President Obama Visits Vietnam – Poses For Picture With Ho Chi Minh Statue…

President Obama is visiting Vietnam today and paused for a picture with communist party President Tran Dai Quang in front of a bust of Ho Chi Minh.

Perhaps it’s just me, but given the nature of the diplomatic relationship this specific optic seems rather inappropriate.

obama vietnam

That’s not to say the visit is inappropriate, because it’s not.  Vietnam is building a massive trade economy in the same modern model as the Chinese.  However, the broadcasted picture accompanying the visit is what seems in poor taste.  Then again, perhaps the overly apologetic, seemingly weak, image it represents might indeed be the intended optic.

Also it appears the BBC team was banned from coverage (See Here).

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273 Responses to President Obama Visits Vietnam – Poses For Picture With Ho Chi Minh Statue…

  1. emet says:

    There are still huge quantities of US munitions in Vietnam. They were not able to sell much of it. Lots of M3 greaseguns, Thompsons, etc. Think they will give it all back, now that we’re pals?


  2. formwiz says:

    Arming the North Vietnamese is asking for a war with Red China.

    And I don’t doubt, little Pissy had pounded into his head what a colossus Uncle Ho was.


  3. So many legacies from thi POShiite !!! 😎

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  4. Hillbilly4 says:

    Let’s remember who foisted the Great Imposter on us: “..David Geffen was an early supporter of Barack Obama for president and raised $1.3 million for Obama..”. it has Geffen who called Obama and told him he would be the next POTUS. IMO Geffen is in the same league as Soros.

    So, maybe we should all send Geffen a ‘Thank you’ card (sarc) for bringing the entire country down. A country that GAVE Geffen his opportunities, his wealth, his power. Geffen would not made his fortune any where else on earth. The stigma of Obama will stain the memory of Geffen forever.

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  5. Bull Durham says:

    The arms embargo lifted just allows the US to compete with the Russians. It has nothing to do with arming the Viets with arms for war with China.

    Chinese intermarry with Vietnamese. And many of the factories going into Vietnam for cheap labor are Chinese owned. There is plenty of interaction, though the US loves to stir the conflict.

    The tension is along the border in a narrow strip and in the South China Sea, where the Vietnamese were the first to drill, and to build up reefs into islands.

    Oil, gas and fish are the resources in the South China Sea. The conflict is sold to the world as a freedom of navigation issue, but the wealth in and under that Sea are what are at stake.

    Russia is the primary ally of Vietnam. That goes back to the very beginning of the end of French colonial rule, but is entwined with World Communism as the counter-weight to European/American colonial rule in SE Asia. Both Zhou Enlai from China and Ho Chi Minh from Vietnam were young students in France and Europe. They were deeply indoctrinated in Communism in those college days.

    Ho Chi Minh was an American Intel agent/asset under the OSS against Japan in WWII. His OSS control officer was a man named Archimedes Patti (Bronx born Sicilian-American). He warned the US government that Ho was a nationalist and would never agree to a divided Vietnam. He was ignored. 58,000 Americans died for that mistake. We could have had a friendly nation (though Communist). Instead, we had an enemy and the USSR/Russia have a deep friendship and ally.

    Obama can bow all he wants. The Vietnamese will do what is in their best interest. They will hug Putin and stay close to the Russians. They are also realists and know the future is with Chinese wealth in the development of Eurasia/New Silk Road. They were quick to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank of China, just like they have joined the TPP. They are way too smart for Obama.

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  6. angryduc says:

    FMJ Cadence (nsfw language)


  7. law4lifeblog says:

    It’s a new fresh hell every day with this one…..God help us

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  8. Paco Loco says:

    Warning ! I have the Monday morning blues.

    The US is now a country of brain washed dolts who have no idea what representative democracy means or that we have a republic made up of the various states. Half of the country is on welfare and doesn’t vote nor follow politics. The “next gens”, the millennials have been dumbed down to believe that you can get something for nothing are in deep debt (just like the Federal government) with little prospects for real employment and a chance at the American Dream.
    Barrack Hussein Obama is not an American! He may or may not have a Hawaii BC…it really doesn’t matter at this point. What matters is that he has done what the founders feared and that is he has usurped the powers of the Legislative and Judicial branches of government, stymied Federalism and created a dictatorial presidency. The congress is weak and has been bought off by the special interests and Wall Street. The Supreme court is a 50/50 crap shoot.Treason runs rampant and largely unchecked in the nations capital. The nations borders are wide open to the third world poor and the anti-Christ Muslims. I dont see how we escape the pending implosion of the republic unless there’s a complete replacement of the PTB and they will fight tooth and nail to keep their power and cash flow machines.

