The Truth Behind Donald Trump Hiring “Temp H-2B Visa Workers” in Florida…

In what they call a “Reuters Exclusive” the news agency tries to undermine Donald Trump’s candidacy because Trump businesses have used H-2B Visa applications to hire workers. This is an absolute joke, we’ll explain why.

reuters screen shot

Reuters Screenshot

Why this is a nothingburger – Those unfamiliar with the South Florida general labor market are most likely unfamiliar with the extreme swings in “seasonal need” workers.

Does the word “Snowbird” ring a bell? Florida has a “tourist season” which runs from (generally speaking) just after Thanksgiving to Easter annually. January, February and March are the peak. The first Monday in February is the absolute peak as almost every time-share and hotel unit flips that week.

The volume of work within the service and hospitality industry doubles during the tourist season, and those businesses who hire within the general labor market struggle to increase their labor in relationship to the increase in business. In addition, local workers looking for employment are reluctant to take temporary or “seasonal” jobs, and prefer longer term -more stable- employment.

Many businesses need to double, or in some cases triple, their workforce in order to meet the business demand. [In 2014 97,300,000 tourists visited Florida].

florida season 1

As a consequence many companies, including Trump owned resorts, have used H-2B visa workers to fill the gap between large fluctuations in business and the needed staffing shortfalls. From my own experience, many of the workers are students from South America (Argentina, Brazil, etc) who take the seasonal jobs Nov/Dec – March/April between their college seasons – and then return home.

In addition you’ll note the dates of the Reuters data:

Trump owns companies that have sought to import at least 1,100 foreign workers on temporary visas since 2000, according to U.S. Department of Labor data reviewed by Reuters. Most of the applications were approved, the data show. (link)

“2000 through 2015” Another factor – During the timeframe of 2000 to 2007 the seasonal hiring problem was compounded by the boom in the housing market and overall thriving U.S. economy. Any generally healthy worker, who could swing a hammer, could triple their income switching to the housing or building sector.

Bartenders, waiters/waitresses, housekeepers, maintenance and general workers left the hospitality industry to make $25-$40hr in low skill construction jobs. The H-2B visa use increased at the same rate to help fill the worker void. Actually, the H-2B visa use initially started gaining wide-scale acceptance exactly for this reason. The economy was good, workers were scarce and demand for workers greater than the labor market.

[…] The Labor Department records don’t specify the nationality of the foreign workers sought by companies. But Trump could be bringing many Mexican workers into the United States.

Reuters examined records of applications for three categories of temporary work visas – the H-2A, H-2B and H-1B programs – submitted by employers to the Labor Department.

The temporary work visa program through which Trump’s companies have sought the greatest numbers of workers, H-2B, brings in mostly workers from Mexico. Mexicans made up more than 80 percent of the 104,993 admissions to the United States on H-2B visas in 2013. The Trump companies have sought at least 850 H-2B visa workers.

The H-2B program, which receives little government oversight, is used by companies in sectors ranging from hospitality to forestry to hire foreign workers for temporary jobs. Companies must prove that the jobs are seasonal – and that they tried and failed to hire Americans.

U.S. government watchdogs have criticized the H-2B and H-2A programs over the years for failing to protect foreign and American workers alike.

[…] The Mar-a-Lago, a luxury resort in Palm Beach, Florida, has sought the most foreign workers of the nine Trump businesses: 787 workers since 2006, according to the data.

This month, the resort filed paperwork seeking to bring in 70 foreign workers later this year on H-2B visas to serve as maids, cooks and wait staff, according to paperwork known as “job orders” published on the Labor Department’s web site. (read more)


The entire article is a nothingburger once you understand the issue at hand. Palm Beach, Florida tourism season doubles, and at times triples, the business not only for Donald Trump resorts, but for every business in/around the host and hospitality sector.

Palm Beach, like many South Florida areas even have celebrations when the “snowbirds”, “frog heads”, and “tourons” go home at season’s end.

Reuters is trying to make a regional common practice seem like something rather controversial. The FAIL is strong on this one.


