Cruz Collapse – Ted Cruz Campaign Gives Up on Alabama, Pulls Out of State…

Ted Cruz moves all resources toward Texas, his only hope!

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — The “southern firewall” Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign has been building for months appears to be crumbling under the weight of Donald Trump’s staying power and Marco Rubio’s resurgence.


The Cruz campaign told Yellowhammer Wednesday night they are pulling out of the Presidential Forum set to be held at Samford University in Birmingham on Saturday, and will not be holding any other events in Alabama ahead of election day. Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign, however, reiterated their commitment to the event.

The move is one of the most open indicators to date that Cruz has failed to pick up steam in the Bible Belt South, once believed to be his geographic stronghold and his most likely path to the nomination.

Numerous southern states and almost a quarter of the Republican delegates are up for grabs in the so called SEC Primary on March 1st.

Yellowhammer CEO Cliff Sims said Cruz’s exit from the state so close to election day is unfortunate, but not entirely unexpected.

“Decisions like this are difficult for any campaign to make, but they have to do what they think is best,” he said. “Once a campaign goes into survival mode, sometimes they have to cut their losses and move resources where they can be most effective. A candidate’s time is the most valuable resource any campaign has.”  (read more)

sessions rally trump


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149 Responses to Cruz Collapse – Ted Cruz Campaign Gives Up on Alabama, Pulls Out of State…

  1. Sentient says:

    That picture. That’s Cruz’s most punchable face.

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  2. Martin says:

    Goodbye, Cruz. You’re finished.

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  3. Trumped says:

    Cruz surrogate Rick Perry right now on CNN: “A virtual wall is enough to secure the border”
    Ladies and Gentleman, thats exactly what Ted Cruz will do. Back in December he was asked by Greta in an Interview about the wall and he answered and talked about a Fence.

    These Jokers cant be trusted!

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  4. NHVoter says:

    Good riddance, Ted. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

    If Jeff Sessions does endorse Trump, Cruz will be finished.

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    • Martin says:

      I wonder what Sessions is waiting for.

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      • Mindcraft says:

        I think Sessions has to work with all the help he can get in the Senate, which is very little help, so he has to be careful right now. However, Cruz pulling out of AL is a sign that Sessions is not backing him. Plus Sessions has lent his most trusted top aid to Trump’s campaign. I think Sessions has done all he could to this point without an outright endorsement. I really can’t blame him. He has had to fight in the Senate almost alone at times.
        Side note: I would give all of you a lot of ‘likes’ but I can’t get the ‘like’ to work when I hit it. It takes me to wordpress then to wanting me to sign up for a blog or webpage. I have tried everything and I give up. So just know I “Like” all of you!

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        • ctdar says:

          Just sign up as a gravatar on wordpress…no charge & no need to further set up blog/site.


        • chojun says:

          Trump admitted that his running-mate would be a ‘political person’. With Sessions’ aid joining Trump’s campaign, I think Sessions would be the most likely pick.

          I’m also willing to bet that behind the scenes Trump has been imploring people not to endorse. Even if they are good men like Sessions, it hurts Trump’s image as an outsider (with uninformed voters). Also, for Sessions to endorse now would expose him to a big spotlight. I personally know that successful businessmen tend to run under the radar as much as they can so that they can pop up at the last minute and surprise the enemy. This is one reason why Trump tends to be vague on certain policy and why he’ll never explain how he’ll get Mexico to pay for the wall or how he’ll balance trade with China.

          If Sessions is Trump’s VP pick then Trump will hold those cards close to his chest until the last possible moment.

          Remember, the Donald never runs out of Trump cards.

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        • singtune says:

          Please Join Us~!n It is free~& easy to do!


        • deqwik2 says:

          Sen Sessions is definitely not backing Cruz. When he showed up for Trump’s 1st rally in Al after being in meetings with Trump, I knew he liked Trump. This week Sessions has been talking about Trump’s immigration policy & how good it is for the USA. I agree with you that he is supporting Trump without coming right out & saying he endorses him. The people here in AL know what it means.


        • cali says:

          I have the same problem ‘Mindcraft’ and would love to ‘like’ many comments.


    • he should, he’s the one who told us rafael cruz is actually fast track teddy! rafael authored parts of and worked right along with maobama to get TPA for TPP. two ineligible seditionists destroying this nation right in our faces! it’s time for the reckoning to begin…

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  5. laineethecat says:

    Shouldn’t the headline read something like,
    “Cruz Pulls Out of Campaign – Major Announcement Soon – Vote For Ben Carson!”
    That would be sweet.

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  6. Pete V says:

    Great news for Alabama.

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  7. rsmith1776 says:

    “Death, where is thy sting?”

    Teddy Bear, where are thy bloody lips?

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  8. kallibella says:

    I think Cruz must be very disappointed. He strikes me as a politician who is unable to persuade others and build consensus much less a movement. Where are his much touted oratory/debating skills?

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    • Sentient says:

      Well he has been talking louder lately.

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    • Obomination says:

      Unable to con enough others would be more accurate.

