Iowa State Fair Poll Results: Donald Trump 56%, Hillary Clinton 44%…

The Iowa State Fair has a booth where attendees are given the opportunity to cast their vote on the 2016 presidential race by placing a corn kernel in a jar.

The poll is obviously unscientific; however, nor is it manipulated by the media, it simply is an opportunity for fair goers to show who they are supporting in the upcoming presidential race.

The fair is in day #5 and 43,702 people have visited the WHO TV Channel 13 News Booth to register their opinion. Here are the results so far:

iowa poll kernel

  (link) and Website (link)

Candidate Donald Trump is holding an actual 12 point lead (56% -vs- 44%) with actual people.  43,702 actual people.  [Trump 24,284 votes, Clinton 19,418 votes]  Quite a difference from the media polling, huh.

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140 Responses to Iowa State Fair Poll Results: Donald Trump 56%, Hillary Clinton 44%…

  1. Martin says:

    Trump will win Iowa.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      If he can overcome the cheating.

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      • Well he’s deploying 7,000 lawyers for election on top of there will be eyes everywhere. This election has a chance of being the first fair election since Reagan. If not, it will be Plan B

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        • auscitizenmom says:

          Fingers crossed.


        • Sayit2016 says:

          What is plan B ?


        • Citizen Kane says:

          Everyone who can should sign up with the local Trump campaign and volunteer to be poll watchers !

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          • quintrillion says:

            I did this one time for the full day. It was grueling as most people that work there are progressives but they won’t come out and tell you their affiliation. They would not allow me to be near where the table where people needed special assistance. All I was allowed to do was stand against a wall away from any registering etc. I had a phone number I could call to speak with rnc lawyers who would come to the poll if needed.

            Because I was there I did overhear a bus scheduled to bring in voters was cancelled and another person that recognized me left because he knew I knew he did not reside in the area and was staying with relatives. I happened to be sent to a place in my neighborhood, but watchers are most needed in the inner cities….that is where most voter fraud takes place…so I was told during training class.

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        • jmclever says:

          can you site the source for the lawyers thing? I’d love to see it


    • Bailey02 says:

      Oh! No! oaf…oaf..I am having a short circuit when I saw the polls. Where are the mass media – Presstitutes… This polls is sexism – I’m a woman, that’s why my campaign is so damn dull. I am the most qualified because I served as Secreatry of State and driving around the world accomplishing absalutely nothing. Oh! its not true, I did successfully found ISIS.

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  2. WSB says:

    The only poll with a kernel of honesty. Honestly!

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  3. Tom22ndState says:


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  4. NHVoter says:


    Apparently Egg McMuffin got on the ballot in Iowa. I hope he gets exactly zero votes.

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  5. At least 287: FL, PA, MI, NV, Iowa, NH.

    Trump/Pence baby

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  6. karenkln says:

    I find it distressing there are that many idiots for Hillary!

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  7. Pam says:

    “Candidate Donald Trump is holding an actual 12 point lead (56% -vs- 44%) with actual people. 43,702 actual people.”

    Exactly! That’s the point. It’s real people actually participating in a poll that isn’t manipulated by the MSM which is something that is sorely missed and why so many are turning to other sources for their news. It would be interesting to see fun unscientific polls like this done in other swing states and I bet we would be seeing tons of splodey heads indicating what we already know which is how real the hidden monster vote really is. 😉

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    • Malatrope says:

      Honestly, we don’t want them to know how badly they are losing. We want them on cruise control, asleep at the switch, arrogant in their contemptuous certainty that they are superior beings who brook no competition, because nobody could possibly beat them anyway. And grammar. They know they do grammar better than Iowan farmers.

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      • Sayit2016 says:

        I have this nagging thought….Hillary is coasting in this campaign…few events — almost zero news conference…. she thinks she has this in the bag like she did the FBI investigation…..Please tell me I am dead wrong.


        • pliticiansrscum says:

          Hillary knew Lynch and Obama had her back w/FBI and still do. She is not going to be charged with any crime. That’s why Trump and Rudy pass on the “Lock Her Up” chant. They know it is not going to happen. Could be that Hillary knows the fix is in on stealing the election, so she knows it is in the bag.

          If there was ever a time to steal the election, this is that time. I don’t have a good feeling about this election being honest. We have become a banana republic. Too MANY TRILLIONS AT STAKE. We now know for certain that Soros is involved and that SOB is evil. I really don’t know how we can prevent the election from being stolen with the voting machines being able to be programmed to switch votes. Who can guarantee that they are not rigged?

          Even if voter fraud is detected, do you think the DOJ is going to do anything about it? The only ans. to this mess is for state secession. It needs to happen quickly. Nov. 9th should be the start of the movement. Plans need to be formulated now.

