The Craziest Political Prediction Article Ever Written….

It’s been right there all along; a sense, an instinctual sense, a gut feeling, since late June 2015, and in all the subsequent months, it just kept reoccurring – and with the passing of events, each time it became more and more difficult to dismiss….


Before getting to the heart of this entirely speculative presentation, and specifically because it’s so far out there that, well, if accurate, a litany of people will claim we had to hold some insider connection, we must restate and remind everyone – we have never had any contact with any entity from the Donald Trump organization. Period.

Two semi-connected articles surface recently which tip the scales toward actually sitting down and writing these words.

One is an obscure but accurate summary of the GOPe Road Map and Splitter Strategy (which we have outlined since 2014, and presented with specific detail in 2015) which a person took up, expanded and tried to explain in one article –  presented HERE.   The second article is a more mainstream source, the New York Times presented HERE.  (both should be absorbed)

Now let me try to explain.

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy on June 16th 2015, something odd presented itself almost immediately.  Within the oddity you will actually find the reason why CTH was supportive of Trump from the first day of his announcement.   You see, the odd thing was Team Trump did stuff almost ‘as if’ he/they knew the same things we had been writing about for the 18 months previous.

In June, July, and August 2015, the actions Trump was taking, the specific things he was doing and saying, were exactly the things we would predict a candidate would do and say if they too knew the GOPe Road Map and Splitter Strategy was the grand scheme to be defeated.  But it couldn’t be, right?  Right?

I mean c’mon.  There’s no way this guy could actually have tracked all those insider meetings in DC (2013, 2014) and beyond: with the RNC Rules Committee, the national and then state RNC apparatus’s, the BIG donors, the Wall Street affiliates, the professional consulting class, the legislative leaders and meetings with Tom Donohue (CoC) etc.  There’s no way he could have looked at all of it and reached the same conclusion.

I mean, there’s no way this guy would have looked at all of it and come to the same conclusion as this little obscure discussion blog on the internet that no-one pays any attention to.  Right?

Ridiculous.  Right?

Yet the stuff Trump was doing, was ‘as if’ he were two steps ahead of them.  Heck, in hindsight, two months ahead of them.

trump vs bush

When we outlined the pathway for Jeb Bush it seemed incredulous even to ourselves, so when people said we were nuts, whacko, conspiracy theorists, and “good researchers on other stuff who have jumped the shark to the land of insanity” (that one from Lucianne was LOL funny), it did not come as a surprise.

However, as each domino hit the next domino in the strategic sequence we had outlined in the road-map and splitter strategy, via tripwires, something weird happened.  The shouts of derision grew quieter and quieter.

But the entire thing still seemed rather unfathomable even to us as we tried to explain the unexplainable, and contextualize something that was infinitely more Machiavellian than we could rightfully explain.  Yet now, almost everyone accepts the broad strokes of the GOPe constructed plan were indeed as they always seemed to be in the original outline back in 2014 and early 2015.

But that’s not the point.

The weird part was watching a presidential campaign operate ‘as if’ they knew all of this stuff even further afield of our own advance recon efforts.

One of the key aspects that kept drawing us back to this sense of campaign synergy was how relentless Trump was on Jeb Bush.  Even when Jeb dropped to 4% in the polls, Trump kept nailing him and keeping him from re-emerging.   It was ‘as if’ his campaign knew the goal would always be Jeb – and that is the foundational block of the entire GOPe plan all along.

Here’s the even more crazy speculation part.  I’m now almost 80% convinced that Donald Trump came to the same conclusion of the GOPe intent as we presented on these pages for the past 18+ months.  Somehow, when he announced/launched his exploratory committee is was not an “exploration” of viability per se’, but rather a 3 month strategy session for how to defeat the entire apparatus underpinning the plan.

There are just too many coincidences, too many specific moves that were taken, which align with what a campaign would need to do – if they too reached the same ultimate conclusion.

Having said that, it appears in hindsight the phrase “let Trump be Trump“, was not about letting candidate Donald Trump be the overly brazen vulgarian larger than life figure who somehow manages to find a way to turn certain defeat into victory.

No, “let Trump be Trump” in this context is: Let Donald Trump execute the careful plan he has developed over the past several years, to eliminate the hurdles that no-one sees, except him, that lay afore him.

You see, this Trump is the intensely strategic long-range planner Trump who has developed his own roadmap to defeat their scheme.  All of it “them”, and all of “it”.

