Donald Trump Rally, Fort Worth Texas – 1:00pm EST Live Stream…

Candidate Donald J Trump is holding a campaign rally today in Fort Worth, TX at the Fort Worth Convention Center.  The event begins at 12:00pm local 1:00pm Eastern

Live Stream Link – Alternate Live Stream #1 – Alternate Live Stream #2

fort worth convention center

trump lion

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886 Responses to Donald Trump Rally, Fort Worth Texas – 1:00pm EST Live Stream…

  1. DaveNY says:

    I have felt betrayed for so long and now I am so filled with joy and emotion that I am fighting back tears.

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  2. chuffed-beyond-words says:

    Still can’t believe that Christie endorsed Trump, really happy about it, bc for all his faults, the one thing Christie is fantastic at it’s shutting down the media, and it’s pretty delicious to watch it.

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  3. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Trump must be made aware of the cables being cut to the CNN and MSNBC feeds. I’m sure he will be.

    This is who we’re fighting folks. They don’t want to give up power. We gotta take it from them.

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    • tampafan says:

      I was assuming some over zealous Trump supporters did this – and, like David Duke, this doesn’t help him.


      • KH says:

        That wouldn’t make any sense,sounds much more like the work of a protestor, probably would have cut Fox’s feed too, but maybe they didn’t get the chance or maybe was located in different area.


    • Angry Dumbo says:

      Amen. Amen. Amen. This is about taking away power from the central power brokers and giving it back to the voters. The GOPe is done. They can play all the dirty games from here on out, but they are done.

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      • Sylvia says:

        if the end comes to the GOP DONALD TRUMP will definitely be blames for it????? and what the h— is this choker [DJT did spellit correctly!] that little weasel is going berserk over DONALDS spelling—and it is RUBIOwho cannot spell. And, this COLLEGE debocal—- the students that brought law suites – oops. mispell! – did not do thgeir part ‘to learn and excel!!! Damn them all. I hope the addition of CHRISTY is going to make DJT even better. you can go to the best schools/colleges and if YOU don’t work hard to learn then you do not succeed and this is the ase with the Trump college dispute. What else are these B*****rds going to do tomake ‘mountains out of mole-hills! Trump ‘wetting his pants’??? what is THAT all about? it just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Rubio & Cruz HAVE TO BE STOPPED—–SOMEHOW! MAYBE MORE STRONG PEOPL COMING ON BOARD???


  4. NHVoter says:

    Romney’s coming endorsement of Rubio will be a nothing burger. Two boring losers vs two of the best street fighters. Game. Over.

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  5. SeekerOfTruth says:

    What Rubio is missing here is why a lot support him = He Sounds Pretty and He Looks Pretty.
    Many low information Evangelicals Like Rubio for the above.

    Now Rubio Sounds Petty and Vicious and Looks Sweaty.

    Much more of this and his looks pretty and sounds nice crowd will move on if his petty rants go on much longer. He is stepping into the trough to lose 25% of his supporters as they will rate him like a Trump – bombastic, but they will move to Trump as he at least gets things done.

    The Christie Endorsement is YUGE as it means the GOPe are losing some of their flock and it also gives Christie a chance to go back to his roots as he leaves the untidy nest of the GOPe. Christie can be a excellent campaign ally if he is used as the attack sword and deflect shield.

    meanwhile FOX is their pants as they thought they had Christie fully under the GOPe shield. And now he can return to his more vulgarian roots.

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    • SeekerOfTruth says:

      Oh I forgot. Huckabee endorsement on Monday would be perfect to help Trump in Arkansas where he is struggling a little with the back woods, down home Christians. So Huckabee could deliver some votes there for him.

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    • KitKat says:

      I wonder if the screamer is screaming now

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    • paulgilpin says:

      @SOT i disagree with your assessment of marco. hear me out. why would marco not get into this race? i mean just use your own description of marco, and the way CTH describes marco. a young, handsome, first term senator from a populous state, politically inexperienced, minority male, with no real world experience either. his background is shady at best, and the only reason we know anything about him is what conservatives have gleened.
      i mean why not jump in? does that description sound familiar? the dimocrats elected a person just like that two times. so why would little marco not think it was his turn?
      i think you’re being to harsh on little marco.
      ok, he’s ignorant.
      yeah, he’s arrogant.
      i’ll give you those. but c’mon, don’t be so harsh. the thing is, in these days of the uniparty, i think the only criticizm of little marco that we could both agree on, is if he had entered the race on the D side, he would be their nominee.
      think about it. a turncoat conservative. not as socialist as bernie, but still socialist enough. and without the baggage of YKW.
      don’t be so harsh on the boy…………….