          I don’t trust anyone or anything re. our gov’t. It is totally corrupt.

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      • Grad says:

        They do know they are losing. They are pretty frantic about it.

        Expect to see the polling tighten dramatically next week.

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  8. Inkraven says:

    It’d be 90-10 Hillary’s way if it were at a farmer’s market. State Fairs are too prole for proper liberals.

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  9. valheisey says:

    Is there any way Egghead can be forced to withdraw his candidacy? Is there something we the people can do to make it happen?

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  10. scott says:

    Any idea if this “poll” only allows adults of voting age

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    • three by one says:

      It does preselect by sampling fair-goers.

      If Romney won the corn poll by 55%, it doesn’t mean much.

      2012 finals:

      Popular vote Obama 822,544 the RINO 730,617
      Percentage Obama 51.99% the gutless weasel RINO 46.18%

      Hillary is a far weaker candidate than Obama, Trump is much stronger than Mitt, the despicable, gutless, slimy, prevaricating weasel RINO. Hillary is also sick. How sick remains to be seen.

      We’ll see in November.

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      • JeremyR says:

        We have a pretty good gauge of how sick she is. She defended a child rapist, married a rapist, defended her husband’s sexual assaults, impassively allowed the slaughter of a U.S. ambassador who also happened to be a cohort in crime of hers.
        Those are her good points.

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        • three by one says:

          Mentally, morally and physically sick.

          She’s down to 3 day campaign weeks.

          She’s going MIA for 96 hours this week.

          Signs indicate she has lost control of bodily functions:

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          • JeremyR says:

            You can look at it two ways, she can campaign heartily seven days a week like Trump, but since she only has a few hundred at her events, it would create an even more ghastly picture. 3×300=900/14 events per week? she could book porta potties and not fill them.
            On the flip side, she isn’t making as many folks angry as she could if she devoted a couple more hours a week which means CNN has to spend less time covering for her evil ways…
            Kennedy had physical problems they covered up, FDR was anal retentive about being photographed in his wheel chair, I think this is a popular thing for the dims.
            I touched on the mental and moral aspects in my first post. Those are so bad that even if her physical health was robust I would not want her near the keys of power.


    • WSB says:

      You mean, “Two-year olds for Trump?”


  11. Backspin says:

    Corn is now racissss / sexist

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  12. Sunshine says:

    And in case of doubt, a recount is possible.
    What the hell system is this, the electronic voting machines, that leave no possibility for a recount?

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  13. They couldn’t figure out how to rig this one.

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  14. Honest Abbey says:

    Remember last year at Iowa’s State Fair when they had over 20 jars on the table for the primary election? I can’t remember the results, but I do remember that Trump’s jar had a lot of corn in it, and I also remember being shocked by the large amount of corn that Carly Fiorina had.

    I think this voting method is very clever, at least for entertainment purposes.

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  15. It’s actually right in line with current Iowa polling. At RealClearPolitics, three polls have Trump ahead and three slightly favor Clinton, basically a tie.

    I lived in Iowa for 27 years. The Iowa State Fair is near Des Moines, in the south-center, surrounded by farm areas. The far northeast, with Cedar Rapids/Iowa City, is more liberal, and several hours drive from the fair. These are the two largest metro areas. Historically they exist in a kind of balance against each other politically. Iowa usually has split government, like Republican governors with a D-controlled Legislature, or vice-versa. I wouldn’t hazard a guess as to who will win. It really is a swing state.

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      One factor may be the 65 member Ag panel Trump has. Several Iowans. Mitt had a group 1/7th of the size, iow, a panel in name only. Trump actually wants to make sure the Ag community is well represented from a broad spectrum. Not just a couple of mega-corps. Better for this broad group of stakeholders to work out the ‘lumps’ in public policy, rather than a think tank or K St lobbyist.

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  16. barton2016 says:

    And if the numbers were reversed it would lead the news on the Today show tomorrow.

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  17. Truthfilter says:

    What isn’t scientific about this?

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  18. 19,418 is actually a pretty good turnout for the Iowa cat lady demographic.


  19. Thurstan says:

    I was at Fair yesterday and voted my kernel for Trump. A lady came up and asked to vote other choices which were not an option. I was tempted to say, “Allow me to help you.” Then, pick up a kernel and drop it on the ground.

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  20. Geri Smith says:

    And yet Quinnipeeact has Shrillary up by 3% in Iowa. You know where they can stick the corn cob. What a bunch of hee haws.


  21. distracted2 says:

    This is the kind of story I love. That said, I do worry about the election being stolen. The Clintons lying and cheating get in the way of what they want so why would they stop now.


