Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson: “Just Grateful That Nobody Got Hurt” in New York and Minnesota Attacks…

See kids, this is what happens….

Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson appeared on CNN at 11:30 this morning to discuss current events including last nights’ bombing in New York (Chelsea), and the Jihadist stabbing in Minnesota.

29 people were wounded in the New York bomb blast, and 9 people were injured in the stabbing attack.  However, apparently no-one told Gary Johnson – as he remarked:

…”well, first of all, just grateful that no-body, er, got hurt”…


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211 Responses to Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson: “Just Grateful That Nobody Got Hurt” in New York and Minnesota Attacks…

  1. The real villain here is the teleprompter reader posing as a journalist who let him get away w/the ridiculous statement w/o calling him out. Had it been Trump, we would have heard about his cluelessness 24/7/365.

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  2. pkwmu79 says:

    Gary Johnson “I’m glad nobody got hurt”??????????? What planet is he from!!

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  3. fred5678 says:

    Gary, baby … at least EXHALE before you go on TV.

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  4. ohnomrbill59 says:

    Gary Johnson looks and sounds about three sheets to the wind.

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  5. psadie says:

    This is what happens when you smoke pot ALL THE TIME…Johnson is a “pothead.” Yes, by all means lets approve illegal drugs then reap what we sow! Fools.

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  6. nevercrywolf says:

    Electing Presidents that are admitted drug users (addicts) We can see how that has worked out.

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    • NJF says:

      It’s crazy. It’s akin to saying you’re an alcoholic.

      No one would feel that’s a good idea, so why is it ok for these people to think a heavy pot user is a good idea?

      And “only on the weekends?” Does he believe bad stuff only happens on weekdays between 9-5?

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      • Sentient says:

        Actually, yes. He thinks the presidency is like being governor of NM. That’s why he’s not interested enough to know the names of the two biggest cities in Syria. It’s not interesting to him. All he cares about is weed and amnesty for illegals.

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    • JeremyR says:

      Worthless Willie “didn’t inhale” Barry Soetoro used coke and the media is fixated on W possibly using drugs.
      Does that qualify for three strikes?
      I don’t mind pot smokers as long as they don’t drive or do anything that has consequences like build buildings, etc. For the most part they create few problems. Hard drug users, crack, meth, oxy and others are a bane to society. Indonesia has the right idea there. After Barry is out, we should send him home with a life time supply of crack.

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  7. drdeb says:

    I hope Gary continues to steal Hillary’s votes.

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  8. melski says:

    This guy is absolutely stoned while on this news program……

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  9. Kevin H says:

    His eyeballs blink uncontrollably, separate from each other. He’s unwatchable, totally distracting. It’s like they’re bird wings flapping to take off.

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  10. Vince P. says:

    John Stossel, John Stossel…. call your office.

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  11. valuetruth says:

    I assume that his understanding of Joint Chiefs of Staff would be suspect too.

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  12. paper doll says:

    Wow Hillary must be angry this guy won’t be on the debates….he’s hilarious….he would have been. a diversion big time….my prediction about the debates…when Hillary starts coughing, Trump will tenderly ask her if she’s alright….game over

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  13. Just because your platform calls for weed legalization doesn’t mean you need to personally consume it. For the record I’m for national legalization for medicinal purposes only. Recreation should be up to states, my 2 cents.

    Johnson in 2012 was a legitimate protest vote, now he is just a joke.

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    • aredtailblog says:

      Considering all the candidates seem to be alright with state level legalization, it seems really stupid for Gary Johnson to show off how Libertarian he is “because weed, guys!” How many of these people voting for him are even aware of the fact that he’s for more gun control than Donald Trump and that he’s as sjw-ish as any leftie?

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    • JeremyR says:

      I know several people with spine injuries who use. It is the only way they can get any sleep. Some have been through so many drugs their kidneys and liver are at risk.

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      • Agree same here. Also sadly many people I know who didn’t have access to weed for medical purposes relating to pain, we’re prescribed pain killers leading them down the road to heroin. 😢

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      • Decriminalize and make legal for medicinal. Absolutely. States decide. If you don’t like the way your state decides, we vote with our feet.

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      • KBR says:

        As a medicine, for real medical problems, this drug is as safe as most any and safer than many. IMO it should be legal But prescription only and from a pharmacy just like any other medicine.

        As for comparisons between alcohol and so called “recreational drugs” WE don’t NEED either and none of them are good. If only we could separate need from want. If only we could all moderate our wants.

        As for Rx drugs a few are lifesaving and disease altering, but most are just for “symptom relief” and most of the symptom-relievers’ side effects are bad…really bad.

        We need to stop thinking every little ache and pain must be immediately relieved, and every emotional upset should be medicated. Life hurts sometimes, rest, apply heat, take a hot bath, or for emotional upset have a good cry or punch a punching bag, call a friend or pray. Pills are not your friend. Use only for dire problems, not for everyday minor stuff.

        Look at Donald Trump: his stamina, his energy, his clear thinking brain. And he apparently made it to 70 without NEEDING drugs/drinks. Be like him now and maybe when you are older you will be like him too.

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        • mopar2016 says:

          In Colorado you can buy pot with your welfare card, and it’s legal.
          Used to be that welfare money was for feeding and clothing your kids.

