Polls, Polls, Polls – So Who Won the Second Presidential Debate?

The second debate is over. Now you get to weigh in.


Who do you think won round #2?

Twitter Polls Below:

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1,058 Responses to Polls, Polls, Polls – So Who Won the Second Presidential Debate?

  1. Keln says:

    Just to put my thoughts on the debate all in one place instead of scattered around in replies, here’s my take on it.

    I see some saying “finally”, or that he did “better” in this debate, or even that “he sucked before but now he did great”. I disagree completely with those sentiments. He did great both times. He won each but for different reasons. These debates are a lot like boxing, which I will explain. But first, you need to understand what is going on and why things are happening as they are.

    First and most importantly, Hillary needs these debates and Trump doesn’t. She has nothing else to draw support from so all that is left is making Donald look foolish in a debate. Also, people just don’t like her. She can’t get the huge support showing up for her that Trump does, and the vast majority of her supporters are basically holding their collective noses in supporting her. They support the Democratic party or leftist ideals or a globalist agenda. They don’t support Hillary per se. So she needs the debates to somehow hurt Trump. That’s her entire game right now.

    Her policies, which are barely vocalized (“go to my website”) are basically a continuance of the Obama administration, if maybe a little more aggressive than Obama. She can’t win on that. Too many people are in dire straits as it is, so that is a horrible thing to run on. So she can’t “go there” in the debates. She has to go to the gutter, where she can draw on her dirty political experience and command of politispeak, along with the backing of the moderators and media spin to hurt Trump in an arena he just isn’t familiar with. That’s all she has.

    Like boxing, Trump is a big guy and has a lot of reach and a powerful punch. Hillary needs to draw him in close so she can hit him. That means drawing him into dirty political attacks, where she can get to him. Think of the first debate as like the first few rounds of a boxing match. Trump deftly kept her at his arm’s length where she couldn’t land a blow. She swung and swung and never made direct contact. He danced around and stayed out of her reach. It wasn’t pretty, there were no knockout punches thrown, but he came out looking better than her, and especially showing restraint and a calm temperament. He proved the judges wrong by doing so, which effects his score.

    In the second debate, Hillary and the media were ready for an all-out assault. She wasn’t going to let him get away with dancing like Ali anymore. She was going to close in on him, and either he fought or he took a lot of punches. So he fought, and he fought hard. He landed blow after blow after blow, barely allowing her to riposte/counter-punch. He took her down hard. It was more exciting than the first debate, but no less a winning strategy. If it were up to him, he would dance in all three debates and not go in close, because that is her battlefield and he doesn’t need to win the debates to win the election. Yes, he showed he is stronger than her even on her terms, but he doesn’t need to fight that way.

    What he proved by this tonight was that either way he wins and she loses. He can dance around and he scores enough points to win. He can get in close and engage in punches and he wins by knockout. If Clinton is more stupid than I give her credit for, then she will try the same again next time and just get pummeled. I don’t think that will happen though. I think the third debate will be a return to civility and the campaign will try to win in some other way, realizing that the debates can’t win it for them.

    We’ll see.

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    • NJF says:

      Well said!

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    • Guyver1 says:

      Excellent analysis.
      My own bet- she will change nothing for the third debate.
      Her arrogance will not let her do so.

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    • RE: Hillary needs these debates and Trump doesn’t.

      Trump should strategically declare the Media-Rigged Debates over, due to Media Dishonesty.

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      • rsanchez1990 says:

        That could be a very good strategy. Keln is right, Hillary needs these debates way more than Trump does. It’s even a strategy Trump has deployed before, completely skipping a debate and even taking a lot of attention away from that debate. If Trump skips on the next debate, I can even see the media waiving their poll numbers rule and letting Gary Johnson have some screen time for the sole purpose of giving Hillary someone to yell at about Trump.

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      • Chris Wallace will moderate the next debate. He will get in both their faces and Trump will win.

