Someone In Media Needs To Ask Hillary Clinton What Was Cut Out of Her Tongue…

The people trying to say ‘what’s there isn’t actually there’, are starting to look more than a little silly.   It’s beyond obvious something was removed (cut out) from Hillary Clinton’s tongue.  It’s clear in the before and after pictures.

What was it?

clinton tongue 1

Some people are speculating it might be a lesion as symptomatic of a form of Oropharyngeal cancer.  Two Types: HPV Positive and HPV Negative

There does appear to be a similar precedent,  and also for it being hidden by a well known actor, Michael Douglas. –SEE HERE

Picture at the DNC Convention in Philadelphia:

hillary tongue

hillary neck 2

The Hillary Clinton bouts of uncontrollable coughing are well documented.  And if you listen to THIS SPEECH she gave in March 2015.  There does appear to be an impediment to her ability to speak clearly.

Notice the words which contain “S”, it comes off as a lisp:

Ever since her first public coughing fit, before the House Select Committee on Benghazi on October 22, 2015, Clinton’s health has been a topic of speculation.  In January 2016, during a speech in Iowa, Secretary Clinton could not stop coughing.  It was noted in this media report:

[…]  The coughing fit lasted for more than a minute as the former Secretary of State spoke to the Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines about the Iran nuclear deal that she supports.

She took a sip of water, reached for a throat lozenge and blamed the fit on her busy campaign schedule. (link)

Unfortunately, the persistent coughing is a symptom of Oropharyngeal cancer.

Hillary coughing

(Health News) In 2015, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign released a health statement confirming hypothyroidism as well as allergies.

Dr. Lisa Bardack, her physician, said she regularly takes the thyroid hormone Armour Thyroid and the anticoagulant drug Coumadin to prevent blood clots, as well as an antihistamine for seasonal pollen allergies and vitamin B12, and that she doesn’t smoke and only drinks alcohol occasionally.

Armor Thyroid is often given to patients with an underactive thyroid, thyroid enlargement, or to manage thyroid cancer.

After taking a fall in her home in December 2012, she was given blood thinners for a blood clot in her head, and is still taking them as a precautionary measure.

While her doctor says she’s in excellent health and fit to serve as president, her health constantly comes under question as the coughing worsens.  (link)

The speech impediment, which evolved into bouts of uncontrolled coughing, has now given way to constant throat clearing, which was also noticed in the DNC Convention speech Hillary Clinton gave in Philadelphia.  As noted in this compilation video:

Hillary constantly clearing her throat during the breaks in her speech at the culmination of the DNC on July 28, didn’t go unnoticed to those who began writing about it.

Some wondered what was wrong with Clinton. While most chalked up Hillary’s throat clearing coughs to a sore throat, others wondered if the first female nominated by her party for president had some other type of condition that caused the coughing.(link)

So what could it be?

High-risk lesions:

  • Erythroplakia
  • Speckled erythroplakia
  • Chronic hyperplastic candidiasis

Medium-risk lesions:

  • Oral submucosal fibrosis
  • Syphilitic glossitis
  • Sideropenic dysphagia (or Paterson-Kelly-Brown syndrome)

Low-risk lesions:

  • Oral lichen planus
  • Discoid lupus erythematosus
  • Discoid keratosis congenita

Syphilitic glossitis ?

clinton tongue 1

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417 Responses to Someone In Media Needs To Ask Hillary Clinton What Was Cut Out of Her Tongue…

  1. Hillbilly4 says:

    Some sites are reporting the NSA has all Mrs Clinton’s who in the world-famous FBI did not even think about that? Or if they did, which desk in Siberia were they sent to? We don’t need the Russians to find anything….they were never lost, never hidden. I would be surprised if the NSA did not have them.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Y.A. says:

    Don’t candidates have to undergo an exam before entering? I remember hearing health reports of both candidates in the 2008 election. I hope she gets confronted about this. It must be revealed!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Robert Leclaire says:

    The elite at the top of the pyramid generally don’t have to worry about cancer since they’ve got the various cures that they’ve kept from the herded masses that they despise so much.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. trumpedinillinois says:

    Looks like she got a new set of teeth in addition to her tumor removal. Probably veneers to brighten her smile and make her look younger. Her inability to be her genuine self is mind boggling.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. avi says:

    i always wonder if her yellow teeth are from her smoking.


  6. libtardsbegone says:

    At this point, what difference does it make?

    If this is true, her callous attitude for the life of others is going to circle around and bite her in the azz.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. scotl70 says:

    Probably the same thing Michael Douglas had – and contracted the same way.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. El_Flaco says:

    She probably had a cancerous growth related to HPV that she contracted from Bill due to his promiscuity.


