Dr. Ben Carson Reveals Who Is NOT On Donald Trump VP List…

Donald Trump climbed to the top of the real estate world in the most ruthless, cut-throat, predatory and brutally competitive venues in the world, New York City.   Trump did not become the multi-billion-dollar successful deal-maker through naive decisions or suffering with fools – that’s not how success in that business venue works.

trump ican melania carlEat, or be eaten.

Destroy, or be destroyed.

Outwit, or be outwitted.  These are the rules within an environment that makes chum out of lesser capable business interests.

Every entity, known and unknown, is a risk.  Every association, known and unknown, is viewed as an gnat or an adversary depending on the time of day.

Every single engagement is viewed through the prism of undetermined interest.  Ordinary type cynics do not survive; insider information is the traded commodity worth more than the deal itself.

Every relationship is based on leverage.   Nothing, absolutely nothing, is ever taken for granted. The threat matrix is omnidirectional and seriously overwhelming to all but those who have been taught to thrive amid the frenzy.  It is exhausting…

Need a hug, call your mother.

Need a friend, buy a dog.

Friendships are leverage. Leverage is risk. Risk is danger. Danger is a lack of speed.

Need loyalty, breed it yourself.  Everything else is code of Omerta.

Understand this and you understand why Donald Trump’s inner circle is life-long or  multi-decades deep.   Understand this – and you also understand that everything outside of that nucleus is disposable.  Everything outside that circle is a tool.

Understand this – I mean really understand this – and you’ll note the list of potential vice-presidential names outlined by media as described by Ben Carson is exactly who’s not on the list.

Dr. Ben Carson is taking a chauffeured car ride with his wife and a Washington Post reporter and mentions the names of those who are on the “List of potential Vice-Presidential picks”?

Do you really think Donald Trump has discussed his actual considerations with Dr. Ben Carson?   If you do, then you should really go back and re-read the preceding paragraphs describing the landscape of Donald Trump-World from birth to today.

Did Donald Trump discuss VP selections with people, including Carson himself, who are tasked with the assignment – I’m sure he did.  Did Donald Trump have a motive when he was discussing those names – I’ll guarantee you he did.

Would Donald Trump anticipate a leak based on a conversation/role and the inherent disposition of Dr. Ben Carson?…


trump melania and donald

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607 Responses to Dr. Ben Carson Reveals Who Is NOT On Donald Trump VP List…

  1. lubyankafh says:

    I think Carson and Palin are ‘inner circle’ right there with Sessions.

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    • Batman says:

      Me, too.


    • Cheryl Tracy says:

      The article is correct. Carson is nice but is known for media flub ups. Palin is not a Trump advisor. No one in the political world is in the inner circle, not even Paul Manafort, and he is a master mind within the Campaign. Sessions is not in the inner circle as a confidante but only in a advisory capacity. The Trump Campaign is macro small and tight lipped. The “inner circle” is not visible to the public and never will be.


  2. Summer says:

    Well… It’s all very fascinating but Mr. Trump said he was looking for an experienced legislator who would help him push his agenda through the Congress. He doesn’t need a jealous rival leader eager to backstab. He needs a like-minded friend, energetic and reliable.

    He doesn’t need a Governor or a freshman Rep or a Token Female/Minority or a good ole’ boy or anyone with excessive baggage or a globalist or un-American or ineligible in the eyes of his supporters. Definitely not a former/present Trump hater.

    The chosen VP won’t be perfect but he/she will be the best available. The choice will reveal a lot about Trump, that’s why he is not announcing his pick before the Convention.


    • A Gail Frame says:

      Summer, your statement leaves me to infer that you would approve of Newt Gengrich. IMHO, he’s the best of the lot. He’s seasoned, thoughtful, conservative, legislatively aware, and can be a tremendous asset to Donald Trump when they take the office of POTUS, and VPOTUS. A nice balance, and good for our nation.


  3. I think that he regularly puts out different information through different sources to determine if there are leaks and where the leaks originate.


  4. mildtosevere says:

    Laura Ingraham – research her.
    She’s a mirror image of the Donald with better speech/debate ability.


  5. TheLastConservative says:

    The Carl Icahn thing bugs the heck out of me though. I really don’t like that guy.

    But hey, at least as bad as he is, he’s not like Beck! THAT was truly ridiculous!!! 🙂


  6. A General should be his pick. Plenty have been fired recently so they have nothing to do anyway. If Trump is half as cunning as I think he is, it will be a General. I bet it’s a General…..


  7. James Cornett says:

    I think his wife, Ivanka, Eric, Donald Jr, and maybe Newt are part of his inner circle. And his VP pick should be someone who would broaden his appeal in OH, VA, FL, PA, and help him work with Congress when he wins.


    • Falcneddie says:

      I think it was his daughter who really pushed him into this. I think she is in on every decision and most discussions. She is very smart and of course extremely loyal. Eric mentioned in one Speech that he also has been after his father for about 10 yrs.


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