“Trumpocrats” – Jaw Dropping Numbers of Democrats Supporting Donald Trump…

When candidate Donald Trump entered the race in June of 2015 many people recognized early on the Trump-Base would be unlike anything ever seen before….

Now, with the election closing in from the horizon, the scope of the “Trump coalition” is quickly coming into focus… and the scale is stunning.  Millions of former self-identified democrats supporting Trump – they’re called Trumpocrats (Watch):

trump-chicks-44Yahoo – Like others who visited a certain recycling factory on Thursday in rustic York County, Pennsylvania, Kelly Neely has undergone a political evolution. Just four years ago she voted for a man who looks and sounds nothing like the braggadocio Donald J. Trump. “I voted for Obama,” she says. “I felt like he deserved a second term for getting bin Laden.”

But now, with her blonde locks peeking through her “Make America Great Again” cap and her 2-year-old daughter at her side, Neely is talking about jobs — or rather, the lack of them in what remains a key swing state in this election.

When Neely is asked if some of Trump’s comments have been racist, as certain critics have alleged, she says the accusation makes her want to cry. Then she does. “Because it’s not true,” she chokes out through sobs. “Just because we want something better for our children, it doesn’t mean we’re racist.”

That Trump, a first-time political candidate and septuagenarian, is on the doorstep of the White House is a political surprise of massive proportions and multiple dimensions. But what’s rarely discussed is how his rise correlates with an equally unexpected trend: Millions of people who voted for Obama in 2008 and again in 2012 are seriously thinking about voting for the Donald this time around.

Indeed, some surveys and polls have found that between 10 and 15 percent of Trump’s support — or an estimated 4.6 million to 9.8 million voters — has been coming from those who backed Obama in the previous election. In many states this election cycle, voters have changed their party registration from unaffiliated or Democrat to Republican, and the numbers buoy Trump’s hopes in important states such as Colorado (where 35,000 switched), Iowa (65,000), Pennsylvania (140,000) and Ohio (more than 1 million).

They’ve organized too, under names such as “Democrats for Trump,” or, as one political action committee more cheekily christened itself, “Trumpocrats.” (more)

Trumpocrats on Facebook – and – Trumpocrats on Twitter

trump-chicks-collagetrump-chicks-45trump-chicks-41Republican voter turnout projected 2

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358 Responses to “Trumpocrats” – Jaw Dropping Numbers of Democrats Supporting Donald Trump…

  1. CM-TX says:

    Good news! 🙂

    And as to his credibility- He’s proven himself pretty accurate with insider info/predictions in recent days on other things too:

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  2. Ace says:

    So the Wash Post has a story of Trump going to war with GOP, and they think that’s going to hurt him?
    The staged GOP walkout is indeed blowing up in their faces.
    Trump is smarter than us.

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  3. Cookie0 says:

    Have to agree with Ace. Because of Paul Ryan & others like him thousands of us are voting Trump but NO other Republicans. We voted straight GOP ticket in 2014 what good did it do. We are a ONE party system and if Trump wins these Republican elites like Paul Ryan will do everything in their power to stop Trump and they want us to vote GOP ticket. Hope they don’t hold their breath.

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    • Nunya Bidness says:

      Maybe Ryan is staging this to actually boost support for Trump? Nah, he’s not that clever.

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    • Voting Trump but NO other Repubs may be a huge mistake, IMHO. The GOPe must know that Donald Trump is going to be the next president. Their polling tells them this. They cannot stop the Trump train. So what can they to do stop a President Trump? They can make us mad enough that we will consider sabotaging the down ballot Republicans. If this happens then the possibility opens up for the Senate to switch to Dem control. If that is the case, then the GOPe has managed to stop Pres Trump’s agenda from being implemented. And that is what they want! We must be wise to their trickery and manipulation and not fall for the cries to only vote for Donald Trump and then vote Dem everywhere else (or not vote down ballot at all). This is self defeating. If we want our Pres Trump to be able to enact his reforms, he must have a Repub Congress and Senate, and we can and should make that happen. We can go after the traitorous GOPe remnants in 2018. Now is not the time to vote Dem. It will backfire.

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  4. keebler AC says:

    Share and recruit more!

    One – Given the recent Wikileaks proving that Hill Rodham Clinton is a scam artist in cahoots with Wall Street and multi-national corporations shipping jobs overseas at the expense of Americans losing jobs and unable to raise their children properly, I repeat – to raise their children – Stay Away From HER.

    Two – Women voting for Hill Rodham Clinton, if she wins, is sending the message out loud and clear that rape of girls and young women (your daughters and yourself even) is ACCEPTABLE – Stay Away From HER.

    I would go so far as to knock on doors, call, and even hit the streets, to broadcast this Breaking News from Wikileaks and the second debate as an EMERGENCY. People will forgive you for the above reasons!

