Donald Trump Campaign Ad: “Deplorables”…

In response to candidate Hillary Clinton calling tens-of-millions of Americans “deplorable”, candidate Donald Trump releases the following campaign commercial.

trump stand together


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126 Responses to Donald Trump Campaign Ad: “Deplorables”…

    • skidly says:

      This will be one of Trump’s most effective commercials yet. Thanks Hillary!

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      • it’s great when you don’t have to pay ad execs and marketing people to come up with great material lol. he gets it directly from his opponent.

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      • ron says:

        I disagree. The Hillary remark was no big deal, a gaffe, This ad is therefore focusing on something petty. Trump’s really about something much bigger.

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        • fleporeblog says:

          A gaffe??? She said the same comment a few days earlier when being interviewed by an Israeli reporter. Nothing she does is a gaffe!

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        • kittymyers says:

          No, it wasn’t a gaffe; it was scripted, supposedly on her teleprompter. But she blew it. Sundance posted this video on Saturday. The “deplorable American’s” remark is at 02:00:

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          • Rob says:

            Cackling as she delivers the line.

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          • angryduc says:

            very exaggerated breathy interviewer …. those deplorable’s include the ignorant fools who after taxes and healthcare mail off the remaining pennies to support Israel. Isn’t that a real knee-slapper?

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          • Yep, and the line ” “they think Trump is going to restore an America that no longer exists… just remove them from your thinking.”

            Oh those basket of deplorables… so racist, sexist, bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic, islamophobic peasants. Not sure why anyone posting here would think that this is a “petty” moment in a totalitarian felon’s alleged campaign. It’s YUGE.

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          • Joan says:

            Stomach turning; derived from a pathologically false projection of her own motivations.
            Hillary is more dangerously diabolically mentally imbalanced than 0Obama.

            And she lies as easily as breathing.


        • famouswolf says:

          Oh, I don’t think so. She didn’t just call Trump supporters one thing she considers insulting, but used term after term to describe ‘us’. No gaffe there, just pique and hatred.

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        • chojun says:

          It was a pretty big deal for Romney and it will be a big deal for Clinton.

          The problem is two-fold:

          1) She indicates that she’s only interested in governing those with whom she agrees or approves. Ted Cruz made the exact same mistake and he’s currently N/A% in the polls. She will need some Trump supporters to come to her or stay home in order to win. On this point alone, she lost the election (not this past weekend but during the Democrat Convention her election was lost).
          2) For her the election is not about ideas. She’s not trying to win people over by presenting a better vision for the country. She’s resorting to ad-hominem attacks directed against the segment of the population that she needs to be courting. Her words were much more explicit than Romney’s 47% remarks. Because of this, her remarks are much more damaging to her.

          A gaffe is typically unintentional. In her case, she meant what she said. Every single word was deliberate and intentional. She holds the general population in utter disdain. It comes with being elite.

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        • Drazil says:

          two things. hillary pushed the narrative that Trump is unelectable due to the things he says. Trump just threw that in her face. two, where we may care about the important stuff others care about the petty stuff. he is just branching out his message. also i feel the people who care about the important stuff are already supporting him.

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        • daizeez says:

          People want someone to stand up for them. Trump is doing that. Hillary’s slogan was I’m With Her. He said he was with us and will work for us and he is showing it. That’s appealing to lot of people.


    • Cyber says:

      We have the most adorable deplorables don’t we folks?

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    • JeremyR says:

      And for HiLlARy we have

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  1. NHVoter says:

    I love this ad. I hope its run constantly in the swing states (PA, OH, MI, NH, IA, FL, VA, WI etc).

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  2. Wow, fantastic ad. Deplorables indeed.

    Hillary is a train wreck of a candidate. Her health issues aside, she’s mean and churlish and not at all photogenic. She doesn’t speak well and sounds stilted and robotic.

    Remember though, the plan was to have it be Clinton vs. Jeb! so that the establishment would win either way. However, because it’s Trump, they’re trapped and panicking. They can’t just throw Hillary aside and allow the Republican to take charge like they could if it was Jeb!

    Best. Summer. Ever.

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  3. Okeydoker says:


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  4. TheRosyGlow says:

    I’m Gloriously Deplorable and I vote!