If this overwhelming ‘spidey-sense’, this crazy speculation you are reading, is actually accurate, then EVERYTHING you are seeing today – which everyone sees as reactionary – is not a reaction, but a calculated and methodical pro-active plan.  A brilliant plan.

A brilliant plan filled with intense foresight and insanely high levels of strategic thinking which even includes pre-staging people, events, and situations along a very specific path where and when Donald Trump knows he will need them.

If this is accurate, and again I reassert this is insanely speculative, this also implies the Chris Christie aspect was indeed a calculated pre-determined move at least 18 months ago.   And what’s more, even beyond Chris Christie, there’s every reason to believe Trump has an ally in at least one more camp still in the race.

My hunch is now telling me there’s a person who was bitterly betrayed by the “establishment” inside Team Cruz; and almost everyone can guess who that person is (with enough thought, and a paradigm shift toward pre-planning).  A person waiting, like a trigger, to be pulled if needed.  However, at this point it’s doubtful they will be needed.

If you are still with me, and if you are generally understanding what this means in the larger context, then we must also accept that Trump specifically knew what lines of attack would come when the GOPe entered their desperation mode.   [“A drowning man is also a danger”].   If accurate Trump would have pre-planned for the racist attack, for the sexist attack, and for the financial attack (tax returns) etc.

A level of pre-planning that puts him in a position to actually create the attack itself and make it useful.  Meaning, he’s baiting them.

Every move pre-planned, every action -while seeming to be a reaction- is actually a pro-active execution of the plan.  Let Trump be Trump, is let Trump execute his plan.

If accurate, Trump is intentionally giving the appearance of vulnerability in order to bait the opposition into an attack he has a crushing response already previously thought out.

If his opponent doesn’t attack strongly enough to create the benefit of the intended impact he desires, he simply appears more vulnerable; and that makes his opposition attack with more intensity.  However, all-the-while Trump is waiting patiently to use the atomic sledgehammer, waiting, waiting, waiting….

He wants to be called a racist, he has a plan for it.  He wants to be called a sexist, he has a plan for it.  He wants them to attack intensely because the responses are more valuable when the attack is strongest.   In short, he has thought through all the angles, all of the ‘if-this-then-that’ approaches.   He’s been months ahead the entire time.

If accurate, Trump is baiting the RNC/GOPe because he knew all along that removing Jeb Bush would lead to an open convention challenge.  To bring out all the enemies into one battle venue, he needs to give them a trail to follow – he needs all of them to come out of the shadows feeling safe in their attack (See Paul Ryan today).

Donald Trump wants his enemies, America’s embedded enemies, emboldened and feeling empowered.  He also wants to give the illusion of vulnerability – he’s drawing them out.

I told you this was “out there”.  But if even remotely accurate, my hunch is Trump has some major “closing surprises” just waiting to be triggered….

….perhaps tonight.

trump general

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642 Responses to The Craziest Political Prediction Article Ever Written….

  1. Dan Schwartz says:

    Steve King is the “Establishment insider” in the Cruz campaign, as far as I can tell.

    In any case, it’s now to Trump’s benefit that Cruz stay in as a “splitter” as the last thing he needs, in terms of the delegate map, is a one-on-one against Rove-io, err, Rubio, due to the 20% vote thresholds in some states; and to “seal the deal” in the post-March 14th WTM/WTA states, especially Florida.

    Rubio offered Cruz Judge Nino’s SCOTUS seat if he drops out; Trump offered it to him if he stays in.

    My prediction for tonight: Trump crosses the 50% threshold in Massachusetts; and on the heels of the Sessions endorsement I’ve revised my Alabama prediction from 45% to also crossing the 50% threshold.

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  2. Howie says:

    Georgia leads the way!

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  3. Father Thyme says:

    Don’t know if it was mentioned earlier but Politico has an interesting story about Trump closely following the David Purdue campaign for Senate in Georgia in 2014. Purdue is a former businessman who ran as an outsider and won the Republican primary (including a runoff) then beat the Democrat in the General election. Worth reading and supports the notion that Trump is a long range strategic thinker.

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  4. Marygrace Powers says:

    I’m betting that the person “bitterly betrayed by the establishment inside the Cruz Team is none other than billionaire Robert Mercer……

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  5. Totally Domestic says:

    I was always puzzled over Christie’s brutal smack down of Rubio in the Robot attack.
    Wasn’t he a splitter too?
    I think it was Trump strategy fm the get go. Trump to Christie: You take down Rubio, I’ll take down Jeb.