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87 Responses to The Truth Behind Donald Trump Hiring “Temp H-2B Visa Workers” in Florida…

  1. Notmeagain says:

    Glad to know my memory is still intact and these figures are what I remembered this morning. 850 workers over 8 years, about 100 per year. We have a similar snowbird situation but I fear that people are not using the HB2 solution that much.

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    • Sadly in Arizona they use to use illegals during the snowbird season. Haven’t lived there in a while so I don’t know if this is still the practice.

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      • H-2B Visa Workers are not illegals they have the Visa or green card if you prefer to work. They aren’t the problem they come work legally and leave when the visa expires. It’s very hypocritical of either Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz is say anything about this. Ted Cruz wanted a 500% increase in H1B Visa’s right up until he was running for president and Marco still wants that increase. Those Visa’s are the ones that are being abused. Those Visa’s are the one’s where American’s are being forced to train their foreign replacements. Example Disneyland…

        Laid Off Disney Worker Breaks Down in Tears Before Senate Panel – Breitbart

        EXCLUSIVE- Attorney For Displaced Disney Workers: Rubio A ‘Liar’ Appeasing ‘His Corporate Donors’ – Breitbart via @BreitbartNews

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      • thetinfoilhatsociety says:

        Most definitely. And then these people are able to also get food stamps, welfare, and medical care courtesy of our tax dollars, thanks to a very broken process which encourages fraud and abuse.

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    • bottomlinefish says:

      I have been using the H2B program for the last 20 years. I live in a seasonal resort area where the Hospitality business rely on foreign labor to survive.
      American kids either don’t want to work, or the adults don’t want temporary work ( I don’t blame them). Business is now longer than the summer break kids have that used to fill these jobs and business owners are always left holding the bag.
      Seasonal resort areas need these foreign workers. They come legally year after year and are very grateful and at the sometime most are happy to go home because home is home.
      Any responsible american worker wants a full time year round job only and the seasonal resort areas can not provide this and the american worker won’t fill these jobs either.
      I advertise every year for help and have never gotten one american to apply for work.
      We advertise in the largest paper in our area for a 2 week interval and never once anyone has inquired.
      The best thing would be to take the visas out of government control their way to big (Dept Homeland Security) they mess it up all the time.
      Last year their computer software blew up and they were letting my peeps in by two months. I nearly went out of business or closed my doors for a while til my help came.
      The biggest problem we have as a nation and as a race is that if you do not live in a seasonal resort area one does not understand a seasonal resort areas demands as far as labor.

      If a seasonal resort person has a track record of min of five years coming and going automatically renew that visa year after year without having to go through the long drawn out process in and about applying for the H2B visas.


  2. Brian L says:

    What a bunch of weasels.

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  3. John Ross says:

    This should be obvious to ANYONE who has ever been to a destination that has seasonal business. If Trump owned ski resorts, it would be true there, too.


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  4. adoubledot says:

    That piece actually made Trump look good on two fronts: bringing in people legally (albeit short term), something he emphasizes at every rally, and the likelihood of the majority of his hirings being Mexican, countering the racist/Mexican hater meme.

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  5. bobguzzardi says:

    More excellent research well presented by sundance. I live in West Palm Beach and “season” is very, very busy and I would think temporary workers would be necessary.

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  6. tz says:

    Usually such things are contractors – they would pull others if the borders were closed.


  7. Joan Kromphold says:

    This is one of the questions that Trump let them get away with and didn’t seem to know how to answer. He needs someone to grill him on these questions that will come up so he knows how to answer. He should have also told Rubio and Cruz that he wasn’t a politician that could have stopped all this cheap labor and since he had to compete with all the illegals the government was letting in he had no choice except to use them or else he would have had to stop building. I sure wish he would take the time to learn the answers. I also don’t like the idea of his letting the illegals back in. They should be thrown out for good. There are thousands of people waiting legally in long lines to get in and they should come first – the others that broke our laws should never be allowed back. Sometimes I don’t get him or exactly where he stands. Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2016 01:57:18 +0000 To:

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    • Linda Ruth says:

