A Paul Ryan Interview and the Insufferably Dishonest Media (audio)…

Having noted a Politico article with Speaker Paul Ryan mentioned in a litany of media articles today, all spinning the same narrative, we decided to dig directly to the sourcing and find out what CBS (here), The Hill (here), and Politico (here), were actually selling.

“Ryan: Trump could win, but I’m not ‘betting’ on it” (politico)

Paul Ryan on Donald Trump victory: “I’m not a betting man“” (CBS)

Paul Ryan

It took a little scouring, but the audio of a 30 minute interview between Glenn Thrush and Paul Ryan was located. (embedded below)

Having listened to the interview the articles outlined above are intensely dishonest about the construct of the interview and the subject of Ryan’s commentary surrounding candidate Donald Trump.  The media is so dishonest – brutally so.

The interview is actually six days old.  Apparently, the weekend polling showing Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton drove the liberal key thumpers to find something, anything, to create the impression of internal conflict.  Politico’s Glenn Thrush providing the original column inches needed for all others to expand upon.

Here’s the full interview (click the orange arrow to listen), the part with Ryan discussing Donald Trump begins around 14:00:

As much as we truly dislike House Speaker Paul Ryan the twisting of the interview to create the controversial articles is ridiculous.

That said, it is also apparent within the interview that Speaker Ryan holds a rather dismissive and arrogant opinion of the republican nominee; that also comes through in Ryan’s answers, inflections, emphasis and tone.

This is one of those examples of learning a great deal more about the inherent biases of the interviewer -and interviewee- by listening as opposed to reading a recap of what was said.

Eighteen years is too long for Paul Ryan to be working in Washington DC. He’s disconnected and can no longer reference the possibility of his own cognitive dissonance.

paul ryan mitt romney - selfie tweet

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137 Responses to A Paul Ryan Interview and the Insufferably Dishonest Media (audio)…

  1. NHVoter says:

    Screw Paul Ryan. He’s one of the most overrated politicians in history. He funded Obama’s entire agenda and has the gall to talk about ‘principles.’

    I hope Paul Nehlan crushes him.

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  2. Afterthought says:

    The Speaker of the House uses the other party to stay in power and pass bills?

    Time for a new Speaker.

    The Speaker cannot endorse Trump, close to “NeverTrump” camp (Romney, Kristol), has ambitions for 2020 that require loss in 2016?

    Time for a new Speaker.

    It isn’t enough to support Nehan, he has to lose in the General.

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  3. Lea says:

    Yea, they need term limits.

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    • Keln says:

      This has been true for a long time, but has never been so apparent as now. Corruption always always depends on government officials having no limit to their access to power.

      For starters, nobody should be able to serve more than 1 term as a senator and 2 terms in the House. I think a max of 10 years on the Hill is more than enough for anyone.

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      • WSB says:

        I agree, no more than one term. If you are that good at representing your constituents, run in an alternating year, but consecutive terms just allow for reelection money to prostitute the elected official. Cut out all pensions.

        Also, initials on all parts of any written legislation. No leslation longer than the Constitution itself. One issue legislation. Repeal the 17th Amendment?

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        • Keln says:

          Definitely repeal the 17th.

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        • Put limits on how long legislation lasts. Two years, with one extension allowed of another two years. If it is good legislation, the States will pick it up. If it is terrific legislation, then make it into a Constitutional Amendment.

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          • WSB says:

            Amending the Constitution is a bit too precious for my taste, but I agree with your thought process. This is why states are supposed to be left as the science labs of our country. It is fairly simple to allow states to incubate best practices.

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            • WSB says:

              Allow me to clarify. The Constitution is an agreement on the enumerated and limited powers of the Federal Government, so adding a lot of nuanced amendments without thought to the 10th Amendment, in my opinion, would not be in the spirit of the document itself.