    I’m afraid that Its going to take more than just a Trump presidency to right the ship of state. We have a long row to hoe and its not going to be an easy task to recover our powers and sovereignty. Until we have an educated citizenry who understands the difference between communism and capitalism, tyranny and freedom and equal justice, I’m afraid that the US is going to be another failed state piled up on the ash heap of history.

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    • Paco Loco says:

      sorry for the screed!


      • BigMamaTEA says:

        Thats okay PacoLoco. (Even though I’m a day late, THAT pic pizzed me off. )

        Everybody, sometimes needs to vent.

        We, as Patriots must take it upon ourselves to educate our family and friends. Both my adult children and my grandkids have learned the Constitution and WHAT IT MEANS from ME!!! My 3yr old twin grandsons can recite the Pledge.

        We may have a “lost generation” or two, but the young coming up WE need to teach!


    • Bull Durham says:

      There’s nothing we can do with the dolts or doltism for now.
      We can change America. Trump means to do just that.
      Our job is to support the MAGA effort with dollars and information and reach-out, even to dolts. You can overwhelm stupidity, even programmed stupidity, with facts and documentation. Sundance is a prime example. Opinion is not good enough. But facts speak after your voice fades. And trust that most people have the same interests as you do. Their values and knowledge may be vastly different, but they want a more successful nation, a better economy, a reasonable effective education for their kids, jobs, health care that is excellent and affordable, a retirement that is secure and a nation that is respected and cooperative and very strong, to prevent wars or to settle and win them swiftly.

      Dolts festoon our society. It has been ongoing for forty years. It will take more than eight of Trump to reverse it all. But we are making a start.

      Sentiment is on our side. Most humans want the same things.
      Look how one man with a Mission Statement, MAGA, has attracted half the nation to his project.
      Putting America First is a harder sell. That butts up against the opposition’s ideology.
      But Making America Great Again is about “a selfie”. It speaks to standing in front of a #1 scene and taking a picture of oneself with a beautiful backdrop. Even dolts get it.

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    • P L – I share your concern. Unless and until academia is wrestled back from liberal Marxists, I just don’t see how you’ll ever get an educated public. As things stand today, politicians do not want an educated public either.

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      • BigMamaTEA says:

        You take it upon yourselves to EDUCATE about our Founding and Constitution.

        You start “patriot camps” for the kids in your area, in the vein of a 1 week day-camp during the summer.. (a PATRIOT group in N. Texas , that I’ve been in contact with is holding one this summer that I’m going down to, to figure out what they’re doing)

        There are products on the market like a Constitution game, like monopoly, you give as gifts.

        There are now different age-appropriate books for kids about our founding. Every kid I give holiday gifts to has a variety of these from me. I also have sets, so when they come to visit, that’s what we read together.

        I have a granddaughter, 1st year college. We get together about once a month for lunch. As I pick her brain for what she has learned so far, I call B.S./AND CORRECT every lie she’s been taught so far!

        Let’s get creative people. We have a country to save!


        • BMT – like! I was also thinking about small-groups, like nowadays what is typically known to make big churches “small” — getting together with small groups of people (6-12), in homes, to study and discuss our founding documents, or study a book about the same togetheg. Engaging in conversation, finding comfort in groups of like-minded people! Using our homes for the education and edification of patriots (like old fashioned country-wide, fun, pot-lucks!)

          “Let’s get creative people. We have a country to save!” right on!

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  9. Big Jake says:

    He’s bowing again!!! What a [bleep]!!!!


  10. flawesttexas says:

    Remember this…

    Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Salem Media, the majority of the GOP…AGREE WITH and SUPPORT OBAMA on Free Trade, and. doing Free Trade with a Communist nation like Vietnam…no matter the cost (economically and strategically)

    Just because you can get a Big Mac now in Nam doesn’t mean the politics, or, people in power, have really changed

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    • Dick Albright says:

      And how much Chinese melamine is passed off for soy-mix beef…&
      “Got Milk”?