      Trump has made it clear that ONLY legal immigrants would be allowed back in. He is not racist, he has not said “No immigrants” would be allowed in. He also wants them vetted before entry. My own immigrant ancestors had to be vetted at Ellis Island to be accepted, or be returned to their own country if not accepted. As billionaire CEO, Trump can mandate specifics about employment procedures. As a businessman he has had to confront bid offers based on estimated, or exact costs, of which total labor is a part of. Up to now, he probably hasn’t had to be a purest, and not accountable for those who compose the contracted workforce. Whatever Trump may have done in the past doing competitive business, no doubt he now has had to do quite a bit of rethinking about a lot of issues that affect him politically. (As an aside, his societal circle of acquaintances over the years have included a lot of well-known persons that may be “not so nice to know,” but about which he probably knows a lot they now wished he didn’t.)

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    • owentt says:

      There are people waiting five and ten years to come legally. We should not be promising so much to illegals; they should not get special treatment for breaking the law.

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    • Gail Combs says:

      Trump may not have been aware his hotels hired these people. They most likely come from Kelly Temp services or the like.

      Actually I am almost certain they would because since 2000 anyone (like hubby) who worked as an independent contractor got hit hard with the IRS tax changes thay were passed to ‘protect independent contractors’ All the changes did was introduce a middleman by making hiring outside a temp service almost impossible.

      Hubby is a tech writer and had to change from working directly for a company to going through a temp agency. It is a major rip-off. The temp agency charges $100/hr (Old rate was $60/hr to 80/hr) but pays $20/hr plus as an employee you get no tax deductions like you would as a contractor.


    • amjean says:

      Go to his website and read his position papers; go to
      you tube and watch all his speeches; the answers are

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  8. The Boss says:

    Same thing happens in the Outer Banks, Long Island Sound states, Cape Cod, etc. Foreign kids for 3 or 4 months.

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  9. bulwarker says:

    And two establishment candidates represent Florida, and were entrenched in its politics, where this occurred. This “expose” also coincided with Romney’s tax smear, coincidence?

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    • bulwarker says:

      wrong pic

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      Bombshell Report: Marco Rubio’s Gay Arrest Scandal Could END HIS CAMPAIGN!

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      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        Bombshell! Or, fizzle.

        As a young man, Rubio was at a park at 6pm that gay people were known to hang out at, in the night time? Wow, I am shocked! Stop the presses!

        A friend of Rubio’s owned one of many properties, and at that one of many, some people rented the building, then made some g ay p0 rn?

        Stop the presses! Say No More!

        And that pic opf the side of someone’s head? That is IT! Rubio’s campaign is OVER!

        —-Frankly this is the lowest kind of disreputable scandal tongue-wagging I have evar heard in a presidential election. Neither the Huma, nor the Reggie Love tongue-wagging tales were as pathetic as this.

        Now that the mentally retarded are to be identified by the label “intellectually disabled,” I think I am free to describe this ridiculous gay-bating as full-on “retarded.”

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        • Rubio “gay” phase. Trump “most eligible bachelor” phase. Ben Carson “delinquent” phase. Cruz “annoying nerd” phase. Rand Paul “frat boy” phase. Even Kid Kasich probably did something. Probably smoked pot or two-timed his wife before the ring.

          I no longer care about Uniparty manipulation trinkets.

          Who can fix the damn messes this country and this WORLD are in?

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          • AMD_Afficionado says:

            Karate Kasich sold pot to his fellow staffers when he worked Reagan’s campaign in ’76, according to Roger Stone.

            So he had a “drug dealer” phase…good thing Rubio has the “gay” phase monopolized, or those two would have to fight it out over the drug dealer one.


        • JRD says:

          Frankly, Rubio roomed with the dude after he left high school and the dude presently operates gay porn sites and gay porn businesses at the moment AND he is still Rubio’s friend to this day.

          Okay, sheeple.

          Myself, I don’t care, but these are facts, sheeple. Deal with it.

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      • amjean says:

        Diamond and Silk brought up the Rubio gay rumors
        on CNN this morning.

