Donald Trump’s Brilliant Barking Hillary -vs- Putin Ad…

The most jaw-dropping part of the story that accompanies this ad is the fact the media seem oblivious to what the message is.

Having watched the news cycle today there’s not a single pundit who has identified the intensely brilliant messaging within the 15 second video:

This ad was not just targeted to domestic consumption. This ad was directly distancing Donald Trump from Clinton’s failed and massively botched “Russian Reset“. The message was more for Putin to see than for U.S. media to discuss.

Read The Art of The Deal.  This is Brilliant !

You’ll note the Clinton campaign cannot respond to it.  Team Clinton have to remain silent about it because if they start to talk it brings focus on the “Russian Reset“.

As soon as they respond, they have walked into Trump’s designed battle space.  This is intensely sharp political campaigning at the highest operative level imaginable.

Hillary reset buttonhillary reset button 2

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446 Responses to Donald Trump’s Brilliant Barking Hillary -vs- Putin Ad…

  1. BlueSky says:

    Hillary just got bitch-slapped with that one two punch campaign ad! Brilliance behind this succinct effort! Putin’s fiendish wickedly powerful laugh was the coup de grace!

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    • lahthoughts says:

      Shows Putin has a sense of humor.

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      • Oscar says:

        I think Putin would enjoy the contrast between himself and Hillary. I could see Putin laughing at Clinton who is criminal and serial liar.
        Putin is a real leader while Clinton is nothing but a self serving, power mad criminal.


        • DD More says:

          Putin would be ashamed to be associated with a petty criminal the likes of Clinton.
          “Officially, Vladimir Putin’s net worth is thought to be around $70 billion according to Forbes, which makes the Russian the second-richest man in the world since Bill Gates’ net worth is $79.3 billion in 2015. Putin’s salary was previously nine million rubles, or $145,000, per year,”
          Honestly $79.3 Billion on a salary of $145K. Hilly dreams.


  2. Lanna says:

    Now we wait for Trump to start serving hot dogs to the media after his press events.

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  3. BlueSky says:

    Hillary has learned dog speak since Bill has been in the dog house from his oval office days!

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  4. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    Yes! Brilliant of Trump! He didn’t have to put the bark in her mouth. She did it all by herself!!!!! Ruff Rufc!

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  5. waltherppk says:

    Hillary isn’t qualified to run for president. Where in the oath does it say, Raise your right forepaw and repeat after me?

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  6. Pedro says:

    Trump is fascinating. Love the ad and the fact that everything Trump does is cost effective. I can see that spending will be under control before long once elected. Go Trump

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    • waltherppk says:

      Trump works the “system” like a master. Trump has gotten over 2 billion dollars worth of free publicity for being “controversial” to the point the media keeps after him as a “star performer” bringing huge ratings…..more than 8 times as much “free air time” as the next candidate. So as usual Trump is “under budget” and “ahead of schedule” on his present “enterprise” of running for president. Trump plays the media like a fiddle and is making a lot of money for the media and their “ad partners” who are following the Trump Train like a “smart business investment”. Anybody who doubts the Republican nomination comes down to a choice between a good “money man” CEO and a televangelist “preacher” needs to tune in reality about what has been already occurring.

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  7. Janet Tan says:

    On Drudge:

    Kremlin condemns video for “demonizing” Russia

    I think Russia is feigning outrage to draw more views to this barking Hillary video and Drudge is giving them a platform. More hits now.

    How delicious.

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    • kallibella says:

      Agree. Vlad is a tough guy who would just welcome any press/PR where he is depicted or shown as a tough leader. Goodness! We all have seen how he went shirtless into the wilds of Russian hunting. riding and showing all of us his pecs and butterfly strokes!
      All the while Oevil vacations in Martha’s Vineyards riding a girly bike and wearing a helmet with his knees close together as if protecting somethin’…..

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    • Riddick says:

      Feigned displeasure, they did not call it an “outrage” by any means and not how our treasonous news media has “interpreted” it to us. And yes, I am a native Russian speaker and get my news at the source 🙂

      As was explained there, Russia had to respond in some way, its just and EXPECTED political kabuki theater. When you read responses to the ad its all good, people there get it.

      And while first couple of months of GOP primaries were mostly driven by negative news media reports from here, last 2 months or so they seem to be paying much more attention to what is really taking place here. All good. They want Trump as much as we do AND FOR SAME REASONS.

      They don’t like wars, they don’t like backstabbing, they don’t like what’s taking place in EU, they hate ISIL, they hate terrorism. They want better living conditions, jobs, better infrastructure, safety, co-operation.

      Same exact things Trump stands for and we want.

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      • Brian L says:

        I had to explain to a co-worker why the Russian leaders have such utter contempt for Obama. One of the big reasons is that Eastern Europe, and Russia in particular, are extremely patriotic and nationalist by mainstream American standards. They have the same pride in their country as we USED to have. When Obama sold out the missile defense system in Poland for an easier re-election in 2012, it just showed the Russian leadership what an utterly gutless coward he was, and they thus lost ALL respect of him – if they even had any in the first place.

