Pictures – Massive Crowd for Donald Trump’s Visit to Southwest Florida….

Today candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Fort Myers, Florida .  Germain Arena was filled to capacity (approx. 9,k), and thousands more could not get in.















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103 Responses to Pictures – Massive Crowd for Donald Trump’s Visit to Southwest Florida….

  1. freddiel says:

    Thank you for these pictures, Sundance. It makes my day to see the support for our man!

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    • Sunshine says:

      Brings me so much joy.

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    • trump makes me smile – along with everybody at his rallies.
      too long since i’ve smiled freely – going on 4 years now. the gloom weighed me down.
      obama presiding, deficit soaring, with bush/clinton looming and the only real question was “what form will this amnesty take?”.
      and then along came trump. and he brought hope for the country and my grandchildren and the weight was lifted. i was feeling defeated by the gloom. now i think of trump and november and my energy and optomism rise.
      i am picking up my tools again to sell more stuff and make more jobs and help trump help us all MAGA !

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  2. Kristin says:

    God Bless America!

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  3. smythe714 says:

    I am utterly amazed at the Trump brilliance. Our prayers have been answered. The chickens have finally come home to roost! God bless America!

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  4. teaforall says:

    Thank You Sundance hearing the National Anthem gave me chills today GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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  5. These pictures are absolutely fantastic and yet, they only tell part of the story in a small part of the USA. Let us remember this goes on at every DJT rally in every state he visits AND there are hundreds and perhaps thousands who can’t even get in to the venue they’ve waited in line at.

    History in the making, fellow deplorables!!

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  6. Pam says:

    Sundance answered the burning question that’s been on my mind for the last several minutes which was about the capacity of the arena. It was very obvious that the place was packed but wow! There was awesome energy in there. It almost made you feel like you were there. The speech was fantastic and it was great hearing the snake again!

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  7. Duhders says:

    I quickly glanced at the second pic (the twitter) and thought the hashtag said: #TrumpSwell instead of #TrumpSWFL.

    and had to laugh because it could be a new surfing term for when he wins Florida in the general…


    Trump is swell

    all’s well that TrumpSwell,

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  8. Hardnox says:

    Good to see those pics. Hildabeast can’t get 100 in a small room at a lefty Temple University with a student body of 37,000. Bwhahahahahahahahahaha!

    Trump will win BIGLEY!

    I can’t wait for the debates.

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  9. freeperjim says:

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  10. 18CatsInOH says:

    Someone needs to do a side by side shot of the two rallies the candidates held today. There literally is just no comparison whatsoever and it is an in your face Exhibit A of the TOTAL lying narratives out there pushing that woman as a viable candidate. She’s not. She never has been. It’s been a lie from day 1.

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  11. Curry Worsham says:

    There are people in this country who work hard every day
    Not for fame or fortune do they strive
    But the fruits of their labor are worth more than their pay
    And it’s time a few of them were recognized

    Hello Detroit auto workers, let me thank you for your time
    You work a forty hour week for a livin’, just to send it on down the line
    Hello Pittsburgh steel mill workers, let me thank you for your time
    You work a forty hour week for a livin’, just to send it on down the line

    This is for the one who swings the hammer, driving home the nail
    Or the one behind the counter, ringing up the sale
    Or the one who fights the fires, the one who brings the mail
    For everyone who works behind the scenes

    You can see them every morning in the factories and the fields
    In the city streets and the quiet country towns
    Working together like spokes inside a wheel
    They keep this country turning around

    Hello Kansas wheat field farmer, let me thank you for your time
    You work a forty hour week for a livin’, just to send it on down the line
    Hello West Virginia coal miner, let me thank you for your time
    You work a forty hour week for a livin’, just to send it on down the line

    This is for the one who drives the big rig, up and down the road
    Or the one out in the warehouse, bringing in the load
    Or the waitress, the mechanic, the policeman on patrol
    For everyone who works behind the scenes

    With a spirit you can’t replace with no machine
    Hello America let me thank you for your time

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  12. fleporeblog says:

    The dumb ass NYT pushed a BS poll showing them tied in Florida today! I am starting to believe he will win Florida by 8+ points.

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  13. marierogers says:

    if only we could get the cameramen to show these crowds..


  14. Geri Smith says:

    Shrillary only had 200 at her rally.

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  15. daughnworks247 says:

    Okay, it’s official. The “I heart Trump” photo is my favorite of the campaign.