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        • April says:

          Why didn’t Wallace ask HILLARY if SHE will accept the results of the election?????She looks so foolish, oh ask Donald why he ships his businesses overseas, and he answers because of the regulations that you helped pass and if you had a real problem with it how come you never did anything about it? Does she not understand he was a private business owner and he did what he had to do. Then she brings up all these law suits and other things that have either been debunked or talked about in WIKI leaks like the lawsuit for Trump University (all paid for by the Clinton camp.) He just needs to let Donald finish.
          Yes, Chris asked her tough questions and her answers were garbage and he knew it and he just let it fly.


      • Trump knows this ,I am sure. But being a go-getter, he loves any challenge and will not pass.
        Trump does not always win, but sure as hell, he never loses.
        He will also not swing the first blow, but sure as hell he will not stop until he had the last swing at his opponent, and send him to the floor.
        That is what makes a leader. And that is why he likes Putin
        And so do most of us, I’m sure.

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    • Nick says:

      Great analogies, Keln!

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    • Jennie says:

      Keln, well stated! I heard some forshadowing from the moderators and the commentators afterwards on more “damaging” audio recordings to come. So I disagree on one point that the next debate will be a return to civility. I think the assault against Mr. Trump will increase in intensity. Hope I’m wrong tho.

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    • rsanchez1990 says:

      What’s even better about this debate is even leftists must give Trump some credit here. You’ll still see some people saying he lost (just like how Clinton people said somehow Mike Pence lost to shrilly Tim Kaine), but as scared as Trump’s opposition was before, they have to be very scared now to see Trump handle Clinton even more decisively this time around. All of America saw Trump landing those punishing blows.

      I’d say Mike Pence did a great job turning the debate narrative around with his performance earlier this week. Pence set it up for Trump and Trump hit it way out of the park.

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      • Mike says:

        When you find someone who says Hill won, they are speaking as a current dyed-in-the-wool Democrap – your basic brain washed media victim, a slave, a communist, or other totalitarian loving species. Their thinking and information basis are highly distorted.

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    • Excellent analysis Keln! You are absolutely right, she needs these debates. Trump doesn’t. He simply needs to stand his ground and be who he is. I didn’t watch tonight’s debate, but from the clips I’ve seen, comments I’ve read and the stories from what took place pre-debate, it sounds like he did AMAZING! One thing I’ve noticed commentators referencing is how there was actually more substance in this debate (granted that is probably a credit to Trump’s pivoting) but I think it really goes to show just how effective his pre-debate actions were! He effectively neutralized the talking points going into the debate and actually elicited democrats telling Hillary to “just ignore him and talk about the issues”. Funny thing is that’s precisely what Trump has wanted to do from day one, talk about the issues! Truly irony at it’s finest! 🙂

      Also, congrats on the Les Deplorables artwork success! Amazing job!

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    • Theresa Lowry says:

      Well Said and the deplorable of America thank you for putting it out there!

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    • Keln, Fabulous analysis. I had said he was “playing it careful” the first debate and I figured he had a plan (he always has a plan) but I couldn’t figure it out. You unpacked his strategy deftly.

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    • Already seeing Hillary supporters telling her NOT to do the third debate. They must agree with your analysis!

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    • Njoki says:

      You describe the first debate like a boxing match where “Hillary swung and swung but couldn’t land a hit”. I completely disagree with this. I believe Hillary won the first debate because, though one could argue her entire campaign is simply attacking Trump and trying to prove herself better than he is, she effectively baited him several times, causing unwarranted outbursts on his part that did not occur in the second debate. Hillary was far more composed than Trump in the first election, and this is coming from a relatively unbiased standpoint. I do believe that Trump won the second debate, because he did much better in comparison to the first, whereas Hillary did much worse.


    • BRILLIANT ANALYSIS!!! …and I agree with everything you said, except for this:

      “I think the third debate will be a return to civility…”

      Nope. She will react with her typical MO, which is, desperation and rage. She will get NASTY in the third debate, just like she did in December and January with Bernie, and that’s when Trump will really destroy her …. K.O.
      ///not that he hasn’t already 🙂


    • Finally someone agrees with me. I watched both debates and I think Trump came out ahead both times. You can bet I will be watching the final debate.