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    • IMO says:

      Trump is a unifier.

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    • louche9 says:

      Agreed. I’m thrilled with Christie’s endorsement, and I’ve also been wondering…I’m a simple soul, so can someone please explain a couple of things to me: Rubio has lifted his button nose in the air while morally preening against the insults of vulgarian Trump from Day 1, piously informing us that voters don’t respond well to negative comments. So how does his mud-slinging in last night’s debate and today’s comments help him win those voters? Also, how does Rubio hope to storm the retiree-laden Florida citadel with comments like old-man Trump is afraid he wet his pants?

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      • KH says:

        This is about 2 things that are linked… Florida and Donors. He knows if he doesn’t do well on Tuesday (pull out a couple second places) the likelihood he can pull-out FL goes down, and without FL his donors are not going to bother funding this brokered convention madness.


      • KBR says:

        Trump mentioned today that there was a puddle around sweaty Marcos feet when Christie hammered him…and he said he wanted to know what that puddle was!

        So the pants thing? Probably Trump didn’t have any such incident other than normal man stuff if that, or even water splashed from washing hands, and Rubio, ever-watchful of men in bathrooms, tried to make something from nothing at all. Nasty guy. (Did I spell that last word right?)

        Trump pay back is the puddle under Rube’s feet, and Trump wanted to “know what that was.”

        In case you missed it its in the presser when Christie endorsed.


  6. chuffed-beyond-words says:

    Some yoyo from the weekly standard is on faux and wow, he’s spinning everything so much, talk about desperate. > >
    (This is why I can’t visit some family, they’ve constantly got this stupid channel on.)

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  7. corimari2013 says:

    Thank you, Mr. Trump, for keeping the memory–and the HORROR–of people who have died at the hands of illegal criminals, fresh in our minds.
    I want President Trump to stop these ANIMALS from getting into our country.
    My God, the poor woman!! :

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    • KBR says:

      These people, these US citizens, are martyrs, by the evil that has taken over our nation!
      Also all that died in NYC, San Bernadino, and other places across this great nation where government overreach and corruption and government refusal to follow the law of our land, have been martyrs!
      The police, the first responders, the military members all lost due to this Cabal’s uncaring greedy cynicism.
      And the tiny babies.

      We shall NOT forget!

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    • It’s happening in ITALY too. My little cousin age 14 just killed walking in a crosswalk by an illegal who was driving drunk. In the Alps were there is hardly any traffic. The family is DEVASTATED. Illegals are not even allowed to have driver licenses there.

      I disagree with calling them ANIMALS though, the noble animal kingdom always getting blamed for our crimes 🙂 Perhaps “monster” is more appropriate.

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    • joleeinca says:

      I live in Santa Maria so I know that case well. Their was also another case of an attack by an illegal in the next county over from me, a toddler was beaten so badly she had to be transported by air to children’s hospital all her limbs we’re broken. He was released on bail and of course never showed up for court, another one that had many arrests and releases.

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  8. Summer says:

    Wow, a strong speech and an incredibly enthusiastic crowd. Great event! Trump has a good chance at winning Texas. He will win every other state on Tuesday. Landslide, folks.

    I ❤️ Donald!

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  9. Bluto says:

    The Water Bottle scene at the Trump Rally!!!! DYING LAUGHING HERE

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  10. marierogers says:

    am so looking forward to a TRUMP hitlery debate!
    you guys are really smart and knowledgeable..when can we see this happen?


  11. NHVoter says:

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  12. citizen817 says:

    Thinking about last night debate…Trump stuck in the middle of the beano brothers; Clowns to the left, chokers to the right.

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  13. ctdar says:

    anybody by chance just hear Rush? i heard most of Trump’s rally driving in the car (on fox news, go figure) and flipped over to Rush afterward. My goodness, Rush was ranting and raving like Levine about the rally mention of “Merry Christmas”, he has definitely jumped the shark.

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  14. Howie says:

    Can someone get the hook for El Fatso? He id babbling incoherently live on national radio. It is embarrassing. I think Oxycodone has affected his brain cells.

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    • KitKat says:

      IMO, it’s a terrible blow to his ego (and financial bottom line) that Trump’s is so successful without investing a penny in radio ads. Meanwhile the wannabes who did buy radio advertising are failing miserably.

