10,000+ Turn Out for UNC Wilmington Trump Rally…

Candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Wilmington North Carolina today at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.  Approximately 10,000 showed up to cheer their candidate with many unable to get into the UNC Seahawks venue:

wilmington 6

trump wilmington 1

wilmington 4

wilmington 5

wilmington 7

wilmington 8

wilmington 9

wilmington 10

trump chicks 17

This election will not be close folks… it won’t even be close:

Republican voter turnout projected 2

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182 Responses to 10,000+ Turn Out for UNC Wilmington Trump Rally…

  1. Ziiggii says:

    Wilmington is not a large city here folks… according to the 2010 Census it is the eighth most populous city in our state; just over 110k in population.

    this really is a Yuge movement!

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  2. M33 says:

    So all these people were photoshopped in, right?

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    • Lorra B. says:

      But of course! At least that is the sure spin that will be put on it! Or, maybe with Hillary’s marbles all jumbled up these days the spin will be that they were really all at her rally but Trump photo-shopped them onto his rally. You can hear Crickets at hers compared to Trumps!!


      • crepelady says:

        Has anyone seen the cut of Hillary going into one of her spells? It was featured on the Lou Dobbs show (FBN} and he made sure to show it a few times. She certainly has petite mal no doubt about it. Actually it scared me to death to think she just might be in charge of our country…then what.

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  3. coldwarrior says:

    TEN THOUSAND!!!!!!

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  4. jupitercomm says:

    Suggestion for Sundance… Create a thread & dump your entire “Trump Rally Crowds” folder. Images of Trump’s crowds (June 2015-to present) are the best symbol or theme to advance “Monster Vote” thesis & transform it into a digestible narrative. It effectively targets both Clinton enablers & Trump supporters.

    This struck me the other day on Twitter when I got engaged by a rather low-energy Clinton supporter. This guy tried to insert himself b/w myself & another Trump supporter. It hit me – “Ignore what he says for the most part & just keep posting crowd shots. Contrast w/ Clinton crowds at first, then gradually start posting just Trump crowds.” It worked

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    • Grad says:

      Or tweet them to every analyst and reporter.

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    • Granny Sue says:

      Wikileaks is not being talked about on the media nor the e-mails they dumped of Hillery’s. They showed she was paying people to go to her rallies like Jeb was doing. Jeb used to run ads in the newspapers to pay people $50.00 to show up at his venues. Even then he couldn’t get many. Hillery is the same way. Clearly, this nation does not want another Bush or Clinton.The media is not putting out any info that is showing the connections Hillery has to ISIS. Wikileaks has exposed it all and promises to release even more. Wikileaks exposed she pays people to post online for her also. Assange is dong this nation a great service. The poor fella has had to hide out at the Ecuador embassy for years now just because he is a whistle blower.

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    • sundance says:

      It seems like there’s a request in your paragraph, not sure. If so, the words are not assembled in the correct order.

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  5. Katherine McCoun says:

    What about comparing crowds Pence draws v. kaine? Is he even on the campaign trail?

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  6. But, but, the polls. He’s losing by 10 in the polls. Oh my head DON’T you people KNOW the polls are always right. Quit believing your eyes.

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  7. Coast says:

    The mainstream media has done all it can to bring Trump down…they don’t seem to be so mainstream anymore. I think Trump has big momentum…

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  8. Love the video report from the fellow Treeper! Excellent reporting.

    Wonder who it could be?

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  9. Trumped says:

    So when is the first in several huge stadium rallys?
    How about Michigan stadium? With honoring police, veterans and also some music and Trump speaking the truth!

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  10. vexedmi says:

    The more Trump is raged on by Hillary, Barry0, RINO’s and the MSM, the stronger he becomes.

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  11. John F. says:

    Lord, Hillary Clinton is so going to get her ass kicked in November!

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    • myopiafree says:

      I HOPE SO! But do not let your guard down. Get your friends out and vote !! After watching, Mr. Mateen, attend Hillary’s DNC meeting, at THEIR invitation, I truly think the DNC has gone nuts. (Mateen’s son – killed 49 gay’s – with no remorse. How the hell does he get INVITED to the DNC? )

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      • irenehull says:

        This is outright shameful, we are honoring a man whose son killed 49 young Americans. What has happened to the DNC, 4 young men who work for them found dead. This party has moved to the Dark Side. Our media is beyond listening to they are so eager to get her into office by any method possible, they are willing to lie and fabricate anything to slander Mr. Trump!


  12. dianeax says:

    Wacky Hillary – love it. What a great companion to Crooked Hillary.

