Rush Limbaugh Goes Full Nutter – The Most Illogical Pretzel Argument Ever Presented…

I know from the comments section many people have discussed how bizarre the recent ravings of Rush Limbaugh have become.  However, I had not spent time listening to them, until this happened.

As far as I can tell this was actually broadcast by Rush Limbaugh yesterday.  To say he’s contracted a viral strain of election cycle cognitive dissonance would be a severe understatement.  Listen to this logic:

If Ted Cruz wants to win he’s got to focus exclusively on attacking Trump.  Why? Because Cruz has to realize Marco Rubio is not going to drop out.  If Rubio is not going to drop out, Rubio is not the obstacle – Trump is…

See if you can follow this logic. Marco Rubio is not going to leave the race, therefore it is the better course to attack the stronger frontrunner because, well, according to the Limbaugh logic, Trump winning in all the contests must mean he is positioned to leave the race – or something.

Seriously, this is what Rush Limbaugh is presenting to his audience. This makes absolutely ZERO sense.  This is completely nonsensical.  This is epic level moonbattery.

What makes Limbaugh think Donald Trump, a candidate who has won three consecutive resounding victories, is less disposed to staying in the presidential race than a freshman senator who has won absolutely no primary contests?

…And if Trump is no less committed to exit, then how does it make more sense to spend time trying to eliminate the stronger of the two candidate options?

We have heard rumors there are times when ineffective “gaslighting” can lead to absolutely insane expressions of logic.  It would appear this rumor is profoundly true.

People pay this guy to hear this stuff?


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835 Responses to Rush Limbaugh Goes Full Nutter – The Most Illogical Pretzel Argument Ever Presented…

  1. Tenrten says:

    Don’t be so hard on Rush he has to talk for three hours a day five days a week …. And it’s really just entertainment ! I am a listener and lately he’s just been playing with everybody to keep u wondering what’s next; Will he back somebody won’t he back somebody?? Its for ratings…. Cause Trump does have everybody listening whether or not you agree ( bet those advertising rates went up a lot since Trump ) to me it sounded like Rush was telling you what Schapiro said ; basically he somewhat agreed with it not necessarily Rushs ideas … however, I agree Cruz would get chewed up and spit out.


    • moonraker1064 says:

      I agree. Rush did not go “full nutter”. That was not his logic; he was quoting verbatim from Shapiro’s article. I read Rush’s transcripts each night, and I don’t find him to be as biased against Trump as others seem to think. Also, after mentioning the Treehouse several times on air, Rush is the one who brought me to this awesome site several years ago.

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  2. GSR says:

    Rush has been playing lately, mock supporting Trump, Cruz and even Cabana Boy. I haven’t listened to him faithfully in a while, like I used to. I haven’t listened to Levin in almost a month.

    Brietbart daily show, on Sirius XM is perhaps the best right of center, patriotic show on the air.


  3. rebel53blog says:

    I hate Limbaugh Cheese too!!!!


    • joebal says:

      well in fairness to Rush L. he is reading Shapiro but of course he is saying he agrees with all of it too. I think Rush has been in the tank for Cruz and secretly hoping Cruz would pull out of his nosedive, not sure why Limbaugh keeps claiming he isn’t endorsing anyone when clearly he has been endorsing Cruz daily.

      Limbaugh is living in his own reality where the Iraq war somehow made sense and dick cheney is some sort of “great statesman”, he doesn’t suffer fools, except of course for the one he see’s in the mirror every day.


  4. pappadave says:

    I have maintained from the beginning that Trump has no intention of being President…that his original intent was to help his good friend Hillary move back into the White House where she can continue to plunder the treasury. My opinion in the matter hasn’t changed one iota. After all, it worked for Bill–twice–why not once for Hillary?


  5. Jemima says:

    Rush has jumped the shark. He’s at the bargaining phase of Kubler Ross’s five stages of grief over Trump’s inevitable nomination (as brilliantly laid out by Peggy Noonan in WaPo). Hence his ridiculous obsession with telling Rubio and Cruz how to handle Trump in the debates. As if that would matter or make a difference in the growing wave of Trump support. Some other acts of Rush’s desperation:
    • Had no response to Trump’s win in SC,
    • Has no problem with Cruz’s evil shenanigans, dismissed the Iowa fraud as unimportant,
    • Claimed Cruz is the closest thing to Reagan,
    • Claimed Rubio is a full-throated Conservative,
    • Gloated to a caller who said the media is being soft on Trump, that Trump will eventually “get his,”
    • Recommended a brokered convention if necessary (to prevent a Trump nomination)
    • Used a red font in a headline on his website this week to alert reader that the entry is a must read (this is a first in all years of reading his stuff). Wow. Is a Rush Twitter account in the works as he desperately strives to retain relevance signaling that we need him to explain it all to us?
    There are probably many more examples but I’m not listening much anymore. Too appallingly sad.


  6. I live in Iowa and was one of the thousands that bought 24/7 subs to try to get the mighty el Rushbo to see the fraud that is Rafael Cruz Jr. (WinDbag did a piece about how many new subs he was getting) complete waste of money. The day of the Caucuses in Iowa Mr WinDbag proceeded to use his pulpit to spread Cruz’s lies about Trump being for Obamacare. Read the transcript from 2/1. The 24/7 sub was immediately cancelled. I wonder how many of his audience have seen him as the card carrying POS member of the DRIVE-BY media he is and stopped listening to him as I have.


  7. ThePatriot says:

    I finally quit listening to Rush Limpy-poo myself. Had enough of his establishment sympathies.


  8. Camilo Rodriguez says:

    Limbaugh’s niece works for Ted Cruz:


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