Managing The Optics – DNC Shuts Down Lights on Bernie Crowd, Team Bernie Fight Back With Cell Phones…

Day #3 and the DNC is working overtime to control the optics of a divided Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia.  The latest efforts are some of the most ridiculous.

In an effort to keep the Bernie Sanders contingent in the dark, the convention handlers turn out the lights on a large portion of the attending delegation:

dnc philly optics 2


Team Bernie fights back by using their own cell phones to declare their visibility:

DNC philly optics 1


That’s just how the Democrat Party works.

Nothing new.  They do the same with speech.

Violence the professionally democrat like, they call speech.

Speech the professionally democrat don’t like, they call violence.

Fall in line, or we’ll keep you in the dark.


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398 Responses to Managing The Optics – DNC Shuts Down Lights on Bernie Crowd, Team Bernie Fight Back With Cell Phones…

  1. Briana says:

    Wow! Is the MSM covering any of this?

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  2. vexedmi says:

    Anyone hear that Bernie got himself beat up at the convention? Seems to have a nice cut below his right eye. Could be his reason for leaving the Democrat party. SuperStation95 seems to think so.


  3. Sandra says:

    Party of tolerance. Like religion of peace. They can say it all they want but it doesn’t make it true.

    Thanks Bernie supporters for the #BestSummerEver! 🙂

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  4. “Turn out the lights,
    the party’s over”
    I don’t know how to embed a video here, but Willie Nelson or Dandy Don Meredith work.

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  5. Carolina Kat says:

    The purpose for a primary is to determine who can get the most support from the base of the party. When they short-circuited that process, they ended up with a person with lukewarm support amongst the people. Additionally, as she never had to worry about a ‘real’ contest, she’s not polished her message to appeal to the grassroots of her own party. She has no skill at winning over even those who are ideologically similar, she has who she had from the beginning and no more.

    This is why the GOP pushing ‘their’ candidates McCain and Romney lost. By putting their fingers on the scales and pushing their guys, they did not honor the primary process and circumvented its purpose. It was a losing proposition from the outset.

    I am cautiously optimistic after seeing the Democrats circus, er convention, this week. What a clown car! The Bernie supporters have a choice – do they put her one vote down by not voting – or two votes down by voting for Trump. I’ll bet after this stunt, there will be a significant portion that votes Trump.


  6. If Bernie supporters follow the uniparty plan and get 3rd party split incentive, that’s just fine with the DNC and Hillary.


  7. Blaze says:

    Bernie people would be SMART to vote TRUMP 2016. I think Trump will fix the rigged process especially on the DNC side what we saw this time. If Trump can fix the crooked election process then those Bernie people actually will have a chance with their guy next time around in 2020. I truly believe in a fair election process for EVERYONE whether its a Green Party, Dem, Rep etc etc

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    • Blaze says:

      Trump needs a new conference stating “hey Bernie folks”….I’m the one that is going to fix the crooked election process so next time its fair for you and everyone alike.” They already know Hillary won’t fix it because the current crooked system favors her and the Bernie peole know that. Trump is everyone’s best bet! Bernie people included.

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  8. geoffb5 says:

    Coming this fall, a new game, “Community Organizer Wars – The Battle of the DNC-2016.” “Feel the Bern”, now it’s your turn.


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