    Also, there has to be a mole, because Rush was outed for the meeting with the big wigs
    when he was told not to attack amnesty. Rush is so scared he is confessing his sin of meetings with Rubio as a preemptive strike. Before he was outed on that too.

    Cruz mole? Who could that be? What has that mole done for the cause?

    Kicker would be that Trump chooses Carson as VP and all the KKK slander vanishes in thin air,
    but I don’t think that is gonna happen. That attack is all about spooking the black Trump voters.
    GOPe must hate black Trump voters and think they are lo fo ignoramuses to believe such a
    farcical story.

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      But is Carson ready to be president? Many think he is not and that would go against Trump’s talk of picking a VP ready and strong to be president

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      • Carson is very smart. If Trump created a team that could amplify his talents and mollify his weaknesses, it might work. But in any case, remember this.

        Trump knows way more than we do – about all these guys.

        My money is on Chris Christie. Trump’s whole essence is a kind of “outsider Christie”. Chritie is “insider Trump”. They’re apparently old friends. Trump seems to like him. It all adds up.

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        • KitKat says:

          I think the fact that they’re appearing together lends credence to where you’ve placed your money. When I saw them on stage together today, I thought, that looks like a ticket.

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          • Indeed, when I think about two friends with their exact histories, it’s almost like Trump provides the brand and the brilliant mind, and Christie providing the legal knowledge and insider savvy. Christie is competent but cursed by his New England-imposed moderation (slight as that is, but fatal to his presidential hopes). Trump sells like hotcakes, but he lacks the political “ground game” which Christie does in his sleep.

            Together, Trump lets Christie be Christie (a true conservative for 50 states, not just New Jersey), and Christie lets Trump be Trump (master chess player in a new game).

            The sum is more than the parts. Other answers may be flashier, but this one sets a high bar in terms of workability.

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            • jackphatz says:

              If it’s justice Trump seeks, then wouldn’t Christie be the one as Trumps AG? Opening Obama’s records is going to take a h3ll of a man to do that. AS much as I loathe that murderess wench, Obama’s records need to be released. I want Jack Cashill to be there too. The burn the witch at the stake.

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              • judyw says:

                I see Christie as Trump’s AG. Not sure I followed that “murderes wench” part. Is the “witch” you refer to Pelosi who signed signed the certification in 2008 for the State of HI that Obama was eligible when current Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz, who was Chair of the State Democratic Party in 2008, refused to certify him as eligible to be president of the United States likely because Schatz knew there was no long form “certificate of live birth” (COLB)? If not, I’d like to add her in ….

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                • jackphatz says:

                  Hillary’s fostering of Vince Foster and the many others we know about but can’t prove. She had the pets of Bill’s women killed to silence them.

                  But yes, let’s add her too. Any lawyers here, what ‘s the statue of limitations on treasonous acts.


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        • Watchingtheweasels says:

          Trump/Christie is too regionally limited a ticket. Christie has issues.

          Trump/Huckabee would be better. It peels away some Carson/Cruz supporters. Huckabee is too old to run for president in 8 years so some of his more concerning positions (Common Core) won’t ever see the light of day in the White House.

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        • Ray Titus says:

          Trump said two days ago that Chris Christie would make a great Attorney General. My guess is that’s where Christie is headed.

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      • Totally Domestic says:

        No way! Carson is not ready to be president. I was just musing. But, he could apprentice under Trump for 8 yrs & who knows what he could become. Seems
        everyone likes him as a person. But as I told my daughter this is not a personality
        contest. Hopefully, Carson will endorse Trump at least.

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      • Watchingtheweasels says:

        No, he’s not ready to be president, but he would be a fine surgeon general in the Cruz administration.


  6. Katherine McCoun says:

    Cain was an energetic and energizing candidate who was tea party and an outsider to the GOPe. Would love to know what he is up to these days! But that can’t be it as he is not an “insider” with Cruz

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  7. yohio says:

    I have commented and said here, part of a group when in New York who begged him to run in 2012. All we were told then and as time went on is to watch and if needed things would unfold. So I was very excited when SD and the CTH gang started noticing things. None of this is far fetched, it was a very calculated plan in the works for awhile. I kept being amazed as it has unfolded, not without problems but with precision.Lots more to come shhhhh

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  8. itswoot says:

    The primary campaign has taken on the air of a Sherlock Holmes mystery. Much intrigue.

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  9. TheFenian says:

    Georgia looks good in the early exit polls (albeit less than the 50 we hoped for).
    But dang all Virginia. Don’t want or like Rubio that close.