    Bet he’ll come up with a few more before November 8. 😛

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  13. quintrillion says:

    Trump to hold $100,000 per couple fundraiser Aug 19 in Mpls, MN. Location undetermined and unknown if rally will be scheduled.

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  14. mamadogsite says:

    Drawing 10,000+ per rally, and Hillary only averaging a few hundred, how can anyone believe the polls?

    Secondly, looking at the massive numbers at Trump’s rallys, do we REALLY CARE about the few hundred former and present politicians who refuse to support and endorse him?


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  15. President Trump enters the arena to a Packed Crowd!
    Sry bout the bad video quality..

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  16. belle says:

    I’m in SC & believe NC will go TRUMP!
    MAGA 🇱🇷
    AmericaFirst 🇱🇷

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  17. Arkindole says:

    Clearly photoshopping those < 30 year olds in every image because the polls say they are not there and don’t count in their averages.
    Rudy was awesome to the extent that my Phi Beta Kappa engineering geek basement dweller son walked by, listened for several minutes, and then remarked “Who is that guy…he’s good.” Don’t count the gamers out.

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    • Ziiggii says:

      tell that neckbeard of your’s to get off the /b/ threads and start to pay some attention!

      LOL, tell him that exactly and report back what he says. I’d love to know if he gets the references or not…

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    • cozette says:

      Send him to reddit the_Donald, that’s where the gamer Trump gang hangs out. It’s really informative, uber hip, loving and hilarious. Its the best place to send millenials to convert them.


      • Arkindole says:

        He’s all over it. He’s deep (meaning I don’t ask anymore) into testing and coding stuff for some of the most popular game makers. The only thing I can say is there is some intense burning flames out there for dear old Cankles, as I am abruptly reminded sometimes. Curiously, though, oftentimes the actual facts of the recounted stories have blurred a lot by the time it reaches them.


  18. pawatcher says:

    Was the Fayetteville, NC rally packed, didn’t see the crowd panned. My sister and her family were going, but I won’t talk to her lil tomorrow to get the scoop.


  19. Meanwhile….. Tim Kaine is …

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      • zephyrbreeze says:

        And he seems so comfortable there…not. You get the impression that these professional politicians do not like real people. Something they have to do, glad hand, pretend to be interested, but it looks like they’re being tortured. People can feel how these leaders fell about them.

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        • You know how they can tell, zephyrbreeze? The politician’s warm, sincere smile drops right off his face the minute he turns away. I’ve seen it. It’s creepy. Like a professional fashion model getting ready to pose, then dropping the professional expression when the camera goes away.
          Oh, also, politicians can spot a reporter and a photographer a mile away and make sure his head is in just the right place for the best shot, while appearing to pay total attention to the adoring crowds. Been there, saw that, got the story and the picture. LOL

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      • Trumped says:

        Kaine is disgusting, no interest in that stooge anywhere. Looks like he is running for dog catcher.


  20. Bart Manson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

    Hillary needs help standing:

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  21. clash108 says:

    So who really was Sec. of Sate, Huma or Hilliary? Trump needs to jump on this one.

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  22. Trumped says:

    They really hope Hillary gets assasinated and they can blame Trump to keep Obama or Ryan in power?

    I bet they are scrambling around everywhere in the hijacked gov, deleting probably a lot of emails

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  23. wyntre says:

    Pigs CAN FLY!

    Jake Tapper discusses the Orlando assassin’s father showing up at Clinton rally and Paul Begala says she must DISAVOW!

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  24. Venus says:

    Please retweet this one:

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  25. Trumped says:

    Notice the guy in the video filming the line mentioning “half of them are in the 18-35 old bracket”(which was famously left out in a cnn poll)

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  26. dizzymissl says:

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  27. Trumped says:

    Trump might want to do a Debate every week.. Or every day of the weak. Hillary sure is happy to deliver her arguments every day ..not

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  28. Pam says:

    Let me explain something to all of you who don’t live here. Wilmington used to be a place where you would go and have a hard time not running into someone that you knew. Everyone knew everybody. Right across the street from UNCW is Wells Fargo which used to be Wachovia. As the years have gone by, this place has exploded in growth with people moving here from all parts of the country. Part of that is due to the university and some of it because of retirees. This state was almost always a red state until 2008. Our current governor ran unsuccessfully the first time in 2008 and Perdue who took office ran our state’s economy into the ground. He ran again 2012 and won by a landslide because of the mess that his predecessor left us in. You would be amazed at some of the conversations I hear people having around here about Trump. There are tons of pro trump people in this area. Trump carried this county in the primary back in March.

