Donald Trump -vs- Paul Ryan – A Deeper Dive…

When political opinion holders discuss the disconnect between the outlook of House Speaker Paul Ryan vs the perspectives of republican presidential nominee Donald Trump the emphasis is often on the wrong ideological syllable.  Here’s the consideration as viewed through our rather lengthy historical research.

At the very core of the legislative bodies within the House of Representatives and the Senate a person must first focus their own perspective and ask themselves: “what does a representative legislative body mean to me“?

Trump mcdonaldsryan waste fraud and abuse

If you answer that question with a form of opinion “the federal politician should represent the will of his/her constituency“, you are holding a traditional federalist type outlook and expectation.

However, in modern political reality -with the increased legislative influences of corporate interests superseding the will of the electorate- a person must accept the legislative outcomes are no longer based on the ‘will of the electorate’.

An intellectually honest person only needs to look as far as the statements from Jonathan Gruber, ObamaCare architect, to understand the legislative objectives are now carried forth on a principle of ‘we know better‘.  Indeed, when Obamacare was created a full 70% of the electorate did not want it, yet congress were determined to create it.

Now a conservative person would decry that ObamaCare was exclusively a usurpation carried out by the Democrat party, and indeed that’s the traditional and popular opinion. However, that same perspective must also accept that large, generally republican, corporate enterprises also supported ObamaCare – like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

house senate leadership boehner pelosi reid mcconnell

It is a fact that Democrats suffered a severe and generational punishment for ObamaCare. They lost more seats in the next election (2010) than in all of modern history.  The electoral push-back continued again in 2012 with even more losses.  The reverberations also carried through state governorships and legislative bodies.   The downstream consequences of passing legislation with only 30% national support were massive, and remain today.

The 2009 supreme court Citizens United decision only made matters worse.  The influence of the electorate now further diminished because corporations can provide all the financial resources needed to retain office.  Politicians no longer need to rely upon donations from their constituents and are capable of filling funding gaps through corporate donations to political action committees.

The leverage to ensure a federal budget is completed was also inherently dispatched.

Conservatives heralded the C.U. decision without fully thinking through the unintended consequences.  Six years later and we see Super-PAC’s are able to fund an entire run for presidential office, and Omnibus spending bills now finance federal spending.   In essence, the candidate has been financially pulled further away from the voter’s opinion they need to connect with.  It’s an odd dynamic.

This sets the stage to understand the fundamental disconnect between Donald Trump and Paul Ryan.   If you look at what Ryan’s agenda items are, as shared via various interviews and op-eds, you’ll note they are almost entirely disconnected from the electorate, from Main Street.

Speaker Ryan is working on a set of legislative agenda items which are entirely divergent from the prioritization of the electorate.  Traditional special interests are now exclusive interests.

If you look at the origin of the legislative priorities from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, you’ll find they are Wall Street priorities – they are also Paul Ryan priorities.  A Puerto Rico bond holder investment bailout appears at the top of the current list.

Nationalist priorities like a federal budget, border security or military finances, now fall far down the priority scale.  As long as those who finance the political system are happy, Ryan’s job is secure.

Corporate interests now determine legislative priorities.  You can attempt to refute this assertion, but reality speaks for itself.

trump mcconnelltrump preibus

This is fundamentally why Donald Trump continues to tell Paul Ryan that his endorsement is essentially unneeded.  Trump tells Ryan not to compromise his “principles“, because Ryan’s principles are not in alignment with the priorities of nominee Donald Trump.

At their very core Donald Trump is a nationalist-minded politician; hence “America First” as the guiding principle.  Speaker Paul Ryan, in his 18th year inside the DC bubble, is now a globalist-minded politician in alignment with Wall Street, not Main Street.

Nothing about this difference will ever reconcile.

In 2011 when Ryan created the budgetary pathway, President Obama put him in the front row of a policy speech where he ridiculed Ryan into irrelevancy.  It was an inflection point; Ryan didn’t fight for it, he sulked.  With the Pathway To Prosperity rebuked by the larger UniParty, Ryan’s compatriots attended his delicate sensibilities.

