CBS Announces Republican Debate Line Up…

(Via CBS) The six remaining major GOP presidential candidates have all qualified for CBS News’ Republican debate in South Carolina on Saturday night, the network announced Friday.

cbs debate format

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and John Kasich have been invited to participate in the debate at the Peace Center in Greenville.

Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore, who had only previously participated in undercard debates, did not qualify for the main stage, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina dropped out of the 2016 race earlier this week.

Face the Nation anchor and CBS News political director John Dickerson will be the debate’s main moderator and will be joined by CBS News White House correspondent Major Garrett and The [Rupert Murdoch influenced] Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel.

The debate will air live on CBS from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET on Saturday. (read more)

trump banner south carolina

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232 Responses to CBS Announces Republican Debate Line Up…

  1. Martin says:

    Why is Gilmore still in the race? Get out, Gilmore.

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  2. Voltaire's Crack says:

    Is Carson’s position on the left a measure to avoid another traffic jam in the wings?

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  3. Spencer's Mom says:

    So, apparently Good Man Ben Carson is going to run interference for Donald Trump in South Carolina. I’m sure that the “good” folks at Red State aren’t happy about it, but they did post this article:

    Ted Cruz – payback is a mother.

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  4. Bastiat says:

    Bush should have been switched with Marko?


  5. Martin says:

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  6. NHVoter says:

    Oh it’s on.

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    • tampa2 says:

      Interesting he said “I have the standing”. Not an idle threat by any means!

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    • MVW says:

      I wonder how long it would take to get a ruling?


      • MVW says:

        And if the suit succeeds, that would mean Cruz would lose his Senate seat too.

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        • joshua says:

          I wouldn’t want to be Ted’s Mother or Father if this happens and light gets to shining on the facts….They MIGHT get “Clintoned” like Vince Foster…..Ted is capable of bad stuff with the folks behind him that are his “supporters”

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        • There is no “natural born” citizen requirement to serve in Congress. This rule specifically applies to the president and vice president.

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          • Gail Combs says:

            Yes, how ever Cruz was a CANADIAN when he took office! For that matter he is an ILLEGAL ALIEN!
            Sen. Ted Cruz’s birth certificate shows he was born in Calgary Canada in 1970. At that time Canada DID NOT have dual citizenship. Sen. Ted Cruz only gave up his Canadian ‘dual citizenship’ on May 14, 2014 roughly 9 months after he learned he wasn’t only an American.

            Ted Cruz’s Mother Was On Official List Of Canadian Citizens Eligible To Vote [and so was his father]

            Canada and Dual Citizenship

            Prior to 1947 and the introduction of the first Citizenship Act, there was legally no such thing as Canadian citizenship. Both native-born and naturalized citizens were British subjects. In 1977, the current Citizenship Act came into force, making extensive changes to the law. The effect was to make citizenship more widely available (for example, by reducing the period of residency required from five to three years), and to remove the special treatment for British nationals and the remaining discrimination between men and women.(1) The Act also provided that Canadians could hold dual citizenship, reversing the previous situation in which citizenship was lost upon the acquisition of the citizenship of another country.

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          • DaveNY says:

            I still think he will lose his senate seat to a REAL TEXAN.

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            • dotherightthing4 says:

              Don’t bet on it. They people I know are so devoted they are like the Obama lovers of ’08. Cult-like in their devotion. No amount of facts or logic will dissuade them. Very troubling.

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        • AMD_Afficionado says:

          While we’re hoping for the stars, I hope that’d repeal Pastor Ted’s advancing votes and amendment for obamatrade.


    • irvingtwosmokes says:

      Discovery is a bitch…lol a lawsuit would bog down Pastor Ted’s campaign to a complete standstill. The flock at Free republic are apocalyptic.

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      • tz says:

        I think you mean apoplectic, but I like the pun.

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      • Alaska Bear says:

        Agreed, irvingtwosmokes. Even if the suit just proceeds it would be a success…in exposing Cruz’s fraudulent timeline.