  10. jackmcg says:

    Alright, if its Mercer, that means Trump is far deeper in the know about monetary policy than he’s been letting on. Mercer is big on the Gold Standard. (So am I, actually). And actually, hard money goes hand in hand with nationalism.

    Fiat currency and the petrodollar is internationalist, and only works in a world where we are hand in hand with Saudi Arabia. Its been the one thing that’s given me any pause about Trump, ever. Because if we cut ties with the Saudis, the way Trump and everyone wants to, then they start selling for oil for other currencies and gold, and oooops there goes the dollar.

    So yes, I am now hoping the “mole” is Mercer, and that Trump has a much, much deeper knowledge of currency than I ever gave him credit for.

    Roger Stone, Trump friend for decades, is also a big gold standard guy and worked for Nixon, often says cutting the link to Gold was Nixon’s biggest mistake.

    So guys, the shakeup can be far bigger than we’ve even thought.

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    • KitKat says:

      Mercer belongs to the donor class. That goes against Trump’s theme.

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      • spacette55 says:

        This is a flight of fantasy; but, what if Trump had manipulated Cruz’s campaign financing through Robert Mercer — essentially set up the Cruz campaign knowing it would implode because his base is so narrow he’d never get a majority in enough states to make a difference.

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        • There are reasons to do this. Counter the roadmap. Trump breaks up the splitters by taking control of the other side’s pieces. Cruz first, and then Christie join the Trump coalition. Trump vs. Jeb. Trump is still there. Jeb is in his vampire bed until the next nightfall at the convention, if Team RINO can devise a Plan B.


      • spacette55 says:

        Trump was in the donor class for 25 years. He knows all these guys. He’s contributed to the RNC and all the campaigns since the 1980s.

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    • cozette says:

      Remember Trumps IQ makes him smarter than 99.99% of the people on this planet. He has a degree from THE ivy league school for business. Trump has talked favorably about returning to the gold standard. Meanwhile the globalists are working in the EU to eliminate cash transactions entirely. Hmm.

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  11. kinthenorthwest says:

    Like I said the Trump family are in unison for their father.

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  12. Sun Tzu says:

    Trump’s David Duke controversy is the most brilliant move of political chess in history

    CNN threw the David Duke question trap, and Trump stumbled, everyone thought he fell in.

    And what came after was 48 hours of relating Trump to Duke and the KKK. Vicious character assassination by every single media outlet including Fox. With a few people: O’Rielly, Huckabee and Paul calling out the corrupt media.

    You see Trump’s “stumble” on CNN was COMPLETELY preplanned, he calculated the media response. It was even more brilliant than Napoleon leaving the Prazen heights

    It forced people to draw out the Hillary and Robert Byrd connection.
    Media, on their own dime and time, completely made a mockery of themselves.
    When all the media is attacking Trump and a few people are calling the media out, Trump dominated the air waves and everyday conversations, completely controlling the narrative
    As Trump has been defended and even endorsed by many while being viciously attacked, he has firmly placed himself as anti-establishment, and the underdog. Many people who doubted him being genuinely anti-establishment are now fully convinced. This was his biggest roadblock, convincing people he is genuine!
    The left and GOP has alienated even more people. GOP using leftist race-baiting tactics? The left wanting to control how minorities think? Making up news? And Fox being called out by their own number one anchor?
    And most importantly, he didn’t spent a single cent, or any effort, all this was paid by the Koch brothers, and the DNC. He caused his enemies to spend hundreds of millions, and what did they gain? Nothing!
    They don’t even realize that they got played like a fiddle. Seriously, this is the equivalent of Caesar using his enemy’s soldiers(media) and money to win the battle, and his enemy’s still thinking that they won.

    Ironically this “David Duke” person also got hundred of millions of free advertising and press.

    I first thought Trump was a joke, then like another Roosevelt, then another Jefferson, now I see him as another Napoleon or Caesar, quite possibly the most brilliant man in our time, whose name will be remember thousands of years later! Him winning a media battle in a 2 minute interview, and having all his enemies waste money to give everything he wanted, even Sun Tzu would be jealous!

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    • jedimastertrump says:

      Beaten like a drum.

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      • marierogers says:

        all the media attention given to the duke incident had me puzzled..why doesnt TRUMP put this to rest???..surely he can! instead he seemed to be avoiding doing this..i guess i know why now..could we say he’s been playing chess?