  9. Lone Gunman says:

    It’s been said that she’s a “tongue and groover” so maybe it’s a c**t growing on there! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Wingman says:

    If her tongue looks like that, imagine Humas who ha.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. bitterlyclinging says:

    Hillary dropping out as a result of her cancer?
    Twenty second Amendment? I dont see no stinkin’ 22d Amendment?


  12. jmclever says:

    some have speculated that Bill’s seemingly apparent traits of dementia could be the last stages of untreated syphilis.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. None Given says:

    She probably tried to speak one word of truth and it burned her tongue.

    Liked by 2 people

  14. After she claimed she was against TPP the sell out Globalists didn’t want to take any chances so they had the old hag chipped..

    Attack of the Globalists: Mag Owned by Hillary Backer Urges Republicans 2 Vote Clinton via Breitbart

    45 times Secretary Clinton pushed the trade bill she now opposes


  15. Star Tripper says:

    Maybe it was a tongue stud for Huma.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. dcrowes says:

    Interesting info from independents in the polls fro BG states from post conventions. Pay attention near the bottom of the report las 5 or 6 pages of how independents reacted.
    First link is DNC Second is RNC

    What do you think


  17. Just_me says:

    Here is another pic with ‘growths’. Would post pic only, but don’t know how. Click on link and zoom in.


  18. smarty says:

    If it was malignant no way she could be running for president, it is life threatening and requires aggressive surgical resection and chemo/radiation.
    I think you may be on to something with benign lesion, either fungal or viral.
    She might have a goiter which is an enlarged thyroid because that happens with hypothyrpidism. That could be causing the throat clearing issues.

    Liked by 1 person

    • bofh says:

      I agree with you. Perhaps an excisional biopsy site from a benign or premalignant condition ( or perhaps at most carcinoma-in-situ).


  19. runthetable says:

    I get the feeling it is so obvious as to be a manufactured sympathy play. She is not trying to hide it and almost baiting the discussion.


  20. greg_ac50 says:

    That lump looks like a tumor. The hole is where it was removed. Isn’t it funny how uncurious the media is about this?


  21. Joseph says:

    Gonorrhea of the mouth from all of Bill’s escapades. Disgusting.


  22. Linda Ruth says:

    Whenever Hillary seems to look younger with smooth skin from the base of her neck up, it is likely a double, and not the real body. Even with a surgical makeover, baggy, wrinkled skin can’t be totally rejuvenated. A double can be surgically created, mind altered/programmed, and voice changed to look like the original person. TPTB don’t need Hillary the original. They just need a puppet. In any “debate” that should happen with Trump, TPTB will use the best created fake specimen available. Should the real Hillary be out of commission, or just drop dead, TPTB will simply hide that fact. The criminal power cult (Soros’ billionaires gang) controlling America owes Hillary big time, but not if the real, ugly, sickly Hillary could allow Trump to win.


    • bofh says:

      Do you buy your aluminum foil in bulk, or one roll at a time like the rest of us?

      Liked by 1 person

    • Anne says:

      Maybe she had a piece of tissue removed from her tongue so she could have herself cloned. She truly believes she is that wonderful and necessary for the world; the cloned Hillary could step in when the original Hillary shuffles off. I have seen a picture of her face up close and not retouched and she has very wrinkled skin.


  23. Headbanger says:

    Solitary tumors of that shape and at that location are generally benign.


  24. wodiej says:

    damn that is nasty. Nothing was cut out-it’s the mark of Satan.


  25. dmi60ex says:

    My momma used to say the devil will come an get you for lying . maybe he has Hillary on an installment plan , a liitle bit at a time.


  26. Dave says:

    It was the last remaining bit of honesty in her body.


  27. John ORdosch says:

    Something undoubtedly Bubba gave to her from his STD-ridden near corpse of a body! Too good for her. Actually, that is the hole the brain-chigger overlord who controls her burrows into whe
    n at rest!


  28. TonyaH says:

    One gigantic lie bump!


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  30. PB says:

    Lozenge until proven otherwise. Good observation, but more information needed. Keep watching, she seems to have her mouth wide open too often.


  31. Pingback: Is Hillary Clinton Dying? Viral Reports Claim Democratic Nominee Could Be Suffering From Parkinson’s Or Brain Damage | Global Geopolitics

  32. Fred Nobody says:

    I work for a leading oncologist. He’s looked at the evidence and says she exhibits ALL of the symptoms of orpharyngeal cancer.


  33. donald says:

    excelente tema tratado en esta pagina


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