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  10. angie says:

    My husband hires several H-2B Visa every year from about late Sept./early October through the end of December to work on the farm. It is no big deal. You’re right Sundance, definitely a nothing burger. I guess Reuters headline for my husband would be: “Horrors, local farmer hired almost 200 H-2B Visa workers!”.

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  11. seventhndr says:

    If anyone wants to know about H1-B visas abuse, please contact me. I’ve worked for many large “Information Technology” companies within the USA, Its a game.

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    • The Tech industry is the worst.

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      • Bull Durham says:

        They control a worker in the Tech industry like an indenture servant. We had one from Pakistan. He was used by Saudis for years, then American companies. Never could set roots and his family never were sure they’d have a solid schooling or home for the kids.
        IT is the worst. He was underpaid for certain.

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        • flyingtigercomics says:

          Terrible about the paki. I assume someone kidnapped his family and forced him to come to America to work?

          Or is he just another rootless immigrant economic colonist?


          • Gail Combs says:

            Some H-1B visa holders in Florida were actually held as slaves in a walled in compound. One managed to escape over the fence and get to a church where the pastor called the cops. (Don’t have the link anymore)

            Remember that if these people say anything they get fired and deported so the company has a major hammer they hold over their heads.

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            • flyingtigercomics says:

              Interesting. So who took them prisoner in their country of origin in the first place so that they were sold into slavery in America?

              Also anyone saying anything about the megacorporation they work for will get fired. Deportation is a side effect of being unemployed in a country not your own. There should be more of it.

              They don’t get eaten by a blarghosaur back in whatever third world sh_thole they come from you know. They just fall back down to their natural state of wealth.


    • frangelica1 says:

      I believe I may have been a victim of this in a large multinational corporation, also. Why do big corporations only lay off good American technical and finance workers during a big downturn during a recession and never layoff any of their H1-B Visa workers? Shouldn’t the H1-B employees be the first to go? And believe me, most of the H1-B workers weren’t stars in the organization!

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      • seventhndr says:

        I’ll come back and speak to this more tomorrow.

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      • seventhndr says:

        I’m in upper management and have worked for a few different large IT companies (over 100,000 employees each). I would say the California Power Company and Disney IT Department scenarios are fairly rare. Its not typically that blatant. But it is bad and I’d estimate anywhere from 50 to 70% of IT operations in the united states is ran by foreign or foreign born employees at this point.

        The way it typically happens is one of the two following strategies.

        One, essentially the way Frangelica explained. You hire cheaper offshore personnel and either allow natural attrition or the excuse of not meeting your numbers and a layoff to reduce US workers. Every year, the department is less and less ran by US workers.

        Two, a company uses outsourcing. Most, if not all at this point, are almost completely off shore, as we call it.

        H1-B’s make this issue exponentially worse. H1-B’s were designed… well sold to the American people as a special type of work visa to allow companies to bring in foreign workers to fill in supposed gaps of specialized skill sets needed by employers. This mainly applies to STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

        Here is how H1-B’s make the issue much worse. There has never been evidence of any skill gaps in STEM fields in the US. Matter of fact, there are many studies that show we have a excess of out of work people in these fields, yet H1-B’s are given out like candy. So from the start, its fraudulent. It only exists to allow companies to use cheap foreign labor. H1-B’s are temporary. The foreign worker has to go home eventually, and they usually take the job with them.

        So lets say an engineer in the US would make $75,000. They’ll bring in a H1-B visa worker and pay them between $50,000 and $60,000. He or she will be not as skilled as his co-workers, but the expectation is the team will bring them up to speed. After a few years, this person will return home and keep performing their work from their home country. In their home country, the company will only pay them $10,000 to $15,000 in US dollars. Rinse and repeat. In a few years you have created a fairly skilled team in a foreign country that works for a fraction of the cost of a US worker. With all these skilled people that the US trained, they don’t even have to work for US companies anymore. It used to be the senior technical personnel and management would remain in the US.

        Now you have entire foreign companies that compete against US companies; companies like TATA and InfoSys. They are VERY large IT outsourcing companies that are in India (with offices here, and many places).

        But even iconic US companies are mostly foreign ran at this point. I’ve been working with HP on a special project for several month’s. All the code was written China and all the support was in China, India, and various South American countries. Even their management was 80% off shore or here on an H1-B visa.