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    • politijim says:

      I’ve been telling my Cruz friends for a year, Reagan/Obama/Bill Clinton/Bush 2 won because they were likeable and strong. No one gave a sh** about their policies. Close elections are determined by Independents and low information GOP/DEMS who don’t tune in until the last 2 weeks of the general election. They go with their gut if the guy “feels” like he can be a President. That’s it. Look at Nixon/Kennedy. Nixon clearly a much better leader, experience back when many more people actually thought about their politics. Despite the whole “arrogance” thing of Trump, he smiles, looks friendly and seems determined and trustworthy on camera despite whether he is or not. he will win over ANYONE the DEMS put up and not surprising to me that it is MARCO leading Cruz who (is more likeable, relatable, etc.)

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    • moogey says:

      kalli, Oratory/debating skills, displayed on a stage or courtroom, are impressive. But one must be able to take those skills off the stage and capitalize on them.

      The mind of Ted Cruz is compartmentalized & rigid and he was unable to evolve these skills off the stage.

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    • tz says:

      Actions speak louder than words. His lie-owa strategy cut off his own natural supporters. He also has an Obamaesque Narwhal targeting database – which is why only a few got the Voter Violation. But you can’t sell steak to vegans.
      His supporters are now saying evangelicals for Trump aren’t real Christians – but they are and don’t want a slimy politician who uses deceptive campaign tactics.

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    • cali says:

      @kallibella: Rafael Eduardo Cruz strikes me as a person that is utterly condescending and would start questioning me if I asked him ‘how is the weather’. We all had people in school that always knew everything and always tried to outfox you but yet, at the same time making you look ‘dumb’ before other class mates. He also strikes me as the person not being able to have true friendships. His ‘creep factor’ would make you run away if you were a young woman in college and meeting a young Rafael.
      He does have one talent: Knowing when he can get away with manipulating someone with a lower IQ who would give himself a big boost while impressing the other person telling you how smart you are.
      He was known in college to act strange and dress up as a woman to gain entry into the girls dorm hoping to be able to hook up with one while he considered it to be a joke.
      I do not believe that he is able overall to have meaningful relation- and friendship due to his arrogance and condescending demeanor.

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  9. rsmith1776 says:

    Hoping and praying The Don is well rested and will be on the top of his game tonight.

    Soon, if everything goes well, debates will be less and less important. Tonight’s debate still is.

    Be a tower of strength and find solace and energy in your family and adepts, in the face of concerted attacks which would make a Mafia boss blush with remorse!

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  10. freegz says:

    Donald Trump buys $1.6 million of ad time
    The biggest purchase is in Cruz’s home state of Texas, where he reserved $470,000 of time.

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  11. patrickhenryrevisited says:

    A southern man don’t need him around anyhow.

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  12. budmc ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ says:

    A Canadian walks into a bar, the bartender says “Senator Cruz, can I get you something to drink?”

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  13. I can’t wait for “Ted” to slink back the Senate to complete his one and only term, and then hopefully we never have to hear from him ever again.

    Better still, no more Cruzbots either in forums, or on Talk Radio. Though, I expect the Radio-heads to have an epic meltdown once Cruz is out for good.

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  14. Paula says:

    He’s going to go for broke tonight. Will be very reckless and viciously attack Trump.

    Will be very sorry.

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  15. lizzieintexas says:

    Who is yellowhammernews? Never heard of them?


  16. Bull Durham says:

    Tell me when he pulls all his resources out of the USA.

    Liar and Loser.

    And his ads talk about him being a great commander-in-chief.

    He’s lost the South. And he’s hunkered down in the Alamo making his last stand.

    He may survive the onslaught of truth and disgusted voters in Texas, but he is over as a national candidate.

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  17. hocuspocus13 says:

    Next on the “HIT LIST” Rubio time to send that SNAKE back to the Everglades 🐉🐉🐉

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  18. beaujest says:

    No “Sweet Home Alabama ” for Elmer Gantry !

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  19. Trust No One says:

    Will Senator Cruz try to vilify and stop everything that President Trump puts forward as long as he is in the senate? What are the ways he could hurt President Trump in the senate or does/will he not have any power base to achieve a destruction mode?

    He’s a sneaky slime ball and I don’t put anything past him.


  20. LoreneTN says:

    Audience stacked again. The Bushes have arrived.


  21. NHVoter says:

    This may sound crazy but wanted to get your take on this.

    My mom is a RN & has a MPH. She has helped treat alcoholics a lot in her career. She believes that Cruz may be a closet alcoholic. She thinks he has the classic look of an alcoholic (red nose, face, etc) & has noticed that he has put on weight. We are all well aware that there are people with addictions who are also very religious. I don’t know if this is true and I’m certainly not accusing Cruz of this, but I did find it interesting given my mom’s expertise and was curious as to what all of you thought.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      That is obvious that he drinks. He’s a sick puppy and worse will be uncovered about him. All these religious fanatics are covering their sickness.

      Fervent religious people are not so fanatic and ostentatious as Cruz.