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        • Sun Tzu says:

          Why would he put it to rest? The media just gave Duke hundreds of millions worth of free coverage. Check Google search trends for Duke. Now millions will search up Duke and be exposed to nationalist ideas (he’s a nationalist right?). It’s if ALL the networks report that this site is like Gobbels for Trump 24 hours straight. Imagine how much traffic this site gets!

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    • “The Force is strong with this one.”

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    • Sun Tzu, great post. I knew the David Duke thing wasn’t a flub on Trump’s part but thought it was strictly to get the media attention right before Super Tuesday. Charles Payne and Charlie Gasperino on Fox Business fell for it hook,line, and sinker. I watched the returns on FBN tonight and Gasperino wouldn’t let it go. Lou and Cavuto were so annoyed with him. I’m seeing a shift in attitude about Trump.


    • Millwright says:

      An astute analysis, ST !


  13. srr says:

    I have to smile.

    I had just posted the following on a Pro-Trump thread at an Anti-Trump site, then popped back here to find this post, and smiled, big!

    Again, no matter how this election cycle ends, honest, observant people will be eternally grateful to Trump for skillfully outing so many of the white anting, double dealing, enemies within.

    btw, notice he talks about the Media, not the Mainstream Media, being worse than politicians.

    You really think he doesn’t have a handle on MSM/Social[ist] Media tag-teaming, to steal control of public discourse and replace it with the UN Agenda selling narrative … obviously a great many Social[ist] Media wonks do … if they’ve bothered to think of thinking about it at all.

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  14. kinthenorthwest says:

    From a Friend—
    Maybe Trump should give Hillary some pointers on how to be a good wife…

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  15. kinthenorthwest says:

    Very True

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  16. McGuffin says:

    When we saw Christie attacking Rubio so viciously in the debate, then leave the race…it was part of the plan. I think Carson figures into it, but I’m not excited about that. I’m not a big Carson hugger.
    Log four votes for Trump here in Texas today! Will hug Trump ❤

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  17. weavinplain says:

    Sundance’s laser perception has helped his devoted Treepers to crystalize their understanding of the Trump brilliance. Much that we may have suspected lay below the surface and Sundance has brought everything to light.

    One factor I have not seen addressed and I’d like to hear your opinions. Did Trump actually visualize the enormous groundswell of voter support that would catapult him forward? Did he really anticipate that 35,000 enthusiastic supporters would crowd a campaign rally? Is it possible to strategize such vocal and unwavering support before it happens? Did he assume correctly that if he put all the other pieces in place, the reaction of American voters was inevitable?

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    • Totally Domestic says:

      Honestly, I think the 35,000 is a God thing.
      Trump’s whole life has been a prep for this
      There is an unseen hand in this.

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      • Agreed. The overwhelming numbers were probably a pleasant surprise – a bit of an attaboy from above.

        I think Trump is both awe-struck and respectful of the God aspects of this. He reckons correctly that love of country is good but scary, and needs love of God and love for our neighbors to keep it on a righteous path.

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    • Just Me says:

      In response to your question, I do believe that Trump counted on the anti-DC sentiment to bring about his popularity. Poll after poll show Congress approval ratings around 10 to 15%, and the media not far ahead of that. Knowing that, he knew he could come out against the political class, as well as the media, and come out victorious in the public’s mind. Who else have you ever seen call the media dishonest, and still end up with hours a day of free interview time? Trump knows controversy sells, and he’s used the media to keep his name at the front of the conversation, 24 hours a day for months, no cost to him.

      Looking back, I believe the show “The Apprentice” was part of his overall strategy for his Presidential run. Quite simply, he got paid a LOT of money to appear on America’s TV screens, looking like a tough, fair, and smart leader. As a by-product, he got paid to recruit some high level executive talent to his organization. Normal searches for top level execs normally cost a company in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not Trump, he built his brand, and got paid to hire some really smart, motivated people.

      Finally, I believe Trump has been planning this run for decades, not years. Granted his business interests came first, but he used his business experiences to build a vast network of agents in the political arena as well. If the time became right, Trump would use his network to make the run we are seeing now.

      Looking back in hindsight, I often sit and shake my head at the strategic game he’s playing, and has played in the past. The phrase “the right man at the right time” has been used over and over. Trump has always been the right man, he just figured out now is the right time.

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      • Great post – love the way you put it!!!

