Donald Trump Rally, Portland Maine – 1:30pm EST Live Stream….

Prior to attending the debate in Detroit Michigan tonight, candidate Donald J Trump is holding a rally in Portland Maine.   The campaign event is located at the Westin Portland Harborview Hotel – Ballroom and begins at 1:30 PM Eastern.

Live Stream Link – Alternate Live Stream #1

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855 Responses to Donald Trump Rally, Portland Maine – 1:30pm EST Live Stream….

  1. Bluto says:

    Romney’s response on Twitter just now was a short rant about the KKK and other nonsense. Good grief.
    They truly are desperate.

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    • stringy theory says:

      Bluto, you know when they have been reduced to name calling and hurling idiotic insults, they have lost the fight. Trump supporters see the big picture issues and that no one running in either party is interested in tackling them because they are already bought and paid for. Go to hell Romney you made a perfect ass of yourself today just like Cruz and Rubio have been doing.

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    • Melania for 1st Lady says:

      Why won’t Mitt disavow his Mormon racist teachings?

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      • Notmeagain says:

        Why isn’t this disavow maneuver being used more widely in general? This morning in the AZ Republic (left wing Gannett rag), there was a front page article about McCain’s Democratic challenger, Kirkpatrick, wanting McCain to disavow Trump for pretty much everything (“Trump may be McCain Liability”). Lo and behold only hours later he does it. McCain is totally working for the Dems and vice-versa. Very little in the Repugnant about McCain’s primary challenger, Kelli Ward. If you relied on that paper you wouldn’t know she existed. Anyone who would like to help us out in AZ should bomb us with pro-Kelli stuff from outside. Or anti McCain: Why won’t McCain disavow his POW broadcasts? Why won’t Romney disavow vulture capitalism? Why won’t Ryan disavow Gang of 8? I’m sure others here can come up with cleverer gotchas. Must be something that cannot be proved or disproved..

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      • faridrushdi says:

        When you attack a person’s religion that you do not like you also attack the religion of people who are with you. I was born in the middle east a Muslim and no one ever mocked my religion. In the 30 years since becoming Mormon though I hear this stuff all the time.


  2. Trump has things exactly where he wants them now. Ted Cruz is his primary challenger and Cruz will attack Trump from the right as a New York Liberal Democrat who supports Planned Parenthood, etc. At the same time Wall Street, the Democrats, and the NeoCons will attack Trump as a far-right lunatic. These two Narratives cancel each other out. In the meantime while the incoherent corporate cacophony rages in the background, Trump rises above it all by talking about Trade and Jobs.

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  3. Coltman says:

    Think about it. Trump got 6 news channels of FREE time! Genius! LOL

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  4. hbarsquared says:

    We should ping on Romney’s comment about “lousy hats” and go out and buy thousands of them and wear them everywhere.

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  5. joshua says:

    Maybe Mitt Romney should explain on TV to the public how Blain Capital defrauded the creditors and shareholders in their eTrade Corporation BANKRUPTCY proceeding… about CON and FRAUD and THEFT..

    Mitt…you are exposed along with the neocons of eGOP who owns you and everything you have.

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  6. Cruz gets the mentally ill tranny endorsement

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  7. Coltman says:

    MAGA Mania! A sea of Red and White hats! lol

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  8. Martin says:

    In a way, I think Romney actually did Trump a huge favor especially before tonight’s “debate”. The way Trump handled this spat with Romney as a way to pivot back to the main issues voters are concerned about will have Cruz, Rubio, Kasich and the three “moderators” thinking twice about trying to go after Trump in a negative light.

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    • Lulu says:

      Agree. It was pretty much a regular rally except better. Trump is very good at answering questions. (Even Brit Hume gave him that one night after a presser.) May have been one of his best rallies because of the Mitt-raised issues he addressed.


  9. sandraopines says:

    Media get your head out of the gutter and back in the ditch! On you knees…………………. BEGGING butt wipes.