        Its a mess and I would not recommend anyone starting their career to enter the field. There is a little room for US workers at this point. And without MAJOR change, it’ll only get worse.

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  12. Lone Gunman says:

    So Trump used LEGAL immigrants here on LEGAL Visas to work for his company??? Excuse me, but why is that a problem?? Key word here is LEGAL folks!

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    • kallibella says:

      Right! But the establishment will try to indict Trump on every legal tool available to all business people and make all of it a bad thing.
      What about what the politicians do with our tax money: waste, fraud, abuse, theft.


  13. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Here is the deal. I have no problem with any business following the law and making money.

    Ship jobs to Mexico, I recognize your interest. Bring in foreign workers for STEM versus locals, I recognize that as a good move, from your point of view.

    The answer is NOT for the U.S. work force to be given sheltered-workshop jobs, or CCC boot-strapping jobs, or mercy jobs, or charity jobs.

    The answer is to figure out how to get back the middle class jobs.

    There are very distinct, actionable policies that will do this. Until then, I cannot really blame the building maintenance contractor firm who accepts at face value the fake ID of some illegal immigrant applying for an office-cleaning job.

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  14. Katherine McCoun says:

    Thank you for a solid explanation. I worked seasonally in WY and Montana when I was young and college students come from all over to do this work. Such logic and sound reasoning, as usual. Really do appreciate this web site so very much!


    • Linda Ruth says:

      Interesting about seasonal workers. During summer months, many school-age kids in produce producing areas wanted to work to earn money. This was traditional and helped the kids who often needed the income. Think corn, berries, beans. Then state laws were passed that prohibited school-age kids from working. This was supposedly to protect migrant workers kids from being work-abused. But a willing and able workforce was by law shut down. So seasonal migrant workers have to be brought in to do the harvest. Probably mostly illegals, because often there are not enough local adults to conduct a large harvest in a limited amount of time. It isn’t just urban businesses who want cheap illegals who will cheat vote. How many capable Americans are on subsidized welfare who could be working, but aren’t?

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  15. RINOKiller says:

    Next to stick…………………….


  16. Rainer says:

    Nothing that the Cubans hit Trump with tonight should have come as a surprise to him or his team. Trump just doesn’t slow down long enough to prepare for debates, and at times it shows. I’m not going to argue with his success so far and he certainly has my support, but he can do better in debates and you’d think he wants to do better. Watching that little anchor b@stard Rubio grin with satisfaction was hard to take, and we’ll be seeing a lot of it in replay after replay over the next few days.

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      The legislators love to get bogged down in minutia. That’s their element of BS obfuscation. Perhaps Trump realizes it’s better to move through it quickly, than dwell on stuff. B/C when someone fights every point it can make someone look guilty as opposed to a victim of another smear AND it only encourages more of the same.

      Think of this as running a Native American gauntlet. Run fast and survive. Don’t debate the worthiness of every blow.

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  17. ezpz says:

    Thanks for bumping this article, Sundance. (I think you first posted it on Aug 1, 2015, no?)

    I linked it several times on Breitbart.


  18. Thanks for this article I tweeted it during the debate!


  19. USA Patriot says:

    I am not liking this at all Sundance. It does explain though how Trump did not criticize Ted’s 500% increase on the H1-B visa scam; yet Ted was bought off by donor’s and Trump is making a legal business decision — a valid explanation for the General.

    The New Jersey shores have a scant 3 mos and in “previous NAFATA” years always had willing high school and college kids sell hot dogs, etc to spend the time at the shore let alone higher paying hotel jobs. And what exactly do green card holders do for a living now?

    This is the Camel’s nose under the tent and how many just stay here underground?

    The one thing that raise did my eyebrows on Donald was his keeping foreign college graduates here even for citizenship. Many of our colleges are now filled with foreigners that did not go through the normal legalization process — this is more circumventing the normal procedure and providing big bucks for colleges. Rich kid’s amnesty.

