Trump and Clinton Appear Together at Tonight’s Al Smith Dinner – 7:30pm Live Stream…

The Alfred E Smith charity dinner at New York’s famous Waldorf Astoria is an election year tradition for decades. The dinner typically provides a welcome break from the heated tone of the campaign trail with candidates delivering humorous speeches that poke fun at their opponents and themselves.

You can watch a live stream below of both speeches at the Dinner in New York City. Live stream coverage starts at 7:30pm EDT:

Live Stream LinkAlternate Live Stream

Update Here’s the Trump and Clinton Remarks. Donald Trump first:

Here’s Hillary Clinton:


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1,398 Responses to Trump and Clinton Appear Together at Tonight’s Al Smith Dinner – 7:30pm Live Stream…

  1. LP says:

    What a great take down. I was distracted by a Typhoon 8, some upturned stuff and loads of rain, but enjoyed the very uncomfortable dinner, that even the founder may have approved.

    Mr Trump brought it back to what is important; the charity, the integrity to call out all those who attended who despite their ‘high’ positions and pocket book consciences have had a hand in the corruption of our public life.
    Well done Mr Trump.

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    • paulgilpin says:

      i was distracted by Maria Bartiromo’s cleavage. i didn’t know she was that well placed, but it shouldn’t surprise me. a pretty young thing like that sitting in the middle of men twice her age. hey! wait a minute. where’s bill?

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      Last nite’s dinner was a sneak preview of the soon to be President and Mrs. Trump. Integrity, strength under fire, ability to sit through an evening amongst unfriendly faces and still own the night because right is still always, right. Can’t wait to see them decked out for the Inaugural Balls!!

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    • Kevin Sherlock says:

      Al Smith, the first Catholic major party nominee, was truly a great man. He was a Dem who was against the Woodrow Wilson progressives and the FDR thieves. In fact, after FDR jobbed him out of the 1932 nomination, Smith wouled eventually endorse the GOP nominees in 1936 and 1940.

      Smith grew up poor and rose to become governor of NY. Smith helped the families of the victims of the Triangle Fire, even going with bereaved parents to the makeshift morgue to ID their dead daughters, who burned, asphyxiated, or jumped to their deaths from this horrible fire.

      Smith then set up the NY state Factory Investigating COmmission, and drove reforms that led to the labor and safety laws we enjoy today.

      Smith made friends with Teddy Roosevelt, and with younger GOPers … and appointed many of them to offices on merit, which rankled Dems who view all government jobs as patronage. He was legitimately sorry he had to run against Theodore Jr in one of his governor races … he admired the younger Roosevelt as a legitimate war hero.

      Smith personally reviewed death sentences, even interviewing the condemned and witnesses and visiting crime scenes, to ensure he was doing justice in allowing someone to be executed.

      Smith had an even more hostile media than Trump did. The media and the elites in both parties claimed Smith wanted to bring the Pope to America to rule as a king …. and he suffered many other anti-Catholic slurs. But he went to states which were heavily anti-Catholic and stared down death threats in his campaign in 1928 against insider Herbert Hoover.

      Smith died in 1944. So did Theodore JR, weeks after being the ONLY general who landed in the first wave at Normandy on D-Day.

      Smith was a very religious man and hated perversion. He would have thrown Hillary and her retinue of slime out of any event he was connected with. Hillary is a perv and a Catholic hater, and would not find a friend in Al Smith.

      Trump would, though. Smith would have busted his chops for his indiscretions, but would have shaken his hand and urged him to help him work for the people of the nation. Trump, like Smith speaks the truth boldly and makes weasels uncomfortable. Smith would have approved of Trump calling out Hillary on her corruption and bigotry. And since Smith had to punch his way in and out of political gatherings occasionally, he would have approved of Trump’s toughness.

      Al Smith was a Dem, but he was a MAN and an AMERICAN.
      We need more like him.

      God’s blessings to Mr. Trump, his family, the Treepers, and this great nation.

      Trump is like King Cyrus who let the Jews return to Israel.

      He is also like Constantine, who protected Christians and late in life became one.

      He is like Charlemagne who had personal problems but still attacked pagans and Moslems and protected Europe in its hours of crisis.

      Hillary also has a historical antecedent. Jezebel. Thoroughly evil and perverted. A daughter of Satan.

      We Americans need to throw her off the tower (figuratively) so the horses can run over her and the dogs can eat what’s left of her, assuming they can stomach such poisonous meat.

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  2. Looks like Billyboy had some stray cat time.

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  3. ssupsky says:

    After watching the two candidates speak, impressions are left.

    Allow me to preface this by saying that I cannot hate people, what they do, yes, but people themselves no, for until they take their final breath, there is still a chance they may become right with God and our mission as ambassadors of Christ are to seek and save the lost. The body is temporary, the soul is eternal and God would see that all would be saved.

    First, the impression of the demon clinton. There were times that she was a genuine person in that she reacted to Mr. Trump’s lines in a real mirthful manner. As also there were other times that she was fake. Her speech was a total dig at Mr. Trump from beginning to end. She attacked him relentlessly and was cheered on by her peers and supporters within the room. Her sincerity was non-existent in what she spoke, especially near the end of her speech about respect and coming together and all must be civil to one another. This was her natural language of her father satan, a liar and murder from the beginning. She knows no other language.