              • WSB says:

                And let me further clarify that many of our legislators have twisted laws that many not even be constitutional, so I would really prefer to revert back to Constitutional Law, if most have the stomach for it.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Another broken promise that they promised us for YEARS!


    • kudos to michele bachman.
      she worked her butt off for 8 years fighting the obama tsunami against the constitution.
      then she went home.
      perfect example of an “originalist” politician.


  4. BobW462 says:

    “The media is so dishonest – brutally so.”

    Whenever the “media” is involved, this is all anyone really needs to understand.

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  5. tenrten says:

    MEDIA…… the sole reason that a nobody got elected President of these United States TWICE!!!!!

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    • starfcker says:

      Media is a huge part of the problem. Glen thrush lets lyin ryan talk in circles. Wish he would ask him a few real questions. How about the border, pal? What part of TPP giving corporations supra- national powers do you find in the constitution? Can you string together a sentence without your four or five go to buzzwords?

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  6. Note to Paul Ryan; Do you really believe that those 300,000 new muslim invaders, who will someday come for you and your family, (yeah the same muslims that you authorized in the Omnibus Bill) are going to be stopped by your little border fence that surrounds your DC mansion? http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/12/17/paul-ryan-builds-border-fence-around-mansion-doesnt-fund-border-fence-omnibus/

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  7. fred5678 says:

    Asked whether Trump is a conservative “at his core,” Ryan punted.


    Ryan is a TRAITOR to America, American citizens, American workers, and especially to unemployed American workers. He PLOTTED IN SECRET with the enemy — Luis Gutierrez –, to pass the Gang of Eight bill in the House, for Pete’s sake!!! If you haven’t watched the PBS doc film – Immigration Battle – do so NOW!!

    And I have emailed this same message many times to him at Speaker.gov.

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  8. SeekerOfTruth says:

    Thanks for posting. This is the only story today that really caught me so I investigated.
    Paul Ryan uses a lot of code words
    (1) unify (to me),
    (2) Trump need more Ideas and not just ID cracks (meaning, you have no ideas unless they are mine)
    (3) platform to run on and power they elections (meaning my platform).
    (4) I am getting there but not yet, it is a process.

    Bottom line:
    (1) Ryan’s total arrogance elitism and disconnect with reality and main street is second to none.
    (2) Ryan is totally self-serving
    (3) But there really is no major conflict here at this time. It is just a war of words and moving on.
    (4) Ryan may never fully endorse Trump ever. But he will not ruffle any feathers now.

    If Trump is elected, then the real battles go and Ryan does not want to give up much yet. He has his agenda that he is paid to represent and Trump has his agenda – the people’s agenda. And they will never be the same and there will be some serious power struggles if Trump is elected. We all know that.

    So Ryan will try to stay aloof and coy and cool all the way until the election. And generally supportive but never enthusiastic. Not giving or playing anything much. But inside Ryan is really really disturbed by Trump and will never agree to much of Trump/people’s aganda at all ever. The only way Ryan will ever see reality is for him to lose his job – election. His only work has been professional politician.

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  9. shiloh1973 says:

    Why does Ryan remind me of Eddie Haskell?

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  10. Howie says:

    Ryan and Cantor, sittin in a tree
    First comes graft
    Then comes the bribes
    hen comes B-U-S-T-E-D

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  11. SeekerOfTruth says:

    As far as term limits to make America better – my thoughts.

    12 years total for both US Senators (2x6yr) and Representatives (6x2yr)

    President should be changed to a 1 term of 6 years limit. No multiple terms.

    President – 2 four year terms is too long and the last 2 years they always struggle and do many bad things. Also this cuts down on election costs and general disruptions.

    4 years is too short and a new President often needs more time to get things going without having to worry about getting elected so soon and then doing stupid things to buy votes. In one 4 year term you get maybe 2 years of work and that is it –
    — break-in period with destruction from past President.
    — 2 years of work
    — then last 1+ years is all about getting re-elected.

