Jaw-Dropping Crowd for Donald Trump Rally Tonight In Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania…

According to local media reports, people were lined up as early as 6:30am this morning. Thousands couldn’t even get in to the filled venue.

WILKES-BARRE TWP. – Donald Trump took the stage to a cheering, capacity crowd at the Mohegan Sun Arena around 7:30 p.m. Monday.

“We love Wilkes-Barre,” Trump said, opening his remarks. “This place is unbelievable.”

Trump immediately said his son reminded him to immediately tell the crowd he supports the area natural gas and coal industries.  “This is my last stop. Tomorrow is the election,” Trump said.  A win in Pennsylvania will help him get closer to the Republican nomination.

“We’re going to make American great again,” he said.  Trump was quick to quick praise local congressmen Lou Barletta and Tom Marino.  “Lou and Tom, Lou and Tom. Get them up here (on stage). If you could get them down here. What great guys, from the beginning,” Trump said.

trump pennsylvania 1

Trump noted there were 6,000 people outside the area who couldn’t make it in.  Trump’s speech lasted approximately 52 minutes, closing out the rally at approximately 8:20 p.m.

As the raucous crowd cheered him on at the end, Trump reminded them to vote for him and his delegates.

“I had no idea you were going to be so beautiful. In a packed arena with thousands of people trying to get in, we had a great time. You’re going to represent the great state of Pennsylvania,which I love. When you look back … you’re going to say that was the single greatest vote I ever cast, President Donald Trump,”

trump pennsylvania 2

Barletta and Marino rallied the crowd prior to Trump’s speech.  Trump has funded his own campaign and isn’t controlled by lobbyists and the ingrained political establishment, Barletta said.

“They can’t buy him. They won’t control him. He’ll you’ll bring your voice to Washington,” Barletta said. “This is a movement and you are a part of it. “Together, we’re going to make America great again”  Barletta said Trump is strong on his signature issue: illegal immigration.

“I believe Donald Trump when he said he’s going to secure the border and finally stop illegal immigration,” Barletta said. “

Marino, one of the first people in Congress to endorse Trump, said Trump is the only candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton.

“Donald Trump has brought together millions of people because he’s not a Washington insider,” Marino said.

Before Marino’s speech, he told The Citizens’ Voice he, Barletta and others helped bring Trump to speak in the area.

“This is a great way to segue into a big victory he’ going to have in Pennsylvania. It’s a great way to kick it off,” Marino said.

The arena is packed with thousands of people, many crowded in front of the standing-room-only area around the stage.  (read more)

trump pennsylvania 4

trump pennsylvania 3


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290 Responses to Jaw-Dropping Crowd for Donald Trump Rally Tonight In Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania…

  1. they call me sweetheart says:

    G’night everyone, my boyfriend (what I’ve called hubby for over 40 years) is calling me to bed. Bless you all, and may He shine light on Donald J. Trump in his quest to Make America Great Again!

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  2. rebel53blog says:

    It’s called a movement. TRUMP 2016 – MAGA

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  3. Off Topic.. I visited some Folks of color in My Old hood.. THEY voted TRUMP, (life long Democrats).. They agree PC has gone way too far.. TRUMP, has awoken a sleeping Giant.. The True voice & feeling(s) of Merica,, NOT seen since 9-11.
    I think, (don’t fear, but EMBRACE IT), a lot of folks talking Watering the Tree of Liberty, If President Trump is Denied the nomination.. In Cleveland ..
    Folks are sic & tired of being sold out by Career politicians, Not adhering to the voice of the PEOPLE..
    When; I myself, a person involved in the Manufacturing industry, When I seen American Crane Close, down the street, WHILE, NEW cranes were IMPORTED from China, for OUR State Ports… That was one of Many, Last Straws perpetrated by Our Local/State/Fed .Gov, leaving cold Anger & a very, very bad taste in My mouth..
    May TRUMP survive, Making Merica Great Again..
    Pictured, our NEW Chinese Cranes that a AMERICAN manufacture could of made HERE…

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  4. what about protestors ?


    • Almost none there. A few kids at the end, a few grumpy guys shouting insults that we all laughed off at the start…that was it.

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      • dutzie60 says:

        I was thinking about protesters also. I didn’t hear any and realized that they are getting to be less and less of a problem. I do think that the ‘support’ in RI was a little suspect though.

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      • It was so funny, there were 4 protesters there, and some Trump supporters threw dollar bills at them, saying here – here’s your payment for voicing your opinion, it was non-violent, the protesters laughed, Trump supporters laughed, truly unique. All in all such a positive night, so many showed up, frankly I was quite shocked at how many! The guards had said between 10.5 or 11 thousand people IN the arena, they had to turn away like 5-6 thousand people standing in lines outside hoping to get in, but could not. Here in North East PA where it is predominantly Democrat and to have as many show up FOR Mr. Trump both blew my mind, and then made my hopes and heart soar, truly amazing!