    To mind, this brings the story of Simon the Sorcerer, who was wicked in his heart and attempted to buy the gifts of the Holy Spirit, not for the sake of bringing others to the light, but by trying to bring himself glory by using the Holy Spirit for his own gain. This, is effect, who and what Hillary is, she is in it for her own glory, her own power, her own gratification. Her manners and actions were quite evident in her speech as being a self-centered person out for her own gratification and not caring who is harmed in the process.

    She did get digs into Mr. Trump, and by his expressions, though not very apparent, were noticeable, did hit the mark a few times, yet was prepared and ready for them so that they did not sway his steel. The attacks she delivered, were for the benefit, not only of herself, her pleasure in torturing another, but also for the brood of vipers within the room, for whom she catered to, her colleagues and masters.

    The impression of Mr. Trump. He walked into the den of vipers knowing full well what would happen. How he would be slandered and persecuted, therefore, he took the opportunity to first call everyone out, how deceptive and devious they are, getting close to him and begging for favors and money. He threw their duplicity in their faces in a joking manner whilst being serious at the same time.

    He delivered soft volleys at the demon as he was still joking and called out the media for their hypocrisy by citing the example of his wife Melania when she was attacked viciously for her speech. Yes, he did self-deprecate himself a few times and used that to his advantage. Then he became the candidate for America once again and slew the demon within the room by pointing out the evilness that is in her heart. He called out the elites, the media, and the establishment and hammered them for their duplicity.

    The black arrows that have been shot at him since he announced, were turned back on the enemy, bigger, better and stronger as kill shots to their black hearts. He gave death blows to all those that oppose, because the stakes are too high.

    He stands strong and courageous for the sake of the people of the nation lest we be destroyed.

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    • NC Mom says:

      Excellent insight to what transpired last evening. Stunning really. Trump shined the light of truth around the room and they BOOED him because the cockroaches had no where to run!.

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      • farmhand1927 says:

        The room squirmed in their seats when Trump lobbed a few into Clinton’s camp, the Cardinal wiped sweat, one of the men behind Trump nervously swallowed water and then the crowd basically fell silent. Clinton stopped her wide, gaping mouth laughing, sat rather frozen. When she had her turn she delivered every bit as good as she got, but of course her slams were funny.

        The organizers of the event knew full well when both Clinton and Trump were invited having both of them there, having it televised would make for an extra helping of fundraising so for all feigned outrage t what Trump said, give us a break. People like Chris Matthews couldn’t wait to attend because they knew there would be fireworks and they got some. Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only one in that crowd that probably owes the Catholic Church an apology.

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      • Never forget TRUTH is the enemy to them.
        Jesus said I am truth.
        Hating truth is hating Jesus.

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      • ssupsky says:

        Thank you, though I am only the vessel used to write the words.


    • Ruffin says:

      Well stated, ssupsky.

      Thank you, a million ^


  4. Concerned Virginian says:

    Just got it!
    Maria Bartiromo last night at the dinner—
    Hairdo/opera gloves: Audrey Hepburn from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (minus the long cigarette holder)
    Cheekbones/Grin/Cleavage: Sophia Loren from ANY of her movies

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    • sDee says:

      The red dress and massive cleavage had to have been an unshakable distraction for Hillary and Bill all night.

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    • Ruffin says:

      Maria was laughing all the way!

      Billy Boy was not in attendance, he would have gone into meltdown with the luscious Maria and her assets on display.

      Well played Maria, thanks for your “support”.

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      • Ken says:

        There’s nothing like a smart beautiful woman with a sense of humor laughing herself silly. Two things Maria was a sight to behold and thank God for the DVR. Ha!


    • deanbrh says:

      Are you sure the gloved woman was Maria? i thought sure it was Valeri Jarrett, thinking Maria would have more class than whoever that was. Who was the man sitting to the left of Trump speaking, and who was the man who introduced Trump?


  5. sDee says:

    What we saw in the second half of Trump’s address was what the debates would have been like without sycophant media hacks to cut him off.

    The face of Clinton is the one we would have seen in the debates had she not been so smug in having pre-prepared answers to each of the next questions.

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  6. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    Trump went all in against the highly staked High Priestess of Corruption and didn’t flinch. Very proud of him!

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  7. joanfoster says:

    Another outing by Hillary. “How is Barack going to get around the Muslim ban?” when talking about the annual Presidents’ photo at the WH. Oopsie!

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    • KBR says:

      And then there’s Huma. Hillary outs Obama as Muslim, but luvs Huma.
      Hillary hypocrite.


      • joanfoster says:

        The truth is Hillary doesn’t mind a Muslim in the WH whether it be Obama or Huma. It’s another minority group ripe for picking by the Democrat that along with she and her party members hate this country. They have been pretty darn successful at pretending to be a big tent party so long as the money and power stays at the top.


    • Patriot1 says:

      There goes half his cabinet.