    • Krish says:

      Hillery was very Manuplative in her every point ….as if some one is guiding her…on every quistion….she is smart …but what use??? she has been using it to open accounts with WIKI LEAKS…SMARTNESS doesnt work ….she used her smartness for many illigal activities….her clinton Foundation tops her list of frauds, SCAMS and blunders in last 30 years…. and in the next 4 years she will Make America a ISLAMIC REPUBLIC…..Which is not acceptable!! I am voting for TRUMP !!


  2. asawasa says:

    anyone else notice the rage from trump when he was laying into Hillary especially:

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  3. James Ryder says:

    I’m so happy right now. He did it! He vivisected her corrupt record in front of tens of millions of people.

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  4. NJF says:

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  5. Jedi9 says:

    RPG directed at the entire Clinton clan! They look they are ready to explode!

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  6. mazziflol says:

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  7. TheTorch says:

    Did not see it but apparently Laura Ingraham slammed Megyn Kelly on FOX 😀

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  8. fernleygirl says:

    not poll-related, but this looks interesting

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  9. mazziflol says:

    Hugh Dimwitt on MSNBC “…I believe that tomorrow could bring a story that will shatter the Trump campaign.”

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  10. Linda says:

    @NYDailyNews Trump nailed Hillary to the wall. And then made Mexico pay for the wall AND the nails.— Deplorable Caffeine (@akaplenko) October 10, 2016


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  11. outerlimitsfan says:

    Honestly I think the GOP establishment coup actually helped Trump at least in this debate anyway. He came out swinging and perhaps he wouldn’t have if it hadn’t happened.

    He knew he needed a good debate and he delivered.

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    • gope will just use all the other garbage Hillary will throw at Donald as an excuse to stay clear of him…cuz we know they want Hillary to win.


    • jane says:

      Yes, they did, because they overreacted BIGLY on what should have been a mild “scandal.” Now, if the Clintons try to hit Trump with something more serious, it will just look like more manufactured BS.

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  12. aprilyn43 says:

    The fly landed on the “HildaBeast garbage dump”; perfect timing if you ask me!
    That “fly” landing on HildaBeast’s eyebrow shouted who won the debate .. Trump!

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  13. fernleygirl says:

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  14. Kelcey Sidebottom says:

    The PBS poll won’t LET ME vote Trump….. I know I’m not the only one, as this has been brought up by others tonight.

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  15. aprilyn43 says:

    Trump perfectly, leveled the rape charge against hubby, “Billy the Rapist”; and the daggers in HildaBeast’s eyes, as Trump charged her with attacking the victims, was a “picture perfect moment”. One only out done, when Trump related the story of the, 12 year old, raped by a pedophile HildaBeast defended; the tape where “HildaBeast” laughs at the out come was precious .. perfect!

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  16. mazziflol says:


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  17. Sayit2016 says:

    Okay people I have a question… Trump was nominated by the American people. In what way can the GOP (because they are complete morons) think that they could force him out of the race. Are there some laws I don’t know about or procedural GOP thing? I
    never heard of such a thing! I think if they did try to do this in earnest, the force of the backlash would knock them back to the Stone Age.

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    • deqwik2 says:

      It’s too late because early voting has already started. If Trump step downs then they can vote to fill vacancy but it’s too late to stop him.
      I heard a rumor that the sex tape was being used to blackmail him into quitting so they could run Pence. No proof of that rumor & only heard it from one person so it was probably not true.

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      • Sayit2016 says:

        exactly my thought, so why would idiot GOP even float the idea? They do not support him that is obvious and that is why people are angry…Trump is who the PEOPLE who are registered as Republicans nominated. GOP better respect this or they will be gone one by one as obstructionists to the voice of the people.

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  18. psadie says:

    How many names do you think Hilary called Trump tonight after the debate…she has a mouth worse than a truck driver!