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      • facebkwallflower says:

        Think of if Rush would have played this differently, he could have had mega yuge ratings increase with Trump interviews. But, oh well, you lose when try to force being the coolest kid on the block.

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        • longiron2 says:

          Rush is everything he was against supposedly for tha last 20 years. ESTABLISHMENT hack and received a memo from the RINOGGOPe of who is paying the bills. You cannot fool ALL the people ALL the time! I must admit he had me fooled until this election. TRUMP is everything he always said a candidate should be BUT never expected TRUMP to expose him and now he will pay the price.JMO

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        • NCPatrick says:

          Yes, facebkwallflower .. Rush simply rolled the dice and bet on the wrong horse. It wasn’t as if he shouldn’t have known better; heck, his listeners have been telling him for months that he was on the wrong track. But he wouldn’t listen.

          We told him we were done with the precious GOPe as they had stabbed us in the back for the last time, and because he was at least acquainted with Donald Trump (they aren’t actually friends I don’t think) I thought Rush would use his keen powers of observation to get the message.

          I was wrong, but so was Rush. I feel no pity or sympathy for him whatever. It’s past time for him to retire anyway. He won’t suffer except for his ego.

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    • USA Patriot says:

      Your just more tuned to his incoherence now since Trumpster exposed his left / right, conservative / liberal dog and pony show for the whole world to see. But he has been doing this for years — remember Dubai Ports and no American deserves a job, etc. He was just more clever then, since no Patriot leader was on the scene to rebut his babble.

      Rush’s game has always been to allow Diito-Heads as callers with a few left wing extremists but never a real Independent to challenge him ; if one slid by Snerdely Rush would cut him off an filibuster. Ditto-Heads have been played for fools by this big money Globalists who could care less about middle class Americans.

      Rush and his ilk need to go permanently replaced by Patriotic talk show hosts. Do not allow him, Fox or others to backtrack if Trump wins by a landslide — they cannot be trusted ever again.

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      • A lot of fear in the tabloid talk show hosts. They know their time is drawing near to an end. You’re right, they will be replaced with true Patriotic talk hosts. Perhaps even we will have some that promote happiness and inspire people, talk of the great things America is doing, instead of peddling anger and fear. Perhaps it’s just time for all the anger to go, and start doing something about it instead of ranting and raving day in and day out for YEARS about it. If people continue to stop listening to them that will happen sooner rather than later.

        WAYNE ALLEN ROOT is one such very positive guy. Another is BILL MITCHELL. There are many great radio hosts in the wings that will arise in a Trump administration.


    • Polar vortex says:

      Haven’t listened to Rush in about 4 years, but I turned him on today. Has his voice changed. He is starting to sound a little like Slick Willie.


  15. kallibella says:

    That was one of Trump’s best rallies thus far!! The crowd was electric and I was cheering along!
    So excited to see the movement to take our country back and make her great again!

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  16. burnett044 says:

    Poor old Rush….his true colors a coming thru..

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  17. Carly Simon , Your So Vane, fits Rubio like a glove.

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  18. ctdar says:

    One thing I wish Trump would point out during a rally since I am in support of Apple fighting the government….If he just mentioned that had the Obama Administration vetted these 2 married monsters in the CA terrorist attack properly from the start, whether as they came into the US or via their social media accounts there would be no need to order Apple to open their phones which will be akin to opening pandora’s box for every other legitimate US Citizen who have rights. Perhaps even the attack would never had happened had the DHS, FBI and every other acronym group under obama watch DID THEIR JOB from the start,
    Old fashioned detective work is needed again and yes official warrants matter for a free society.
    Everyone in the US should thank God and say a prayer for every troop and veteran who have stood above all to fight for our rights granted under the Constitution.that was fought for so hard by our ancestors 240 years ago.

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  19. Remington says:

    This relates to Texas since this call came from Austin…..”Enjoy”…Be sure to grab a barf bag…



    • margarite1 says:

      What’s the gist of it? I am at work and can’t play it.


    • Summer says:

      I liked this one: “At least I am an American citizen, 80% of others who are on welfare are illegal immigrants. They even get free college. I don’t get free college!”
      Unbelievable. That’s Texas, folks. Never forget Rick You-don’t-have-a-heart Perry, a bible-thumping RINO.

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  20. Robio may still being stand up dance on weekends and Rush was watching and got filmed.


  21. Bull Durham says:

    I want to applaud and encourage the funny creative photoshop artistry and lampooning of late.

    We need to laugh as well as pray every day. Laughter is so good for the body and mind. Prayers work for everything.

