Polls, Polls, Polls – OK, Who Won the Debate?…


Who do you think won the debate?

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  1. GOttosen says:

    Where are the Clinton’s tax filings? Where did the 94% of the Clinton Foundation donations go? Salaries? Were Hillary and Bills salaries get included in their taxes?

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  2. dreadnok89 says:

    Is this even a debate? Hillarys robotic responses. Lester dolt cheerleads for her the whole time. Why is this birther bullshit still being brought up? Everyone wanted to see a birth certificate for a guy who lived in Kenya! Not to mention emails prove clintons campaign started it because they were getting smoked by him in 2008! Why not bring up hillarys secretary of foreign states terrible choices?


  3. Norma Delgado says:

    Donald was right on target! Hillary was robotic and too ‘rehearsed’..

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  4. William says:

    To MoniQueMoniCat hi can you do a link for this site ( public Integrity the trading game ) so voters can link on to it it shows the $1 an hour ad the Mexican Government took out to get U.S. companies to move to Mexico. And see how many friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s got rich off the Mexican Government. Allso a link for this site the Dallas Morning News January 9th 2015 NAFTA Truckers Thank you.


  5. memesoftruth says:

    Here’s my thought on the online polls.

    The Alt-right is probably jamming hard for trump in the polls. Multiple votes, bots, whatever. The Leftist mommy’s basement socialists are doing the same thing for Hillary. Some sites like Time are probably gaming the results themselves.

    Call it a wash.

    The gap we are seeing is due to the silent majority. The cross over Democrats who can’t publicly state their vote for Trump. The blacks who cannot openly discuss it in their communities for fear of reprisal. The independents and Republicans who don’t want their cars keyed or yards vandalized.

    They are the one who work for a living and aren’t home waiting to the phone to ring. They are college kids who are tuned in but not on anyone’s roster.

    The online polled are gamed 9 ways to Sunday. But they also expose the anonymous truth of the Trump Tsunami.

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  6. Carolyn Carlson says:

    NONE of these “polls” are scientific surveys folks. They cannot be projected to the voting public — they just mean that of the people who went to these websites and clicked on the button, this is how they “voted”. Their results have NOTHING to do with how the millions who watched the debate actually feel about who won or lost. To do a REAL survey, people have to be RANDOMLY selected to participate and not “self-selected” as these “polls” do.


    • Drakken says:

      It shows more enthusiasm on Trump’s side.

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    • Sherlock says:

      Carolyn, I’m sure most everyone knows these aren’t “scientific” polls. But what they do measure is organization and enthusiasm. For a week Clinton asked her twitter fans to get out and blast the internet with votes for her in these polls. Well, Trump supporters did it without much if any urging. They found the polls and voted and the results are that Trump “won” all but about one that I saw, in most cases handily. This is a good thing.

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    • Eric says:

      Excuse me? Trump won almost all the online polls, most in a monumental landslide. Including ultra left sites like Slate. The Time poll was 56/44 with 1.8 million votes.

      OPEN YOUR EYES. Hillary got totally trashed.

      I’m genuinely appalled by the failure of the Left to perceive the underlying dynamics of this election. The Left’s inability to listen to and understand the ‘common man’ amounts to a form of Sociopathy. They literally can’t see the pain they cause. And even worse, they don’t care. Discounting the truly MASSIVE online poll results is a beautiful example of this blindness.

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  7. Terry says:

    There’s a saying,that if someone lies enough, after a while you tend to believe that everything they say is true.Hillary has spent the last 30 years hoodwinking,pulling the wool over the American public’s eyes. Yes,sure she has been a polished speaker for years,and yes she has plenty of experience, but it is bad and failed, even flawed experience. We need a new direction America!, don’t drink the Kool Aid again!!!

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  8. Steve says:

    With the public mood about the direction the country is going, Trump just needs to show people a real clear choice.
    “Are you OK with the level of terror in Europe being our new normal? Vote for her. If not, vote vormittag me.”
    “Are you OK with globalist banks and multinational corporations driving our trade policy for their benefit not ours, vote for her. If not, vote for me.”
    “Are you OK with the increased crime levels in big cities, vote for her. If not, vote for me.”
    “Are you OK with 20+ million new immigrants taking jobs and wages from unemployed inner city youth, vote for her. If not, vote for me.”
    “Are you OK with spending $400 billion on lifetime resettlement costs for Syrian refugees, foreign for her. If you would rather spend $2 billion dollars each on the 100 biggest cities to create jobs in inner cities, vote for me.”
    I bet every issue could be summed up at the end of the question this way. Any other examples you guys?

