James O’Keefe Exposes Orchestrated Clinton “Violence Machine” – Video Release #1…

In this explosive new video from Project Veritas Action, a Democratic dirty tricks operative unwittingly provides a dark money trail to the DNC and Clinton campaign. The video documents violence at Trump rallies that is traced to the Clinton campaign and the DNC through a process called birddogging.

A shady coordinated communications chain between the DNC, Clinton Campaign, Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC (Priorities) and other organizations are revealed. A key Clinton operative is on camera saying, “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherfucker.”

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767 Responses to James O’Keefe Exposes Orchestrated Clinton “Violence Machine” – Video Release #1…

  1. jupitercomm says:

    It appears Hannity’s creative control has been vetoed from above


  2. I couldn’t fit all the instances of the DNC agitator violence in one twitter, but I also recall when I was in at the TUCSON USA Trump rally there was a MENTALLY ILL young woman who the security officers were trying to remove her from the rally and she was holding onto the barricade that separates Trump from the crowd and it took several of them to apprehend her, she was obviously mentally ill (demon possessed) screaming and spitting and slithering on the ground like a snake. She fits in with the O’Keefe video too! This was the same rally where that DNC agitator wearing the KKK hood got in the face of a black man and his family who thought he was in danger so he punched him and they took him away to jail.

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  3. 3x1 says:

    WE (US! YOU and ME) need to spread thjs video EVERYWHERE.

    We’ve just been handed a wonderful gift by Mr. OKeefe.

    Now it is OUR responsibility to drive this viral with, or without the media’s help.

    YouTube is ACTIVELY SUPPRESSING the views. Check it out:

    Likes 22,956 431

    This is OUR TIME TO SHINE!

    UP AND AT EM!!!


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  4. James O’Keefe
    WOW! @FoxNews just canceled my appearance. Are these publically traded media corporations afraid of @TheJusticeDept reprisals / retaliation?

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    • inquirer2point0 says:


      Remember when Rupert Murdoch got into hot water in the UK due to some sort of a journalist bugging scandal? As I recall, a top FOX female executive resigned or was prosecuted and Murdoch faced government efforts to tighten the regulatory screws both in the UK and here in the US. Murdoch has been pussy-whipped and a government lapdog ever since.

      Trump/Pence/America First 2016 or BUST.

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  5. NJF says:

    James O’Keefe puts statement up on the Donald sub Reddit.

    I want to thank you all for spreading the word about our first video. The Internet has exploded with people sharing it and talking about it. You guys helped do that.
    According to my sources, media corporations are not touching the story due to fear of retaliation by the DOJ. We have more videos coming this week. The truth is going to come out one way or the other.
    PLEASE spread the word.
    EDIT: FOX just booked, then cancelled on me.”

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    • Keln says:

      Beat me to it. He’s been very communicative with r/The_Donald today. Which means he recognizes that social media is the only way this story is getting out. The media is staying quiet.

      I noticed Drudge still doesn’t have a headline about it. I’m very surprised by that.

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    • truthandjustice says:

      James O’Keefe @JamesOKeefeIII
      .@seanhannity is your heart troubled that @foxnews won’t air my bombshell vid that shows @HillaryClinton & DNC sponsored rally violence?
      3:50 PM – 17 Oct 2016

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    • JC says:

      Have tried numerous times to forward video to every Fox email address, and it boomerangs back to me with “Delivery failed”… Had “Birddogging” in subject line, but guessing anything with the link is being rejected.

      If anyone has successfully forwarded the link(s), would you mind letting us know how you got through so we can continue to bombard these networks with the truth? Thanks.

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      • NJF says:


        I tweeted it earlier to Dobbs & Varney.


      • 3x1 says:

        Forward to international media, noting that US Media is censoring it.

        AUS, NZ, UK, CAN, Jappan, Taiwan, China, Korea, india, all of them.

        The rest of the world hates us anyway after decades of meddling. They’ll jump at the chance to aur dirty laundry by a former SECSTATE / Pres candidate.

        The world watches Assange, they’ll watch this. But WE must spread it. No more sitting and watching. It’s up to all of us to do our little parts.

        Pick a country or news organization or whomever. Go! 💥💥💥💥💥

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      • 3x1 says:

        Use a benign subject line. They have people (probably pro-Clinton) screening the thousands of emails they get daily. Try test emails without content to see if they are bouncing. Any Fox employee with a valid email addy can be cheerfully added to the cc or bcc list.