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      But “they” forget…….Depends on what the definition of “free” is.

      Treaties are always sold as “free trade.” But when you read the actual Treaties, the USA seems to always give away our stuff with a giant cost. We have dummies (think John Kerry) negotiating these 2000+ page agreements, and then our Congress is told, “oh, it’s free-trade” and they vote for it. (You know they nor their staffs have any idea!)

      I’ve had a Congressman tell me, that in House, they are ordered to go off-site, to another building, to essentially what sounds like to me, a call-center-type setup, and fundraise for essentially 30% of the time they are in DC. (Already, the House for the most part takes every Friday off, and a lot of Mondays too.) He said that those who don’t do this, TPTB usually try to back a replacement opponent.

      Congress doesn’t have time to read their own legislation, you think they read Treaties?!!!

      rant off.

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  11. Lucille says:

    Obama-The-Brainwashed-In-Chief is living up to his racist mentors’ edicts and sticking it in the eye of the non-Left American people. Perhaps, this is an appropriate place to post the following:

    David Horowitz’s new book sets the record straight on the Left’s politics of destruction.
    May 23, 2016 – Article by Colin Flaherty

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  12. v4ni11ista says:

    When Old King ‘Zero ruled this land, he was a feckless king.
    He doubled the debt in less than 8 years to just under 20 TRILLION!
    Employment is down, the economy sucks while O‘Zero takes more stupid selfies
    and then flies around to bow down and kiss up to despots with bats in their belfries.
    He cut the troops while borrowing money to give to Solyndra execs.
    who happened to give to O’Zero’s campaign but weren’t a great business success.
    He’s famous for his pen and phone with which he negates Congress
    just like our neighbors to the south in their commie banana republics.
    Our credit rating took a dive ‘cuz Dems just can’t stop spending.
    And now, it seems, the sky will fall ‘cuz petro dollar’s ending.
    He nixed the Keystone Pipeline all while strangling our coal plants
    which made all of our bills go up while feckless Nero, he danced.
    He just can’t stop with this gender thing and, always, makes up problems
    while Muslims rampaging all over the world kill Christians when they rape and rob them.

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    • Crystal says:

      Congress gave him $1.1 BILLION to fight the Zika virus and he allegedly gave $500 Million of that to the UN Green Energy Fund (or somesuch). Watch him go after Congress for not giving him enough money to fight the virus.

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  13. Thomas Berwick says:

    Buraq Insane Obama was 6′ 0″ in 2008. Now, through the constant intake of Viagra, he is 6′ 1″.


  14. Sam says:

    The photo(s) in front of the Ho Chi Ming statue were inappropriate for an American president, but completely appropriate for the message Obama wants to send. That message is that he approves of communism. Keep in mind his mentors have been his mother whose nickname was Commie Annie, Frank Marshall Davis.- a card carrying communist, Saul Alinsky – a communist, Jeremiah Wright – a black liberation theology preacher who hated the USA, and Bill Ayers – a communist favoring terrorist. I think Obama meant to send the message that photo implies.


  15. jakee308 says:

    Well, he’s succeeded in what he was aiming for. If he was working for our enemies, would he have done anything different?

    He’s forgiven all our enemies and pissed on all our friends.

    And US. The first Anti-American President.

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  16. Just Curious says:

    Obama can look forward to go back where he came from. Ho Chi Minh has been there since he left this earth. They both will enjoy the very hot place down there. If communism is so wonderful, ask the boat peoples why they risked their lives to leave Vietnam in the late 1970s. Until peoples in this country have lived under a communist system, be careful what you wish for.


  17. Dixie says:

    From the body language of the photograph, Quang thinks Obama is a sucker.


  18. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    “Inappropriate?” Barack Obama? Nah. Insulting, disgusting, depicable, perverse…now you are cooking…

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  19. Red says:

    The SOB could have saved the American taxpayers a hell of a lot of money if he would have just photo shopped his face over that of Hanoi Jane perched proudly on a NVA tank! I can’t wait for January 2017!!!

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