The Cleaner Part III – Brady Williamson and More Perspectives…

Fox News host Brit Hume is discussing the Clinton “conspiracy theories” tonight.  He identifies the “Cleaner” as long time Democrat strategist Brady Williamson who has been part of the debate negotiating team for decades.  Mystery solved.

Here’s a ‘slightly’ better video synopsis of the controversy:


• Three or four individuals are removing items from the Clinton lectern after debate.
• There are at least 7 trips to the lectern (four by Brady Williamson) After debate.
• One of the trips (not Willamson ) removes a cup of water. The other six ?
• During each removal there is a person watching over.
• The last time Brady Williamson visits the lectern he is most likely putting something back, it appears to be a brown box, not necessarily taking something out.

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315 Responses to The Cleaner Part III – Brady Williamson and More Perspectives…

  1. McGuffin says:

    After watching so many different men messing with Hills podium, slinking around suspiciously, I wonder – HOW MANY DEMOCRATS DOES IT TAKE TO CLEAN A PODIUM!?

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  2. ches1 says:

    It seems the Clintons and Brady Williamson go back a long way, in their history of corruption.
    Here’s the first part of the New York Times article

    MARCH 1, 1997
    In a Chicago suburb on a late summer evening last year, a veteran Democratic fund-raiser held a $10,000-a-plate dinner at his home. The event, attended by President Clinton and dozens of bankruptcy lawyers and bankers, raised $1 million for the Democratic National Committee.

    Mr. Clinton began his remarks that night with a quip: ”I didn’t know that helping poor people could make so many people rich.”

    Now, five months later, several lawyers and bankers have complained that the veteran fund-raiser, William A. Brandt Jr., had explicitly linked attendance at the dinner with a chance to influence Federal bankruptcy policies.

    In Mr. Brandt’s pitch, the lawyers and bankers say, the star attraction was not Mr. Clinton. It was Brady C. Williamson, a bankruptcy lawyer whom Mr. Clinton had named to lead a commission on how to revamp the nation’s troubled bankruptcy system. Mr. Brandt referred to Mr. Williamson as the ”guest of honor,” the lawyers and bankers said.

    The statements by the lawyers and bankers are among the first public allegations that a Democratic fund-raiser explicitly offered opportunities to influence policy in exchange for campaign contributions.

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    • longiron2 says:

      Would like to see Mr Williamson talked to about his family and if they were to have a accident, would he have enough life insurance for them ? Also what was he cleaning out on debate night. You know Big Lou has a family too???


  3. Dave Hopkins says:

    A couple of questions a non-corrupted or enterprising reporter might ask, (this might be as common as unicorns), of NBC and the Presidential Debate Committee.

    1) Why were there 6 trips to Hillary Clinton’s podium and what was removed?
    2) Why does it appear that this did not happen to Donald Trump’s podium?
    3) What is Brady Williamson’s relationship to NBC or the Presidential Debate Committee?
    4) What are the rules around having electronic devices or pre-written notes in Presidential debates?
    5) Would Lester Holt be willing to submit a sworn statement that the questions asked of candidates were not leaked to either of the two candidates, their campaigns or anyone at NBC?

    It is time that someone in the media start acting like a free press and push for clarity by shining light on a set of very suspicious actions just after the debate.

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  4. Apfelcobbler says:

    It looks like Hillary has 2 pads on her podium top at the start; Trump only has one.

    I could see them wanting to collect her notes and cup. But what was the big honkin’ hurry? They seemed nervous about getting some stuff placed as close to start as possible and removed before others could bumble into these items. The weirdness was the furtive lookout scouting and multiple attempts to move items.

    Wonder if Trump sensed her special rhomboid Hump on the 2nd pat while escorting her forward onstage.

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  5. Mike says:

    If one were to look back at her debates with Bernie, is there any evidence of this type of behavior during those debates as well? I would suspect this is not something that a candidate decides to do just during the final leg of a campaign. Doing it on this grand a stage is risky, they must have some level of comfort or degree of confidence that this can be pulled off. It also has to be something they feel they will not be called on by the technical staff involved in the broadcast or by the individuals involved in setting up the stage and electronics.

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  6. Angel Rider says:

    This is just one more disgusting example of how low she will stoop to cheat her way into getting elected. Fortunately for most people debates don’t usually sway that many voters. Personally, I don’t think she ‘won’ nor do I think she said anything spectacular. It was more of the same tired plays from the liberal playbook.

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  7. Athena the Warrior says:

    Funny how he read my tweet to him the other night (Jangobear – shut up Brit…NeverTrumper biased for Crooked Hillary) yet he is doing exactly what I said he was doing.


  8. J Sayne says:

    It’s a light box as others have said. Without it, she would have shadows under her eyes, etc.

    All the activity around the podium is strange however. The body language and facial expressions do seems to suggest they’re removing something that they don’t want to advertise. Less likely electronics, more likely meds, Etc.

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  9. Good video on #RiggedDebate

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  10. Carole says:

    As an aside, for the last debate, can Mr. Trump request that his podium be next to Hillary’s, close enough to keep an eye on?


  11. Carole says:

    Or have clean podium tops and note pads given to each by the moderator after they shake hands? Nothing else allowed on podium top?


  12. AghastInFL says:

    This tweet contains an interesting render of a possible structure which might explain many aspects of the video evidence. This is an artist rendering not an actual structural plan:


  13. The Clintons no longer worry about getting caught, they’ve gotten away with everything so far. They believe in their black hearts that they are untouchable. Why should they care about getting caught using a teleprompter, knowing the questions ahead of time and signals between Killary and Holt? What difference at this point does it make?

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  14. Angry Dumbo says:

    Beauty here is that Clinton can cheat, stack the media and still lose in the public’s eyes. We don’t like her, no way, no how. Trump can keep up the poker face for the next debate. Rope a dope, take all the punches. Poker face. Miss Piggy? Poker face.

    MAGA 2016


  15. Angry Dumbo says:

    can’t make Hillary more popular, so the strategy is to drive up Trump’s negatives. Can’t work if Trump refuses to participate in the farce. Poker face.

    MAGA 2016


  16. Sandra says:

    That is just BIZARRE.


  17. Sunshine says:

    I showed the tape to a friend yesterday. I watched that tape some ten times, the end part where he says ”Wow…”.
    I remember the device the guy is holding was somewhat definable, I saw a few short wires dangling, the box seemed grey, was rectangular. The device wasn’t blurred. It is now blurred. Seems like a bottle of water…
    Sundance: can you please confirm my observation? I think someone doctored the tape.


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