        Nothing Ted says about his origins or what Rafael Sr. asserts seems the least bit believable, from how the Castro-freedom-fighting father initially came to the U.S., when the unexplained first marriages for both parents ended, and why and when the lovebirds fled to Canada at all. Calgary was not exactly a hotbed of opportunity in the oil industry until the mid 70s, after the Mid-east oil crisis made it profitable to pump. Yet Rafael B. & Associates LTD was formed back in 1968 according to an SEC filing by Veritas – the company which bought out R.B. Associates in 1974, the year the Cruzes came back to town. (Source is the website. I’d link to the direct page, but the exact URL turns up an XML error.)

        Bottom line, everything about the background is shady and suspect and probably the biggest reason Cruz prefers to be smug about his citizenship status instead of forthright.

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        • Toronto Tonto says:

          1968 is also the year Rafael Cruz allegedly became a Canadian citizen. The Cruz campaign deliberately tries to obscure the timeline. I’ve also seen anecdotal discussions about becoming a Canadian during the Vietnam era scrubbed from Internet discussions.

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    • phil fan says:

      This here is a thing of beauty. Donald you keep giving us more reasons to love ya man

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  7. sheree252 says:

    Absolutely! Go Trump!! I would think Carson already would have standing as well after that fiasco in Iowa.

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  8. Coast says:

    I think the candidates should be positioned prepositional to their polling numbers…meaning Bush and Kasich should be near the exits behind the audience…or out in the parking lot.

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  9. freeperjim says:

    Will Trump have the sole, center position as the leader or will CBS position Cruz at the same & equal center position?

    I understand an even number presents this predicament but Trump has such a lead, he should be set off from the also rans.

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    • Concerned says:

      Look at the CBS graphic up at the top. They have Cruz equal to Trump and even put Cruz “first”, on the left which is essentially first to those of us who read left to right.

      I was thinking that might have been why they included Carson, to force an even number. But I think they included Carson because they didn’t want to look racist.

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  10. dotherightthing4 says:

    I don’t think anyone posting here trusts the GOPe. I am asking a question because I do not know the answer. Is there some scenario by which they get to the national convention and the RNC decides that Cruz and Rubio are ineligible because they are not Natural Born citizens? Could the RNC then create mischief with those delegates and deposit them in Jeb’s bucket. I can not help but feel they will do something to deliver JEB despite the wishes of the people. This may be how the disenfranchise Trump and the grassroots.
    So—does anyone know? Could they do this?

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  11. KitKat says:

    You Can’t Stump the Trump Volume 15 (Triumph Edition) is now up on youtube.

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  12. NHVoter says:

    Ted Cruz is lying outright now, saying that Trump wants to give amnesty to illegal aliens. My blood is boiling with absolute disgust.
    Hop on over to my Twitter page to see.

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    • dotherightthing4 says:

      I live in Texas. Nearly ALL my friends (Pastor too) are rabidly in the Cruz camp. I look at Cruz and watch the lies he tells and the only word that comes to mind is “SMARMY”– Cruz supporters are cult-like. They excuse anything and everything. He walks on water. A well respected writer I follow exposed the fact that his father, Pastor Rafael Cruz is a dominionist. I had never even heard the word and had to look it up. Additionally, he has never graduated from any school of divinity or has any degree of theology.

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      • parteagirl says:

        “Pastor” implies a church, right? Nope. Just a suite in Carrollton, TX. Rafael Sr’s ministry exists on a laptop, from what I’ve been able to find.

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        • amjean says:

          Just like Reverend Jesse Jackson of Chicago!

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        • dotherightthing4 says:

          I found this:

          Today Rafael Cruz is a pastor at a church in Dallas and serves as the Director of Purifying Fire Ministries ministering in the U.S., Mexico, and Central America. He is also a professor Bible [sic] and Theology and the president of Kingdom Translation Services.
          Until it folded in 2014, Purifying Fire was a Costa Mesa, Calif., ministry owned by Suzanne Hinn, the divorced (then remarried) wife of faith healer Benny Hinn. A spokesman for the Cruz presidential campaign said Rev. Cruz has never been associated with the Hinns, but “used the Purifying Fire name for a while then he dropped it.”

