The Republican Party of Colorado Sends America a Message

In 2015 the National Republican party (RNC) demanded a loyalty pledge from candidate Donald Trump.  Yesterday, the Republican Party of Colorado worked aggressively to ensure that Donald Trump would not be allowed as the party candidate.

Then the Colorado GOP sent the following message:

colorado GOP tweet

Here’s are examples of what took place

The Colorado GOP also considered the following resolution:

colorado resolution

The goal for Donald Trump should be to take control over the entire Republican Party Apparatus, and then begin a system-wide party deconstruction.


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797 Responses to The Republican Party of Colorado Sends America a Message

  1. billbodeman says:

    Time to clean up the Colorado GOP…. too corrupt. Even the folks I voted for like Cory Gardner will have to go now since he defended a process to disenfranchise my and millions of other voters. If Cory cannot see the fallacy of not allowing voters to have their say then he cannot represent me. Gotta go Cory… gotta go!

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  2. Karen Drane says:

    These people need to be arrested and their pants sued off of them! Pure slander and PROPAGANDA!

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  3. Marina Stone says:

    What Colorado did is disgraceful … This party is obviously very corrupt … I don’t need someone else voting for me/in place of me … This is so wrong …. UGH!!!!!!

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    • Katherine says:

      For the first time we the people are finally getting the real picture of what is called a “”DEMOCRACY”” in the good OleUSofA….folks !! What a joke – these guys have been screwing the citizens/public forever and their retort is “well, this is the way it’s been done for years since the 1800’s””. Time to take out the trash Americans, the crooks and legalized dictators of our lives in D.C. They live high on the hog with our blood and we have literally no say. TIME TO CHANGE AND EXPOSE how corrupt the American government really is. We vote for whom we want in office …. period…otherwise don’t call the USA a democracy – yeah, yeah, we know it’s not a democracy,,, it’s a Republic – talk about being in the dark for so many generations. How stupid can we be – damned crooks….living off our backs!!!

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    • Larnot says:

      While I think I get what you are saying, it wasn’t Colorado. It was the Colorado Republican Party and yes it is very disgraceful. An USA constitutional convention has been on the horizon since the obvious H. Ross Perot election fix. It just stuns me that it took this long. Look at all we’ve put up with since then just to not rock the boat… The Disgrace of the Clinton years. The good ole boy years of Bush 2. Obama Bin Laden. Hanging chads my ass… The system is broke. The dollar is over. Time to reform. Want to see a Rothschild cry? Eliminate fiat banking/money. But is isn’t about that, it’s about taking our country back. We wonder why they wanted to disarm us? This is it. Now they have the tech to eliminate us from afar and there is no weapon which will stand up to that.

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  4. Jerry Phelps says:

    The Colorado Republican Party are a bunch of idiots psyched out on all that dope they’re smoking. What a bunch of liars. I dearly hope Trump destroys the Republican party of which I’ve been a member of for 57 years but no more. I hope he breaks off and runs as an independent candidate. Screw the Republican establishment in Colorado.

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  5. r barnheil says:

    The end of the GOP, caused by greed for your hard earnings.


  6. Joy Driscoll says:

    So sick and tired of the immature Republican and yes embarrassed me how our leaders have accepted who the people have voted for, Trump! It’s like these children stomping their feet on the ground with their arms crossed saying “you can’t make me” My question is why is the republican party so fearful of Trump! Is it because Trump will actually make some meaningful changes in the White House and God forbid their benefits and other bad behavior be stopped! Where there is smoke there is fire! If this party continues down this road and Trump is not elected, I will never vote Republican again!


  7. James Carroll says:


    The folks speaking out against Trump are helping the American citizens make up their mind a little more every day!

    Is he the Perfect Candidate whose thoughts mirrors American citizens on all fronts? NOPE

    Does he say everything the way American citizens wish he would say it? NOPE

    Are American citizens absolutely sure that his motives are absolutely Pure? NOPE

    Can American citizens point to any other Dem Politician that they like better? NOPE

    Is there any of the other RINO Politicians the American citizens like better? NOPE

    Are the American citizens going to sit home, refuse to Vote, and let Hillary win; because he is NOT Perfect? NOPE

    Do the American citizens like what they have seen for the last 7-1/2 years with the Jerk that sleeps in the American citizen’s White House? NOPE

    Do the American citizens like the “fundamental changes” that same Jerk has brought about in America? NOPE

    OK, now it is time to decide what you as an American citizen will to do in about 3 months!

    Trump’s presidential qualifications…

    Obama is against Trump… Check

    The Media are against Trump… Check

    The establishment Democrats are against Trump… Check

    The establishment Republicans are against Trump… Check

    The Pope is against Trump… Check

    The UN is against Trump… Check

    The EU is against Trump… Check

    China is against Trump… Check

    Mexico is against Trump… Check

    Soros is against Trump… Check

    Black Lives Matter is against Trump… Check

    Move On is against Trump… Check

    Koch Brothers are against Trump… Check

    Bushes are against Trump … Check

    Planned Parenthood is against Trump….Check

    Hillary & Bernie are both against Trump … Check

    Illegal aliens are against Trump … Check

    Islam is against Trump … Check

    Kasich is against Trump … Check

    Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump.. Check


    It seems to the majority of American citizens, Trump MUST BE the Best Qualified Candidate they could ever have.

    If you have so many political insiders and left wing NUT CASES— all SCARED TO DEATH, that they all speak out against him at the same time!

    Most of all, it will be the People’s Choice…


    He’s not a Lifetime Politician…Check

    He’s not a Lawyer…..Check

    He’s not doing it for the money…Check

    He’s a Natural Born American Citizen born in the USA from American parents. . .

    Bonus points !

    Whoopi says she will leave the country…

    Rosie says she will leave the country…

    Sharpton says he will leave the country…

    Cher says she will leave the country…

    Cyrus says she will leave the country…

    The Constitution and the Bill of Rights will prevail….

    Hillary will go to jail…..

    The budget will be balanced in 8 years….

    American citizens will have first choice at jobs…..

    American citizens will not be able to marry their pet….

    American citizens will be able to keep their gun(s) if they qualify… (Not a criminal or crazy, etc.)

    Only living, registered U.S. citizens can vote….


    American citizens can have and keep their own doctor…..

    American citizens can say whatever they want without being called a racist, Islamophobic, xenophobic, etc….

    Come to think of it, American citizens have no place to go, but UP!

    God Bless America and Prepare to Take America Back!


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