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  11. Dora says:

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  12. Fox Business just stated that the market went down to the low point of the day while Romney was speaking, and went to the highest of the day while Trump was speaking. They showed the traders on the floor fixated on the TV during Trump’s speech.

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    • don welch says:

      fox is smart. they have pitted foxnews against fbn. foxnews gets the GOPe and fbn is getting trump. they get both. that’s good business you have to admit.

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      • FireAm 85✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

        I watch neither channel, no MSM news for me.
        A special shout-out to Murdoch…PISS OFF!

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        • herdofpugs says:

          I have to admit I still tune in to watch them on my computer sometimes but I don’t believe anything they tell me anymore. I don’t generally believe liars.


    • SeekreOfTruth says:

      I watch/read a lot of stuff and noticed the very same thing. thanks.


  13. budmc ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ says:

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  14. Robert Pilchman says:

    More validation regarding the horrific strategy of the establishment: 4:42 (of – Romney’s speech against Trump March 3, 2016) “Frankly the only serious policy proposals that deal with the broad range of national challenges we confront today come from Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich. One of these men should be our nominee” …

    [5:09 of ] “but the rules of political history have pretty much all been shredded during this campaign. If the other candidates can find some find some common ground I believe we can nominate a person who can win the general election and who will represent the values and policies of conservatism. Given the current delegate selection process that means I would vote for Marco Rubio in Florida and for John Kasich in Ohio and for Ted Cruz and whichever one of the other two contenders has the best chance of beating Mr. Trump in a given state.”

    THIS IS A DECLARATION OF WAR against Donald Trump and We the People who support him with a strategy to deny Trump the nomination via a BROKERED CONVENTION. More importantly SUPPORTERS OF CRUZ, RUBIO, AND KASICH MUST REALIZE (FROM ROMNEY’S SPEECH) THAT THEIR VOTE IS CLEARLY BECOMING LESS AND LESS AN AFFIRMATIVE VOTE – AND MORE AND MORE JUST A SPOILER – A VOTE TO NOMINATE A PERSON ‘X’ – ‘X’ BEING NOT TRUMP – and they have the blatant hypocrisy to relentlessly slander our hero and hope as a con etc.

    Also this is further indication that CRUZ (PURPORTEDLY DESPISED BY THE POLITICAL CLASS) IS ALSO PART OF THE ESTABLISHMENT. This is all out war!!! Trump needs to invest in more advertising to counter the lies to get enough delegates to win on the first ballot – 1 delegate more than 50% (Note: Currently, Trump is reportedly under 50%).

    WE NEED MORE LANDSLIDES in proportional states and WINS in winner take all states. Also my recollection is that Roger Stone said that given the bias Trump needs to actually win 54% of the delegates. Donald Trump in his speech ( – “Donald Trump Rally in Portland, ME (3-3-16)”) seems to have indicated that Romney wants the nomination.

    There also should be consequences for any power / puppet that went over the line such as Ben Sasse, et al. Also: Trump you are right in your speech today – for now never mind the ‘presidential’ – ‘hit them hard’ – too much ‘incoming’! Also from Romney’s speech it seems the establishment including the Republican establishment would prefer Hillary over Trump. The traitors must be held accountable.

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  15. cathie says:

    Rick Santelli unloaded on Romney speech

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  16. Bull Durham says:

    Everyone who knows anyone in Florida and Ohio, call them. Get them excited and get them to recruit all their friends, neighbors and relatives.

    We need Florida and Ohio. Absolutely. We are facing tens of millions of negative ads, robocalls and and fear.

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  17. yy4u says:

    I’m generally a pessimist. I hate that about myself, but that’s who and what I am, so I role with the tide and accept me as me. That said, in the instance of Romney’s speech, I think this is a YUUUGE mistake. I listened to Rush briefly while driving into town to pick up the dog’s probiotics and Rush’s listeners (all Cruz supporters, of course) were livid. At the top of the 2:00 hour, a caller named “Kathy” from Arizona gave one of the most impassioned, intelligent monologues I’ve ever heard. They got what Romney was really saying — that we don’t know what we’re doing. When the Cruz supporters have time to think about it, they’ll realize Romney’s saying “anybody but Trump” (including Cruz) means that a) Cruz IS part of the Establishment so acceptable to the Establishment and electing him will change nothing and b) Cruz can be bought. We don’t need to tell them that — they’re smart and they’ll get it on their own.