    Donald is still the best by far but if elected we need to push him from the American First right — the melting pot needs to be enacted again so we all become “Americans”. Hopefully as president he will think differently for it is much more than money.

    Trump 2016.

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    • keebler AC says:

      Excuse me, but how do you expect to find an adequate work force here if Bernie Sanders keeps promising unrealistic wages for simple work and the entitlement programs provide a higher salary for doing nothin’, You assume those high school students and summer students are willing to pick crops and do mundane work in the interim. Most feel entitled to better jobs even if it is temporary. Trump can help provide jobs but it’s time Americans get un-brainwashed about entitlement. You can create jobs but if no one wants it because the government pays them for smoking pot and doing nothing, then there’s a whole lotta of rethinking that has to happen before jobs get filled by Americans. Smoke that in your self-righteous haze. Businesseses don’t live a gold fish bowl unaffected by socialistic expectations.


  20. NCPatriot says:

    Donald did explain tonight the short term-temporary nature of these seasonal workers, and the difficulty in getting citizens willing to take such short term employments.


  21. Colorado Conservative says:

    This is not on the topic of the visas (thank you Sundance for the information!) but for me the best line of the debate (and I could only stomach half) was wen the GOPe hack Hugh Hewitt told Trump that something Trump said on his radio show was on audio and You Tube. Trump replied along the lines of “not many people would know what I said since very few listen to your show.” Bazinga.

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  22. AMD_Afficionado says:

    I too wish Trump would offer a better explanation for this as it is far from a “nothingburger” currently.

    At one time, we managed to get along just fine without illegal labor (or labor that ought to be illegal, as are these H-XY visa vampires) by using our existing workforce. How did we do that? How come we aren’t doing that now, especially when Trump himself often says (correctly) that our unemployment numbers are so astronomically high?

    Perhaps if he were to tie this to NAFTA/CAFTA/etc, but even then, he’d have to work to explain it away as he actually brought the visa vampires here himself. It’s a very different situation from his ties that are made in China because there are no factories here 😦


    • keebler AC says:

      Free phones, free phones, free phone, for doin’ nuthin’, Entitlement programs. Why work? Bernie is going to guarantee us high wages for simplistic work. If he don’t give this to us, we don’t work. Hah.

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    • MVW says:

      I don’t understand your issue, what part of ‘can’t get workers for these temporary jobs in unfavorable conditions’ are you not grasping?


      • AMD_Afficionado says:

        The fact that it’s completely bogus and at odds with Trump’s (correct) claims that unemployment is sky-high in the USA.

        If there are no Americans in the vicinity who want to work those jobs, why not bring in some of the millions of unemployed Americans, instead of jumping through government hoops to line up visas to bring in Mexicans from Mexico?


    • sundance says:

      Prior to this H2B approach, South Florida businesses used to work their permanent employees non-stop through season (Jan, Feb, March) with no days off, it was brutal.

      This is a very specific issue, in a very specific area (South Florida), in very specific businesses (service industries).

      This is not the same as the normally advertised H1B visa (skilled labor) issues. This is simply hiring unskilled temp workers to cope through business needs that triple or more for very short periods of time, and an inability of the local labor market to support the need.

      Remember, much of the South Florida area is retirees, vacationers, snowbirds, etc. the available labor pool of working aged people is much lower than the demand upon them.

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      • Gail Combs says:

        Many years ago I interviewed in Moutain Home Arkansas. It is another place full of retirees, vacationers, snowbirds, etc. where the available labor pool of working aged people is very low. So low that the company had to cut the work week to 20 hours and have everyone worked half days!

        I was offered the job but I did not take it because there was no one in the area my age and I was unmarried.

        Getting good seasonal help or any at all is a major problem in many vacation areas like Florida or Maine. Most people do not like to have to move around like gypsies especially if they have children.


      • USA Patriot says:

        Then increase the wages for Americans — this is the whole ideal, labor supply and demand “within our borders”. And what is this with brutal workhours —pay them 11/2 or increase wages for more supply from other states. Also kick the able bodied off of welfare and let them take the work.