          “Pastor at a church in Dallas” isn’t exactly right either, although according to the campaign: “You don’t have to have a church to be a pastor.”

          Cruz has claimed to have studied theology at Advanced Bible College (or Advance Bible College), neither of which appear to exist. The Cruz campaign says Rev. Cruz “audited courses at Southwestern [Baptist] Theological Seminary and was ordained at Mundo de Fe.”
          The campaign spokesman also said Rev. Cruz is affiliated with no seminary or Bible college but he is a professor.

          Kingdom Translation Services Inc. has been registered with the Texas Secretary of State since 2012, with a billing address in an apartment complex in a Dallas suburb. It has no working website or listed phone number. “It is Rev. Cruz’s one-man translation service,” according to the campaign.

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      • Sentient says:

        Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

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      • k9puppy says:

        That needs to get circulated.


    • parteagirl says:

      Sorry, the mental image of Trump’s WALL since JUNE 16 makes Cruz’s lie look like a paper wad. Doink! Off it bounces.

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    • Don’t get mad friend. Trump is going to win and all of these losers will disappear.

      Also, how do I find you on Twitter?

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  13. windwardman says:

    James Lewis on Jihad, Trump, and the Lessons of Churchill:
    It’s a great article. Be sure to read all of the articles quoted within it.

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  14. joshua says:

    strassel…..big time Trump hater….writes for wall street journal…Murdoch person…

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  15. NHVoter says:

    Cruz’s former communications director has lost it.

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  16. TheFenian says:

    Can’t wait for this debate. I love seeing Trump on stage with these stooges being the Boss Man.

    The new Morning Consult poll has him way up in SC. This debate can finally deliver that 50+% win he needs to end this nonsense and enter the convention with hundreds of delegates more than he needs.

    Then the GOP belongs to us, the insurgency.

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  17. Katherine McCoun says:

    Talking to people and have run into a number of people who haven’t decided and really do watch the debate to help them figure it out. Several today plan to watch the next debate and then do early voting. Surprises me as the debates don’t influence me. Usually, no surprises come out during the debate from candidates if you are paying attention the rest of the time. But they really do matter to some people. I find it interesting and watch them all but don’t decide based on them

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    • As George Carlin put it, think how stupid the person of “average intelligence” is.

      …Half the people you see are more stupid than that.

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      • flova says:

        Flyingtiger…This is exactly right and not funny ‘funny.’

        My daughter came home from her friend’s house yesterday and overheard her friend’s parents talking about the election. The father said he “liked Bush.”

        I couldn’t believe it I just couldn’t believe it. Our primary is March 1. Virginia is a very weird state when it comes to elections. You are either establishment Republican, Tea Party libertarian or liberal/leftist Dems(Norther Virginia). Trump is breaking through but not as much as he could be.

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        • My family are all “Fighting” Virginian back to pre-revolutionary days and it just makes me despair how the demography and outlook of the place have changed. And not for the better.

          But in terms of the deliberate dumbing down of the USA (and the rest of the anglosphere) – it’s planned. There’s no accident here. As Carlin also said, they want us just smart enough to operate their machines, but not too smart so we’d make trouble for them.

          “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it. And incidentially it’s the same big club they hit you over the head with.”


  18. don welch says:

    you can bet trump will talk about carrier air conditioning moving to mexico.

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  19. Paco Loco says:

    Trump has standing to sue both Cruz and Rubio over not being NBC. If he files today it would make for a very interesting debate as the Cubanos would have the spot light on them not being NBC under the 12 Amendment. As Ricky Ricardo used to say ” Lucy you have a lot of splaining to do”.

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  20. Martin says:

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  21. runthetable says:

    Trump warned the Clintons and followed through. Trump has warned Cruz and we should expect Trump will indeed follow through.