    With one 6 year term and no re-election possible you could get maybe 5 years of work out of the 6 years.

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    • M. Mueller says:

      I’d prefer making both senate and House one term of 4 to 6 years and then out. Then they wouldn’t have to spend all their time raising money for re-election and we may actually get something done by them. I think 12 years is too long.

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    • Keln says:

      As I posted above, a Senator should be limited to a single 6 year term. Representatives to 2, 2-year terms. That makes a total of 10 maximum years in Congress.

      A 6 year single term for President may have merits, I don’t know. I’d have to think about that one.

      It may also be ideal to have Senators appointed by the states (via state legislature vote), as was the original intent (until the 17th Amendment), so they are more immune to corruption by never having to worry about elections. They are appointed, serve a term, then are re-appointed or replaced by their state legislature. Their conduct as a Senator is thus scrutinized by their State and they are held accountable as such.

      The Senate was intended to be direct representatives of the States, while the House was to be direct representatives of the People. This bicameral approach was called the “Connecticut Compromise”, and it was, in my opinion, a key difference between a Democracy and a Representative Republic. The States lost a lot of their power with the 17th Amendment in the early 1900s when Senators began to be elected by popular vote.

      The reason for that amendment was due to corporate control of state legislatures directing appointments of Senators. The irony is, the popular election of Senators did nothing to reduce corporate corruption, yet shifted more power from the States to federal government. A sitting Senator no longer has any reason to particularly serve the interests of his or her state, only to run a good, well-funded campaign for re-election. And that funding, of course, comes from corporate interests.

      I would also argue that the Senate should not be proposing bills. They should have a Yea or Nay vote on whatever the House passes, and nothing more, not even amendments to bills. A bill should pass on it’s own merits through the Senate after it has passed the House. It is the House, the direct representatives of the People, who should present what legislation the People want, and the Senate to provide a check and balance as the voice of the sovereign States as to whether or not to pass it up to the President.

      Anyway, just some ideas I’ve had that would require Constitutional Amendments and as such will never happen. Sometimes a system is so broke, you can’t ever really fix it.

      And I believe that no matter what is done, corporate interests will always find a way to gum up the works. The only antidote to that is electing real men and women of character. But it’s so hard to do so when most of those who run are so good at lying.

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  12. Bert Darrell says:

    First of all, I would not spend 1 minute listening to Paul RINO Ryan. Who cares what he says? He had a chance to do one thing right (supporting Trump) and took a pass, He had a chance to fight Oblunder’s wasteful spending and he chose to collaborate instead. He also had a chance to at least try to fulfill Republican campaign promises and took a pass.

    Second of all, no matter how much the dishonest mainstream media lies about Trump,distorts the news, and shills for the liar, Trump’s polling keeps going up. By November, HiLIARY will be street dust, imprisoned dust, or reviled history. Any of these will be fine with me but I won’t deny that the imprisoned dust is my favorite.

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  13. Ono says:

    Excellent work Sundance!

    Exposing the enemy.

    Ryan is bought and paid for, his future as a member of society is short lived.

    Benedict Arnold will be surpassed as the most vile, traitorous, person in American history by dozens of hacks by this time next year!

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    • Benedict Arnold felt betrayed by Horatio Gates, who took credit for the British surrender @ Saratoga, which Arnold accomplished- while Arnold laid in a hospital bed with the second of two musket ball wounds to the same leg, yep… so feeling burned, he turned.

      This ryan sack of crap is just a straight up enemy of we the people for big money.

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  14. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Ryan resents Trump; he resents that Ryan has been in D.C. for 18 years and is now Speaker and Trump has never served in office before. He resents that as the GOP nominee, Trump is the head of the Party. Ryan wants that Title and he doesn’t want to give it up, especially to Trump. Trump is not one of the them, one of the “Boys Club” who plays the game for Wall Street, the Chamber of Commerce, the Lobbyists, the Donors, the Elites, etc. The longer Ryan holds out in not endorsing Trump, the more it shines the light on Ryan’s shallow character.