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  9. Alton Martin says:

    He needed to hit her on emails, Benghazi, Lybia failure to insert leadership allowing terrorists to take over, pay for play Clinton Foundation where donors received favors for pay to the Clinton Foundation , Hillary’s touch Americans are a bunch of “deplorables”, her lying personality way back to when she was fired in WATERGATE trials for lying as,a young lawyer, she and Bill’s association with drug running in Arkansas, their close,association with over 50 associates suddenly dying young as shown in “THE CLINTON CHONICLES” AVAILABLE ON YOU TUBE, BOOKS A MILLION, AMAZON.COM, EBAY ETC.

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    • sunnydaysall says:

      He still has two debates to go! Why use everything in one debate? The last debate is the most important because it is the one people will remember when they go to the polls to vote!

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  10. LHS says:

    Trump won with only two statements:
    “You’ve been doing this for 30 years and the country is a mess.”
    “I’ll release my tax returns when you give us the thousands of missing emails.”

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  11. Gretchen says:

    Thank you so much, ConservativeTreeHouse, for posting the links to the polls – very much appreciated. Of course Trump won the debate – all he had to do was prove that the $200 million in dishonest attack ads were false and he did that! Had he attacked her as she did him, they would have thrown the woman’s card in his face for the next week. She is such a nasty POS and it came through loud and clear – Lester was the typical puppet – they have been running his questions on Clinton’s twitter feed and website for a week – and the guy was dead wrong on disgraceful ‘fact checking’ and had no tough questions for the witch, but he kept his standing in the corrupt MSM.

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  12. William says:

    To MoniQueMoniCat
    Thank you , I don’t completely understand how to link .If Hillary Clinton’s and Bernie Sanders supporters read this maybe they’ll put their support behind Donald Trump. After seeing how Hillary and Bill Clinton’s sold out the U.S. workers. Thank you so much

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      William, a LOT of them are. I seem them on twitter all the time. Some of the Bernie supporters, still wish it was Bernie; but they despise Hillz, and will vote for Trump.(In fact a few of them and myself have cooperating researching some of the released emails.


  13. Nottakingthisanymore says:

    He needed to be Presidential, and not abrasive. Yes he could have blah, blah , and blah. All of that is for the next debate where he will do to her just as he has done to others. Go back and read the official MSM reports of his first Republican Primary debate. Go back and watch his first Republican Primary Debates.

    Let Trump be Trump. Let him draw the snake out so he can cut the head off. Let her have this air of superior debate prowess. Let her destroy herself by getting to close to the fire. Now they think he can be slayed in a debate by super woman Hillary. Her feet are clay. She can be beat not only in a debate but in the election.

    Ask Rick Lazio in the Clinton-Lazio, 2000 – Part 6 at around one minute Lazio destroyes his election chances. All by being to aggressive with this woman. The sad part is in the Holts in his misogyny of low expectations, never give Hillary the chance to put Trump away. Holts with his misogyny of low expectations, thinks Hiilary a mear woman unable to defend her record. Holts with his misogyny of low expectations, must feel Hillary incapable to fact check Trump. In fact Mook in his own misogyny of low expectations said Hillary was not capable to put Trup away and need Holts help.

    The sad part is in the Holt in his misogyny of low expectations, never give Hillary the chance to put Trump away. Holt with his misogyny of low expectations, thinks Hillary a mere woman unable to defend her record. Holt with his misogyny of low expectations, must feel Hillary incapable to fact check Trump. In fact Mook in his own misogyny of low expectations said Hillary was not capable to put Trump away and need Holt’s help. Why does Hillary have to depend on a man’s help to be a leader? Why do liberals thinks through the misogyny of low expectations Hillary is not ready to be President and she needed Holt to seal the deal? Is she a lead or does she have to have someone push her?

