20,000+ Attend Latest Trump Rally – Pictures and Video of Trump in Cincy…

According to local media reports there were approximately 7,000 supporters outside when the venue reached capacity of 20,000.  WOW.  In addition there were over 160,000 watching on Facebook and over 35,000 on a single RSBN live stream.

All told, somewhere around 250,000 people watched the Donald Trump rally last night in Cincinnati:



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42 Responses to 20,000+ Attend Latest Trump Rally – Pictures and Video of Trump in Cincy…

  1. Diana Prince says:

    See the “Hey Trump, talk dirty to me” lady?– lol! Notice that Mr. Trump is surrounded by at least 7 women in that angle. And the age range of the 7 ladies appears to be 20’s to 60’s, IMO!

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  2. anarchist335 says:

    Ohio has historically been the make or break state for Republican candidates for Prez. Ohio is in the bag for The Boss. So is Florida. Polls are somewhat questionable these days. Oversampling of dems, bias, etc. The Boss is gonna win and win big! MAGA

    P.S., WikiLeaks may drop something soon on El Rushbo re: his support of the son of Lee Harvey’s pal and his connection with the neocons esp Mitten. For instance the following – from: elrushbo@eibnet.com to: Mitt “Well said Mitt! Way to go after Trump. I couldn’t have said it better myself! Love, Rush” sent from my iPhone…

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  3. The Demon Slick says:

    Fox news is becoming unwatchable. They reported tonight the Cincinnati stadium was half full. Although it was hard to hear him say it over the roar of the crowd. Later I watched M.Kelly try and convince people that Trump is some kind of delusional paranoid for believing that the Clinton campaign is conspiring with the media. Come on man. Next up take notice that every anchor is making sure to tell you how honest Chris Wallace is. I haven’t been told so often about somebody’s incredible integrity since the weeks leading up to the Comey press conference. Makes me wanna holler.

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    • sTeVe says:

      I think you are correct in your assessment of FOX. i watched Hannity last night – with the “professor” from the University in TX – Turns out he is a bagman for the Bush Family so how can we even believe FOX polls now?
      There sure seems to be a lot of ladies – all ages – in this crowd, so I’m just not going to buy into the polling numbers from any polling source. I think they are playing mind games with the public by saying Crooked Hillary is ahead – (so you may as well give up, stay home, don’t waste your time voting for Trump) I say B.S. you pollsters are crooks – look at the rallies, thousands for Trump, 500 fo Clinton.
      I want to see Robby Mook on food stamps – give him some real life perspective – what a f’n liar and spinner that boy is.
      Getting back to FOX – not sure Chris Wallace will be any better than Anderson Cooper – I watched Fox Sunday and it was pretty abysmal, Wallace’s attitude.
      I hope the latest news abut the Jessica Leeds story is true, It is amazing how the MSM colludes against Trump.

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      • paper doll says:

        I agree. Frankly both Wallace and Cooper have these careers thanks and only because of parental coat tails . That’s not much help when you face Trump


        • navysquid says:

          Wallace is a Democrat if I recall…so I am not surprised at any of his interviews when he slings mud with R’s and smiles. He also hides behind the “Fox News Shield” so people think he is a conservative and on “our side”. He is old school so he hides it better than all the other young newsreaders.


      • The latest Fox poll, that showed Hillary up 7, an increase of 5, over the prior week, that had her up 2, used a Dem+9 sample. They increased the oversample of Dems by 7, to increase her lead by 5!

        Don’t trust any of the polls! They are all doing this cr@p!

        When you think about politics, do you think of yourself as a Democrat or a Republican?
        Democrat Republican (Independent / Other) (Don’t know / Refused)
        10-12 Oct 16
        45% 36% 19% 1%
        3-6 Oct 16
        41% 39% 18% 1%


    • seventhndr says:

      It was half full. Around 5:00pm. 😉

      By the time he spoke at 7:30, it was to the rafters everywhere except directly behind him and the floor was jammed full with standing patriots.

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  4. Island Girl says:

    Corrupt crooked Hillary could never attract a crowd like this. Please Dear God let us all defeat this beast. Amen

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  5. DeplorableBrexitGuy says:

    This is true “Win the Crowd” stuff, Oliver Reed, Gladiator!

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  6. Patriot1 says:

    If you want to see thousands of Americans unite for a single purpose check out a Trump rally. Beautiful!