        I realize Donald would have to be Prez but this thinking of guest worker for the answer to labor shortage needs to stop ASAP for it is the start of “open border” solutions. Let the labor markets work as we used too — cripes we have over 300 million people and are not a tiny country.

        Trump if asked better have good answers for this and what started the massive foreign college trend in USA — was it NAFTA ? A lot of these graduates go back to enemy states and use their scientific knowledge against us , esp nuclear engineers — we live in bizzaro world.

        Trump 2016

        P.S. His answer should be he had to work within the lawful syytem but as Prez will change things so full blooded Americans or green card holders get those jobs — think, Donald think not like those other bozos.


      • AMD_Afficionado says:

        If he can bring in Visa Vampires from Mexico, why can’t he bring in real unemployed Americans from other parts of the country? There are millions of them.

        It’s darned hard to argue against the liberal/GOPe claim that “we need illegals to do the jobs that Americans won’t do” when even The Donald is bringing in illegals* to do jobs because Americans won’t do them.


    • amjean says:

      Quite frankly, I am getting tired of posters complaining
      that Trump doesn’t give enough detail in these debates.
      Talk about Monday morning quarterbacking!
      Trump is running the debate gauntlet of assaults
      hardly getting a word in through the interruptions
      and screeching and some want him to be a policy


      • USA Patriot says:

        This is exactly why GWB got away with so much leftist policies, Talk Radio and Fox had an unwritten PC code not to criticize “from the right” and we thus got Obama.

        Now I would hold off somewhat with Trump “now” until he becomes Prez but I hope CTH does not become a Trump cheerleader if he drifts Globalistic — always push from the Patriotic right, always.


        • USA Patriot says:

          If asked Trump needs to promise an ending (maybe gradual) of all these special visa work programs that undermine the American worker and our Independence from foreign influence — hell it is what his whole pro-American campaign is built on. You cant serve two masters.

          And somebody please tell me what these millions of newly minted immigrants do — why arent they picking up the slack ? Could it be that many are put on welfare? So much corruption to undercover.


  23. Gail Combs says:

    As I said above chances are Trump had no idea these workers were Temp H-2B Visa Workers because they were hired through a temp service and not directly.

    There is a darn good reason the year 2000 was picked too.

    The reason everything changed and major companies switched to a no direct freelance hiring policy is because in 1992, a class action lawsuit was brought against Microsoft representing thousands of current and former employees that had been classified as temporary and freelance.

    The case was settled in 2000.
    Temp Workers At Microsoft Win Lawsuit

    “…Microsoft agreed to pay $97 million yesterday to settle an eight-year-old class-action lawsuit in which thousands of temporary employees accused the company of improperly denying them benefits.
    Microsoft reached this settlement, one of the largest ever received by a group of temporary employees, after the workers had sued the company, maintaining that they were actually permanent employees, not temporaries, and therefore deserved the same benefits as regular workers.
    The lawsuit, originally filed in December 1992, was by far the most prominent lawsuit in the nation attacking a popular practice in which many companies hired workers as temps, kept them for a year or more and did not provide them with regular permanent employee benefits….”


    • Gail Combs says:

      Hubby just commented that the reason no one would hire an independent contractor after 200 but went through agencies is because the paperwork for hiring a independent contractor was a major headache. At that point you had to prove he was not a permanent employee and other stuff. Much easier to use a temp service.



  24. Millwright says:

    Too bad DT doesn’t have a “ski resort” so the elites could complain about the “ski-bunnies/rabbits “, too ! I wonder how recent events in the EU are going the impact next years’ “servitors” influx ? ( I suspect a lot of these “transients’ are on the generous “vacation leave” afforded EU workers.)


  25. shirley49 says:

    These same guys complaining about this are probably the same ones who signed this into law. Coming in on this visa does not make them legal.


  26. AMD_Afficionado says:

    Trump pays off mortgages for Americans, saves farms, lends his jet to a family to fly their kid to a hospital but yet bringing in Americans to work at his facilities is somehow beyond his abilities?

    How is Trump going to accomplish his stated mission of bringing back jobs and ending visa abuse when he himself took the easy way out and abused visas?