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    • Bendix says:

      Some overpaid consultant told Rick it would be a good idea to act like a downstate Republican thug, so he goes and does it, and gets surprised by the result.

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    • TatonkaWoman says:

      Nottakingthisanymore: Your comment is exactly on point. I think every commentator out there was waiting to slam Trump this morning for being to aggressive with the Hill in the debate. He didn’t take de-bait!

      And, the whole thing with Holt’s actions is that she came across as needing his help to get through all of this. Then again, she has needed a man’s help through her whole career to get where she is – and now does not know how to stand on her own (no reference to her health actually intended 🙂 )

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    • Nick says:

      What alot of people dont realize is that much of the New York Republican party is bought and paid for by Democrats and their donors. States like New York are “blue” as much from this acquiescence as they are from other factors like generational party loyalty and demographics. I don’t think anything Rick Lazio did in the debate truly hurt him (or helped him!), because very few people even watched or knew about his campaign. The Republican party barely advertised and promoted him, and if I’m remembering correctly they were resistant to it. Of course he also got very little traction from the Democrat-dominated media, and there was much less of an online presence in those days, so the bottom line is that few people even really knew about his campaign or knew much about him. The result was that Hillary ran for senator effectively unopposed. I’ve noticed that what pundits and political whores like to do is ignore these very real, and determining, factors in campaigns, and instead cherry pick a moment from a debate or a particular ad, claiming it was the turning point or an otherwise a big factor. They do this to distract people from the fact that we are operating in such a terribly rigged and manipulated system.


  14. WSB says:

    I hope Hillary is reading the NY Post this morning. It seems that people in Youngstown, Ohio completely understand that Hillary doesn’t offer them a thing:


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  15. becca says:

    Even with a rigged and corrupt system and Lester trying his hardest to degrade Trump with questions about things 40+ years ago .. Trump tells it like it is…I did a fact check after the debate and guess what…Hillary lied and Trump was correct on the majority of points! Imagine that!

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  16. zucccchini says:

    As a professional student so is a professional politician. They continually take part in school or run for office but never do anything with their so called EXPERIENCE or GREAT KNOWLEDGE. She wins the elections and hands the keys to the office to her underlings and goes on vacation.


  17. Joe says:

    Why is the liberal news so stupid???? Every pole I’ve taken today shows that Trump won. If you turn on the liberal news they all say Clinton won. They are so stuck up her lying cheating stealing tail end they are choking!! Democrat politicians have used the minority just for votes for decades now and are the most prejudice of all. Sickening! People are waking up from all races!

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  18. tim glave says:

    I did not watch the debate but did read the comments here. Trump did exactly what he needed to do. Look and sound presidential. Now killing it in all of the polls. However the trolling here is very entertaining. They must feel like they are in the bigtime. Trolling CTH. This site has supported Mr. Trump from the first day and these trolls are so obvious. What a hoot.

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  19. Drakken says:

    I didn’t watch the debate, but from what I am reading, Trump for some reason didn’t attack her on her most vulnerable issues. Most people like us on this website, could go up there and hammer her on the emails, Clinton Foundation, Haiti, Benghazi, Obamacare, etc. I almost wish he could substitute someone like Newt who knows how to push the right buttons.


  20. Bendix says:

    These things aren’t debates, and therefore have no “winner”. If by “winning”, one means that people were persuaded to the side of a candidate they didn’t support previously, my gut feeling is nobody watching that decided on Hillary afterward, the deciding was between Trump and Gary Johnston or Jill Stein. Do I think probably some people who wanted to see Trump lose control of his mouth, or rather, see whether or not he would, may have decided he’s not so bad after all? My feeling is possibly.
    BTW, my feelings about Trump’s candidacy have proven so far to be more accurate than anything that’s been put out there by the media.

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  21. Dan says:

    Trump clearly won. Imagine if for once we had an unbiased moderator, that actually thought there were more issues the people want to know about than trumps damn taxes! Like, oh I don’t know, Benghazi! The Clinton foundation corruption! Releasing her medical records! Trump was held to one standard of answering, always interrupted. While Hilary gets a free pass by saying I made a booboo, I’m srry. Same old bias debates. Come on republicans for once make them choose a more conservative moderator!