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  5. Bull Durham says:

    Could have been sharper, could have hit harder.
    It’s good. Not great.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      I tend to agree….I would have had video of every group she mentioned with their support for Trump–poster signs ect for Muslims for Trump, Women for Trump, Gays for Trump, Women for Trump etc these groups are there at these rallies MSN ignores them. With a voice over.. “Hillary Clinton demonizes the very people she claims to support…These are hard working Americans that understand the differences between the tired and worn out political rhetoric of the past and REAL lasting solutions for the future for ALL Americans. I am fighting for each and every one of you, so that together through hard work and a united purpose we can ALL Make America great Again

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        I thought the same thing, but upon reflection, I think his very smart people realized that he would be furthering Hillary’s message of identity group division, by going there. However, by IMPLYING very gently (watch the ad closely) that these groups are included in his base, he gets people looking very closely at the crowds.

        Thus, there is a message of ACCEPTANCE. And THAT is the very compelling message he wants to get across. The respect that comes with true acceptance as “not substantially different from me”.

        Cultural Trumpism is going to give cultural Marxism heartburn for a LOOOOONG time.

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    • Martin says:

      The ad is fine.

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  6. remuda2016 says:

    I’m also in that “basket bubble” of Deplorables that will ‘burst on the scene’ on 8 November.. Perhaps that’s a new ‘Party Name’…The Deplorable Party? Can we use a 2-letter paren?


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  7. Triumphant Trump says:

    My favorite T Shirt for sale on Amazon, “Deplorable Lives Matter”!

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  8. mikebrezzze says:

    I’m a very proud deplorable too

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  9. unseen1 says:

    great ad.

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  10. paper doll says:

    great…her illness has pushed this event to the side a bit…this brings it back . Her voice is one of her greatest draw backs . Foggy mean, tired.

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  11. aprilyn43 says:

    It’s a great campagin video ! And it’s what needs to be seen.
    But, the add where Clinton makes Trump look like a “out of control mad man” needs to be countered by a Trump video doing the same to Killery … And she has given us “tons of a ammo” – “the we came, we saw, he died” is perfect cold blooded Killery.

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  12. I’m Blind Squirrel and I approve this message.

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  13. n3angus says:

    Did Hillary Clintons comments regarding Alt-Right and Basket of Deplorables come from this Document ?

    Click to access rightwing.pdf

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    • The title of this doc is: “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment ”
      Should give a clue, right? Note the date of this document is 2009.
      This is the ‘official’ statement that the deplorable Patriots and Americans are the ‘enemy’. No mention of radical Islam Extremism here? Any attention, comment and pointer to this document can probably get you in ‘trouble’?

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      • Concerned says:

        How weird. It includes “violent antigovernment groups” but I would not classify all of them as “right wing”. Like Occupy for example, or the self-described anarchists, you know, the types that show up at G8 summits just to cause mayhem. They are not right wing! This is the Obama administration at work. Ignore the left wing violent extremists.


        • Concerned says:

          This is precious:

          Rightwing extremist views bemoan the decline of U.S. stature and have recently focused on themes such as the loss of U.S. manufacturing capability to China and India, Russia’s control of energy resources and use of these to pressure other countries, and China’s investment in U.S. real estate and corporations as a part of subversion strategy.

          Are we supposed to be happy that we are losing our status, our jobs, and our land to other countries??? If I’m upset that these things are happening does that make me extreme? Or it’s a sign that I’m becoming extreme? WTH

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          • Those who would stand up for their own nation, their own sovereignty and natural rights/liberty must be labeled and dealt with as subversives in the “new” world order of totalitarian feudalism.

            The globalists can die in a fire, but I am not going with them…


  14. Beenthere says:

    Very good ad– clean, straight forward.

    One thing about this election, the low fruit is just too easy to pick for Trump’s ad people. They don’t have to be cute or persuasive because Hillary is writing the lines for Trump’s commercials.

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  15. Jason says:

    When Hillary collapsed this weekend so did her credibility. Her inability to just be straight with America is what’s truly Deplorable

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    • Springstreet says:

      Hillary is merely following her “Rules for Radicals” mentor Saul Alinsky … divide, ridicule and marginalize. And, she does not care what happens to her campaign … only what hurts Donald Trump. Why? Because her end is near … she has end stage Parkinson’s Disease. All that is left for her is having a handpicked DNC successor to carry on the globalist torch. They will act within the next two weeks … presenting Joe Biden, Elizabeth warren, etc, etc. … who can then disavow her words, but benefit from her class warfare hatred.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      And yet when I passed the tv, I heard this morning that her numbers are higher then Trump’s by nine points. I should’ve stopped to see which poll, but I thought the heck with it, they are all worthless. Plus, I was to busy thinking they must’ve missed her deplorable comment.