        People are curious by nature. Some will watch and that’s all we ask.

        Remember the fight scene in They Live ?

        That’s us right now. We’re trying to make the media put the glasses on and see TRUTH.

        Somebody ping Greta van Susternan with it. She’s free of Fox shackles and has a big following.

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    • Coldeadhands says:

      Sent it to eutimes.net

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  6. Ace says:

    Even Drudge is censoring this video…I wonder why?

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  7. sarrask says:

    Cruz and Kasich won’t apologize for blaming the Chicago bird dogging riot on Trump. The only part of this that Paul Ryan will care about is the incident where they acted against his buddy Scott Walker.

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  8. Humble Soul says:

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  9. Humble Soul says:


  10. Greg says:

    Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter are also creations of the same Alinsky agitators, following directions (with plausible deniability) from the community organizer in chief.

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  11. Humble Soul says:

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  12. Humble Soul says:

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  13. Ace says:

    O’Keefe has obviously scraped a raw nerve. These crooks attempted to create a narrative of violent Trump supporters, which we always knew was false. They all parroted the same line, even yesterday after the bombing. Mrs. Clinton, the corrupt media, Ted Cruz…all of them. They now have all been utterly exposed on this. I have no alternative but to think these media outlets are being threatened. This is all getting very weird.

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    • Ace says:

      After every occurrence, they blamed Trump. Even last night. O’Keefe busted them. I wonder what else he has?

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      • LCS mom says:

        Exactly. They are probably in on it, and played their part well. I hope it is all exposed and that they lose any shred of credibility they might still have left (not with me, but with other low information types.)

        That none of the news media want this scoop says a lot. They are showing Americans just how irrelevant they are.

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        • TheseTruths says:

          I think they’re showing Americans just how complicit they are. This is a story of Watergate proportions, and they’re sitting on it.

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          • LCS mom says:

            You are right – complicit. They hasten their irrelevance with their willingness to bury this. New media will own the story just like when Newsweek buried the Clinton/Lewinsky story and Drudge made his name by scooping everyone and bravely publishing it.

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  14. majorstar says:

    GOP reps appearing on news about the campaign office bombing apparently don’t know about this video. Guy is mentioning nothing about arm of Clinton/DNC designed to create violence and mayhem in election. All violence can be pinned on direct orders from HIllary as a result. These people are missing the boat by not being up-to-date.

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  15. Humble Soul says:

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  16. LeeAnn says:

    Grrrrr! Hillary’s as crooked as “malaria germs.” With apologies (or maybe thanks) to C. W. McCall in “Wolf Creek Pass.”

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  17. Humble Soul says:


  18. NJF says:

    Trump surrogate talking about the O’Keefe video on Charles Payne.

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    • LCS mom says:

      Everybody needs to watch Lou to see if they censor it. I think they will have to show it or the entire video series will proceed without their even showing it to their viewers.

      It’s potentially the biggest news story of the campaign, and they just ignore it? I don’t think they can get away with it. And then what will they talk about? More beauty pageant stuff? Pathetic!


  19. IMO Drudge gets his turn with tomorrow’s video. O’Keefe said on Hannity today tom morons video is a bombshell that
    WILL be used in the debate.

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    • TheseTruths says:

      This is one of the biggest stories of this campaign, or even in years, and Drudge hasn’t even mentioned it all day. I don’t understand it. That’s not how news works. You don’t give another news outlet the chance to publish it and refrain altogether. You don’t NOT report something because you think something else is coming out the next day. I love Drudge, but I would like an explanation.

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      • 3x1 says:

        Competing stories (okeefe/Wikileaks) can dilute impact.

        Drudge has been good with timing.

        In the meantime, we should be sending the video to all available media, domestic and international.

        If the other countries start seeing shady illegal ops in US Elections, it will rattle cages.

        Once the story is global, the US media burying it is TERRIBLE optics.

        Assange is already a massive embarrassment for Obama and Clinton. Rigged elections and preplanned violence at rallies undermine the appearance of US stability.

        People get skittish. Markets react.

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  20. MrC says:

    I’ve been subscribed to the Project Veritas channel on YouTube for quite a while now, but that video doesn’t show up on my Subscriptions page. Anyone else seeing the same thing?


  21. TPW says:

    Trump at it again?……Fox now reporting how Pence is acknowledging voter Fraud …then goes on to Trump tweet about Fraud and Republicans being naive……Fox then stated that… investigations have shown no widespread fraud……Did Trump and Pence get advanced viewing of Okeefe (sp?sorry) 2nd video evidencing this very thing…….would this be another Trump setup……

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    • TPW says:

      Delicious thought isn’t it…….