    The best thing to do for children is to bring jobs back to the country. There is nothing else like this. Studies have shown that welfare from government is wholly inadequate to raise a child to adulthood. Trump has the best policy for children.

    The best thing for women is to deny presidency for the serial rapist and his rapist defender because voting for her is going to increase rape assaults on women by stating that as women you are okay voting for Hill Rodham Clinton with her rapist enabling history.

    Trump may have tried to kiss women but he stopped as soon as the woman said NO. This is the message voters have to send out. He has already apologized. Both Clintons have not apologized for their criminal support of rape among the very young.

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  5. keebler AC says:

    The best way to stop crime is to improve economic conditions and stop drugs from Mexico. Drugs cause crime, not guns. Share the Trumptocrat message with Democrats and Bernie voters! Best way to stop drugs is with the border. Do not throw your vote away voting for cocaine dealer Hill Rodham Clinton and her user husband, nor on third party.

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  6. This Democrat f**king loves Trump.

    This #BernieOrBust Democrat f**king loves Trump.

    So, yeah, I support him 100%. I am a huge fan.

    New to this site. First time commenting. Seemed like this was the place to begin. Only been following Trump since the RNC Convention Acceptance Speech, and I’ve listened to over 15 of his speeches since then, and I have to say that I loved his RNC speech and I have loved every one of his speeches since then. I gave up on the Democrat Party the moment Comey betrayed his oath of office and lied about the Espionage Act requiring intent when subsection (f) clearly does NOT require intent, and when Obama didn’t say a thing about the massive pervasive overwhelming evidence of Election Fraud committed by the DNC during the Democrat Primary, and then to add insult to injury, Obama Endorsed this lady, Hillary, who committed Treason. WTF? And, low and behold, the only candidate who had the courage to tell the truth about Hillary’s corruption was Trump. So yeah, I fucking love Trump, for that reason alone. And yes, I actually agree with Trump on a number of issues. However, to be clear, I became a “one issue voter” the moment Comey betrayed his oath of Office and did not recommend indictment, so, if Trump is promising to prosecute Hillary, and he is, then I will support Trump FOR THIS ISSUE ALONE, because I believe that Hillary’s/DNC’s pervasive corruption of our government and her theft of the Primary election represents the single greatest threat to our democracy… bar none …. EVER.

    Now, putting aside some of his, I believe, intentionally inflammatory rhetoric (in order to generate press coverage) during the Republican primary with regards to immigration…. (and I have listened to all of his “allegedly” racist remarks, and no, I do not think he is a racist, not at all…. Hillary, however, is a total racist) however, putting all of that aside, here is my position on Trump:

    (1) the essence of what Trump is saying on immigration makes sense to me, including the wall, sadly (and I say “sadly” because it is sad that such a thing is necessary, but I do believe it is);.

    and on a related point,
    (2) I actually think he is making brilliant sense in his discussion of our Foreign Policy, especially what he has said about NATO.

    (3) I agree with him 100% on the 2nd Amend, in no uncertain terms, and the fact of the matter is, I would vote for him on this issue alone, if it came down to it;

    (4) I think he is far more qualified to deal with Health Care reform, although I do support SINGLE PAYER, but as a NYC Businessman myself, with a lot of experience and professional expertise in this field, I think I could convince him to support Single Payer if I had him in a room for 1 hour; either way, I believe he knows how to analyze the problems and build the necessary infrastructure and policies and framework and legislation to solve the problems, and I do believe his heart is in the right place…. namely, he WANTS to solve the problem, and not merely serve some Insurance Company’s special interests. Let me add that I do support “privatization” in many instances, just not all instances. I do NOT support socialized medicine, NOT AT ALL. It’s the insurance side of the equation that is the problem. This would require a lengthy discussion.

    (6) I do think Trump has the acumen and incite and wisdom to deal with domestic terrorism, as well as, international terrorism;

    So yeah, I actually think Trump can have a huge positive impact in this nation on a number of issues.

    I really like Stein’s positions on almost everything … but

    (7) I am not sure she is the best, today, to deal with Putin and the other Middle East regimes, etc. Trump is. And Stein is not able to deal with the massive pervasive corruption in our government, Trump is. Now, I am a tough NYC Businessman myself, who worked corporate NYC for 20+ years for Fortune 100 companies, and I am from Queens NY, just like Trump, so I’ve known people just like Trump my entire life, and worked with them, a ton, so …..

    (8) I actually feel like I know and trust him.

    Anyway, I could say quite a lot more, but that seems like a good beginning.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Welcome aboard. Now go grab some of your friends and get them on the Trump Train too.

