‘Splodey Head Alert – Oregon Poll: Donald Trump 53%, Hillary Clinton 26% (Independents)…

Oh my.  A recent Clout Research poll from the State of Oregon (full pdf below), not exactly well known as a bastion of all things republican, shows candidate Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton 44 to 42%.

However, with Independent Voters, Donald Trump is CRUSHING Hillary Clinton by 27 points 53% to 26%.   The Monster Vote effect:

2 candidate trump vs clinton Oregon Poll


In addition to the 27 point lead with independent voters, Donald Trump also has a 13 point advantage with male voters – and the deficit with female voters is only 9 points.

Oh dear.  More media narratives fizzling like cheap bottle rockets….  *pop*

Here’s the Clout Research Poll Data:

…There is trouble in the forest,
And the creatures all have fled,
As the Bernbots scream “Oppression!”
And the Trumps just shake their heads…

hedgehog takes off driving

Where is this Trump dey speak of?


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314 Responses to ‘Splodey Head Alert – Oregon Poll: Donald Trump 53%, Hillary Clinton 26% (Independents)…

  1. Josh says:

    What’s going to be a big decider in this election is those that don’t vote.
    More Democrats will not vote than Republicans.


  2. Don’t put too much hope in this. I live here, and I bet a lot of these are ticked off Bernie-bots that will settle for Hillary eventually. They don’t call us Moscow on the Willamette for nothing.

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  3. tgmccoy says:

    Finally the Red Sea of Eastern and Southern Oregon is lapping over the Cascade and Siskyou
    crests. Hope it turns into a Tsunami…

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  4. otto Maldonado says:

    Hispanic first time voter for trump 😀 Hispanic for trump 😀 trump train station ready to go. .lol from myrtle creek oregon

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  5. p'odwats says:

    Trump is controlling the narrative and he’s clearly setting the tone in this race. Now he’s naming 15 states in play this November including typical Democrat strongholds like Minnesota, California, and New York. That might be a tall order, but at very least he’s gonna force Hillary to campaign and spend money in every region of the country including Democrat strongholds in the northeast, midwest and the Pacific coast. She’s clearly reeling, and while I ask all of you not to take your eye off the ball and not to take this race for granted, it is obvious the Democrats are in full panic mode. They know this race will either be a razor thin Hillary win with massive fraud or a Trump blowout. I’ll put my money on a Trump blowout.


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  6. sloth1963 says:

    And the “E”s were all kept equal by ballot cast and saw. 🙂


  7. Noone from the Trump Campaign alluded to this poll. Real Clear Politics is not featuring this poll. Strange…


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