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  22. Gennifer Young says:

    Why are you and others more concerned about who “won” the debate (how they performed, how they sounded) than you are about what they said and what they have done and what they plan to do? I don’t care how Hillary “came across”. She plans to import 550% more under- vetted Muslim refugees, open the borders to all, raise taxes, upend the 2nd amendment, and appoint liberal Supreme Court justices. She covered up her husband’s sexual indiscretions. She has lied about Benghazi, the deleted emails and even her health. She put our national security at risk. She took millions from Middle Eastern countries for political favors. The Clinton Foundation is a sham. She makes Nixon look like a choir boy and yet she and all her cronies have managed to avoid prison. We will not survive 4 more years of Obama policy.
    I have lost all respect for Lester Holt. Taxes and birther issues instead of immigration, refugees and the Clinton Foundation??? He totally let her off the hook.

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  23. Sue Alcantar says:

    Hillary is a expert at debating, she is a typical politician that will say exactly what they know the people want to hear but do nothing they said they would do once in office. We are tired of the lies, hypocrisy, and deceit. That is why Trump is so popular with the people, he is not a politician. We want more from our elected officials.


  24. The Debate as I saw it.
    Hillary had a slick well-rehearsed plan and she delivered it almost robotically. Her message was and is well known by most of the voting public so nothing new there.
    Donald seemed unprepared and was defensive at times when he could have nailed her on some of her thrusts. He instead defended some of her accusations and drifted off point. Most of the voting public knew his message so nothing new there either.
    In my opinion, most of us wanted Trump to parry rather than defend. Himself over issues that took him down the rat hole and wasted precious time.
    I believe Trump learned a lot from the debates and we’ll see a much different Trump next time.
    My advice to Hillary is to wear her bullet proof depends next time because she will need them.
    As far as who won. Neither won any new voters. So, after the smoke clears, nothing much was gained or lost by either candidate. I declare it foreplay for the big event.
    Chuck Corriere, MBA Tucson, AZ

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  25. Katherine McCoun says:

    I don’t remember Dailymail.com having a poll before but they do now and its obvious that liberals must read their site more than conservatives….


  26. Steele81 says:

    I did not watch the debate, but read the Treehouse and Twitter. I wanted the witch to melt in a puddle, but that did not happen. I prayed for our Mr Trump to have wisdom and discernment and that the Holy Spirit would direct his thoughts and words. I can’t see the future but God can and I trust Him implicitly. I asked and i believe God answered.

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    • saveedra says:

      I think HRC’s character was revealed in the debate. She was rude, she was cocky and she was prideful.


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Last night’s debate was not for each candidate’s supporters. It was for undecided Independents,etc.

      Trump had one job last night. He had to prove that the Hilldabeast says about him is a lie. (that’s why she baited him) with the Father loan. She incorrectly said was 14M, it was 1M. (Intentional baiting.)

      Hillz also talked about HER father, who btw may have started a “curtain hanger” but ended up a textile Executive, and how she wouldn’t want her father be stiffed by Trump. (I don’t know what Wellesely College costed back in the 60’s, but today it’s $30-40,000+/year, which her Daddy paid for, so he wouldn’t have been working for Trump anyway! (That was baiting!)

      Trump admired HIS Father, and she knew it, and he got a little defensive when she attempted to bait him. He will not fall for that again. And I think, Hillary has essentially shot her wad!


      • BigMamaTEA says:

        Some of the young’ens on twitter, have been trolling the pro-Hilldabeast kids. This cartoon explains what I was trying to say in the above comment:


  27. jlue says:

    Donald Trump won the debate. He won, not because he came across better, but because he held his own in an unfair debate. He was asked questions about his past in an attempt to present him in an unfavorable light. Hillary, on the other hand was NOT asked about her illegal private server, her putting our nation at risk by sending classified documents over an insecure system, her failure to protect our ambassadors in Benghazi, her lies about being under enemy fire, her lies about classified documents, or her position on late term abortion. She was not interrupted as often as Trump. She had an unfair advantage due to the bias of the moderator. She even lied during the debate! Trump was against the war in Iraq! Trump won…truth always ‘trumps’ lies!