        Trump is scary bright! Got to see him today – you can just feel it! Yelled myself hoarse! 😀

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      • skifflegirl says:

        A few days ago Trump said in an interview that he didn’t run in 2012 because of some business interests but mainly because he wanted his adult children to be a little older and a little bit more experienced in order to take over the business.

        I love that he always puts his children first. Even Baron is a little older and better able to just hang out with Mom Melania while Dad campaigns.

        “I love it when a plan comes together.” Trump waited for his A-Team to come together.

        During the press conference at Mar-a-Lago just now, reporters asked three times about the David Duke disavowal. The last time was a reporter asking about whether Trump can unify the party when Ryan and McConnell just commented that he didn’t disavow stronger or more adamantly.

        To this, Trump responded that he would get along with them, but if Ryan didn’t like him as President, then Mr. Speaker was going to have a lot of trouble.

        Egging and baiting. Egging and baiting.

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    • kpm58 says:


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  18. old edgerd says:

    All I want to know is, why in the world can’t this writer speak clearly. In that light are we sure she’s speaking truthfully


  19. rjcylon says:

    I know Trump is ten steps ahead of everyone else but how does he stop them in their backroom meetings where they hand the nomination to someone like Romney? Our political system will survive but it could get ugly before it gets better.


    • Sun Tzu says:

      Using spies, moles, making deals and offers, and simply predicting moves. Some of these establishment types would turn in order to save their country. And many of them are oldbloods, who lacked the sky high intelligence that their founder grand parents had. Trump IS establishment, he can essentially divide the elites. That’s how he’ll win the convention, he’ll cause a massive shitstorm of GOP betrayal but still get the party nom, then he’ll divide the democratic base. Remember, drama is good for TV. He WANTS the GOP to betray him at the convention! The same way he wanted the media to smash into him this week.

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    • RINOKiller says:

      A lawsuit so expensive that it bankrupts the GOP!

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  20. Sundance you are brilliant. This is by far the most intriguing, exciting election ever. Thank you to both you and Mr. Trump and his incredible team (whoever they are)!

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    • Southern Son says:

      Sundance, you are much too humble IMO.
      I suspect that you are the Trump mole among US.
      This WHOLE Trump plan is SO Brilliant, I would Not be surprised if YOU are DT’s psyops on us.
      I started following CTH when I was in So. Fla. during traavon incident. I have always Respected and Appreciated your diligence at pursuing the Truth, and Proscecuting the Enemedia propaganda.
      But your research, and the Accuracy there of, is just mind boggling.
      And such a Pleasure, after years of spousal abuse at the hands of those who we elected to look out for OUR best interest.
      Thank You So Much!! I will show my appreciation with a Much Deserved, and Admitedly delinquent contribution to TCTH.
      You have proven that SUNLIGHT (Sundance), IS the best disenfectant.

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  21. Curry Worsham says:

    Rope-a-dope, baby.

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    • marierogers says:

      loveee your video, so 5 LIKES..sorry but my likes dont show up (many others dont)

      love how Ali he comes back up for the count!


  22. MDiceman says:

    After the Christie endorsement, I began to wonder if he was part of the Trump team from Day 1.

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  23. Serpentor says:

    Going along with the theory…

    Remember that $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation?

    Paid reconnaissance. Who called Trump a few days prior to his announcement? I think Mr Trump was picking their brain for quite some time.

    Know your enemy.

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  24. jackphatz says:

    The Vast Trump Wing Conspiracy vs The Temple of Corruption.

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  25. Every time I read this post, my smile gets bigger.


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  26. not2worryluv says:

    Well I was expecting something other than a stump speech from Mr. Trump. Don’t waste your political capital-this turns folks off


  27. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:

    Sure hope you’re right…I was right on the GOPe pulling out the stops to attack their own front runner

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  28. margo says:

    I cannot imagine Trump agreeing with Christie’s first words tonight, So wrong to speak first of bringing the Republican party together! LOOK at what the party tried to do to Trump. We all support him as Americans, NOT as Republicans.. Certainly the first he should have spoken to and of would have been the people! Not that corrupt bunch of hyenas sitting in DC. He broke my heart! This is NOT a republican victory. They don’t want him to win. All wrong!

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    • I think Trump is implying unification on The People’s terms, since Trump is holding those cards. And I LIKE that idea!

      Trump has rightly seen that the media no longer represents The People to the government. He is cutting out the media from political say-so. And the old party apparatus that sold out to the commiecrats is in a tight spot. Very tight. They could get cut out, too.

      Art of the deal!