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    • keebler AC says:

      Yeah, Stein will never get enough votes so don’t throw your vote away. We need Trump. As he said, many Canadians cross the border to pay for good medical care they cannot get in the Single Payer System. The UK system is even worse. Think of the VA. That’s Single Payer. Long waiting lists for tests and treatment. The best system is a blend that offers medicare for the less fortunate and option for private care to relieve the long waiting lists.

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      • I want Stein/Green Party to win some of the blue states and turn them green — thus delegitimizing the Democrat Party and legitimizing the Green Party — which will lead to the death of the corrupt-to-the-bone Democrat Party, and will allow for the Green Party to rise from the Democrat Party’s ashes in 2020. Trump MUST win, though, of that there is no doubt. So yeah, I support Stein’s effort, but first and foremost, I support Trump, because #NeverHillary is my mantra, she must not be allowed into office.

        Trump won the Republican Primary fair and square.

        Hillary rigged the primary, so she is an illegal candidate, so anyone who respects the US Constitution and who respect Democracy, must, I believe, support Trump, since he is the only viable candidate. As I said, I do want Stein to win some of the Blue States, but the Swing States and the Red States, and maybe even some of the Blue States, must go to Trump, so that it is a landslide victory, so that a clear message is sent to the DNC that rigging elections WILL NOT BE REWARDED in the USofA. PERIOD!!!!!!


      • Pinkie says:

        The VA is not single payer — it is government run heathcare (government owns hospitals employs doctors). Medicare is single payer.


    • darththulhu says:

      Welcome aboard. As background to explain where I’m coming from for what follows: My religion requires me to not register for any political party, but I’m pretty solidly Leftie and have voted for significantly more Democrats than Republicans in my 20 years of voting.

      All of which means, where Clinton and Trump are concerned: I HEAR YOU

      Those parts of Left thought that are morally decent (including: “our government should not be warmongering”, “our government should not allow people who are too old/infirm for work starve to death”, “our government should not accept an insurance regime where people have to go bankrupt to access even basic medical care”, “our government should not let capitalists operate their businesses under slave-labor conditions”, and “our government should not let a handful of super-rich corporate types arrange everything to suit themselves at the expense of everyone else”) are all parts of the Left that Clinton has willfully and emphatically and gleefully pitched aside.

      Clinton will be the Warmonger-in-Chief. She is effectively Dubya’s third term.

      Clinton will not hesitate to overburden both Social Security and Medicare with tens of millions of new people from across the world, putting the solvency of both programs in dire peril solely for her personal political power. She is effectively Obama’s third term.

      Clinton is ecstatically happy to enable (and subsidize!) corporate titans who export jobs to places where they can force their workers into slave-labor conditions. She is effectively her husband’s third term.

      Clinton is beyond eager to let super-rich corporate types arrange everything to suit themselves at the expense of everyone else. She is effectively each of the above presidents’ third term.

      For any Democrat who cares about any of the Good in the history of that political party, and who regrets the Evil in the history of that political party, Clinton is the antithesis of all of that Good and the distilled embodiment of all of that Evil.

      There is only one candidate offering any actual rational policies to support and collectively achieve beneficial social outcomes, in direct opposition to the Powers That Be atop his political party. That candidate is Donald Trump.

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      • I could not agree with you more, darththulhu, I could not agree with you more.

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      • btw…. since I did not go into detail re “war mongering” … let me add, since you brought it up…. As far as I am concerned:

        Hillary is a war monger, war criminal, sociopathic murderer (“I came…. He died… HAHAHA”) and that treasonous lady voted for Bush’s Iraq AUMF without even fucking reading the intelligence briefing!!!! … and further, she went out of her way to give an impassioned speech in congress to sell Bush’s AUMF vote to her fellow Democrat Senators????? …..without even fucking reading the intelligence briefing!!!!


        Don’t get me started.

        And she sells arms to ISIS? WTF?

        And she sells US Uranium to Putin? WTF?

        And she sells arms to foreign dictators in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation?????


        Don’t get me started. I have never been so ashamed by the Democrat Party in my life.

        and btw, I have come to LOVE Gowdy and Chaffetz!!!

        I watch the Congressional oversight hearings, and EVERY Democrat is stonewalling and talking about BS, and every Republican is talking about the true crimes of Clinton and Comey and the FBI. WTF?

        Yeah, I am changing my party affiliation and becoming a Republican.


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    • Kathy says:

      Welcome! I am encouraged that there are democrats that will call out Hillary’s corruption. So glad to see your post!

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    • sunnydaze says:

      YES!!! Welcome to the Trump Train!!!

      Isn’t it a GLORIOUS day when you finally throw the Dems off your back?!!??! (did it myself back in ’07)

      And the cherry on top is your in NYC. Hope there are many more in NYC. I know some (who worked for him in the 90’s and love him a lot- they quit the Dems to vote Trump).