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  22. TEAFORALL says:

    WOW Just WOW. TRUMP AND CHRISTI are a awesome team together yipeeeeeeeee

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  23. rebel flounder says:

    I like the TX-shaped sign someone was holding up with

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  24. Bull Durham says:

    Rubio has his new little “con man” unmasking speech. He’s repeated three times in one minute.


  25. budmc ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ says:

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  26. 2x4x8 says:

    As I said yesterday:

    Whoever has the Political or Monetary Power is the one who politicians will try to join and be friendly, Chris Christie is the first of many who are willing to cross over from the Wall St-Globalist-GOPe axis and start putting America First. If the Globalist control both the trade and policy, it benefits Wall St and hurts Main St.

    Trump, just like Ronald Reagan before him, had to make the stand against Overwhelming power the Establishment wields, its tough, but doable, yet many people who attempted were destroyed along the way, every now and then, after many decades, their is a winner.

    This election cycle I am also supporting Kelli Ward in her bid to primary John McCain in Arizona
    young and new politicians now have a choice to choose from and many thanks to Chris Christie.

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    • flyingtigercomics says:

      Even in the American Revolution there were many “ricebowl converts” who switched to the American side only after a lot of the hard work had been done. It’s human nature.

      Once they switch, many of them are genuine and loyal.

      With the political class, a lot of them will switch, and a lot will not be particularly loyal. However the Trump Paradigm turns them back into employees of the people rather than little tin gods or aristocrats – -that in itself is revolutionary. And as employees they don’t have to be any more loyal than any other reasonable employee of any business.

      It won’t be long before the slow wits in the media start doing covers like “America, Inc” and “America Open For Business Again – But For How Long?” and similar crap.

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  27. boutis says:

    Nikki Haley semi-UN-endorses Rubio and will support Trump.

    What a difference a week, your own states primary and a fat guy makes! LOL.

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    • Screw you Nikki, I understand you’ve realized you made a bad decision but it’s too late now. Your state of SC will vote your pearly white teeth, hit job state of the union giving A$$ out of office! You and Tim Scott. Don’t get too comfy!

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    • Rainer says:

      Trump doesn’t own any low-class hotels, but if he did he might offer her a job running one of them. That’s what her people are known for isn’t it? Cause she’s going to need a job after the people of SC run her anti-Confederate @ss out of state government.

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    • TheTorch says:

      Yes, why am I not surprised. She knows she picked the wrong horse, now she is stuck with it.

      Dear Lord, save us from these imbeciles.

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  28. ZZZ says:

    THAT was incredible.
    I have no more words…

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  29. Rainer says:

    You see what comes of letting Rubio have a little success in last night’s debate? He’s all over the TV calling Trump a con man and reading misspelled Tweets. Trump needs to shut the anchor baby down, and attack him with his pro-amnesty/pro-illegal invasion record, not just that he sweats under pressure. Rubio isn’t going to run out of money and just go away.

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    • KH says:

      Time to slam him hard, include the Border Patrol\ICE hating him for ignoring them, as well has plenty of more material. Till now I think Trump has been holding from going after Rubio hard, letting Cruz do it, but it seems pretty clear Cruz will drop and endorse Rubio like the faker that he has always been. Yes it’s time to go nuclear on Rubio, though he may want to wait till Monday morning if possible.


  30. srr says:

    So, people with the bad character that produces unstable temperament, are still pushing the lie that Trump doesn’t have a Presidential temperament.

    Like Reagan didn’t have a Presidential temperament?

    “I Am Paying For This Microphone!” – Ronald Reagan.

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  31. keebler AC says:

    51 total delegates

    Ruboy needs to go down and disappear from the political scene. The goal has to be to make sure he never tries to run again. He’s is so corrupt, it’s not even funny.

    He posted a violent image of a watch to sell on his campaign web site thinking it was clever marketing. To idiots, maybe. They can pay their $10 or whatever they can to assist Ruboy’s fortune.

    Donald would have sold quality watches if he had poor while Ruboy illegally fleeces the Floridians in a position of power gained via football in highschool and probably graduated on a bribe from his drug dealing millionaire brother in law.

    Just to add, an investigative journalist discovered the among other wretched details that Ruboy met his wife at a foam party. This photo is not a harmless highschool talent show for fun but from a gay party! It’s worse than we thought. No wonder Nikki who has stopped endorsing Ruboy. He’s a fraud trying to represent himself as the Conservative choice. He possesses very little moral.