    Whether this turns out to be a huge benefit to Trump depends on how he handles it. I have no idea what I’d do in his situation so I do not presume to give Trump advice. What he’s been doing heretofore has worked, so I trust his instincts. That said, he had pivoted to being “presidential” in his after Super Tuesday press conference, so that, too, is an option — to not let the sorry s.o.b. get under his skin. Whatever he does, he has my vote.

    My husband was a huge Romney fan. No mas in the lingua franca of our country unless Trump wins. He told me when I got home that he was listening to a sport show (we’re retired) and the sports casters were critical of Romney. Those on “Morning Joe” this morning seemed shocked that Romney (or anybody) would do such a thing. As I said I am generally a pessimist, but I think this is going to backfire BIG TIME on Romney and the Establishment. Contrarians like myself would go out and vote Trump just to spite them (if I weren’t already for Trump). We’ll see.

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    • Rush didn’t take any callers until Kathy and she was a Cruz supporter defending Trump! And you’re right, she was awesome! I wish I was so articulate! And then at the end when he offered her a MacBook and she told him she’d rather he give it to a military or police family instead it just blew him and me away!

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  18. If Trump used that expression ON YOUR KNEES for Mitt’s begging, it also lends proof that that time he said it on the set of THE APPRENTICE he also only meant it for begging. Even the other stars on the show said Trump only meant it for begging. NOT the gender specific sexual insult Megyn Kelly tried to make it into.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Interesting that it resonated for all the women hosts afterward. Probably a ritual in cable news. Brooke Baldwin and Trish Regan both dove down onto it as if the only meaning was the one on the tip of their tongue and willing brains. Recent memories, I’m guessing.

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      You just have to know the media dogs are going to run with and exploit this. CNN’s intro of Jake Trapper’s 4PM show jokingly issued a parental warning.

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    • NCPatrick says:

      Those of us who have spent a good portion of our lives recently listening to and watching Donald Trump in all sorts of venues have learned one thing: he does not speak off the cuff, and when he makes a statement .. like the on your knees .. about Romney, he did it to get hype and media coverage. It really is best to let Trump be Trump (since there’s nothing we can do about it anyway!) He’s got it, guys.

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      • herdofpugs says:

        I can’t wait to be sick of winning. I can’t even remember what winning feels like. I was beginning to think I never would again. Here’s hoping!

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    • wyntre says:

      Yeah, I said that earlier. In fact, I’ll say it again.

      Trump is a f**king genius. He’s recycling the accusation the Kellymegyn aimed at him during the first debate when she brought up Trump saying about the Celebrity Apprentice contestant Brandi (?) dropping to her knees, “That would be a pretty sight.”

      He is a master at the double entendre.

      Trump is subliminally slaying Megynkelly because she said, in the first debate, he used that same phrase in a sexist way against CA contestant Brandi Glanville.

      By using it against Mitt he proves he’s egalitarian and treats everyone the same.

      3D chess grand master Trump!

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      • Dixie says:

        wow…egalitarian…had to look that one up! I might have had a hint if it had been equalitarian which turns out to be the same meaning. Great word to describe Mr. Trump.


    • amjean says:

      Perhaps Trump stated it again today as a
      little taunt to Ms Kelly.


    • Dixie says:

      Megyn needs to get her mind out of the gutter. She turns everything he says into gender specific or sexual nuisances.

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  19. Martin says:

    I bet the show, “The Apprentice”, sucks now:

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  20. chojun says:

    On twitter and on conservative talk radio I’m seeing pretty much universal rejection of Mitt Romney’s speech today. Universal, resounding rejection except in GOPe circles.

