE YOUR GUY ….. it is an addiction you cannot break …worse than heroin only the death is slower

    As we get closer the CYCLE OF ABUSE will trigger and the pundits will do their #1 Job . To convince you that it’s a waste of time to VOTE .

    Job #2 is to present the notion that Hillary rigging the election wasn’t necessary as the polls showed her ahead !! The POLLS are STEERING Mechanisms of propaganda !!

    Who remembers the ENEMEDIA reporting at 5pm EST that John Kerry had won in 2004 !!

    ” but Jeff but Jeff but JEFF !! …did you see the polls ? What are we gonna dooooooo oooooooo ooooooo ! ”



    ONE single act of defiance and you will set yourself FREE from the cycle of abuse ….

    CLICK !! turn it off

    Liked by 4 people

  28. anarchist335 says:

    You gotta hear this (warning – language)

    Liked by 2 people

  29. anarchist335 says:


    Liked by 1 person

  30. barton2016 says:

    I’ve always said there’s no way that you take off an entire day to go to a trump rally but don’t bother to take an hour to vote on November 8. It’s not even going to be close.

    Liked by 6 people

  31. William says:

    The exaggerated poll numbers put out by Hillary’s supporters and the news media are a part of the Democrats’ psychological warfare operation. Her numbers are inflated to give the impression her army is larger than it really is. The polls are there to create deception in the fog of war. It is misinformation, and is intended to deceive their enemy, us Trump supporters, making us believe a lie and to discourage us from turning out to vote. I don’t believe the crap. And for those who say that having lower poll numbers on our side is motivation for us to go out to vote is crap. Look at it as warfare. If your army is outnumbered, are you going to be more motivated to go into battle than if your army has superior numbers?

    Liked by 3 people

  32. georgiafl says:

    Trump has had record crowds – and has set attendance records in venue after venue.

    Trump set a record for number of primary votes in history of Republican party – even with a record number of GOP candidates.

    Trump set a record for Republican election donation dollars.

    Trump has set record Social Media numbers for a political (non-Hollywood) figure.

    Trump recently set the GOP record for number most individual donors in Republican history – mostly small contributions from 2.6 million Americans

    Record Crowds + Record Primary Votes + Record Donation Dollars + Record Social Media (increases holding strong)


    • georgiafl says:

      Sorry about the tweet – the movie of the huge Trump crowd has been taken down – maybe due to the crash yesterday. It was WOWZA!

      Wish I could edit and remove it!


    • georgiafl says:


      Record Crowds + Record Primary Votes + Record Donation Dollars + Record Social Media +Record Individual Donors = MONSTER VOTE – LANDSLIDE VICTORY NOV. 8th!

      Liked by 1 person

      • georgiafl says:

        Boy, I messed that one up! (need more coffee)


      • chbailey says:

        The RNC doesn’t broadcast these astounding wins by Donald Trump for “the Party”. We should be hearing these day and night. The NeverTrump RINOS are crushed by the sheer MEGA party of the people.
        I loved it when Trump said simply that he does not need Ryans’ endorsement. I took this to mean that I didn’t either. So I voted for the two NeverTrumps on my ballot since they were clearly better than the Dems and they were being supported by the Washington State RP.

        Liked by 1 person

  33. ZZZ says:

    the facts mean nothing.

    she’s winning / s

    George Orwell, how did you know?


  34. jwingermany says:

    Making sure my tin-foil hat is sitting just right and tight. There…perfect!

    After consuming all of the different data, information, dynamics, statistics, audio, video, analysis, punditry, etc….I can’t see how Trump does not win this election bigly big league! Yet, we still have an Establishment and their lapdog media setting up a false narrative…Russia, Wikileaks, Trump.

    My spidey senses tell me that something isn’t right here with the internet blackout. The same thing happened on the 10th anniversary of Wikileaks when everbody thought that Assange was going to drop a bombshell on Hillary. Why would they sabotage their own? This tweet sounds a little too convenient to me…building the idea that Wikileaks and Russia can disrupt the election process…giving the Establishment their scapegoat to invalidate the outcome. I don’t like this at all! FEELS LIKE A SET-UP!

    Okay, off with the tin-foil hat. I’m getting a headache.


  35. Deborah says:

    Listening to radio this morning, DJ said, get out to vote, and I am not telling you to do this, but in Chicago, we would vote early and often.Some of the polls would allow this. Picture ID really needs to be pushed.

    Electoral votes favors the Establishment. I think popular vote should be the way. Popular votes are the people votes.


    • unconqueredone says:

      Strict popular vote means tyranny of the majority- the majority live in urban areas and are generally ignorant of what takes place outside urban areas.
      I would like to see mandatory “electoral districts” in each state. No more winner-take-all electors. Each elector would be mandated to vote the way their district did. This would give a real voice to “fly over country” and demand that candidates court and listen to non-urban areas. No more ignoring the rural small town, farmer, suburban town. In PA this would mean only 25% of electors would be assigned to urban areas.

      Liked by 1 person

      • unconqueredone says:

        Based on 2012 census statistics this 1:4 urban:non-urban (78M:313M) % holds and would give the food producing fly-over-country a much larger voice even with major gerrymandering.


  36. Mr. Morris says:

    Donald Trump, the hardest working Presidential candidate, held 3 huge rallies in 2 states. The crowds were huge and enthusiastic. Hillary Rodham Clinton held one smallish rally.
    The press propagandists tell us the election is over and Hillary has won. It appears that Trump supporters are non- persons to the press.
    We know that John Podesta, a Clinton honcho, in an e-mail, stated if illegal immigrants have drivers licenses they can vote despite this being contrary to American Law.
    We are also aware that Bob Creamer who visited the White House over 300 times, and his associates stated that they will do everything to juice the votes for Hillary. The graveyard vote, the
    Faux persons who reside in empty lots, the voting machines in 16 states controlled by rabid open-borders and Clinton supporter George Soros are some of the ways cheating can occur.
    Ordinary Americans, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are unhappy at such corruption.


  37. Gabby R. says:

    Sundance, Fox News usually does live steams through Facebook of speeches, usually their viewership numbers are larger than the you tube videos. Do you know if they live streamed these speeches of either candidate? Usually Hillary does have decent viewership, although most of the comments are negative!


  38. silverlakela says:


    We need to post and tweet this everywhere.

    Full Movie: “Clinton Cash”


  39. Bonitabaycane says:

    Crooked Hillary’s lack of enthusiasm is not surprising. Who wants to support “such a nasty woman?”


  40. redchick67SS says:

    New reader…first comment. I came across this site when the Veritas videos came out and it’s my new favorite place to hang. I too have given up watching all TV news. They cannot be trusted to tell anything even resembling the truth. The polls are wildly incorrect. His supporters are full of passion and will wake up on election day and run to the polls and happily wait hours to vote for him. Her “supporters” will wake up on election day and while they’re laying in bed will be thinking to themselves…”do I really want to get out of this warm bed and my jammies just to vote for that vile, lying, globalist whore? Nah…totally not worth the trouble.”

    Liked by 2 people

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