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    • singtune says:

      margo~~Trump IS taking Over the Party with US~! I believe TRUMP & Christie PLANNED what Christie would say tonight ~~”TOGETHER”~~ very Carefully. the UNIFIED Party will be on TRUMP’S Terms~~Not their’s! Please believe me~~Trump has NOT come this far to GIVE IN to the Establishment GOP~!

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    • Watchingtheweasels says:

      Those are the sorts of conciliatory things you say when as presumptive nominee you’re preparing to turn your fire on Hillary Clinton. I wouldn’t make too much of it. The man has conquered the GOP. Rubio’s only shot is if the GOP establishment is willing to completely dismiss the results of the primary/caucus process and install Rubio as the nominee over the will of the people. Cruz might win Kansas, but beyond that I see him struggling to win many more states at all. Mississippi should follow Georgia and Alabama’s lead and go Trump. Most of the west will go Trump. Rubio will probably win Puerto Rico and DC.

      Liked by 1 person

  29. Sun Tzu says:

    Attacking Trump’s donations to Hillary ends up wrecking Hillary for taking the money

    The media attacks Trump by linking the two together and talk about how Trump donated to Hillary hence why he’s untrustworthy.

    However, all this does is remind liberals that Hillary took “evil” Trump’s money, and raises the question of who else paid Hillary!

    This actually puts Hillary on the defensive!
    The comments on this liberal rag are vicious to her.

    The Donald can just leak their past friendship to the “gotcha” journalists, who blasts it 24/7 on their Clinton News Networks, ending up wrecking Hillary. And it’s free!

    Liked by 3 people

  30. Suzy Kiprien says:

    TEXAS for Cruz – Really surprised at the gap between Cruz and Trump.
    I don’t trust electronic voting. Too many easy opportunities for fraud – the group entrusted with the voting machines and the manipulation re electronic voting.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yes – big gap, but interesting that Trump basically conceded it by not campaigning hard in Texas, IMO. But I think I see the logic. Recall his zinger about eliminating Rubio. He basically let Ted help. His own private Putin in Syria.

      Liked by 4 people

  31. grad says:

    Well, the press conference was a letdown- nothing new there. Maybe something didn’t happen that was supposed to?


  32. Ziiggii says:

    Haven’t read the comments, but…

    My hunch is now telling me there’s a person who was bitterly betrayed by the “establishment” inside Team Cruz; and almost everyone can guess who that person is (with enough thought, and a paradigm shift toward pre-planning). A person waiting, like a trigger, to be pulled if needed. However, at this point it’s doubtful they will be needed.

    If you are still with me, and if you are generally understanding what this means in the larger context, then we must also accept that Trump specifically knew what lines of attack would come when the GOPe entered their desperation mode. [“A drowning man is also a danger”].

    WHO? Just asking to see if anyone else is thinking the same thoughts as little ‘ol stupid me…

    This type of writing is fun! I love BOLD statements by SD. This is where rubber meets the road and SD has an incredible ‘spidey sense’. Now is the time I’ll grab some of that popcorn.

    Liked by 2 people

  33. lou Ann Watson says:

    i’ve been saying for a while that trump has been luring the beasts of the uniparty out into the open so he can decimate them one by one…if anyone can drive a wooden stake into the chest of hillary, it is donald trump. kill her off, once and for all. she’s like freaking jason, just keeps coming back.

    Liked by 2 people

  34. jackmcg says:

    Holy Cow, just had another thought.

    Remember this tweet:

    And then we were told they had to “hold off” and wait for “clearance”. If Mercer is an inside man, and he has control over at Breitbart, he’d want to hold off until whatever story this is could do the most damage, right? And that would be if the race came down to a clear Trump vs. Cruz choice, right?

    I’m just saying.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. OnlyInAmerica🇺🇸 says:


    Pleaae correct me if I’m wrong. Did you not state in one of your posts late last year, that Christie was one of the GOPe splitters? At any rate, you and Trump are brilliant!


    • jackmcg says:

      It appears Christie did an impeccable fake out. If he was in the Trump camp all along, nobody could have known.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Christie is not only a VERY sharp political animal (top lion) – as a Trump friend he would (1) know Trump’s need for loyalty, and (2) respect Trump’s ability to actually pull off what the party has wanted forever – to renew the brand. He himself may have cut a deal with both sides. If I was Christie, I would have. He offers at a minimum a Uniparty-trusted AND Trump-trusted GOPe member in Trump’s administration. But he could offer a beginning of reconcilliation, if he can “Trump-‘splain” to the GOPe why they need to come to Trump and not vice versa.