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    • LCS mom says:

      He’a always ahead of the story. They mock him, and then what he has said is shown to be true.

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    • ryanomalley1 says:

      Makes me wonder. He knew he would be attacked relentlessly this month. He may have known alot of this all along. #MAGA


    • NJF says:

      I’m finding the level of BS opinion that “there is no voter fraud” by these pundits staggering.

      For the past serveral weeks there have been dozens of local news orginizations talking about voter fraud, at least with regard to illegal voter registration. Dead people & illegals are reportedly gegestsrimg all over the place.

      Texas, DC, and I think IL come immediately to mind, yet they’re all clutching their pearls and screaming “there has never, ever been proof of voter fraud.”

      Ed Rollins was on FBN earlier making these same statements. He needs to be yanked off air bc he does a lot of damage IMO, while proclaiming he’s a Trump supporter.

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  22. fedback says:

    Could someone doing Twitter perhaps tweet the O’Keefe video to Ben Jacobs of the Guardian.
    This story would be a typical Guardian story if they weren’t in the tank for Clinton.
    A lot of basement dwellers read the Guardian, they will not like this behavior from the Clinton campaign.
    I have posted the video in the comments section of the Guardian with a call to all people who care for our democracy to watch it and share it

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  23. ryanomalley1 says:

    Can anybody share the short version of the video?


  24. John Galt says:

    The scrubbing is always interesting.

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  25. Hope O’Keefe has security !

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  26. Deanna Dusbabek says:

    Hey, y’all– really weird. Every single time in the last 20 minutes I have clicked to watch the Project Veritas video, I am immediately interrupted by a pop up that says I’ve been chosen to wine blah blah. There seems to be a fake Apple logo on the pop up. I have an ad blocker on my phone and this has happened today about 8 times in succession. Has the site been compromised in some way? Anyone else experiencing this?


    • Ad rem says:

      Ah…..I’ve been answering emails about this all day. I’m hearing that a lot of our readers are having problems with their phones or iPads being inundated with pop-ups, or in some cases forcefully redirected to another site (like Apple Store).

      Since we are hosted by WordPress and they run the servers, we have NO CONTROL over who runs the ads you see. I can, however, refer you to some possible solutions.

      First, we received this comment two days ago…

      JBM says:
      October 15, 2016 at 4:14 pm (Edit)
      Was having the same problem and fixed it just a few hours ago. It is actually just adware affecting your browser, close your browser, clear your history and data settings for Safari, turn off java script under advanced settings (for the iphone/ipad) and reboot your device. You will lose all of your open tabs and browser history, so add them to your reader view first if you don’t want to lose them.
      If this doesn’t clear the problem, your router DNS could have been hijacked by malware and you will need to reset it. You can google how. Hope this helps.

      I also found some possible solutions at these links…



      Hope you will find one of these helpful.

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      • we300 says:

        Thank you! Sorry to bug you with this. Hadn’t realized it was an ongoing issue you’d been dealing with.


        • Ad rem says:

          Don’t be sorry! This was a good opportunity for me to post this on the front side of the blog. Hopefully, I’ll reach a lot more people here than I will answering one email at a time. 😀

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      • RP says:

        Install BRAVE. It is Brandon Eich’s newest internet client, no ads, popups, nothing unless you explicitly tell it to. NO calls and tracking by Google.

        It is the new/next generation

        Brandon Eich was the founder of Netscape and was booted for donating a couple hundred bucks to support pop 8, remember him?


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        • Ad rem says:

          This looks really good. Just came out on Sept. 21 of this year, so I wonder if they’ve got all the bugs out yet? But…..I would dearly love to stick it to Firefox. Thanks! 😀


  27. Sandra-VA says:

    Okay, I am worn out and my eyes are squiffy from tweeting this video…

    Let’s hope it will get some air time SOON on the msm.

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  28. Mikeydoo says:

    If they can rationalize and deny those fetal body parts for sale videos, I’m sure that they can do the same here. I’m thoroughly despondent over our country. All I can do is pray. I have tried so hard to open eyes but Im met with ridicule. People who are 25 year long friends are asking me whether I’m crazy.

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    • libraryg says:

      I unfortunately know the feeling, and get the same reaction from long time friends. I am trying to keep the faith and take it one day, or one minute, at a time. We just have to get Trump elected, is all that is keeping me going……


  29. sarrask says:

    Trump was half right.

