Whoops – President Obama Endorses Clinton Via Video Produced Prior to California, New Jersey Elections…

After a one hour meeting with Bernie Sanders today, President Obama officially endorsed Hillary Clinton via the release of a well produced video.

However, White House spokesman Josh Earnest accidentally let it slip the video was recorded last Tuesday – BEFORE California, New Jersey, Montana, New Mexico and South Dakota even held their primary elections.

The “D’oh” moment is at the end of this video clip:

Yes, it appears the scripted Associated Press release on Monday and the White House recording on Tuesday is the final evidence Bernie was never going to be allowed.  Earnest admitting the endorsement video was recorded before the votes being counted on Tuesday is just salt in an open wound.

The reality of a rehearsed, produced, and heavily scripted roll out of Hillary Clinton as the presumptive nominee is yet another example of how Senator Bernie Sanders never stood a chance.  The professional DNC machine was always going to anoint Hillary Clinton.

bernie frustrated warren

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204 Responses to Whoops – President Obama Endorses Clinton Via Video Produced Prior to California, New Jersey Elections…

  1. TexasRanger says:

    AP Called Clinton Race Early to Suppress Bernie Vote in CA

    From Still Report #939

    According to veteran political strategist Pat Caddell, appearing on Breitbart News Daily, the Associated Press deliberately announced prematurely that Hillary Clinton had finally gained the Democrat presidential nomination before polls had closed in California, thereby suppressing the Bernie vote in that state.

    “It was a purposefully irresponsible act, in my opinion,” said Caddell.
    “It’s beyond irresponsible to the Nth degree. It affects the vote.”
    “You put your thumb on the scales, knowing everyone will report it.”
    “The AP was once the great … essentially unbiased, news-gathering organization around the world.“

    “…they go after Donald Trump for everything. I’m for candidates being vetted. What I’m against is when one candidate is vetted, and the other candidate is not covered at all, basically.”

    Caddell quoted an unnamed friend of his is the news business:

    “My God, to enter the newsrooms at the New York Times and the Washington Post is to enter a freaking jihad against Donald Trump.”

    Still Report #939 Video Jun-8-2016

    Bill Still YouTube Channel:

    MSM Jihad Against Donald Trump.!

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  2. BigMamaTEA says:

    Anybody got a vid of the Obie’s Day at the Improve? I heard snippets of it in the car. What a comedian that guy is!! {sarc}


  3. geoffb5 says:

    Josh Earnest steps in it again?

    Or more likely both “slips” were in the script for the day.

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  4. nimrodman says:

    Now that Hillary is the presumptive Democrat nominee, that congratulations are in order! I suggest cigars:

    Hillary Furious As Thousands Send Cigars To Her Offices With The Message: “Don’t Blow It”…


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  5. dogsmaw says:

    I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but for some reason Bam Bam just can’t stay at the WH for any length of time. I don’t know if he is avoiding the MIL or just a carpetbagger for the cartels. Its anyones guess I suppose.

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    • doubledenvy says:

      TwoLaine , Affirmative , Yesterday Mark Steyn had a guy on where this Guest has dramatically acted out the depositions of “The Usual Suspects” , Read : Cheryl Mills and Her Attorney saying “They Don’t Remember” like 200 times. It was titled “Clinton Emails . Com. , The deposition is read and acted out on video. Google did not show it. I went to sight on Duck Duck Go. First Facebook , now Reddit and finally Google is restricting information. The NAVY this week at China Lake , Mojave California is testing a pulse weapon to
      knock out all GPS and Electronic Signaling (read smart phones) for 500 mile radius. They say it is designed to be able to confuse a tactical weapon launched against the U.S. Sounds good unless put in the hands of a nefarious adversary.

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  6. Bonitabaycane says:

    The Presumptive Felon sold her political soul to the Devil-in-Chief. His endorsement and support will be her albatross.


  7. Ron Hyatt says:

    So basically Jughead admits he isn’t qualified less than 30 seconds in.


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