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    • georgiafl says:

      I have known several preachers, hyper religious men and women who were closet drinkers. Very sad, since they are not going to go for treatment or meetings due to public finding out.

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  22. Bull Durham says:

    NY Times ran at least four negative Trump stories today.
    One of them is about visa employees for Florida resorts. So it can hit him on his immigration and visa policy and on Florida not hiring citizens first.

    Expect these kind of talking points fed to the Cruz and Rubio questions so they’ll attack Trump.

    For 48 hours the Media has talked only about the “attacks” that should come against Trump.

    The debate is crucial. It will determine whether they can slow his momentum.

    And that will be a stacked audience.

    They even have brought the entire Bush clan, the old man in a wheelchair.

    What a joke.


  23. There are far more Trump second choicers in the CruzCrew than there are among the RubioRubes. So sadly-not sadly the Cruz campaign needs to pay the ultimate Darwinian price of failure.

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  24. myrightpenguin says:

    It’s fun to see Cruz and Rubio equally weak, the establishment just doesn’t know which of the two weak horses to back and looks like a bunch of headless chickens.

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  25. I wish the thousands of spam reports against cruz were acted on.

    He sends me more money grubbing scam emails than a nigerian princess.

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  26. Ted Cruz invokes Alamo. Not smart. Those guys lost…

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  27. Searkreb says:

    I was flipping channels last night and ted was on Fox and I watched for the fox for the first time in a very long time. Anyway, ted stated that he beats trump head to head and hillary head to head. I almost cussed out loud! Do these polls exist?

    Also, did ted or oneven of his surrogates say that no “true christians” voted for trump?


  28. georgiafl says:

    Anyone have a live stream link to the debate for people who don’t have cable?


  29. BuhBye!! Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!! Hope he soon pulls out of the rest of the south.

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  30. TwoLaine says:

    Sounds like his campaign is running out of small donor money. NOT surprising.


  31. Brian L says:

    Not gonna lie, I started laughing maniacally while reading the article.

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  32. New Vulgarian says:

    Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye!

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  33. politijim says:

    Anyone with Christian friends pushing Ted down your throat – feel free to share this with them

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  34. Paul Killinger says:

    After attending the Trump Rally in Mobile this past August, I could have told the Senator to save his breath. A young man I met at that packed football stadium told me he’d attended a Cruz event the day before in Birmingham, where a couple hundred students had shown up.


  35. tz says:

    Ted is Dead, campaign wise.
    His entire strategy was to energize evangelicals.
    He has been rejected by most. Strange, except his “dirty tricks” and lies probably made him seem like the evangelical “slick willie” Clinton.
    I keep going back to evangelical Ron Paul. Honorable.
    Who is acting the most Christ like? Carson.
    If not Carson, then it isn’t based on being Christ like.
    Politicians lie. Cruz is damaged – he only slightly distanced himself from McConnell and Ryan.


  36. belle819 says:

    Grew up Catholic, 12 years of schooling. Ted Cruz is a Jesus fraud, IMO.

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    • tz says:

      Also Catholic. Ted the Televangelist.
      Grew up with “Hockey Night in Canada”
      Someone needs to insure Oh Canada is sung when the “National Anthem” is scheduled.


  37. Crassus says:

    I’d crap my pants if Cruz lost Tejas to Trump. If that happens he should resign his Senate seat and go back to Nowheresville.


    • Daniel says:

      This presidential run has actually threatened his senate seat and political career. This overly ambitious move spawned by his father, “anointing” him [as king] to redistribute the wealth?? Are you frkiken kidding me!?

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  38. rebel53blog says:

    DeafeaTED, Calgary is calling you and that’s not the one in the bible. It’s the one where you were born.

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  39. Daniel says:

    This isn’t his only hope. It’s not even that. It’s a last ditch effort at maintaining his senate seat and any sort of public face.

    Texas is a winner-take-all race and it’s 155 delegates. It’s not a small thing but it’s far from the thousands out there total which Trump pretty much has already. Today’s debate didn’t change anything for Trump. Trump is like a ratchet — he moves one direction but not the other. The only ground that other candidates can gain is at the expense of other non-Trump candidates.

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  40. tgmccoy says:

    Cruz embraced Beck, now Beck stands astride the wreckage and looks to Rubio.
    “My work here is done.” a flaps off in his Klown suit leaving only the smell of greasepaint
    in his wake…


  41. jameswlee2014 says:

    This race is over and it’s been over for months. What we are hearing now is the pathetic death rattle of those who sought to appropriate the Republican party. What we are seeing now is the Rise of the Rank and File Republicans. It is the thunderous marching sound of American citizens reclaiming that which is theirs.


  42. John Redmond says:

    When Robert Jeffress from First Baptist Church Dallas TX endorses trump and then gives a speech of why, that shows how much of a liar Cruz is. Lets Not forget the Trump endorsements from Pat Robertson and Jerry falwell JR. of Liberty University. These are very large and prominent religious organizations. There is something very rotten about Ted Cruz.


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