  32. ZZZ says:

    Merry CHRISTmas Rush…and a happy, happy election season too! 🙂

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  33. just got back from the speech in ft worth. shortly before it started i noticed people checking news/social media on their phones and then saying things like “omg, christie just announced that he was endorsing trump” etc….then when the announcer said chris christie was taking the stage the crowd went nuts. smaller venue than the dallas rally back in sept, but there was easily between 3 to 5 thousand people there for a middle of the day event, maybe more.

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  34. grrr, no….but if i had i would have straight up walked over and said hey!! i’m porkchopsandwhiches brotha!! i was sorta in the middle towards the back….just as christie takes the stage and as the camera begins to zoom in on him theres a guy with a “i vape i vote” sign….i was standing to his right and just behind the guy with his kid sitting up on his shoulders wearing the light blue shirt.

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    • NCPatrick says:

      Woohoo porkchop … I saw that IvapeIvote sign and you were right beside him? I’ll go look again. I know that had to have been exciting to have been there as the Christie endorsement took place. Amazing! We are insanely jealous.

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  35. white1awake says:

    Wow, Diamond and Silk did REALLY well with this CNN harpy. And they told everyone to google Marco Rubio’s gay past LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • KBR says:

      The harpy I think is Carol Costello. She was horrible to these ladies!

      Her laughter right from the start was the kind of fake-condescending laughter of a great aunt for a silly child she really does not like.

      Then during the interview she actually takes on that scolding schoolmarmish tone, as if her guests were hers to train.

      Then later in response to Lynette Hardaway’s statement, Costello asks a question but uses the wrong name, Rochelle. When the sisters ask which she wants to answer, Costello gives her disdainful laugh and says it doesn’t matter! Why didn’t she just come out and say “Black people are all alike to me?”

      Any interviewer should know the names of their guests, and who is who with two guests.
      Carol Costello didn’t bother. And she covered up her own blunder in calling the wrong name with derisive laughter thus showing the true racial prejudice inherent in CNN, as well as their Democrat owners.

      Here is clearly an example of the very thing Diamond and Silk tell their viewers: the Democrats have no respect for the dignity of black people. (CNN is a democrat mouthpiece, and Carol Costello is a CNN anchor) They only pretend in order to keep them, as Diamond and Silk say, “on the Democrat plantation.”

      It is very plain in this video, that since Lynette and Rochelle are off that plantation, they are only there as “guests” to be ridiculed and disrespected.

      I am sending this to CNN. They should apologize to Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson for Carol’s behavior and display of racism!

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  36. Daz says:

    You think Rubio is sweating?

    Wait till Trump gets ahold of Hillary. She’ll be sweating bullets and probably cough herself to death.



  37. Today on RIGHT SIDE BROADCASTING (RSB) we had 17,000 watching and chatting on their airing of this Trump rally. And that is just ONE of the youtube channels that was airing out. It was electric, so many people love Trump.


  38. If I had to guess. I think Trump’s internals show him winning TX, and BIG. Just from how he was talking.

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  39. McGuffin says:

    I made the Texas shaped sign with the shout out to CTH. Glad it got some camera time 🙂

    The rally was incredible! We didn’t know until a few minutes before Christie came out that he was endorsing Trump and would appear. DJT was so inspiring but my favorite off the cuff moment was the water bottle thing. Love his sense of humor. Love this guy.

    I try not to do longs posts but I want to share a story. While waiting in line at 8ish for the doors to open at 10, everyone is chatting. Somebody passed out little round Trump stickers and we had them on our shirts. Black-twenty-something-male in line says he’s going to walk over to the Starbucks and to please save his place in line. He then removes his Trump sticker. I gave him a puzzled look. He said he was afraid of getting beat up if he wears it across the street. I’m more puzzled. Wth I asked….he says “Not by whites but by blacks. We’re supposed to be Democrats.”

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    • Janie M. says:

      What an exciting event for you to witness, McG, the Christie endorsement was stellar. Thank you for the shout out – excellent job and all for a GOOD cause! It definitely was one of the topics discussed here and we had hoped whomever it was would let us know.

      I believe 2 people dropped by and said they had been prompted to visit because of your CTH sign. I suspect there were probably a number of others who also saw it, were curious about this site and stopped by to check us out but they didn’t post.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      More, more. 🙂


  40. Cameron Polly says:

    Trump. Use this for your campaign. Let’s stop taking our history from us. If you do not like what it says stop reading it. If you don’t like a picture stop looking at it. If you don’t like The USA and what it Stands for then Leave.


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