  8. I loved the pardon me part!


  9. Wiggy says:

    The reason the Hillary “ring kissers” of the press were outraged at the dinner is because Trump held up a giant mirror so they could see themselves as other see them. Apparently they were not intelligent enough to comprehend that thus the boos were for what they saw not what Trump did.


  10. Jenny R. says:

    Ok, well, neither one of them did great — it’s supposed to be a lighthearted event, not a scorch fest. The crowd didn’t know how to behave either…poor Al Smith, poor Cardinal Dolan.
    However, Trump actually managed self-deprecating remarks, so he wins on points (I just don’t think he’s a naturally witty guy, meh, some are some aren’t).
    Hillary, as per her personality, just got into the muck and basically insulted everybody — her remarks about her running mate and Obama weren’t exactly nonvenomous, and I don’t know why she brought them up…interesting.


    • MfM says:

      Trump knew Hillary wouldn’t go lighthearted. Given that he went first he would have looked a FOOL if he did.

      Do we want a FOOL for a President?

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      • Michelle says:

        Exactly…if Trump had been “nice,” (in other words, two faced) that would have been perceived as “less than” Hillary, and as we all know, Trump is definitely not “less than.”

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    • jwingermany says:

      Trump not naturally witty? I could not disagree more. Over the last year during his rally speeches, I found myself laughing often at his humor…especially, before the teleprompter days.

      In fact, I think that is a big part of his attraction to rallies…besides, of course, destroying political correctness with his straight talk.

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  11. Katherine McCoun says:

    I love his comments on life, for which the audience clapped and Hillary looked down. For most of his speech he was applauded and people laughed. But there was a sharpness with the sting of truth toward the end. Loved his references to God, the church, religious liberty, sanctity of life — all of which the leadership had to applaud and Hillary has no standing

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  12. Somewhere in Dixie says:

    Jenny R, poor Cardinal Dolan? I don’t think so. He would do anything for money. The Catholic hierarchy is now afraid. I remember in 2008 when the Catholic churches were busing people to vote for Obama. Oh, how things have turn.

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  13. imalulu says:

    Is anyone else sick of hearing about how “everyone got to see a different side of Mitt Romney” at this dinner in 2012? Who cares. He lost. The “real” Mitt Romney caved to Candy Crowley and looked- a- fool in both the 2nd and 3rd debates. The “real” Mitt Romney has led a movement to get Hillary elected president. The smirking,smug FOX news Clinton-mouthpieces,( like Chris Stirewalt and Carl Rove) have little to say about the stunning hypocrisy of a radical pro-abort like Hillary Clinton sitting next to Card.Timothy Dolan. They also don’t seem to have any problem with the catty,insulting “jokes” Clinton made about the Statue of Liberty and Mr. Trump with Mrs. Trump sitting right there. Disgusting bunch of vermin. They belong on a pest control commercial!

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  14. screwauger says:

    Wow, Wow, Wow…this Man has no fear!! That.Was.Epic. If America does not elect this Man, she deserves what she gets.


  15. paulgilpin says:

    i wish i were computer literate enough to rip the image of the second to last video posted with this article. trump giving them what he thinks of them. a big ‘ol FU. well played.


  16. TheseTruths says:

    Why is Hillary wearing what looks like a regular pantsuit when everyone is in evening wear?


  17. Vixey says:

    According to Cardinal Dolan, his seat between Hitlery and Trump was the “iciest place on the planet.”


    • 4bleu says:

      maybe the cardinal should be concerned that the iciness he felt may have come from God’s displeasure at the cardinal’s role in all this.
      The elites jostled to have Jesus at their homes, two-faced : first to show everyone they had social status to host the ‘rabbi’ at their place and second to treat him rudely once he got there.


  18. dbethd says:

    Missed some jokes of Trump’s the first time..ha! Definitely worth a second watch.


  19. 4bleu says:

    This was devastating. Actually a heartache watching Trump and his wife there.
    That room full of dissolutes booing the truth with the centerpiece of the fat cardinal who placed Hillary at his right hand.

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  20. dbethd says:

    Thoughts after watching a second time:

    Trump endeared us to him by joking about himself.
    He won our hearts by defending his wife.
    He reminded us again why we are voting for him by shining a light on all the corruptness.
    He was real and genuine with jokes that were funny and true, unlike Hillary’s play-acted speech that was full of vitriol, lies, deceit.

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  21. 4bleu says:

    Trump the teetotaler clear-headed, clear-speaking…
    This felt like the last supper for Trump and that crowd. They’ll go on and on in blind self-absorption but he has separated himself from them.

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  22. ZZZ says:

    Trump is not a phony…

    Goodbye PC, forever!


  23. cycle1 says:

    Not sure how to embed tweets into posts [if anyone wants to tell me how, please feel free].
    I thought the following tweet is representative of the positive effect of Donald’s Gettysburg address:

    M. Ramirez‏@Hopes119 2h2 hours ago
    @asamjulian My husband who’s not a Trump fan,just said” this speech will give Trump the Presidency”. husband’s Bernie supp,Now voting Trump.


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