      It’s all a fix. One week they will have her down, the next they will have her up. They’re too busy rigging the numbers then to stop and see what actually happened that week. To me, it smells of desperation and a complete disconnection from the American people. It’s getting really tiring.


  16. unseen1 says:

    Next I want to see an ad about her irredeemable comments those are far worse than deplorable.

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  17. fromawaysite says:

    Comment deleted by Admin…


  18. PatriotGalNC says:

    Short and sweet. Ad is only 31 seconds long, and says it very well.

    With Hillary…the jokes are writing themselves.

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  19. F D says:

    …and more votes for Donald Trump. The Alinsky back fire effect.

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  20. Bluto ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᴿᵘᴺᵏᵃᴿᵈ says:

    I was Deplorable before being Deplorable was cool.

    So glad the rest of the world is finally catching up to me…. 😀 😀 😀

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  21. ladypenquin says:

    Yes, Ms. Clinton, we are #DeplorablyAmerican and #DeplorablyStrong

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  22. The ad is professional and well done. It won’t change the minds of any “HillBots” since it just reaffirms what they have already been brainwashed to believe about Donald Trump, and his supporters. In that, Hillary is just telling them what they want her to say.

    BUT, this will be a powerful eye-opener for any fence-sitting “Undecideds” or uncommitted Bernie fans. Yeah, that’s what she really thinks about us. We’re deplorable if we don’t support her.

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  23. Bart Manson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

    There’s good and bad in this.

    On a positive note, this is the first time I’ve ever seen Hillary be honest, sincere, and say something she really believes without first running it by a focus group.

    On the negative side, this was really dumb to say outloud.

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  24. Love the ad because I am deplorable and very, very proud of it.

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  26. Pam says:

    Great ad! I am also a deplorable and I’m not ashamed of it. 😀

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  27. ZZZ says:

    I would like to know the people in the audience who were laughing so heartedly…

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  28. Keln says:

    Je suis Deplorable!

    I really like this ad. They need to keep pushing this theme because it is a key example of the difference between Trump and practically any establishment candidate (but especially Clinton). She doesn’t merely think of Trump supporters as “deplorable”. That is how she thinks of Americans in general. That is how all of the elite sees us: unwashed, uncouth, ignorant, contemptible delporables.

    We are a constant roadblock to their desires for power and they hate us for it. They despise us for needing our votes, and especially for wanting something in return. They (in their own minds) are the aristocracy and we are but peasants. They hate this system where they have to depend on the peasantry to maintain their power. And they will work to change the system until it suits them.

    We can’t let that happen.

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  30. Pam says:


  31. Pam says:


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  33. darththulhu says:

    The most delightful thing about the ad is that a full half of it is “just quoting Clinton on video”.

    She is a horrible candidate, and a horrible person, and her own words will always be the best ammunition against her.

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  34. Pam says:


  35. This was no mere flub on her part. Its what she really thinks, and you know it was bad for her, since almost instantly she had to come out and ‘apologize’ – But, not really, and only doubled down on the remark by redistribution of the baskets…


  36. keebler AC says:

    Black children are living in poverty ~ Trump

    Blacks from poor ghettos ~ are superpredators and they must be brought to heel ~ Hillary Clinton


    • keebler AC says:

      Obama and Michelle advocate for Hillary who aligns with Goldwater’s segregation, worships n8gger-calling KKK Dragon Fullbright and calls blacks superpredators.

      This is another incidence of Hillary Clinton calling Americans names. It didn’t just happen a few days ago with deplorables.

      Americans are now black superpredators and the rest are deplorables.


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  38. There is no other worldly basket I’d rather be in right now. God bless.


  39. Trumped says:

    If there ever was a twitter thread to check out then it is this:

    The Trump meme figure pepe is getting taken more seriously then Clinton.

    I love the answers:

    My favourite pepe:


  40. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    Hillary Clinton, the lying, crooked witch, had the nerve to insult all the Republicans and former Democrats that are voting for Donald Trump because she’s so jealous that Trump is catching up with her in votes. She called these people, racists, deplorables, sexists, and other horrible names. Hillary Clinton thinks she’s better than any person on this earth, and she looks down on people that are poor. Only people like Warren Buffett are her friends. She has the nerve to be President, when she looks down on middle class and poor people. Don’t vote for such a snob as Hillary Clinton. Vote for Donald Trump, he doesn’t look down at people. He treats everybody the same. That is a true President.


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