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  15. kenramsey says:

    Plus, Ryan looks like Eddie Munster.

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  16. Dora says:

    Could he be the Snake From Wisconsin?

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  17. Rebel Mope says:

    What strikes me is the concept of Ryan wanting Trump to “tone it down”, and let Ryan determine the policy. In other words fight like a republican. Which is to say: not at all. As for Ryan guiding the policy, we have seen how well that works. Omnibus.

    As for the media, we all know they are lying scumsucking weasels that couldn’t get a real job if their lives depended on it. I’ve seen it personally. Politico is nothing more than a glorified Blog. I would really like to see Trump issue press credentials to the White House based on how and what is written. Kinda like the Democrats do, only different. And put Sheryl Attkisson in the first chair.

    If he were to put only bloggers in the press room, that would be the death of the networks.

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  18. SPMI says:

    Paul Ryan. Sooo he won’t endorse Trump because he is concerned about bringing the Republican Party together. He admits to being a lame duck speaker of the house and apparently is very proud of going home on Friday, and not using the gavel much. So these are his accomplishments so far.
    His “leverage” is not endorsing Trump. But he is very firm with Barry. He speaks to him a lot,
    and lap dogs his way on policy, then after the fact he criticizes it. All this while championing
    Axel Rose, the grateful dead, and the blockbuster melody of a catchy little tune called “Highway to Hell”. His kids love it!?

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    • hocuspocus13 says:

      The Republican Party is together with Trump ~ at least those who are worth anything politically ~ Paul Ryan is standing outside all alone 😢 with no one begging him to run for President

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      • deqwik2 says:

        I thought the same thing. I’m wondering where Ryan’s been these past few months when he said the Republican party was like a big ship on the sea moving around & the members of the House can give it some substance & direction & some vision… along with the nominee..(after thought) so that when people go to the polls, we’re not just picking a person to shake things up in DC. but we’re picking a path.
        I’ve heard a path with vision & direction from Trump & that path is what will shake things up. Duh Ryan you are not listening to what Trump has said !!

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    • I think John Kasich and WIlliam Weld are Deadheads too. Coincidence?

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    • WSB says:

      And the in-laws and wife are Dem’s. The father-in-law was the past Dem Governor of Oklahoma. Benedict Arnold? Maybe.


  19. Ruffin says:

    Paul Judas Ryan needs to be disposed of immediately. This fool is a real and present danger to our Country at the most critical time in our history.
    Ryan is totally out of touch with the populace and has absolutely no intention of supporting Donald Trump as the nominee.
    If Priebus, the sissified wimp, does not man up and jerk this adolescent child into line, we can expect Ryan to deliberately create chaos at the Convention with the full blessings of the Uni Party.
    Since we are held hostage by gutless wonders, get ready for the Murderer of Benghazi, because the majority of Congress will support Obama the Second

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  20. Howie says:

    The new meme is Hillary and Donald equally disliked. Good Grief.

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  21. Keln says:

    There is no good reason for Ryan to not endorse the presumptive nominee. The primary is over in spirit if not in deed. Holding out accomplishes nothing except to make Ryan look like an arrogant twerp. He acts like “his job” as he keeps putting it, is to somehow vet Trump or make Trump conform to some list of “principles” he writes on the back of a napkin.

    No, Ryan, the vetting was the job of the people. We vetted and voted to nominate Trump. Your job is thus to simply get in line.

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  22. jakee308 says:

    Ryan was shoe horned in for Boehner for a reason. He has yet to play out that reason. Possibly at the convention but more likely if they can keep both candidates from gaining enough electoral votes for a majority.

    Then the selection is made by the House.