        Liked by 1 person

        • jackmcg says:

          moreover, Trump was probably okay with Christie cutting the deal with both sides. If Trump failed in his quest, it wasn’t going to be because of Christie. The two would compete, straight up, not attacking each other and let the chips fall until when and if Trump’s plan started coming to fruition.

          Note that Christie only said negative things about Trump when he was cornered by media after big Trump attention-grabbers, like the muslim stuff, and perhaps needed to toe the GOPe line at least for appearances.

          Liked by 1 person

          • yohio says:

            I remember Trump saying I can’t control the media, but you can use the media as a tool and I thought odd because it looked like for months he was controlling them. The truth is that he was right. Even if the Elite know Trump has a plan and wants the media to attack him, they can’t stop the media.To many involved, to much money, to much at stake, plus it’s the liberal media. It’s brilliant you can’t control them but he’s using them to benefit his plan

            Liked by 1 person

            • Great catch and totally agreed with that analysis. They can’t stop the robotic psychotic media, just like Podesta worried.

              BINGO! Tangential but important.

              Podesta’s second worry was Jeb running out of money. So maybe he was. This means Jeb is just going dormant for a Plan B. He suspended to save cash, and hibernate his way into a convention salvation. If he had more money, he’d just Carson along at single digits into the convention. But he can’t, so he cheaps his way in.

              Trump needs to keep killing Jeb’s brand, but carefully. The GOPe is pulling out all the stops to fake Trump on this. Jeb is still very much in the game. Romney is a deception. They’re sympathy-pimping the Bush name all over – have you noticed? GHWB & Babs. Looks like graceful concession, but DO NOT count on it. And Dana Perino is almost seeming concilliatory. Really? REALLY?

              We gotta be very careful here. “Operation Underdog” is underway for Jebito. Mark my words!!!

              Liked by 1 person

          • Exactly. My thoughts exactly.


  36. econmomof2 says:

    I know everyone here hates Rush, but I have heard Rush say a couple times and with more certainty last week that he was sure Trump had been planning this and preparing for years. Now Rush may or may not be on anyone’s side but his own but after months of reading CTH the comment struck me like a lightening bolt. Rush has 25 million listeners he can’t be all wrong and everything you say in this post points to exactly that.
    Plus logically who in business decides to go into a 500 – 1.5 billion venture without the best research and planning money can buy. And now all his awkward moves make sense.
    Now Roger Stone said he is coalescing a group of old Regan republicans to be ready for a convention fight. I am soo happy someone is thinking all these moves ahead.
    And for you Sundance Thank You. It is crazy but you might have played a part in preserving our nation!! :Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 2 people

  37. ekie93 says:

    Like the idea that Christie is a GOPe mole.

    How about following that rabbit hole down the international stage?

    Suppose The Donald or shall I say Donald’s Magnus and Putin have all along been oligarchy moles. That is trusted members deep into their inner workings while all along planning a treacherous betrayal of transnational goals in favor of national interests.

    If such were the case it would partially explain the rise of the commons (vulgarians) and now apparent end of the forth estate and their control of the narrative.


    Liked by 1 person

  38. Ma'iingankwe says:

    I agree with Trump being steps ahead of the game, but I am having trouble with is his falling to Rubio’s level with the vitriol. To me, it is a real turn off, and I actually believe he has lost a number of votes because of it.
    Now, I will vote for trump because I strongly believe he is what our country desperately needs before it is too late, but I do not like the school yard name calling, and do not think it benefits him. I want Trump to win in a landslide and not have people wondering if he is presidential.


    • Gail Combs says:

      Remember it is early in the game and he needs to keep his opponent off balance. He lured Rubio and Cruz into a mud slinging contest and has now stepped aside.

      More over Trump’s comments were true while Rubio and Cruz are false and they are buzy proving what Trump said all by their little lonesomes.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Serpentor says:

        Trump’s insults are always linked to the person’s ability or trust. Rubio sweats so much because he can’t handle the pressure. Ted is a liar. Bush lacks energy. All of these insults deal directly with the person’s trust in doing a good job or the ability to do the job. A bad spray tan or small penis have no relevance what so ever.

        Liked by 1 person

  39. Millwright says:

    I wonder how DT ( and his team) are planning to thwart what appears to be the emergent RNC strategy; defeat Trump at the convention. And what that action, ( if it succeeds), portends for America. We live in perilous times !


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