Wounded, Ryan never recovered from that undressing. Nor did he ever attempt to push for a federal budget again.  He lost.  He acted as a loser.  U.S. CoC president Tom Donohue, noting an opportunity to expand his own influence, stepped in to sooth the battered ego.

In many ways Donohue was the bridge Wall Street used to connect Paul Ryan to Mitt Romney only a year later.

Ryan doesn’t think about the closed manufacturing plants in Janesville Wisconsin, because he see’s himself as bigger than Main Street.  He is absolutely beholden to those who pen the scripts he repeats to the electorate.  Ryan is now listening to those who reinforce his goals are to carry out larger agenda items in Indonesia, Vietnam and Taiwan via the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal.

When Ryan hears the word “immigration”, he defines it as the corporate need.  When Trump hears immigration, he defines it by considering an impacted U.S. worker.

When Ryan hears the word “jobs”, he defines it through the Wall Street service economy.  When Trump hears the word “jobs”, he thinks about people creating things, building things, manufacturing things.

Ryan’s legislative priorities are now disconnected from our representative opinions of those priorities.   Affirming those priorities, to the antithesis of the U.S. electorate, is also why corporate media -in particular Right-Wing corporate media- will attempt to protect Ryan from the consequences of focusing on their synergistic needs.

Never trump crowd

In the era of the UniParty, the corporations which control the funding of the structure will now oppose any entity who can/would disrupt their plans and objectives.  The traditional Democrat vs Republican stance is no longer valid. Both represent the interests of their financiers, Wall Street.

This is why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump begin their campaigns against the same oppositional forces.   The difference between the two groups of supporters, is that Donald Trump’s primary team, us, have more historic reference points and were able to overcome the Republican side of the UniParty apparatus by highlighting what was factually evident and irrefutable by the Uniparty defenders.

Many Sanders supporters, sans PUMA’s, don’t have the same points of reference; they cannot fight their way out of their pigeon holes.  If they do actually unite and decide to make that battle urgent, Philadelphia will be uncontrolled chaos.

No-one should expect to see nationalist-minded Donald Trump unifying with globalist-minded Paul Ryan in any way other than mere shallow optics.  Nor will any member of congress (House or Senate), who holds Ryan’s “principal outlook”, be an integral part of the Trump campaign or Trump administration.

Exactly the opposite is true amid all elected officials.  Just like there was in 1979, there are two factions antithetical to each other.  The difference between 1979 and 2016 is we will not see any acquiescence to the opposition.

Remember, absolutes: “we either have a country or we do not“!

There will not be a vice-president Bush.

Donald Trump will not cede an inch – instead he will call out the opposition, even within his own party, and label them as the opposition.  “We either have a country, or we do not”.

Trump is taking all opposition down to the mattresses.  This contrast is not about ego or even ideology…

…. This contrast is about Making America Great Again.

trump eagle 2

trump lion

Finally, watch Marco Rubio closely.  He is, at this moment, directly in that introverted “Robert the Bruce” space where very personal and philosophical decisions are being made.

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258 Responses to Donald Trump -vs- Paul Ryan – A Deeper Dive…

  1. ezed says:

    Thank you Sundance for an excellent article decribing what is going on! I’m going to post a link to this on Facebook. More people need to read this. We the people do have influence after all! We just needed someone like Trump to come along that actually cares about the country, and will not bow to the uinparty and corporate influence. I think we are in the midst of a revolution, albeit, a peaceful one. This country has gone so far left, it’s not funny. We need Trump to right the ship!


  2. mcclainra says:

    Excellent article, and will definitely pass on. Here is an excellent link on Trump being ‘chosen’ by ‘common grace’. I say especially good for the Cruzbots and others who doubt Trump, so take the time to watch it, and pass along.


    • ronnie says:

      Sorry, but your article link lost me within the first minute. This guy Lance in the video claims that all of us Christians were left aghast when Cruz dropped out cause our Christian candidate is now gone. Correction; A majority of us Christians supported Trump way before Cruz dropped out. Cruz’ Christianity is radical and can only attract the televangelist, Beck Mormonism, that calls for stoning gays. From day one we rejected Cruz. Please do not compare Cruz to Jesus. I’ve walked with Jesus for 20 years now and confidently say “Cruz’ fruit is rotten”.