    This is absolutely breathtaking to behold. I did not expect this at all. I think Romney gave Trump and Clinton the best gifts they could ever hope for.

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  21. yy4u says:

    My thoughts on Ted Cruz. First of all he is ineligible. I believe his sealed records show he went to college and grad school as a “foreign student” (same reason Obama’s records are sealed). While the Republicans don’t have the clout and wouldn’t use it if they had it to “unseal” Obama’s records, you can bet your bippy that the majority media will do to Cruz if he’s the nominee what they did to Obama’s senate opponent (forget his name) when they got his divorce records unsealed even though there was a minor child who could be harmed. They’ll unseal Ted’s records in a heartbeat, and if I’m right, that will result in a huge brouhaha in the GOP. The VP whomever he chooses will have to take the top slot and it’ll be a mess. End Result — the Democrat wins whomever s/he is.

    Second observation. The past two elections have nominated an establishment Republican. During all this the Evangelicals and far right wing of the GOP have seethed and like a benchwarmer wanted the chance to enter the game and “prove” he/she can win the game. They don’t understand that this country has moved too far to the left to ever elect a Ted Cruz, but just maybe as with McCain and Romney they need proof. Of course, the end result would be permanent Democrat control of the nation and a European like system as the first step, a third world country the second step. (Europe is now entering the second step phase right now). History repeats not because events repeat but because humans never learn. The kids supporting Sanders right now don’t know socialism doesn’t work, they only know crony capitalism doesn’t work.

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    • John Galt says:

      “My thoughts on Ted Cruz. First of all he is ineligible.”

      Rubio is one step ahead of the FBI and Hillary is about to get indicted. Almost like the Uniparty has somebody else is mind.

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  22. There seems to be a huge lull right now. None of the websites I am visiting, including this one, are featuring any real updates about anything that’s going on. It’s making me nervous.

    Is this the calm before the storm?

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  23. Bull Durham says:

    It’s not over. The RNC is getting a really big person, very powerful, to attack Trump next.
    Justice Roberts will warn the public that Trump will pick a justice who will protect the 2nd Amendment and rollback the destruction done to the Commerce Clause by Roberts in the two Obamacare decisions. Yes, Justice Roberts is next.

    Well, they probably are discussing it. That or El Chapo who will warn that drug mules and pushers will be thrown out of work and that will destroy the border states’ economies if the Wall goes up.

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  24. Dehbashi says:

    I still in shock at how stupid Romney was. He literally admitted to the Splitter Strategy on TV. Shows how arrogant Mittens is.

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  25. jd7890 says:

    I’m so glad that Trump is bringing up that china and other foreign countries are ruining the us….or more that our current politicians are giving our country away.

    Went to the store last night to purchase some gifts for nieces and nephews when I go visit them – i could not find one single item not made in china in the toy store. it was disgusting. books, toys, puzzles, stuffed animals, pillows, even hello kitty stuff…ALL made in china.

    we can’t let these politicians take us down this road anymore.

    Trump is the ONLY one who is talking about these huge issues – I really just can’t see how people voting for other candidates don’t see this. All cruz and rubio do is attack – do they have any policies besides ruining America?

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    • I’m sick and tired of cheap China products. Everything, from phones to faucets, that I buy from China break within one year.

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      • Gail Combs says:

        Dr W. Edwards Deming must be rolling over in his grave. After all the progress that was made in Quality in the 1960s thru 1980s, the Globalists had to roll out ISO. The Chinese are even further behind in quality than the USA is. Dr Deming is who taught Quality to the Japanese. He disliked ISO

        “…Scott Dalgleish… an ASQ certified quality manager who has worked in the quality profession since the late 1980s, is not happy with the direction that the quality movement has taken in recent years. And he sees the ISO 9000 family of standards as the primary negative influence.
        Among other things, Dalgleish contends that ISO 9000 misdirects resources to an overabundance of paperwork that does almost nothing to make products better, while fostering complacency among top management and quality professionals alike. The recent conversion to the 2000 version of the standard has only made things worse, he says. While ISO 9000:2000 has almost no effect on how good companies operate, it requires huge amounts of time for document revision that could better be spent on real quality improvement, he believes….”

