Clinton Campaign Accepting The Loss of Ohio….

Facing continually diminishing poll results in Ohio CNN’s Jeff Zeleny reports the Clinton team is essentially ceding the state to save resources.  Michigan could be the next to drop.

Additionally, Team Clinton are relying almost exclusively on Philadelphia, and to a lesser extent Pittsburgh, to fend off a similar situation in Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump’s economic message and outlined ‘America-First’ policy agenda is most effective in the states where Clinton/Bush/Obama… and now candidate Clinton, policies have been the most disastrous for the middle class workers.


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231 Responses to Clinton Campaign Accepting The Loss of Ohio….

  1. LBB says:

    The current schedule, I only see WJC in Ohio this week and none other for month. Still lots of fundraisers, overseas too. Looks like Chelsea, spouses, Michele, etc. all on tap.

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  2. James O'Malley says:

    Let’s all be careful, especially those living in Ohio, to not get cocky. This could be a trap! Be vigilant!

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  3. Rino Hunters United! says:

    2 ITEMS:

    Hillary will drop another $300-$500 MILLION in TV ads – Cleveland and Columbus are easy media target areas and Obama WON THE STATE with just a handful of counties…. In sense her “path” will include a desperate reach back to OH and CO.

    THIS TIME – OUR WORK is not just to get Trump elected… That is not the end – that is the BEGINNING…. We need to take our country back from the Socialists – we need to dig a pit and bury them forever. – FULL EXPOSURE – When we read The Wake of the Democrat Leftist Party, it should roll on and on and on – for years – explaining to everyone what they are and why they are wrong.


    • Wayne Robinson says:

      This is good and true nothing is over not even when Trump takes the White House this is the he beginning .the biggest problem As I see it is the deptment of education it’s actually become a den of socialist propaganda. They have been doing this revisionist thing for years removing truth and substituteing lies as truth . Specifically in history. It will take a Trump to trump it


  4. Don’t allow any sense of false security to keep anyone from voting…we must all remain vigilant, as The Witch has yet to release her flying monkeys.

    Still, it is great to read reports that demoralize Clinton supporters. People always want to vote for a winner. It’s just part of human nature.


  5. larrybud says:

    If Michigan is in play, she’s toast. Hasn’t gone R since ’88

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