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  19. Trumped says:

    So much gold…

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  20. Trumped says:

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  21. TexasRanger says:


    Trump Won Second Debate.!

    Help Make America Great and Safe Again – No More Democrats Destroying America…

    Vote Trump – Pence Tuesday Nov-8-2016.!

    Fox News Focus Group Video Oct-9-2016:

    Obama, Bill William Ayers, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. The Obama Body Count and The Clinton Body Count. Justice For Americans – Hillary Clinton For Prison 2016.

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  22. lawrencepaul1 says:

    This sure is a different kind of election.

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  23. Sarah says:

    Trump 100%

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  24. psadie says:

    The mess this country is in now is entirely due to the Democrat Party and its agendas and policies that have failed. The handouts have come back to bite them and they are going to PAY DEARLY!

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  25. james waldrop says:

    Cnn polling is ludicrous. Donald took the hot mic scandal on his gut muscles and started pummeling her on NAFTA, Smart Power, Russian Reset, 3am call, emails , bleachbit, Lynch Clinton Tarmac, sid blumenthal, voting on Iraq war, rape enabler. 60 punches to 40 Trump. Almost a TKO with “you’d be in jail”.

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  26. William says:

    NAFTA $1 an hour CLINTON Goldman Sachs. Mexican Government took out a $1 an hour ad to get U.S. companies to move to Mexico. .Charles Lewis is the founder of (Center for Public Integrity )for 11 years he was investigating reporter for ABC CBS and was a producer for 60 minutes we got fed up with the Integrity of reporters and started ( Center for Public Integrity ) This is is report see the $1 ad see how many friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s got rich off the Mexican Government.
    Download ( public Integrity the trading game )or below go to page 105,106,23,24,25

    Click to access THETRADINGGAME.pdf

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  27. William says:

    NAFTA $1 an hour CLINTON Goldman Sachs. Mexican Government took out a $1 an hour ad to get U.S. companies to move to Mexico. .Charles Lewis is the founder of (Center for Public Integrity )for 11 years he was investigating reporter for ABC CBS and was a producer for 60 minutes we got fed up with the Integrity of reporters and started ( Center for Public Integrity ) This is is report see the $1 ad see how many friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s got rich off the Mexican Government.
    Download ( public Integrity the trading game )or below go to page 105,106,23,24,25

    Click to access THETRADINGGAME.pdf

    All so see how U.S. Truckers got sold out because of NAFTA in 2015 go to (the Dallas Morning news January 9 2015 truckers ) half the U.S. Truckers jobs could be lost because of NAFTA

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  28. William says:

    NAFTA $1 an hour CLINTON Goldman Sachs. Mexican Government took out a $1 an hour ad to get U.S. companies to move to Mexico. .Charles Lewis is the founder of (Center for Public Integrity )for 11 years he was investigating reporter for ABC CBS and was a producer for 60 minutes we got fed up with the Integrity of reporters and started ( Center for Public Integrity ) This is is report see the $1 ad see how many friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s got rich off the Mexican Government.
    Download ( public Integrity the trading game )or below go to page 105,106,23,24,25

    Click to access THETRADINGGAME.pdf

    After you see the $1 ad and read the report your understand why Goldman Sachs gives Hillary Clinton’s $200,000 a speech.

    All so see how U.S. Truckers got sold out because of NAFTA in 2015 go to (the Dallas Morning news January 9 2015 truckers) Maybe voters should pass out page 105,106 23, 24 ,

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  29. As for the second debate, another bad OMEN for Hillary Clinton: the fly zeroes in on Hillary’s FACE. Flies know the best place to lay their eggs (maggots) and her eyes sending out the scent of DECAY.

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  30. Jim Mayer says:

    Frustrated Hillary Spox tweeted, “Go have sex with yourself”….. or something…

    MSM calling it a draw? Right. Who went home after the debate angrier than a hornet’s nest sprayed with a garden hose? A draw. The only thing that was a draw was all the BLOOD Mr.T drew from Hillary, Bill, & the Moderators.