        The mail response to Scott’s article agreed.

        Probing the Limits: ISO 9001 Proves Ineffective

        “…I’m wondering if there might be a silent majority of Quality readers out there on the topic of ISO 9000. The response to my July editorial, “Eliminate ISO 9000?,” was the heaviest that we have received in some time. I got lots of e-mails from readers about the piece, which reported the views of Scott Dalgleish, a quality professional who has been publicly critical of the impact of ISO 9000 on manufacturers, and has suggested that companies eliminate ISO 9000 altogether from their quality management systems.
        Many of the responses were quite articulate, and some were humorous and entertaining. You can read a sampling in this month’s Quality Mailbag department on p. 12.
        One thing that struck me about the letters I received is that almost all expressed some level of agreement with Dalgleish, particularly on issues related to excessive ISO 9000 documentation requirements. As you’ll see in the Mailbag department, one reader even said that his company has already dropped its ISO 9001 certification with no apparent negative effects.

        What surprised me is that the July editorial elicited no ardent rebuttals in defense of ISO 9000.
        The Food Safety Modernization Act/HACCP is ISO applied to farming and food. That is why food borne illnesses have doubled after HACCP was introduced.

        (I am an ASQ certified quality Engineer)


  26. shiloh1973 says:

    This guy is great. Just a regular hard working small business owner. Boy does he like Trump. Please watch until the end. He did this for Super Tuesday.

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  27. NHVoter says:

    Neocon elitists.

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  28. Michelle says:

    Re: the knees comment–even if ones mine “goes there” any smart normal person would know he meant begging. One thing about Trump is that he’s actually an old guy, and it seems some words he uses have an old fashioned meaning. Like when he called MK a bimbo I’m almost positive he didn’t mean it in the modern sense of “slut”, I think he meant it in the older meaning of “vacuous/airhead.”

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  29. rumpole2 says:

    Mitt has got Lying Ted’s six

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  30. Deacon warrior says:

    First time poster, long time reader. Always respected Romney but never understood his inability to attack Obama. Trump is far from perfect person or candidate but he loves our country and will work to make it better.
    This speech from Bill Whittle from 2012 puts today’s conflict in perspective.


  31. Nick says:

    I was watching Right Side Broadcasting on Youtube as I usually do for every Trump’s rally and found that his audience has gotten more than double than his previous rallies. There were nearly 47,0000 people watching online. I took a screenshot that I want to upload here but for some reason I can’t seem to upload. Can someone tell me why I can do that?

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  32. DaveNY says:

    milk toast mittens got SCHLONGED

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  33. Nick says:

    Folks there is a Poll on MSNBC asking if Trump should release his tax returns statements. Please go vote, Link below:

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  34. JJ says:

    Strangely, yesterday I received a RNC letter, begging for a $35 donation.
    I have not received any communication from them for over 8 years!!
    I wrote on outside of envelope and inside of letter:
    Dear Priebus, I am voting for Trump who doesn’t need my money to run OR win!!!

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  35. Nick says:

    The Truth About Marco Rubio –


  36. Linda says:

    Just saw on Twitter that there is a petition you can sign to basically tell Romney to sit down and shut up.

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  37. yadent says:

    I may have missed it from a prior post but Trump released his healthcare plan apparently today——-——within it points #5 & #7 are extremely important in that if they are actually implemented could reduce healthcare spending in the US by up to 80%. That in and of itself could literally wipe out the yearly Federal deficit, and wipe out most states deficits which are due to ever rising pension medical costs. We could possibly see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of overall Federal debt being reduced significantly also. Too bad this Romeny crap is pushing this important issue aside as Trump is the ONLY candidate who has now given a comprehensive healthcare plan.

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    • I don’t think this Romney thing is doing anything but helping Trump! I can’t wait to watch the debate tonight cause they’ve got to know what a flop Romny’s speech was by then! And you’re right his health care plan is great!