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    • 3x1 says:

      Clinton operatives MASQUERADING as Bernie supporters.

      Critical distinction. Push this up to Trump to clarify.

      We welcome ALL Bernie supporters who had their rightful candidate robbed by corrupt DNC all the way up to DWS.



  30. We NEED DJT! says:

    Wow this video makes me sick to my stomach! I knew it was bad, but WOW, didn’t know it was just this bad. They will do anything to destroy this country. The pure evil behind it all is simply amazing to me. Oh…how I hope Trump is able to use this to slam that vile piece of sub human trash that Clinton is this week!

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  31. RP says:

    Let us all remember these bony fingers of accusation pointing to Trump on the Chicago violence at his rally…

    ““I think a campaign bears responsibility for creating an environment, when the candidate urges supporters to engage in physical violence–to punch people in the face. The predictable consequence of that is that it escalates and today is unlikely to be the last such instance” ~ Ted Cruz

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  32. Coldeadhands says:

    Can any of this video help the lawsuits pending against municipalities wherein Trump supporters were attacked?

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  33. RedBallExpress says:

    Remember the Twilight Zone where the friendly aliens had a book “To serve man”? Turned out it was how to cook humans. Is Hillary getting dinner ready?

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  34. weavinplain says:

    Drudge has posted the text of the video. It is listed in the sidebar headline list. The headline story is the trashing of a ‘Trump Car’

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  35. jello333 says:

    Okay, this is getting hard to control what I’m feeling. My “cold anger” has just about reached its limit. Seriously… feels like things are about to boil over…. and I highly doubt it’s just me. 😦

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    • TheseTruths says:

      Not just you! The Clinton and Democratic criminality, with very little being done about it, has been going on for years. But what we have now is astounding. It’s in our faces, and yet I have no confidence that anyone will do anything. The corruption reaches deep into all three branches of our government, and that’s why nothing has been done before. So that has only allowed it to get worse.

      The media used to cover these types of things, if only nominally; but now there appears to be almost a blackout (again, because they’re complicit). It’s completely up to citizens like O’Keefe and other non-politicians like Assange to get the word out — as well as us! Thank goodness for the internet and new media, and for Donald Trump, who wants to clean up this mess. We need to brace for a lot of ugliness ahead.

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  36. Mr. Morris says:

    Why do the propaganda press love Hillary Clinton? Let me count the ways. They love the coordination between Robert Creamer and the Hillary Clinton campaign to disrupt and physically assault men and women who attend Trump rallies. Think Chicago. Think California. Think Maine. Think other states where people are assaulted, cars vandalized, etc. The press love the firebombing of GOP headquarters in North Carolina, they love violence. They will not show the O’Keefe video which confirm the violence is deliberate, and homeless people, mentally Ill people, and thugs are trained and employed by the Robert Creamer organization, that featured long time Democrat operative Scott Foval. Perhaps the press are also “bird dogs”.

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  37. 3x1 says:

    Here is a resource of ALL world newspapers online

    Australia, to start


    Great interest and an educated audience

    Pick one, they usually have a news email or “send us a tip” form

    Enter the YouTube URL for the OKeefe video

    A comment like “US Media blackout on Assange and political campaign violence” or similar is good.

    Be brief. The aim is to get people to watch the video, and ideally investigate and write about it.

    To catch noon news, we should be pushing this to





    Later tonight work Africa & Europe, and finally South America




    Pick papers with names you may have heard of.

    If not familiar, use this list to find the largest in the world


    Examples outside US

    #2 Guardian

    Running neg story on Trump


    Hammer comments, tweet Jonathan Freedland @Freedland

    But also email/tweet their UK Journalists on US Media blackout of Wikileaks and OKeefes video

    Other big papers on that list (ok to email/tweet the video and your comments in English. They’ll find someone to read it 😉

    “Help! US media is censoring Assange and political violence” should be a catchy subject line. Adjust as you see fit.
    Daily Mail UK
    China Daily CN
    Daily Telegraph UK
    Times of India IN
    The independent UK
    El Pais ES
    Financial Times UK
    People’s Daily CN
    United Daily News TW
    Economic Daily CN
    Le Monde FR

    and so on… http://www.4imn.com/top200/

    Can you guys each pick a couple and shoot out a tweet or email? Way too much for me to do alone.

    Remember each message sent is a blow for freedom and a strike against Hillary’s credibility in the world.