    This university in my lifetime has NEVER seen crowds this large. We used to have Azalea Festival concerts in this building every year. Because of the issues with seating capacity with the last American Idol contestant from this state that won and performed here in April of 2013, (Scotty McCreery), they started having the yearly concerts downtown on the riverfront to avoid having to fight the issue of seating capacity. Trask Coliseum has a seating capacity of approximately 6,000. This is the same building where all of the public school high school graduations are held and of course tickets are given out by basically dividing the seating capacity by the number of students and so of course only so many tickets are given out. When I graduated, we had over 400 students in my graduating class and so only 8 tickets were given out per student. Almost one year later, the Beach Boys came to play for the Azalea Festival (4/96) and the demand for tickets was just unreal. Festival organizers had to add a second show to meet the demand. This just goes to show you that huge events of this magnitude don’t happen here very often. I was watching the live feed on our local NBC station this morning when the crowds started to stream into the building and it was just stunning to watch. I didn’t dream we had so many people standing outside until I saw the video posted above.

    It was so heartwarming see this city give Diamond and Silk the standing O today that they truly deserved. After watching the rally in full, I feel pretty confident about Trump’s chances in this state. The polls are so bogus and they think we are stupid but we aren’t. I’m so glad that we have someone like American’s mayor on our side fighting hard to expose the lying scum media and that includes the people in this city and this state like our attorney general that our governor did such an excellent job of putting him in his proper place today at the rally. Guys, if you live in this state, our governor deserves your vote.

    I think this particular speech was the best speech Trump has given yet and I think it even topped the speech yesterday in Detroit which was superb. Lara Trump has been tirelessly campaigning in this state for several days leading up to today. This is also her hometown too btw. After today, I truly believe Sundance is right. This election isn’t going to be close. The only way Trump doesn’t win is if it’s stolen. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😉

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    • pam I agree with you 100%.. I’ve lived here just reside from Fayettnam, After our Family came back from Panama in 1982, then in 83 I joined the Army to serve… 93 years).. I’ve seen so much industry & jobs leave over the years. Tourism Grow while We lost good Paying Industrial jobs.. Tourism ONLY pays so much of the bills here in ILM. maybe 7 months out of the Year..
      Watching all the Condos & Apartments being built, I say to Myself, WHERE are the Jobs to fill all these New Apartments… Refugees?? I ask myself? Growth is great they say.. but it has been quite uncontrolled here.. I’m sure you’ll agree.. When the DOT rolled I-40 into town, everything started to go to Chit, crime skyrocketed, Jobs Left & Day-trippers started coming. I guess you & I could go on & on.. Me, I’m doing my best to leave this City.. I used to love it.. Now, not so much..

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      • Pam says:

        I remember very well when I-40 opened. It was a big deal around here and then of course Screen Gems comes to town and then, the big boom now with the apartments and condos as you mentioned. I’m surprised that there is any acreage left. I totally understand where you are coming from I really do.

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      • 3 years not 93,, lol what a mistake!


  29. Bull Durham says:

    10,000 people! I’m amazed these uneducated folks were able to find the proper location. They are all lacking sufficient schooling.

    Now Hillary’s crowds. The reason they don’t show up is quite simple.
    They are so educated and superior, that they don’t need to go to rallies. College grads know all the issues, have all the answers. But large crowds are indication of simple minds needing real leadership like Hillary will give them. Too bad they listen to Trump who is a loser. Can’t even use a teleprompter. Works alone. Fools the under-educated crowds with right wing stuff like jobs and hard work.

    Don’t be fooled by large crowds. No one even cares if Hillary has a few hundred people to hear her.
    In fact, the fewer who show up, the more will vote for her. That’s the way the college educated voter works. In fact, Hillary doesn’t even matter. Any Democrat would do as candidate. Don’t have to know anything or say anything. College educated voters know the answers. Why bother with a rally? Big waste of time.

    10,000? Ha! You must have made that up. No way anyone gets 10,000 in little Wilmington, NC.
    The population is 112, 000. How the hell could 10,000 show up on a week day? Did they give out some freebies?

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  30. Dommy says:

    Meanwhile, in some out of town high school gym somewhere, Hilliary’s controlled 50 student paid attendees barely looked up from their devices.

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  31. Eric Kennedy says:

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    • Ziiggii says:

      make sure that is sent to SD and Jim Hoft

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    • p'odwats says:

      I like the fact Rudy is on the campaign trail with Trump. I hope he is a constant presence now till November. He’s an attacking machine but smart and tough as hell. He’s also loyal to Trump and won’t grandstand for his own glory the way Chris Christie and Newt would. I like those guys too, but more of Giulani and less of those two would serve Trump well going into the election.

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  32. Patriot1 says:

    Wow now that’s some crowd!

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  33. Eric French says:

    Yep, I’m gonna brag…my daughter is the VP of UNCW College Republicans, she spoke at this rally, wrote her own speech and did a TERRIFIC job.