  22. cohibadad says:

    After the infamous Iowa State Fair “Beat Whitey Night” and the shutting down of the Cedar Rapids St Judes Sweet Corn Festival this past weekend due to black mob of anywhere from 70-150 “juveniles” where a cop was attacked, knocked to the ground and kicked while trying to apprehend a 13 year old, I think Iowans are a little more likely to support a law and order candidate than a racial grievance candidate. They’ve tried to inject as many outsiders into Iowa as they can shove in the past few years, but it still isn’t enough to swing the numbers, yet.


  23. entagor says:

    From the NYT:
    When I first started doing telephone surveys in New Jersey in the late 1970s, we considered an 80 percent response rate acceptable, and even then we worried if the 20 percent we missed were different in attitudes and behaviors than the 80 percent we got. Enter answering machines and other technologies. By 1997, Pew’s response rate was 36 percent, and the decline has accelerated. By 2014 the response rate had fallen to 8 percent

    Pew like all the others, collects samples and then weights the samples (multiple the results by a set of numbers that they allege will make the numbers most represent the entire population of the US)
    Strangely, for some reason that no one really understands, well-done probability samples seem to have retained their representative character despite the meager response rate. We know this because we can compare the results we get from our surveys to government gold-standard benchmarks like the census’ American Community Survey, where participation is mandated.- NYT

    whaaaaa? I used to apply weights to samples for a gov entity (not the cnesus bureau) and I recall the census does query everyone, but the census does not report actual totals. Instead the census pulls samples and then weights the samples with as set of mulipliers they create themselves) to make the reports look as if they are the totals of all census records. Reports are broken down by strata (say income categories). Each strata has its own multiplier. These multipliers can be massaged until you get the report you want. I know our weights were changed over and over. I got to meet an economist for a big three company at a party. He knew my data better than I did. I told him how I thought weighting is bogus. He told me the census also produced weighted data, and that one year he discovered their weights caused an entire population category to disappear. He called the census (he was a bigshot) and told tthem. Census guy argued, pulled the report, and then conceded it seemed to be the case.

    Here is the Census Bureau page on the ‘gold standard’ report mentioned in the NYT.
    initial addresses selected about 3 million
    final actual interviews about 165 thousand
    final synthetic interviews # about 129 thousand

    # Synthetic interviews were part of an effort to improve American Community Survey estimates of the group quarters population for substate areas. Synthetic interviews were created by imputing the characteristics of interviewed group quarters persons into group quarters facilities that were not in sample that year or period. Final actual interviews are the interviews obtained from sampled group quarters residents

    Synthetic interviews my eye. Folk when I was a stooge gov employee, working after midnight I got a call from a DC to change the weights again. Naive new employee I asked why. He said there were too many people under the age of 5 and over the age of 105 still working and paying taxes in the report and “we cant have that”. The new weights ‘fixed’ that problem which years later I realized were people using the credentials of others to work illegally. Poof gone weighted out


  24. Listen, the polls are nothing more than an arm of the media and the politico system (both sides). They are desperate to get TRUMP to spend money on his campaign, remember before this began the news outlets were hoping that this could generate up to three billion dollars in ad revenue and he is running his campaign like a business as it should be. As to the polls, they are fixed case in point; I was called by Quinnipiac Polling and they asked me twelve questions, the first ten were about hillary and warren, the last two were about TRUMP. I kept thinking what if someone was trying to be nice as to the hillary and warren questions because you might of thought there were none about DONALD and at the end they asked the whole two questions as to DONALD’S favorability and you asked to change your previous answers as to hillary and warren, would they have let you change the answers, I’m guessing no. TRUMP is around 63% over hillary, it’s going to be a blow out and the socialists will go back into their caves for decades, hopefully they will grow up and become Capitalists. Cheers!


  25. With a sample size of over 45k, I’d say the margin of error is practically zero.


  26. unconquered says:

    What exactly does “scientific” mean- that no manipulation of the data has occured? Seems likely the corn kernel poll accurately represents the fair goers who participate.


  27. Backspin says:

    I was actually polled once by The Mighty ” Quinn ” .. I answered most questions saying I thought they were ALL socialist / globalist types and would vote Indy – 3rd party. More important , I tried to tell the young caller some book titles to read , ‘ on her own ‘ … to make up her own mind. If you get polled , be nice , suggest this website … who knows , they may Wake Up.


  28. jojo thaleskrete says:

    How about this poll. Clinton falling from her bump, Trump is rising from his slump.


  29. Patriot1 says:

    How many kernels do liberals get to put in the jar? The typical 2 or 3 to Trump’s one?

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