      I agree completely that Stein, no matter how much many Berners may like and respect her, is not the one who can go up against Globalists and traitors in our gov., etc.

      There is only ONE person who can do that and it’s……well, you know….Trump and only Trump.

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    • Eskie Mom says:

      :waves: JPR? Welcome!

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    • Serena says:

      Love you post and so happy you commented here on the Treehouse. Welcome friend!!

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    • Serena says:

      I am a former Democrat,too but that ship sailed away in 2008. Now I am an Independent voting for Trump. I have waited all my life for a candidate like him. We are blessed to have him fighting so hard to save our country!

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      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

        Same here – jumped ship in 2008.
        However in my state I had to re-register as Republican to be able to vote for Trump in the primaries!

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    • Menagerie says:

      Welcome to the Treehouse. Tip from an admin to get you started. Do not use profanity. Yes, you will see some by other commenters that doesn’t always get caught. We mods are overrun with all the new people, but we get to the comments as best we can.

      I suggest you read the guidelines up on the header.

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  7. Why are you all worrying…the Monster vote!

    This election is in the bag for Trump…just go and vote…show up at polls and vote!!!

    If Trump was going to lose as big as the polls say, the Dems would be dumping money in the Senate and Congress races!!! They are not…all money is being dumped into the race for POTUS!!!

    Less then 30 days and some polls have Clinton up by 11?????? And yet all DNC money still being dumped to Clinton? Why? Because the polls are a lie!!!


    Remember the Dems always project what they do on others. They are saying the Repubs created Trump, that us choosing Trump is backfiring on us? But the polls helped Trump in the Primaries…they all were in his favor because the Dems figured Trump would be easy pickens in the General!!! But now, that plan has backfired and the Dems are seeing that Trump is killing them, so they are in PANIC mode!!!!

    Stop buying the crap the MSM is putting out…it’s manufactured BS!!!!

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    • keebler AC says:

      Monster vote is real but only if we hit the streets and keep broadcasting new info. There more people we win over the less vulnerable we are to tricks by the media, fraud and god forbid any more “tapes”. We want a landslide that will scare the willies out of the establishment class and politburo and bring them to heel!:D

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    • wasntme says:

      Just because we have the votes doesn’t mean we are going to win. They could kill the monster vote with a few computer keystrokes if they wanted to. At this point they are so blatant about what they are doing they may even film it and put it on youtube.

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  8. Roy says:

    Did I hear that lady say she voted for Obama a second time because he “got bin Laden”? Wow, we are in deep do do.

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  9. Hollister says:

    I am very concerned about election fraud and where they use machines this year. That being said, my state is mail in only this year. Maybe that’s a good thing. Every state should be like that this year.

    Last night I was at an RNC meeting to help get out the vote. Everyone is very concerned about the down ticket after Paul Ryan’s shenanigans. To have the monster vote and make it harder for fraud to be pulled off, everyone needs to make sure everyone you know ends up voting.

    We have one chance. It’s a country with borders or no country at all. We have a pretty amazing way of life here. Let’s make sure it stays that way. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but cannot stress enough the importance of talking to your friends, relatives and neighbors to get out the vote.

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  10. way2confused says:

    The photos look like an ad “Babes for Trump.” With Hillary, you’d see “Hags for Hillary.”

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  11. warmac9999 says:

    Party no longer matters, realignment does. The global socialists will vote Hillary. The American populists will vote Trump. Go Trump.

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  12. Except from my article on Hypernormalisation:

    To Trump, or not to Trump?


    For the last 40 years or so, it appears that politicians have had an exceptionally difficult time exercising control, and the results are to be seen everywhere, from the skies of New York, to the beaches of Calais. Democracy is, in fact, Plutocracy, a farce, an anti-democratic system that serves corporate power structures, at the expense of the ninty nine percent. Love, reduced, hallowed out, and in 21st century terms, is tantamount to nothing more than something facebookers and instagramers share in cyberspace. Music has become the echo-chamber of decadent values, a place where we can hear, and see, the most narcissistic interpretations of reality reflected back at us in repetitive sounds, and, of course, in images of half naked, half drugged, hammer-licking popstars. It all smacks of a fakeness, hinted at by Curtis, which severely saturates our everyday lives. Yet, do not do despair! Because through this weird and terrible, contradictory barrage of information and images, we occasionally encounter hidden gems, in this instance, the works of Curtis.

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  13. daj704 says:

    Go get um GAL’s. 😎


  14. Donald Trump is the next US President.


  15. Seems that Mr. Trump taught us a few lessons about leadership and goal setting. Here is an interesting perspective https://bossinthemiddle.com/2016/11/09/midweek-pump-mr-trump-taught-us-a-few-things-about-leadership-and-goal-setting/


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