          Why not just legalize all of it?
          What could go wrong?


  14. paper doll says:

    You know I’m thinking he wants out of this game….it is dangerous.

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  15. patrickhenryrevisited says:

    Drudge has a headline of 5 detained in connection with the NYC bombing.

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  16. WSB says:

    No, I take that back. C’mon, everyone! Isn’t Gary a plant for the Dem’s? I could swear his ‘Alleppo’ comment and this one were designed to take him out of the race, so Hillary can beg the Millennials to eat Cod Liver Oil.

    Next time we see him, Gary and Jill will have their cell phones out in aisle 20 with the other HRC minions.

    Or am I over thinking this?

    Need Fritos.

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  17. Bull Durham says:

    ABC NY reports 5 arrested in NY connected to the “bomb”.
    It’s on, Drudge. No real details.
    Especially if they aren’t alt-right or KKK for Trump people, the usual long delay and obfuscation will happen.

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  18. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    His name should really be Moe Ron…

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  19. maggiemoowho says:

    I think all elected officials should be required to take a random drug tested weekly. From President on down to local officials. Weed out the moronic wackadoodles like Johnson.

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  20. Tony Stark says:

    He looks like a moron, acts like a moron and talks like a moron. Ergo, he most definitely has to be a moron.


  21. Curry Worsham says:

    Gary Johnson: I’ll take Middle East for $100
    Trebek: This city under siege in Syria has seen thousands killed by Syrian government airstrikes. Gary.
    Gary Johnson: What is Aleppo?
    Trebek: Aleppo! Right you are.

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  22. keebler AC says:

    Johnson is not a good poster boy for the harmless effects of dope. When asked about Aleppo, Johnson queried the interviewer very nastily what it meant. He exhibited quick anger and paranoia over a simple question. The Hill Nut does this too. Strikes out at other for her own failures, ergo, not being able to answer Matt Lauer’s simple questions effectively.

    If anything, not Trump, but these two, Hill Nut and Johnson, are explosives on a wire ready to short circuit.’Us.

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    • psadie says:

      My understanding is that Hilary did/does drugs for a very long time and the pickup guy was Roger Clinton…Mena, Ark ring a bell for drug deliveries? Bill was an abuser also.


  23. Thomas says:

    Poor Gary. Who talked him into beclowning himself? I hope he made bank on it, he’s earning every penny. It’s an admirable display of simultaneous poltroonery
    and mountebankery. Bravo Gary! Magnificent. Mounteroon is your new name. Cannabis is only good for the elderly. If you wish to appear to have the cognitive and motivational impairment reputedly common amongst oldsters consider assisted living, like mom’s basement. And…Stay away from cameras!


  24. NannyG says:

    Well, he did promise to quit smoking pot IF he got elected and was installed in office.
    But not before.
    And it shows.
    His speaks……
    His brains fall out.
    And he looks like he needs a nap.


  25. He is a Koch brothers plant. Funny, while they were busily trying to take over the Losertarian party, Trump took over their Republican party. Woo Hoo! He He Ha Ha.


  26. Curry Worsham says:

    Gary responds to the ridicule: “Sticks and stems can get me stoned but names can never hurt me.”

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  27. NewOrleans says:

    Gary Johnson is a special kind of stupid.

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  28. asawasa says:

    someone should just tell him “shut up meg” every time he speaks.


  29. Just wondering how GARY JOHNSON can even be considered a “presidential candidate” when he cannot win and his “candidacy is nothing but a fraud. In any case since it is part of a trap set to try to take Trump down, it will only backfire and take votes from sick Hillary, so have at it Gary.

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  30. says:

    Gary’s got to get off the pipe before these interviews.


  31. Boudica says:

    So….do we have a contest to determine which is dumber? The interviewer who sits there with no reaction whatsoever when the pothead says, “glad no one was hurt”, or the pothead who thinks in terms of bombs and stabbings where people don’t get hurt, and must have never heard a newscast in his life not even those about Allepo;/ Someone please inform him of his local radio station, he can listen in the car between pot parties.


  32. Buck Turgidson says:

    He is your standard issue libertarian dope. These people don’t really stand for much of anything or have any plans to do a thing. Just get rid of government and open the borders and everything will work out. Chill out dude and do a bong hit. Peace and love, brothers and sisters. Groovy baby. They would dismantle the military and open the borders and allow the country to be overrun. Johnson is not the only dope, people like Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit are not far off from this lunatic, they share the same ideology. Oh boy can they make fun of the left and the communists, but they don’t like Donald Trump either because he is just too something.


  33. joninmd22 says:

    “Thanks, Brian”! The Dude Was toking so much I thought he was going to ask for some Cheetos on camera!

    Visual proof pot has long term cognitive effects on simple minded people.


  34. Bacall says:

    I’ve said it before and will say it again: Gary Johnson and John Kasich are secretly fraternal twins. Two super dopey governors.


  35. maga2016 says:

    this guy is such a dope


  36. BiggBear says:

    Yep, Gary “Aleppo Marx” Johnson once shot an elephant in his pajamas! No knows how the elephant got in his pajamas, but, it must have been one helluva party!


  37. We MUST Win says:

    Gary Johnson wants the U.S. out of Agrabah immediately.


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