Clinton/Kaine Rally Draws “Crowd of Dozens” In Pennsylvania…

According to a recent Suffolk University Poll Hillary Clinton has a commanding lead of 9 points in the battleground state of Pennsylvania.  According to an Axiom Strategies poll, Donald Trump is leading in Pennsylvania by 23 points.

Which poll is more accurate?

The answer to that question might be identified in the Clinton/Kaine rally held today (This one oddly not mentioned by the mainstream broadcast media):

Clinton Kaine PA 1 mitchell tweet

(link) – Dozens showed up to see Clinton-Kaine in Pennsylvania.

Two days ago Donald Trump was also in Pennsylvania (Scranton):

trump scranton 1

trump scranton 2

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344 Responses to Clinton/Kaine Rally Draws “Crowd of Dozens” In Pennsylvania…

  1. el ford says:

    Let’s Go Pennsylvania!
    We all know who will bring jobs back and cares, and it’s not Hillary Clinton showed you the last 30 years she did nothing for jobs.
    Vote Trump/Pence
    He is telling all of us he will bring jobs back to each State and be will. Just give him the opportunity to serve us. All the krap talk about his plans and immigration coming from Hillarys mouth means Hillary has no plans for our Country and people, only for Muslims, Illegals and refugees is her main concern and will always be first to her. That does not help our Country or our children’s future when they get free schooling and our kids pay big time.
    When Americans cannot get help because of a few dollars over this limit of a $954 a month income. You make too much they say.
    And there are many people that seriously need it.
    Social Security people have not got a cost of living raise for 3 years for the little that it is.
    But refugees free Apts.or housing, welfare check, food stamps, all freebies medical, hospital and the works free schooling and anything else they are getting .
    We are not getting what is due us. It is all going out even to terrorists in other Countries. Obama the worst president ever did not care to use our money for us and our Country . Oh yes all the Muslim Brotherhood . Seems like Muslims here and all over the World are being taken care of.
    God Bless


    • LookandLearnRepublic says:

      We live in a good size city population around 2.6 million .
      We have more homeless people than, most cities , and we have tent cities. If you go to the city you are panhandled on every block, and people are begging for food. We have seen people living in their cars. We are witnessing a level of poverty that we have never, ever seen in our lives! When I talk to people about this they are shocked by this, and are really speechless. We are so fortunate to live outside of the city. If we didn’t know better I would think that the ” Great Depression” has arrived . The lack of medical care for the VETS Something is seriously wrong here. How can we help others, when we have such serious internal problems? Honestly, I’m with Trump on this on fix the refugees countries and send them all back. We need to take a long hard look at the situation of our country. Take a good look at Germany and the soaring violent attacks against women and children . Take a look at the massive protests. It is like people are jumping on the titanic for help!


  2. LuvleeWA says:

    I so hope we can be respected by other Countries again. I look at Hillary in her overcoats (in the middle of summer) and sickly looking Bill and try to picture them back in the White House. NOT A PRETTY PICTURE!!!!!!!


  3. LookandLearnRepublic says:

    If she is having such a small turnout at her rallies than , and Trump is having 1000’s then how is possible that she will win?. Logically you would assume the turn out is based on support of the people . I assuming she does not have the support of the people . If you have hardly any support how will you win? I read they half the attending party at the DNC convention were paid actors. So, what put on a show for who, what next the dancing bears? 9% of voters will vote . The last time we voted for a president there was the lowest voter turnout, since women started voting .


  4. Dean Druckenmiller says:

    Educate yourself!! Only 1 candidate is qualified. The patriot!!! Donald trump your the man.


  5. mary gregg says:

    Just went to the TRUMP rally in Panama City Beach Florida last night, broke records for our state, 11,200 inside and 10,000 outside! Try that Killary!!!


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