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        • Keln says:

          Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that part of PA heavily blue collar Democrats? Seems like the types that Trump would resonate with, so not too much of a surprise really.

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    • dodo says:

      Protesters are realizing that they are getting votes for Trump, not against him.

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    • wasntme says:

      Maybe they figured out their paid protesters were actually giving Trump more free press. Now they don’t cover the rally at all.

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    • Aggie95 says:

      4 one had a pink cone he was using as a bullhorn


  5. srr says:

    Gee, going by Hillary’s very angry brag here, Trump has already beaten her.
    He got this sort of lead running against 16 others, not just another old communist like her –

    Don’t Suggest to Hillary She Could Ever Be Behind in Votes
    9:43 PM, APR 25, 2016 | By SHOSHANA WEISSMANN

    During MSNBC’s town hall with Hillary Clinton, Rachel Maddow made the mistake of suggesting Clinton could ever in the future be behind Bernie Sanders in the delegate count.

    “That was June 7, 2008 when you got out of the race and endorsed President Obama. June 7, 2016 will be the California primary, this year. Is that when—if you’re ahead in the vote, if you’re ahead in pledged delegates—”

    Clinton interrupted. “I am ahead in the vote Rachel! I am way ahead in the vote! I mean… Now wait a minute. I have the greatest respect for Senator Sanders. But really, what he and his supporters are now saying just doesn’t add up. I have 2.7 million more votes than he has. I have more than 250 more pledged delegates. I’m very proud of the campaign that we have run and the support we have gotten and of course we’re gonna work together. I, as I said, I share a lot of the same goals. We are going to work together. But I am ahead and let’s start from that premise when we talk about what happens next, OK?”

    Lesson learned.

    Watch here:

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  6. Doug says:

    Question I have is after tomorrow how will they assign delegate totals from Pennsylvania. Sure we will know which delegates won but we cant know for sure until primary how they will really vote. Am I wrong here on that thought process?


  7. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:

    Win them all Mr. Trump. We need you in our White House…and we need to get rid of Lyin Teddy Cruz and all his Cruz bots.. We need to show the people what a great president is all about…

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  8. JoeS says:

    Looking at that crowd, I don’t think a delegate who votes against Trump where he won is going to feel comfortable with their vote.

    They will be public enemy number one-the equivalent to the Cub’s fan who prevented their player from catching the foul ball that prevented the win.

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    • grlangworth says:

      Ours is an international battle for the sovereignty of our nation. We are all Americans, first — rivalry stops at the border. As far as all foreigners are concerned, we are all Americans, first.

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  9. Ellen says:

    #Trump 2016 only one I will vote for even if have to write in are make a paper ballott

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  10. Trump loves Mexicans says:

    Just make America Great, There is no Again, we have been screwed from the Civil war on. Immigration without regulation is Continental suicide. EU has set Europe back a thousand years. The Europeans are done. Disarmed and brainwashed into extinction. I wish I could’ve visited before the demise of my heroic and most admired land. I pray for your afterlife in peace. There is no peace for you now.

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  11. cohibadad says:

    CBS News was showing a Cruz rally the other day. I was amazed by how many times the camera panned left and right to show the crowd. Made the size seem large although I suspect it wasn’t really that big. I’ve watched and been to many Trump rallies. The camera almost never moves except for protestors and the crowds are consistently very big.

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  12. Sandy says:

    WOW what a crowd! Go Trump!!!!!!


  13. Heather Mae says:

    Thanks for the battle test GOPe now he can wipe the floor with crooked Hillary.


  14. truthandjustice says:

    It was refreshing to see a former “Apprentice” candidate on Varney (FBN) today vouching for Trump in a big way and firm. Said who you see is who you get.
    When asked about whether she’d vote for Cruz if the nominee, she firmly said without hesitation “no” (and no one else) period.
    So tired of those “Rs” saying they’ll vote for whoever is named because they’d be far better than Hillary. NO!!!!!
    Also liked what Trump said re the crazed lefties like Rosy O’Donnell declaring they’d move to Canada if Trump was elected. YES !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would think Cruzers would vote for him if only for that!!! LOL Yeah, I know – asking too much.


  15. naro says:

    The American people taking back our country from Obama’s army of marxists, ultra liberals and racialists trying to steal our country and turn it into another Cuba.


  16. surlycurmudgen says:

    Trump is a political singularity. What we have now are politicians who think they are our masters and they never listen to us. every one of them are good old boys who protect each other and as a result, the corruption never gets cleaned up.

    Trump is an outsider who has seen the corruption from the other side and wants to clean it up. Post Trumps election politics will be conducted very different from what it has been.


  17. v4ni11ista says:

    As I was off to a Trump convention, I met 7 pundits, I shall not mention. Each man had seven gripes. Each gripe had seven snipes. Each snipe had seven objections. Men, gripes, snipes and objections; how many were going to the D.T. convention?


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  19. Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:

    Yeah, this is not going to make liberals happy at all!
    Get ready for the FALSE FLAG


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