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  28. LHS says:

    Is it photoshopped or did she really have an earpiece – feeding her info, answers, etc – and specifically not allowed? I saw this on FB, but we know how web stuff can be inaccurate & compromised.


  29. TellTheTruth-2 says:

    If Trump is given a handicap for Lester the Molester rigging the debate, Trump won hands down and thousands of people will vote for Trump just to get even with the crooks.

    For anyone who wants to know HOW FRAUDULANT the Clinton Foundation really is, study here: (the newest is posted last … so start at the end and work back up) http://charlesortel.com/


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Tell, that’s only about the Clinton Foundation. I’ve been communicating with Charles Ortel since Christmas.


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      I’m sorry, I need a nap Tell. The Clinton Foundation is just another tip of the iceberg!!!!
      Trump probably won’t even need all the stuff from Slick’s term. There’s enough with her 2008 run-time, then 4 years of SoS, Benghazi, emails, and now this campaign!

      But YES. Everybody who’s not already overwhelmed, go check out Charles Ortel’s site about the Foundation. The Clinton Foundation has many arms, and is International under all sorts of names.

      Actually, it ALL will tie together. The stonetear guy’s company, billed and WJCExecutive Services company (nobody had heard of yet) for stonetear’s time/travel/legal expenses!

      Everywhere, I look new clues are popping up. My dining room (command center) looks like a police crime scene workroom!!!!


  30. thawngno says:

    Trump won from the start up to 15 or 20 minutes, then Clinton took the rest….


  31. Nick says:

    Donald massively won the debate for several reasons, one of which was that he balanced presenting his positive message with both attacking Hillary AND quickly and concisely defending against her attacks, and Lester’s as well. Some of the commenters here have obviously never debated – in the tight time format, it would have been impossible for Donald to stay on message and issues, AND focus on tearing Hillary’s head off at the same time. If he focused more on the Clinton scandals, he would have been criticized for making the debate about his ideas about fixing our economy and the MAGA message. If he didn’t take time to defend himself when getting double teamed by both Hillary AND Lester, he would have been criticized for letting them get away with obvious lies and false accusations against him. Throughout the debate, Trump showed a depth of knowledge and understanding, so that at no time did HIllary appear more knowledgeable because of her years of (bad) political experience. The goal of the uniparty was for Trump to give in to the demands of many commenters here, and spend his time destroying Hillary on national TV and attacking their biased moderator. This way, they could show endless soundbites of Donald verbally assaulting (according to them) a woman and a black man. Donald knew his goal was to avoid this trap, stay on point, and present a more mild mannered image to timid & undecided voters. During the debate, his calm, yet still high energy presence, did more to dispel the horrible image the media has created of him, than a dozen rallies and campaign ads. He reached an audience that otherwise would have been out of reach for him. Now that they have seen him like this, he is free to focus more on targeting Hillary in the next round.


    • Nick says:

      *I meant to say: “If he focused more on the Clinton scandals, he would have been criticized for NOT making the debate about his ideas about fixing our economy and the MAGA message.”


  32. @Mr_Pinko says:

    Don’t let the Clintons go broke AGAIN. Don’t let them back in the White House.

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  33. jupitercomm says:

    Nigga. The posting is too quick. The tweets are too quick. Debate was lit


  34. Dealer Dave says:

    The Clinton’s may have avoided a day or 2 in the courts for many years, But Trump put them on trail last nite in front on the American people… Many have tried..but they are too influenced ( Corrupted). by the Clinton Machine,,, The world is a stage and Trump used his 30 seconds to exposed them while Mainstream media turns a Blind Eye.. History in the making , Calling out a former President, President Elect / Secretary of State…Their response… Well they didn’tt have a leg to stand on. he chopped their feet off as well as their voices… Best Hillary hide for the next 29 days as her 30 + Record is doing what a record does.. It Plays Over & Over & Over again.. The voters will respond, not the Media or the so called polls.. Watch for some more action in the 3rd debate.. Gloves are OFFF…


    • LHS says:

      I believe you are correct, sir. Pray Trump’s Sec Serv protection is on top of it. Scared people, especially scared powerful people, are highly dangerous.


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