    Unfortunately, we are in NJ and couldn’t make it down to watch, but my wife and I both watched it from our laptops at our work.

    SHE did GREAT! The rally was GREAT! Her group pulled Tom Tillis over the line for the senate, and these folks in UNCW will be a big factor in Trump winning North Carolina.

    My wife and I are so very proud of our daughter!

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  34. Spock says:

    Increasingly, I have this feeling that Hillary won’t even make it to the finish line, either because of her health or because the DNC will finally accept her inability to beat The Donald, and will replace her one way or another. I suspect it’s gonna be Trump versus Kaine.

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  35. zephyrbreeze says:

    Reminds me of Climate Gate: “Hide the decline.” Remember that scam where emails from East Anglia professors had to figure out how to hide the decline in temperatures to continue to receive money to promote global warming? Someone did a song…love good satire. “Fudging the numbers.”


  36. Hillbilly4 says:

    After months of listening to the MSM bleeding hearts explain how THEY know best, how FOX, CNN, MSNBC, and ALL of the crap on tv and radio about this issue and that issue, I have had enough.
    No other candidate, save Reagan has stirred the American conscience like Trump. No one even comes close. Hillary is a bad joke, Bernie was the old ‘Uncle Grandpa’, and the other 16 tried every trick in the book. Trump prevailed with a Good Message, honest campaign tactics, and turned out to be a fierce debater.
    As far as I am concerned: not one more advertisement, not one more ‘dirty tricks’ magazine, not one more newspaper article can sway my vote. They might as well all go on vacation, take a trip to Cuba, go AWOL on your job…because NOTHING you can sway me vote for Trump. Its all a waste of your time trying to ‘paint’ Mr Trump into a corner. All of the MSM writers, editors, and so-called journalists are wasting what precious breath they have on trashing Trump. I could care less if ‘Clinton’ calls the shots with the Press….the MSM Press simply is no longer relative. Better find a new occupation….no one listening to your work. The MSM press is nothing more than a group of marionettes, minions who line up for a few bucks each week and pretend that what they write is relevant..its not. None of it.

    Let’ see who is no longer relevant: El Rushbo, Levin, NYT, WAPO, anyone and everyone at CNN, anyone and everyone at MSNBC, Bill Maher, all of the ladies on the View, etc, ad nauseum.

    Oh, and the cute line in you see in the media: ‘You decide”…yep, and I already have.

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  37. Pam says:

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  38. Bull Durham says:

    We have one visible sign of Trump’s popularity. The crowds.
    Secondarily, the enthusiasm of the crowds at the rallies.
    Thirdly, the small donor donations.

    So far, the turnouts look excellent. Most have been in small or medium venues.
    For many months, the campaign has stayed with small venues, reaching 15,000, plus thousands left outside.

    Since the size of crowds is the only visible sign of his popularity, the venues should be a mixture of very large–20,000-25,000 or larger, and the smaller-medium venues of 10,000-15,000.

    If security can be assured, he should very soon do a major stadium. Standing in a 40,000-50,000 stadium will blow away the Media and Pollsters.

    He can change the entire narrative with crowds. It is where he rocks. It has been his unique branding of the campaign. He needs to bring the Trump Family, light it up with Miller and the Reverend, Diamond and Silk, Pastor Jeffress, Ben Carson. all the hottest people.

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    • Bob Werner says:

      Agreed. A nighttime rally in an 80k stadium will be coming soon. Ohio perhaps? Security will be a huge issue.


    • Eric Kennedy says:

      Aside from security, the risk has always been what if they don’t get the numbers at a big stadium. Getting 50,000 people to show up is a much, much different animal than 20,000.

      But you have an interesting idea in terms of building it up with an All-Star cast. I like it.


  39. Bob Carter says:

    One of the best things the movement can do is organize a boycott of all cable news stations! I have completely cut my addiction to the lowlife babbling bobbleheads, and can not believe how much I enjoy life without them. I have convinced my friends and family to limit their viewing to a half hour local news broadcast and watch TRUMP rallies on C-Span and this website exclusively.

    As far as I am concerned cable news and their arguing idiots no longer have a product worthy of my time / advertising dollars!!!

    PS I also send emails to Investor Relations for the crap companies that advertise on crap cable news.

    If all of us did this, believe me, we would have an impact!!!!

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  40. shirley49 says:

    In order to beat the corruption we have to get out in droves in order to overwhelm the voter fraud. They are going to have their dogs voting.

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  41. russell foster says:

    i really hope and pray the voters remember the Republican traitors that joined Never Trump and did all they could to defeat Donald Trump

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