    I’d wager they rarely if ever, receive requests for assistance from the people of the US.

    Who knows what issues this may raise for pay to play ambassadors?

    Let your voices (or tweets) be heard around the globe!

    Remember, WE ARE DEPLORABLE 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

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    • DebbieUK says:

      Don’t hold out too much hope of British media running with this .They are not as independent as you think .Many owned by Murdoch and the Barclay Brothers. Sky TV owned by Murdoch. BBC Marxists . They are pro Hillary being huge corporations.

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  38. rsanchez1990 says:

    Everything we’ve been suspecting is being confirmed. All the smoke we’ve been seeing, and James O’Keefe discovered the fire. I’d like for the sleazeballs running these organizations to be hacked. We might discover some very inconvenient truths regarding the NC GOP office fire…

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  39. rnowtrman says:

    I like the way the rat Foval says “I wasn’t raised that way” in Iowa…referring to half of Iowans being in his opinion, racist….but he will instigate violence to Trump supporters via the homeless and mentally impaired (crazy)…because there are a lot us (Trump supporters) just on the edge of losing it and striking out….Foval is a true punk with unjustified hubris…braggart using his useful idiots….

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  40. sarrask says:

    It sure looks like the girl bragging about acting out in Chicago was seen on TV as part of the riot. Perhaps Chicago PD is interested.

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  41. Trent Telenko says:

    James O’Keefe’s video places the Secret Service and a number of local police departments in a hugely difficult position WRT past and especially any further campaign violence at Trump campaign events.

    If the Secret Service does not launch an immediate and public legal harassment campaign against these Democratic party operatives, it is telling the world it — and Trump especially — that it has been ‘weaponized’ along with the rest of the Federal government.

    The easiest and most public way to do this is put all those identified by Project Veritas violent Democratic Party operatives on the “Terrorist No-Fly” list immediately.

    IMO, it won’t happen, or if it does, it will be only after Trump wins the election.

    Trump needs to ask the Secret Service for these individuals to be placed on the No-Fly list. Then make private security arrangements and public pronouncements about the results as appropriate.

    And Trump needs to do this soonest. These violent Democratic operatives will go after Donald Trump’s family as well as him personally.


    • georgiafl says:

      No Fly List or Terrorist Watch List and/or declare those organizations terrorist organizations.

      The Secret Service and Haha FBI do needs to see the video and take appropriate actions.

      Police departments and mayors that gave ‘space’ to these terrorists and purposely allowed the terrorists to come into contact with Trump supporters need to be held accountable.

      The US is 3rd world-level lawless at the present time, from the top down.

      Look at this Comprehensive list of Obama’s usurpations of power and general lawlessness: http://tinyurl.com/HistoricFirsts


      • Blaze says:

        OK…at the Spokane Trump rally Spokane Police had the barricade directed in a fashion that instead of going straight into the expo center the barricades FORCED the Trump attendees in a direct path next to and right through the anti-Trump protestors. They were setting this up! I did get a video of it and even spoke to an officer about the situation could create chaos.

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  42. Bugsdaddy says:

    Amazing. What will it take to have these people prosecuted? Isn’t this conspiracy and inciting criminal acts?


  43. LMKitties says:

    There is an interesting intersection between the players involved in violence against Trump and the NC GOP office bombing. Regarding the firing of Foval, note that, according to Breitbart, “Fox News has released a quote from Americans United For Change [head] Brad Woodhouse stating. “Americans United For Change has always operated according to the highest ethical and legal standards. Scott Foval is no longer associated with Americans United for Change.” The name to note is Brad Woodhouse. The Exec Dir of the NCGOP is Dallas Woodhouse. They are brothers. Infamous brothers. Coincidence? http://www.politico.com/story/2016/08/woodhouse-brothers-brad-dallas-feud-227163


  44. Justmom says:

    This is a great video but we will website in vain for the federal government or their national media to do anything at all. The beauty here is that these people were operating in local jurisdictions where trump was holding rallies and they got local police and press involved. These are the folks that need to go back and review the records and evidence to press new charges based on new evidence, make claims against the responsible parties where local jurisdictions were forced to use resources to sort out the provocations and resulting violence. These local prosecutors should band together and press Rico charges against national organizations. This has to start locally, regionally and then build into a national coalition to end this violence and corruption.


  45. Rick Nielson says:

    Truth hurts


  46. silverlakela says:

    Vote-Rigging Robert Creamer Visit The White House Over 200 Times During The Obama Admin


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