    Finally a Rep with the stones to call out the 1-sided media bias AND the HillBill corruption factory.
    A too-late lesson for the Dole/McCain/Romney spineless losers.

    Finally someone on a Nat’l stage boldly pointing out the Double Standards, & not letting Martha & Andy assist Hillary on stage. Raddatz arguing with Trump over Aleppo was a disgrace.
    Who does she think she is, Candy Crowley?

    Finally a Rep not afraid to use the ‘L’ word RIGHT TO Hillary’s face on Nat’l TV!
    Not afraid to say she oughtta be in jail!
    The milk I was drinking came out my nostrils on that one.
    I just witnessed a Massacre. Who was the powerful World Leader in the room?

    Which one won’t try to fight ISIS with ‘Love’? Which was confident & took charge?
    WHICH ONE WORE THE PANTS IN The…uh, ok never mind.
    They’re probably still mopping the blood off the floor.

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  31. William says:

    NAFTA $1 an hour CLINTON Goldman Sachs. Mexican Government took out a $1 an hour ad to get U.S. companies to move to Mexico. .Charles Lewis is the founder of (Center for Public Integrity )for 11 years he was investigating reporter for ABC CBS and was a producer for 60 minutes we got fed up with the Integrity of reporters and started ( Center for Public Integrity ) This is is report see the $1 ad see how many friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s got rich off the Mexican Government.
    Download ( public Integrity the trading game )or below go to page 105,106,23,24,25

    Click to access THETRADINGGAME.pdf

    All so see how U.S. Truckers got sold out because of NAFTA in 2015 go to (the Dallas Morning news January 9 2015 truckers ) Maybe truckers should pass out page 105,106,23,24 and voters

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  32. jwingermany says:

    Well, while we were sleeping the online poll gremlins were at work. Damn it! Why don’t I screenshot this stuff? I didn’t think they would go after the Drudge Poll…too obvious…but, they did.

    Anyway…I went to sleep at 7AM Central European Time (1AM Eastern). Trump was leading the Drudge Poll by approx. 85%-15%. Trump was already up by 150,000 votes. To give you a better idea, here’s what I wrote to my brother in New York on Facebook at 04:45AM…

    “With 103,000 votes…Trump has 93,000 on the Drudge poll and growing.”

    I wake up 5 hours later…Trump leads only 56%-44 by 70,000 votes. Total Votes: 579,856.

    Like last time with the 3:45AM manipulated Time Magazine poll…I expect Trump to pull back into a larger lead when people have their morning coffee on the East Coast USA.

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    • thetrain2016 says:

      Looks like the hackers were able to delete and bleach Trump votes. I was able to vote again, so go ahead and do it! Vote Trump and often!

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      • jwingermany says:

        I have some screenshots to show Trump pulling back ahead starting at around 7AM Eastern. I am taking screenshots at intervals to show the difference in rate of increase for Trump. I will try to quantify this with a later post with time stamps.

        Obviously, Hillary’s trolls can answer the 3AM call.

        I hope I can figure out how to put multiple screen shots into one post.

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  33. jfdunphy says:

    In addition, the mainstream media needs these debates, to sell advertising and subscriptions, yet they are obviously allowing these horrible moderators to try to tilt the process by keeping the discussion in the gutter instead of covering real issues, like jobs, jobs, jobs. The media is losing the debates too, and a case can be made for the Presidential Commission to switch the format to citizen moderators. The media are proving to be non-objective, and a distraction away from the process. The endless interruptions are anti-democratic. The whole point of the debates is to hear the candidates.