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  8. JAS says:

    Reuters is now saying that Russia is annoyed with the ad because of Putin being next to ISIS.


  9. BARKING HILLARY: STRATEGIC BENEFIT narrows the Democratic Primary margin
    – Extends the Competitive Season for Bernie
    – Prevents Democrats-for-Hillary from switching sides to oppose Trump in remaining States!


  10. Pam says:

    I saw the ad yesterday after Trump tweeted and indeed it’s brilliant. In fact it’s probably one of the most brilliant political ads on TV. The barking Hillary is comedy gold and pure political genius on Trump’s part!

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  11. cali says:

    I love this ad! It should not be underestimated that Donald Trump will bring the worst out of Hillary because she does not understand humor. It will be so funny how he will antagonize her until she breaks and totally embarrass herself!

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  12. Big Picture says:

    And the ad is being passed around for free over the Internet. Trump spends nothing!

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  13. kallibella says:

    I think it’s brilliant! Hillary barked all on her own and made herself fodder from now on. Trump has shown us a glimpse of what’s coming her way. She must be terrified! I would be if I were her.
    There is so much material Trump can use against her. This will be a sight to behold.

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  14. Honest Abbey says:

    CNN just showed Hillary’s response to to this barking dog ad.

    They sure did work fast to put this together because it uses something Trump said just yesterday.

    So here’s what her counter-ad says ……

    First of all, it is the same exact ad that Trump made, only they changed Hillary’s barking bit with Trump telling Mika from Morning Joe that he consults himself – “I talk with myself because I have a very good brain” and instead of Putin laughing, they show Hillary laughing hysterically.
    Ashleigh Banfield tells the spokesman for Hillary “Touché!”

    Really? Wow – not even close! She basically copied the entire ad, and I think they grabbed her laughing outburst from the Benghazi hearing when she was asked if she was at home ALONE the night 4 Americans were killed, and for some reason, she found that question hysterical. Remember?

    So yes, let’s put THAT INTO CONTEXT!!

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  15. kellyseamus says:


    *Translation: My Irish Setter Seamus confirms: “Don’t you dare mention the Russian reset!!!!”


  16. bitterlyclinging says:

    Hillary is the media fave, therefore the entire media will at all times be whistling past the graveyard regarding this one.
    “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear, does it make a sound?”


    • platypus says:

      If a zombie crawls out of the grave while a journalist is whistling past the graveyard, does that mean the zombie heard it?


  17. Sugar Pine says:

    The ad is pure genius. But I think it was probably designed to win over Republicans who think he can’t beat her in November. Why else would it be released this early in the election cycle?


  18. The Boss says:

    Let’s not underestimate the Clinton crime machine. They will retaliate in some way, rather than respond.

    That said, let’s also remember Trump is just getting warmed up. We know he’s thought far beyond this first hilarious ad. No telling what counterpunches he has in the can.

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    • TRONGOD2000 says:

      We can easily assume his PR team is way way way better than anything a political candidate could assemble. I mean just imagine the business the Trump empire generates for an advertising firm. He can cherry pick the best of the best and no doubt has.

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  19. myopiafree says:

    The reason why Putin is laughing about this woman is this:
    He was reading all the Emails that Hillary posted on her server !!
    In fact it took a week to “crack” her secret Emails. One day to crack the server “code”, and six days to STOP LAUGHING ABOUT HOW STUPID HILLARY IS ABOUT SECURITY.
    That type of ignorant person – should never be president, of even a dog-catcher’s union !!!

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  20. SouthCentralPA says:

    CWCID, it not only neutralizes the ad where women read Trump comments about women, but also the perception that Trump somehow is buddy-buddy with Putin.


    • platypus says:

      Exactly. And Putin knew what it was all about since he’s the one who kept his head (and his life) during all the turmoil of the last few years in Russia. So he went along with Trump’s script and read his lines to the world. For Putin, he shows that he is just as quick as Trump by reading the hidden message and comprehending that Trump was helping him without a single fingerprint.

      You really have to admire the quality of certain 21st century leaders, even if one of them isn’t someone you’d have over for family dinner.

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  21. david pedersen says:

    Hillary’s slogan is ” Fighting for us” What a joke !!!!…How did she “fight” for ambassador Stevens? She did NOTHING to help him and the 3 men who died trying to save his life!

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  22. archer52 says:

    Why does HRC worry about Trump? Trump’s entire business plan when it comes to getting something he covets is to scorch earth the competition. This little ad is hysterical! And it is a nice accurate shot across the bow of HRC’s ship. “F with me, and all heck is going to break loose.”

    I’m telling you, she’s going to pull out or get pulled out. Somewhere around the convention, when all the campaigning is done. Physically, Sanders is running her ragged. She is slipping. Pressure is pressure and she’s not an idiot. She knows the numbers, she knows the hatred, she knows the law, she knows Trump will burn her whole world down to win.

    Who would want that?

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  23. agent provocateur says:

    Reblogged this on Nevada State Personnel WATCH.


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