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  22. zadatn says:

    And it begins on Joe Scarborough — In background discussions, NBC News and MSNBC journalists, reporters and staffers said there was widespread discomfort at the network over Scarborough’s friendship with Trump and his increasingly favorable coverage of the candidate.
    “People don’t like that Joe is promoting Trump,” one MSNBC insider said. Others described Scarborough’s admiration for Trump as “over the top” and “unseemly.”
    Four of those sources also said that the growing media scrutiny over the two men’s relationship has caused the network’s leadership to more closely monitor Scarborough’s comments. “The higher-ups are definitely aware about what’s going on,” said another person within MSNBC. “It’s an issue.”

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  23. Rebel Mope says:

    Speaking of Standing, it seems Kasich and Carson will be standing on the wrong sides of Trump. Kasich had more votes in NH than Carson. I think they were trying to avoid putting ¡Yeb! in a whipsaw between those two. Should be like boy-girl boy-girl, only different. CBS is already turning this into a fiasco.


  24. Trump is going to DOMINATE South Carolina

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    • Michelle says:

      The more I read on the NBC issue, the more I’m convinced that Cruz is not eligible to run for president. Even if he became a US citizen at birth, that’s an “automatic naturalization” that is not the same as being a natural born citizen. Even without looking into the issue, the fact that Cruz doesn’t want to get a ruling on it means that he knows he’s not a natural born citizen.

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      • Howie says:

        He is only garnering Bush delegates for the convention.

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      • JT says:

        You are right. Being naturalized is statutory citizenship. By the way – this is the only type of citizenship Congress can bestow.

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      • Jett Black says:

        Prezactly! If a person requires “naturalization” to become a citizen, whether automatic by statute or requiring some other act, that person is not a Constitutional “natural born citizen.” Unfortunately, the rule of law was assassinated during the Clinton admin. Shrub and <0 dug the grave extra deep and poured concrete on top. Rule of law had been ailing for a long time, but didn’t deserve the ignominious fate they gave it.


    • Jus soli (law of soil)

      Jus sanguinis (law of blood) – In 1788 jus sanguinis applied to patrilineal descent only

      Cruz fails on both counts.

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    • yadent says:

      What’s strange is that I have not seen one document of any kind that has Ted Cruz’s name on it indicating US citizenship via birth…..or US citizenship at all. Heck, even he big Zero attempted to fake one and I guess actually succeeded.

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    • Notmeagain says:

      Woah. From the article:
      “There is now an unconfirmed claim that someone has supposedly verified that they indeed both voted in the October of 1972 federal Canadian election.”
      Could this be the devastating scoop we’ve been teased with? Even the prior paragraph is pretty ominous for Tedentious:
      “Ted’s Father has publicly admitted he became a Canadian citizen in 1968. If his mother’s first husband with surname of “Wilson” was also a Canadian citizen (unconfirmed), she would have become a citizen before his father. Even if her first husband was not Canadian, according to Canadian law, she would still have automatically become a Canadian citizen in 1969 after having a Canadian spouse (Ted’s Father) and residing in Canada for 1 year. “

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    • NCPatrick says:

      John, note that the author of the examiner article recommends that every candidate running against Cruz and Rubio should immediately file suit against them for running without proper credentials. And I hope Levin and Limbaugh will hang their heads in shame for the role they played in this continuing farce.

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    • Zzschnops says:

      Canadian law does not negate US law. All children of citizens are citizens of US. But he is still not eligible for president.


  25. yohio says:

    Trump wins debate if he turns and looks at Marco and starts doing Mr. Roboto dance then just walks off stage

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  26. Totally Domestic says:

    Back in the day when I listened to the fake one, I remember Mark Levin ranting on & on about Trump bringing up Cruz’s NBC & saying over & over that he hopes Trump will sue but he probably won’t because he knows that he doesn’t have standing.

    Could Mark be worried about Trump doing just that ? Hope Trump calls his bluff!