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  34. n3angus says:

    We need Frank LUNTZ to do a Focus Group on do we want this in our Whitehouse advising Hillary Clinton and How can the GOP Support this ????? Oh LETS GO HERE ……….. EXCLUSIVE: The cozy relationship between billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton, who flew in the pedophile’s private jet and once praised his ‘insights and generosity,’ detailed in new book by James Patterson

    Bill Clinton will face renewed questions over his ties to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein when a book about their relationship hits stores on Monday
    The book will address how billionaire Epstein flew Clinton around the world on his private jet to speak about his charitable work
    Epstein is a registered sex offender who was jailed for 13 months in 2008 for soliciting girls for underage prostitution
    The book will rake up how Clinton once praised Epstein for his 'insights and generosity' 
    It also reveals that Clinton enjoyed a cozy relationship with him at the same time Epstein abused a string of young girls 

    Read more:

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  35. Sundance: Please consider starting a thread on “POLITICAL RACISM”:
    (Reposted for this request)

    Keeping Black and Hispanic Minorities in the ditch and holding them back from escaping.
    • Racist Politicians have blocked Minority Races from choosing the Best Schools for their children.
    • Racist Politicians have allowed Illegal Immigrants to take Jobs from Minority Races.
    • Racist Politicians have multiplied Immigrant Workers on overstayed Visas to take more Minority Jobs and suppress Minority Wages.
    • Racist Politicians have exported American Manufacturing with Global Trade Deals that have destroyed Minority Jobs.

    This is the REAL RACISM that undermines Americans’ future and unity.

    America doesn’t have a Minority Wage problem – we have a Multiplied Worker problem.

    America doesn’t have an Unemployed Worker problem – we have a Jobs Exportation problem.

    America doesn’t need a Globalist Owned Politician – we need a proven Economic Turnaround Leader who is working for the People, not the Globalist Political Parasites of BOTH PARTIES.

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  36. rosalindj says:

    PBS must be having a melt-down of ‘technical errors’ or something. I’ve tried off and on since 0430 this morning, on two different devices, and the home computer with adblock and ghostery disabled as a last resort.

    I will NOT vote for the hildebeest as a test. I’m not giving an inch on that hag.

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  37. Ed says:

    Trump Trump and Trump


  38. Agent76 says:

    Oct 10, 2016 The CNN CIA Manipulation Against Trump

    In this video Luke Rudkowski goes over the latest news of CNN bias towards Donald Trump and covers the behind the scenes story of where this news organization actually has there connections to.


  39. Tim Cleak says:

    These polls are pulled from sites that have a heavy Republican audience. Be more diverse with the next debate.


  40. Greg Miles says:

    Here’s a huge list of 2nd Debate polls. Vote for Trump!
    Share with your friends!


  41. Rea Wallace says:

    The PBS poll won’t let you vote for Trump! Simply will not let you! The Variety one isn’t even there, just a video.

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  42. nimrodman says:

    Summary of polls by Daily Mail UK:

    Majority of snap polls show Trump won debate by a landslide despite CNN’s overwhelming victory for Hillary in biggest official survey



  43. Harry says:

    Trump was marvelous!!!


  44. Angel Gonzalez says:

    Deplorables for Donald… let’s go!!! TRUMP 2016


  45. Pennyken says:



  46. Ken Barten says:

    Okay.. I get it..
    The MSM is blatantly in the pocket of Clinton and Obama.
    And here’s WHY I’m saying this….
    I have spent the better part of my free time since last nights debate searching out ANY AND ALL polls concerning the 2nd debate.
    I started with this set of them, then went on to google for more polls. So far,, I’ve found just over 200 of them from the Lame stream media. to small indie News outlets. SO FAR… I’ve only found a dozen or so in favor of Hillary Clinton. and most of them she won, its was within +/- 7% on average.
    THE VAST MAJORITY of polls put Trump as the winner by VAST margins, many above 90%…
    So where and WHY is the MSM reporting the the “polls show Hillary winning”?….
    I will post poll result screenshots of all the active polls in this post in the next post ( the polls will have had 24 hrs worth of data…) to Illustrate my point


  47. Agent76 says:

    Oct 4, 2016 Trump vs Clinton – The Window of Opportunity

    Elections 2016… There has never been a better time for a rude awakening.


  48. Saia Flores says:

    The PBS poll gave a long error message won’t let me vote Trump. THIS POLL SITE IS RIGGED. jk maybe not rigged but REALLY NEEDA TO BE FIXED.


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