    The justification for Trump’s visa abuse in this article sounds disturbingly akin to the “justification” I’ve seen employed by other companies that use visa vampires and illegals. 😦


  27. czarowniczy says:

    Au contraries, I am more than familiar with the seasonal short-hoe labor needs of Florida. Back in the day ( early 70s) they’d fly them in from the Caribbean by the plane loads to work the vegetable farms in the Belle Glade area. Many were professional migrant farmers, as ar many of the ones that work around here now, but many made a run for it and set up shop here.
    Thing is that those Florida farms produced a huge amount of the fruit/veggies the North and Northeast ate during the winter so the pressure was to let things be lest someone in Manhatten find they couldn’t get those fresh tomatoes for their ensalata caprese.
    Illegals are as they always have been – a matter of situational ethics. If we’d spend more time making them conservative Americans rather than allowing the RATS to convert them into whiny, aggrieved and entitled cattle we wouldn’t have anywhere near the problems we have now.


  28. frangelica1 says:

    There is nothing wrong with legally hiring seasonal workers from out of the country to fulfill peak seasonal employee needs.

    Here in the NJ shore area, there are a lot of temporary workers hired for the summer vacation season on the boardwalks, restaurants and bars, etc. When local people are not available for seasonal employment, even young Americans from out of state come here to take those jobs as well as temporary legal immigrants from outside the country.

    I actually met some lovely young temporary immigrants from Ireland that were working at the local shore a few summers back. Seasonal employees come from all over the world!


  29. Pingback: Blood Sport: GOP Presidential Race Takes Another Brutal Turn As ‘Party Favorites’ Tear Into Trump | Alternative News Network

  30. planesman says:

    Total BS. Put out an add and hire AMERICAN workers temporarily for the season. Are you suggesting in the entire country you cannot find people willing to go to Palm Beach for the great weather and work for a few months? But people are willing to come from Bulgaria? Where do they live? Does Trump provide housing? Then the same housing can be provided to people in places in America hurting for employment.

    I get it, it’s easy to hire a bunch of indentured servants from overseas who cannot leave and cannot seek work for another hotel during the season, but the logic that it’s necessary to fly people to and from the former Soviet Union is nonsense.


    • forest55 says:

      We have had similar resort staffing issues in our area. First it is temporary because market study can not find locals to work at certain jobs. (Which require skills and hardwork, long hours and offers minimum wages so obviously locals are reluctant to apply. The employer also deducts staff rent, if provided, and requires overtime with no extra pay. If workers complain the employer who holds the visa, deducts air flight costs and sends them home) It is not long before temporary visa becomes 2 year visa because employer has cheap labour and compliant workers.
      And the employer posts record profits. If the employer offered decent wages and career opportunities many locals would apply but they are addicted to cheap labor and huge profits so they continually blame everyone else, high government labor costs and lazy local workers.
      The article H-2B Visa program may be accurate but by simply explaining or justifying users and abusers of the program it miss the point that the money and wealth generated in these resorts is being allocated to the very wealthy owners and foreign workers. It is not being reinvested in building up local workforce and contributing to local economy. The same resorts who bring in foreign workers have no problem travelling through out far east (China, India, Thailand) to purchase furnishing and building supplies and have them shipped to their resorts, by-passing local building supply and appliance manufactures in the country. The program maybe easy but suggesting owners and developers who use the program are smart business people and just following the rules make them questionable political leaders and simply dangerous people to run a complex economy which should be focussed on a locals first vision.


  31. Pablo says:

    Well there is a seasonal need so workers have to come from Eastern Europe. OK lets just say that is true. So it is cheaper to bring workers to America, house them during peak season in Florida, plus deal with all the paper work. The question begging to be asked is why not just hire American workers from say Michigan who might be seasonally slow? My guess is because it economically advantageous to hire Eastern Europeans. Why is it of the 400 or so local employees who applied only a hand full got jobs.


  32. rajaforever55 says:

    infosys said it will hire 10,000 Americans in next two years Infosys is going to build project centre in Indiana, why Infosys is not selecting India as the place for this project, Now MNC has chosen new ways to put down India, If its any other important valuable point can infosys explain to us.


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