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    • Eris says:

      Yes Karl Denninger has been writing about this for years and has a good explanation article about how important Trump’s healthcare reform position document is:

      It’s probably no coincidence that he release it after Super Tuesday and before tonight’s debate.

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    • rashamon says:

      I am doing research for a family whose child has pediatric cancer with a 15 to 20% survival rate. It’s sad, but has forced me take a look at some critical components delivering healthcare to patients.

      One, it is almost impossible to get an advanced pricing or an estimate for services such as an MRI or PET-scan and, then the prices are all over the place; $600 at one California hospital whose staff seemed to know something about costing to over $5000 by an Eastern medical facility where it was simply an estimate. They all have a very difficult time with those little extras that will be thrown in such as “reading” the scans or that funky robe you have to wear, so even their best efforts cannot be trusted. I tried to pick markets where the cost of living was comparable so the cost of delivering healthcare could be analyzed fairly.

      Second, as was by happenstance announced by the joint study of the British Medical Journal and the University of Chicago just this week, over $3 billion in chemotherapy drugs is WASTED every year because pharma manufacturers only package these chemicals for the U.S. market one-size-fits-all script. The rest is thrown away as it cannot be used for another dose given opportunities for contamination. Obviously, a 250-pound man is going to require different and larger doses compared to a 130-pound woman compared to a 30-pound toddler. But U.S. vials are one size. In Europe, they are multiple sizes so the man might get six vials, while the woman gets three and the toddler gets one. And chemotherapy is not the only drug delivered in this way in the U.S. Multiply this across all the drugs consumed and we have a serious waste of money for our nation’s healthcare.

      Other aspects need reform, too, but as yadent said, those two alone would be a great kick-off to cutting our national costs enormously.

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  38. Pingback: Trump Makes You Feel You're Part Of An Exclusive Club

  39. Bull Durham says:

    Mitt Romney has earned the right to prove himself a complete and utter self-destructive fool.
    Mission accomplished. Thank you. We’re done with you. Never want to see or hear from you again.

    Now, go ride your car elevator in Oceanside or La Jolla or wherever the hell you built it.

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  40. Rosco says:

    Donald Trump is our gladiator … Tonight during the debate I’ll be chanting “Maximus, Maximus!”. I pray as he enters the arena he will feel our millions of voices bouying and encouraging him on. Strength and honor.

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  41. wyntre says:

    “Mitt just handed Trump the Republican nomination.”

    The guest on Sean Hannity said that just now. (I’ll post his name soon as I catch it. It’s some pundit)

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    • wyntre says:

      This same guest, Michael ?, said Trump showed Romney loyalty, friendship and support, both morally and financially.

      He did robocalls for him in 6 states.

      For Romney to now insult Trump as a fraud, a phony and a conman is despicable.

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  42. Now CNN reports trump will have donors fundraising if he becomes the nominee! Trump did say in an interview that he may consider using RNC money in general election against Hillary! CNN says it will be flip flop and will lose us the voters! Msm still don’t get us! I don’t care if he takes donor money for general election. I’ll vote for him till the end!

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  43. be says:

    Romney made the news cycle big time. I think that’s what he was after. Negative to Trump is a bonus. Romney/Ryan failed ticket .. Lost to Candy Crowley. Think they are going to try again? Maybe why Ryan thinks he can speak up not worried about getting voted out.


  44. Robert Pilchman says:

    Let Trump be Trump – COUNTER THE LIES – Trump – Good luck tonight – Also: Invest in more advertising. “Senator Sessions will serve as the Chairman of my National Security Advisory Committee. … ” May G-d please bless and protect our Donald Trump.

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  45. redsequin4 says:

    Wow, just caught Lou Dobbs show tonight and he was amazing. He tore the DC elites and Mittens a new one and defended DT like I’ve never seen before from anyone on Faux News. Thank you Lou for speaking out so forcefully. It was truly something to behold.

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