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  16. georgiafl says:

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  17. daughnworks247 says:

    Best “dig” of the entire campaign season: Kellyanne Conway, “More people show up for a second wedding than a Hillary campaign event.”
    Dahaaammnnn —- ouch. As a southern woman, I feel the need to add “Bless her heart”.
    Rock on Kellyanne.

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  18. Pam says:

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  19. wodiej says:

    thank you for pictures. God Bless America…..

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  20. RC says:

    The Media claims 3000 attended Hillary Clinton’s keynote address at the Baptist Convention in Kansas. Photos suggest 300 — in other words 1/30th of those attending the Trump rally in Ft. Myers.

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    • Howie says:

      DDD …’Believe it or Not’ …The leftist fanatics are convinced that the MSM is ‘normalizing’ Trump voters. This is their greatest fear at the moment. ‘The Norming.’

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      • Howie says:

        A person who does not have a mental illness such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, mood disorders, PTSD, depression or any similar mental disability. “Normie” is a reference to those who are a part of the mainstream culture; the 97% of the population who do not have a mental illness.

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  21. yakmaster2 says:

    🎶 Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
    Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
    Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
    The TRUTH goes marching on! 🎶

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  22. they call me sweetheart says:

    Thank you for posting this, sundance. After the events of the last couple of days out here in Jersey, and today having a packed personal schedule I was unable to watch the rally live. This post with the photos of the crowds brings a bit of peace back to my heart.

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  23. WSB says:

    Prayers for all of the wounded and blessings for Mr. Trump, his family, the Trump team, the Deplorables and the US!

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  24. Bluto ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᴿᵘᴺᵏᵃᴿᵈ says:

    We are the Happy Warriors!

    Are you Happy? If not, GET HAPPY! LANDSLIDE baby!!!

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  25. Sunshine says:

    How much joy can we take? OUF.
    Beautiful National Hymn video – Photos + + + – So much hope in the air.

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  26. wyntre says:

    Clip of audience doing The Wave.

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  27. JoeS says:

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  28. Lynn says:

    Americans want to celebrate being Americans. We love our country and our patriot music and want to hear it at events. It even makes some of us tearful (me!).

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  29. webgirlpdx says:

    Update on my 86 year old “low info” mother. I’ve shared my various conversations through the months and frustrations about her. She was all in for JEB! because the Bush Family is so perfect in her eyes (I just don’t go there). Then she turned to Cruz because she thought he was such a nice Christian Man (We did have a couple go-arounds about that!). Then she told me how she will vote for Trump because he must stop Hillary and she has no choice (I’ll take it).

    In visiting with her today in her sweet little Mayberry town in our Willamette Valley (Silverton OR), I listened to her go on and on about how angry she is at the ‘news people’ because they are always so negative toward Donald Trump and…….it isn’t fair because he is such a GOOD MAN. I just smiled and nodded my head thinking I might faint. I didn’t even need to say anything it was so priceless.

    So….for anyone wondering if that generation is still stuck in the weeds now because of ‘this isn’t how Presidential Candidates supposed to talk”…..I give you my mother 🙂

    I smell VICTORY. Bigly!

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    • TatonkaWoman says:

      Thanks for sharing your “Mom” story! Those individual family converts are certainly the sweetest. And, as many have said here, once you turn to Trump, you don’t turn back. (and glad you didn’t faint…that can do crazy things to your head)

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      • daughnworks247 says:

        Son’s girlfriend came home with him from college (3rd weekend in a row). I understand the philosophy of “don’t say a word because I might faint”.

        She was the SJW, 3rd wave feminist, sympathetic to lesbians and bi-sexual women. She wants to be a journalist and “write poems”. My son is the ROTC guy, can field strip an AR-15 blindfolded, in perfect physical condition, mech-engineering major, and reminds me of a very large testosterone molecule.
        How did THEY get together?

        So, this weekend (3rd weekend) she is no longer “allergic” to every kind of food normal people eat and pronounces, “families should eat together more” and “we need to focus on how to build stronger families” and …….. wait for it….. “the abortion rate is far too high and we need other options” and finally “the economy is a mess and Hillary offers nothing but stale solutions”.
        She’s voting for Trump.
        My son was watching my face as she spoke and when I looked at him, he shot me a wink.

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        • webgirlpdx says:

          Daughn: What a great story. See…..converts all over the spectrum.

          This especially cracked me up: So, this weekend (3rd weekend) she is no longer “allergic” to every kind of food normal people eat and pronounces.

          Great reaction from your son 🙂

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        • ryan3212 says:

          That is a good story!!!