      Liked by 2 people

      • platypus says:

        Bless you for plain speaking. In doing that, you have nailed what a lot of us found to be “offputting” about Cruz from the beginning. However, I do not think that Cruz would have ever had a chance to win the nomination (or the general) simply because he appealed to a too narrow slice of the voting public and he had zero crossover appeal. A niche candidate, if you will, similar to the Libertarian Party or the Green Party.


    • Glorious says:

      My husband and I are former heavy duty Evangelicals. We watched this with interest and thought the guy was hilarious in his presentation. Definitely worth watching. Thanks.


    • Glorious says:

      Sorry, my reply to the video is several comments down. Don’t know what happened.


  3. PatriotKate says:

    Dear Uniparty Representative,

    Let’s get one thing straight on Day 1 of the Trump Administration. Mr. Trump will NEVER acquiesce to your Globalist agenda. Unlike you and other politicians who say one thing in order to get elected and then legislate against the interests of the American People, Mr. Trump will not. You see, he is a man of Principle who knows that we either have a country or we don’t.

    Behind Mr. Trump will likely be more than 70 million Americasn who give him his Mandate.

    Get used to it.

    The Vulgarian American People

    Liked by 2 people

  4. redlegleader68 says:

    Had to read all the way down here just to get my Thanks! in to Sundance. This is an excellent article and I am posting is widely as possible.

    On this Memorial Day Sunday morning, let us know forget, “In the course of Human Events…”

    America First: MAGA!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Great Post, Sundance.
    We can thank Paul Ryan for torching the concealment of his own Globalist Cabal Financiers.

    Trump is soon to frame the battle space:

    Break out the popcorn and enjoy the show:
    Trump is casting you in the LEADING ROLE!


  6. aredtailblog says:

    I love the juxtaposition of Trump and his victory McDonald’s food vs. Paul Ryan’s banquet. Succinct and fiscal vs. extravagant and frivolous. A man who manages his money and made it to the top through building and a man who wants to force you at gunpoint to give him all of your money to finance his $10K champagne brunches.


  7. Bonitabaycane says:

    Private Lyin’ continues to support the Globalists. Our Presumptive President continues to support the American people.


  8. Bonitabaycane says:

    The main reason I detest Private Lyin’? Irrespective of one’s ideological differences, IMO Private Lyin’ has an absolute obligation to support the Republican nominee. That he fails to honor this obligation to support our Presumptive President, shows how vile Private Lyin’ is.


  9. Bill Bower says:

    A Ryan endorsement is poison


  10. What does Sundance mean in the very last line about Marco Rubio? Any thoughts?


    • DS says:

      Well, in the movie “Braveheart”, Robert the Bruce’s father (a scheming political slimeball) convinced him to side with the English against his own people (the Scots) who were led by William Wallace. But Robert the Bruce really admired Wallace’s beliefs and integrity; after his treachery he realized his error, and then he forsook his father and sided with Wallace.

      Not sure why Sundance is insinuating that somehow Marco Rubio will decide he should be on the right side of things. IMO, there is no reason to believe that Rubio has a sufficient enough moral compass — in fact, his history indicates that he is nothing more than your average lying (e.g. Tea Party guy in 2010), corrupt, backstabbing, GOPe politician.


      • Ah, ok, thanks for explaining that. Maybe he is referring to Rubio now realizing that he ought not go against Trump. Of course, Paul Ryan must realize this, too. But, this is what I think. I don’t WANT people who feel pressured to support Trump. If they did not do this before, they are not to be trusted. Do you agree? I would not want certain people to “sign on” to the Trump train.


  11. deanbrh says:

    Looking at Mr. Trump with his Big Mac hurts my heart down deep, he looks sooooo exhausted. What must it be like to fight against these mobs day after day and week after week and month after month? And he still has 5 months to go. God Bless the volunteers and staff who surround him and watch his back!


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