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  7. I was watching on RSBN.

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  8. KBR says:

    We are many. We are mighty.

    And these beautiful individuals pictured even though the crowd is large, are only a very small sample of us.

    Trump will win.


  9. Keln says:

    This is here in Ohio. This is Trump country folks.

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  10. DeplorableBrexitGuy says:

    The Battle of Rorke’s Drift is coming to mind. Us against them. Zero sum game. Someone wins, someone loses. Ohio first victory.


  11. Man, if only Trump had some ground game and could fill more than half of these stadiums.


    If “they” try to, if “they” steal this cycle, sure will be a whole lot of people who see it and also begin to demand The Reckoning. “Gotta do it folks… we gotta do it.” ~Donald J. Trump

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  12. velvetfoot says:

    Only way to see (and now apparently also hear, since they’ve been messing with it) crowd is via http://www.rsbn.tv .


  13. dekare says:

    hiLIARy can’t get 200 people to attend one of her rare and infrequent events. I guess people just don’t want to waste their time going an even where the speaker coughs and hacks her way through lie after lie. If hiLIARy does get a win this election, it will be due to voter fraud and ballot box stuffing. There is no way she has the numbers. And if she wins, we may want to do like the dems do when they don’t get their way…take to the streets in violent protest. As a hiLIARy win will be nothing more than an act of war against us and the destruction of America.

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  14. The Boss says:

    The USA! USA! chants are powerful that the coffee cup on my desk rattles. (well, almost. You get the point).


  15. All I can say is but one word ……. WOW!!
    Trump Train on it’s way to Pennsylvania Ave. USUSUSUS


  16. dean rogers says:

    Trump was electric! Hillary could still lose this election even though she has dishonest media,crooked republicans,and weak democrats on her side. Go Trump!!!!!


  17. Pam says:

    I think the MSM was stunned to see the turnout along with the fact that they weren’t prepared for the angry mob to come after them the way that they did. 😉

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  18. quintrillion says:

    I caught this rally in Columbus, OH to millennials yesterday by chance by reading posts here. I’m sure many missed it. I think it was posted in the comments by Pam? It was on Trump’s FB and rsbn picked up the fed from there at it’s on yt. Trump talk about how he’s going to fix the student debt crisis. Trump’s speech begins at approx the last quarter of the time shown. Much enthusiasm:


  19. navysquid says:

    Here is my “concern”, all the rallies are packed, we know that the Monster Vote out there exists, we know this is a movement like we’ve never seen before. We have black, Latino, Asian, women, college educated, union guys/gals, coal miners, steel workers, etc and YET I am one that never thought Bill Clinton would win a second term. I never thought Obama would win a second term. I would have thought that there was no way the R’s or the Supreme Court would allow Obamacare, FBI allowing HRC to walk with email server. And on and on with IRS Targeting, Fast and Furious, etc

    I believe that the MONSTER VOTE is there, however, I feel that with the media’s help and the FRAUD we know exists that the power structure will not allow Trump to see 1600 Penn.

    I still want everyone to fulfill the Monster Vote and am doing my part to get people out but if the Clinton’s win….well…maybe there is a country…

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    • seabrznsun says:

      Those who count, us, aren’t listening to the media.
      We could go in wearing red. We could carry a radio and play “Eye of the Tiger”. We could go assist in ways the local, county, state, or Trump campaign might use us.

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      • navysquid says:

        I agree with all you say, however, these guys (Libs) have shown to be involved in criminal activity and have proven through the DoJ and FBI that they can get away with election fraud and so much more illegality. THIS is my concern. Knowing that Trump has the people’s voice (vote) and yet it is literally robbed from him and the media looks the other way.

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        • seabrznsun says:

          I’m concerned about all the voter fraud too. That means we can’t overlook even the slightest question we have about it. I’m trusting the difference will be so much more than they thought or they’re able to compensate for.

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  20. seabrznsun says:

    Democrats, get out of the way!


  21. Mary speck says:

    Donald did early voting prating Christians GO VOTE. Too important not to. Please do everything you can to build relationships, unity and Go America laborers. We want action not rhetoric. I believe in you so9. G O. To Washington DC and fix not cover not say too big. Start small and build..thank you and God bless America. Why doesn’t she wear an American flag on any of her pant suits??? Just wondering. Current president had same issue..


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