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        • JC says:

          Loved your story, Daughn. I rejoice with you – it’s nothing short of a miracle, right? Encouraging for those of us who raised bright, moral, loving kids who embrace liberalism. How on earth did that happen?

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        • MTeresa says:

          My God, that absolutely made my day 😀

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          • daughnworks247 says:

            My son and his girlfriend both attended our state’s Math and Science school at a college in the middle of our state. Taxpayer funded, only 125 kids selected from across the state annually, they live in a dorm, and are given what amounts to about a $60K a year education. School is ranked top 50 high schools in the country. These kids emerge from graduation with incredible discipline, being familiar w/mandatory study hours, used to dorm life, and VERY rigorous curriculum. When my son got in, I cried, because it was the kind of education I could never afford to give him privately.
            Well, the convo with the girl went like this:
            She never saw her education as a gift from taxpayers.
            She never saw her scathing IQ and top 1% ACT/SAT scores as an obligation to lead.
            In fact, no one has ever spoken to her about leading anything.
            She never understood that she, as one of our best young Americans, was almost duty-bound to NOT waste her talents, and was therefore OBLIGATED to make good choices for all people.
            Real women embrace power, we don’t just talk about it and carry a sign.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      If she wavers again, web girl, show her this video: (tearjerker,IMO)

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      • webgirlpdx says:

        Thanks, Sunny! She won’t be wavering at all now. She’s on the Trump Train. I showed her the picture of the Trump Plane landing with the ray of sunshine from heaven and she thought it was beautiful. We also decided that she will only watch Hannity now. She did tell me that she is very sorry that “Greta” left. She liked her.

        Keep hope alive 🙂

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      • Rural NC says:

        It was wonderful viewing Lynn’s video again. Afterward, I paused and thought, “One of the best things that’s happened since 6/16/15 is how many people I love (the Trumps, their associates, their supporters) and yet have never met.”

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        • sunnydaze says:

          That vid is the best. It draws you in and touches your heart.

          I think that’s the one vid out there that people should save and send to folks they know who are on the fence.

          Sept/early Oct is best time to do it, before they vote.

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      Great story! and in OR, no less. Wonderful

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      • webgirlpdx says:

        She has always been Republican. Heck, I remember we were over at the coast (Gleneden Beach) that August that Nixon resigned. I watched her cry as we listened to it on the radio (no TV in our cabin back then.)

        She never forgave him after that…..


  30. Martin says:


  31. Chickficshun says:

    Woo!!! My daughter and I were there today. Lined up at 8:30, about 200 people were already lined up. Got great seats directly across from his podium. Great day, awesome people!

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  32. aprilyn43 says:

    I’m voting Trump/Pense – I hope they haven’t “Fixef” this election !! I hope we fight if they have!


  33. Katherine McCoun says:

    Liked the pictures with the ladies and their signs from the primary! They have been Trump supporters for months! Every day Mr. Trump fills arenas, some days twice. OVERWHELMING numbers are happening and they will not be able to cheat their way to a win! SO happy! I feel like we are winning a little more every day v. having to wait for the big win on Nov 8. I can see it happening all around us.

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  34. beelza says:

    I bet Trump could fill college football and NFL stadiums.

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  35. Pam says:

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  36. WeThePeople2016 says:

    My friend who moved to Florida from N.J. was at this rally. I can’t wait to hear from her about her experience. I watched it on CSpan and Trump was amazing. You could have heard a pin drop when he read The Snake! The crowd was so pumped up. Newt was good too on his points on Hillary.

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  37. jon says:

    Can’t wait for new polls in n.j., n.y., and minnesota……after this weekend,……..thoughts!!!

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  38. MeThePeople says:

    Great crowd shots,
    Powerful speech
    E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T rally

    I guess these deplorables do not understand the two weekend jihadists were just
    “Moderate Terrorists”
    conducting their dialog with America.
    What’s the problem infidels?


  39. MeThePeople says:

    Meant to say their “narrative”. (sort of like a dialog)


  40. justfactsplz says:

    I am so hopeful for our nation seeing all of the comments saying “God Bless America”. God said if we turn from our wicked ways and call on His name that He will heal our land. He has raised up Donald Trump for this time and place to lead our nation.

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  41. TONYA PARNELL says:



  42. stobberdobber says:

    Wonderful rally. And I just have to say that I have gotten 2 new voters registered and a voter who let her registration lapse that will vote for Trump this month. It all matters and this one is the most imporatant election in my lifetime. Keep plugging treepers.

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  43. Major Styles says:

    God…the man gets me respect more by the day. Putting in work!


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