    Did anybody really think that the conservatives somehow forced Boehner out? I never did. It smelled like 30 day old tuna on the dock. His insertion reminded me of Pope Benedict (to me the only real Pope) being ousted for this Argentine radical socialist that’s occupying the Papal Throne for now. His usurper was put there by an in house coup for a reason. And it was to discredit and nullify the Churches influence in the world. The elites of the world remember Poland and Pope John.

    Same with Ryan. He’s there because he’ll follow orders. Perhaps Boehner had more guts than we thought. So they had to get rid of him before the fact.

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  23. Apfelcobbler says:

    The interviewer sharing giggles and guffawing at the public’s expense are in particularly bad taste this election cycle, bro.

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  24. Backspin says:

    There are only two tools the yellow dog media has , ignore the news ( Facts ) or Drown and Bury the facts in Yuge , never-ending volumes of MEANINGLESS blather ….. IE : Static / Interference / Jamming the signal.*********** Sunlight from Sundance , and every last one of us with eyes and a keyboard is the best antidote to the BIG LIE.

    ” We’re all in this together Kid ” Harry Tuttle , Freelance Engineer.

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  25. Athena the Warrior says:

    Trump is doing all the work “earning the mandate.” Ryan and the rest have been the typical politician all talk no action. He wants to hold conferences, task forces, and initiatives to put forth the platform.

    The Trump doctrine is what Americans have already been voting for. Deal with it Ryan or get out of the way.

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  26. Suzy Kiprien says:

    He said ‘We want an HONEST election”.
    Well, that is what they are getting – an honest election through the vote of the citizens.
    Thus, where is the problem?

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  27. F D says:

    Paul Ryan had better worry about his own re-election. Too condescending to realise he will be in trouble?
    Also, he should be removed as Speaker. Replace him now with someone who will defund Obama. Slow him down and the havec he wrecks for the remainder of his term.

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    • Ryan knows the globalist banksters will make sure he is “re-elected”. We all know this crap is rigged, right? I am sure that at this point we aren’t even electing our mayors, as we keep getting people from different northern states showing up to tell us our area “isn’t gay enough”, “isn’t diverse enough” and so on… sick of it.

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      • Deb says:

        The conservative town I went to college in has had an influx of professors from California who have taken it upon themselves to re-educate the populace. Apparently they are racists because they don’t want any more refugees, since heir services are already stretched thin due to the number already located there. It’s like these SJW’s are missionaries, going out into the “wilderness” to spread progressivism.


  28. Big Jake says:

    I continue to be repulsed and nauseous by the apparent subliminal message of a Texas flag behind the right shoulder of that scum bag. He has no businesses within five states of our flag.

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  29. grad says:

    His comments sound rather pointedly directed to Trump, trying maybe to convince him of what a big deal he (Ryan) is? Kind of like, holding out for a higher price? Although, I’m not sure Trump is in the market for anything Ryan is offering.

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  30. eric says:

    somebody pull the flusher….D.C. is full of crap!


  31. All they (media/establisment) need to do is keep pushing the narrative that this is a “close” race between Mr.Trump and the traitor. Electronic voting fraud will handle the rest in November.


  32. Marina says:

    Insufferable!! Ryan is in so thick with the media rep, they are giddy with their own elite opinions. Has Paul Ryan ever held a job where the taxpayers weren’t involved? He needs to take his principles back to Janesville and put them to work. Too much time in DC.

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  33. Garrison Hall says:

    It occurs to me that perhaps we don’t need Paul Ryan. In fact, I beginning to think that we probably don’t need the entire GOP establishment. I think what we’re seeing with Ryan, Corker, and the Senate Republicans is that they’ve also begun to realize that the insurgency is large enough that it may not need them. Note to the GOPe: We don’t need you! Trump can win without you! GO TRUMP!!

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  34. psadie says:

    This tells me that the FIX is in for voter fraud and whatever else it takes to stop Trump. Disgusting pigs.

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  35. Alleycats says:

    pffft.. Whatever.. Lyin’ Ryan. Smack- talkin’ pajama boy, is what you are.
    Egos. The bigger they are, the harder they pop.

    I really really want to see him Cantor’d, and by a ridiculous margin to boot.

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  36. Pam says:

    I listened to the interview earlier and his arrogance is getting worse by the day. All of these DC insiders know the people are angry and they don’t seem to care. All they can think about is what they can do to out maneuver Trump.

    These people need the swift kick out the door.

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    • shiloh1973 says:

      They have never cared about the people and they never will! That is a fact we all have to come to terms with.
      Meet Agent Smith. The Matrix


  37. Jason Ross says:

    To be honest, Paul Ryan needs to ace every single interview between now and November, and even then I still won’t be convinced of his sincerity toward the GOP candidate.
    He started out playing games when Trump came to the forefront as a nominee, and he brought with him an awful track record as Speaker.

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    • shiloh1973 says:

      I don’t care if he aces every interview between now and doomsday, I will never trust him or believe one word that escapes his lying mouth.


  38. alliwantissometruth says:

    Let’s put this into perspective. Treasonous miscreants like Luis Gutierrez & his ilk are at least open about their intentions. They have no problem being honest about their anti-American agenda. They’re proud of it

    Ryan & his ilk take the treasonous anti-American agenda to another level altogether. He hides behind deception, acting & speaking like a concerned, strict constitutional conservative, while he shanks the American people in the back

    That is the highest level of scumbag. An American, a family man, a supposed man of faith, who works behind closed doors to deceive & sell out his country & it’s people. He uses phony conservative cred, working hard not in the interests of the people, but the interests of the elites. His entire workday consists of plotting to deceive his constituents

    That is the definition of a scumbag. What kind of a man, what kind of a person does something like this? A man of faith? A man of conviction? Give me a break

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  39. The Boss says:

    This entire interview seemed so very contrived. This is the same Paul Ryan who couldn’t string two words together when he debated Biden not so long ago. Now he’s speaking in complete sentences. Not buying it folks. Agree with all above and below who think Ryan is an imposter.

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  40. rodney says:

    I still am worried that Ryan, Cruz and Romney have something planned for Trump at the convention. Look until it’s official a lot of things can happen.

    As Sundance has repeatedly stated, that there are trillions at stake. With that kind of money involved anything is possible.

    Trump better be very wary of any career RINO that becomes his “friend” or “ally” .

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  41. Joe's Dad says:

    These DC pigs have it comin to em


  42. TrumpFanGirl says:

    When’s his 15 minutes up?


  43. One thing I have noticed about Mr Trump is his unbelievable ability to always be so positive. That is why he always wins in everything he does. He has always believed he would win. It may sound dorky but we need to also practice the power of positive thinking. No more talk about voter fraud, the fix is in, blah, blah, blah. We all should only be discussing how great it is to be tired of winning! MAGA 2016!


  44. Olive says:

    Ryan has a very good reputation on the Hill. He is honest, focused and principled. He doesn’t want to be what Nancy Pelosi was to Obama. If Ryan and Trump cultivate a relationship they will be able to get things done in a constitutional way. I think both men recognize that and are looking forward to working together.

    I realize that not many of you readily agree with me, but I think you should give Ryan a chance. Also, I think when the word ‘insufferable’ becomes the most overused word in your vocabulary it may be an indication that you are not challenging your own thoughts and ideas enough.


  45. Pepito Perez says:

    Ryan has got to go! Either through the election process this year, or by at least being forced out of his position as Speaker. He is truly intolerable, and will only be an impediment to Trump’s agenda going forward.

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  46. TwoLaine says:

    C-Span3 followed up the IRS Commissioner Impeachment Hearings with Glenn Thrush discussing this interview. I don’t know if the segment will be made available online.


  47. ZZZ says:

    Hope DT listened…hoping real, real, hard.


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