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  27. NHVoter says:

    It seems that Trump & Rubio may join forces at the debate to counter Ted’s dishonesty. Also this:


  28. NHVoter says:

    More lies

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  29. beanpancakes says:

    Gilmore is out.

    WASHINGTON — Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore has announced that he has suspended his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

    Gilmore failed to garner much voter or financial support for his campaign. Other candidates who attracted greater interest have already left the race.

    He was not in South Carolina this week and did qualify for the debate there set for Saturday.

    Stay with WTOP for updates on this developing story.

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  30. yy4u says:

    Treepers, Cruz is not the problem. Rubio is. My “establishment” friends are now full on Rubio-bots and attack me ruthlessly because I’m for Trump.


  31. Lulu says:

    New Poll:

    South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary Poll 2/12/16

    Sponsored by: Augusta Chronicle, Morris News Service, Fox 5 Atlanta

    South Carolina; likely presidential primary voters; Republican
    Blended sample; mixed mode:


  32. gamecock123 says:

    Here in SC, Trump is all cool and collect tweeting out the agenda for the day. He has the most ardent, patriotic supporter I’ve ever seen. He has not wavered once and neither shall we.

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  33. John says:

    When does PBS host and moderate the Republican debate again? I can’t remember.


  34. preppin247 says:

    Hopefully Carson can bring a pair and call out Cruz on the Iowa b.s…. perhaps get a rubio type meltdown and expose the Canadian snake charmer in front of a national audience… for some reason my gut tells me Trump likes gentle Ben..

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  35. kimosaabe says:

    All these debates and I’m of the understanding that Reince has added several to the original schedule are meant to take down Trump. They are desperately looking to kill him off and the more the poseur candidates can attack him and the evil clowns in the media can fire at him the more his lead withers.

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    • lineabirgit says:

      the last Fox News debate… megyn kelly and the “trump is hitler” moslem activist… Rinse Pubis signed off on it. all of it.

      instead donald trump skipped the Fox News setup and raising 6-million dollars for veterans.

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  36. Reality Wins says:

    Since Kasich’s people seem to like spending a lot of money on Trump attack ads, maybe at this debate Trump can ask Kasich why the state of Ohio under Kasich’s leadership is persecuting parents who choose to homeschool their children.

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    • lineabirgit says:


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    • wondering999 says:

      Disgusting situation. From the link:
      “As reported by Off The Grid News, two separate households that homeschool their children are facing jail time and thousands of dollars in fines and fees, for just barely missing state deadlines that they knew nothing about.

      “The charges are as ridiculous as the filings – “contributing to the delinquency of a minor,” despite the fact that state nannies acknowledged the children were indeed being schooled at home, in parental education programs that officials later acknowledged met the state’s requirements.

      “The state school system says that the parents did not provide them with proper, timely notification that their kids would not be attending public school [a requirement that only a totalitarian could love]. But in contemptuous fashion, rather than notifying the parents of their delinquent paperwork filing, education officials let the children’s’ absences from public school mount up for nearly a month, so that they could bring criminal charges against them, according to Peter Kamakawiwoole of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).”[emphasis added]

      HSLDA rocks. Although I didn’t end up homeschooling my kids, I researched the option pretty thoroughly. If you live in a dismal school district, homeschooling should be one of your options.


    • wheatietoo says:

      That would be a great question!
      Hope he gets to do that…that would leave a mark.

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    • Polar Vortex says:

      Trump should ask Kasich to make him a fruit salad while he answers a question.


  37. wheatietoo says:

    Evangelicals have been burned before by false prophets.
    They are not stupid.
    So hopefully more and more of them will see through Cruz’s BS…and see him for what he really is.

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    • LionsareGreat says:

      I sadly, doubt it. The evangelicals that are for Cruz truly believe he’s God’s candidate. Unless he gets exposed in a debate he’ll keep their support. For example, Carson’s answer on Iowa alienated a lot of Carson supporters, and some Cruz supporters away from Cruz. That needs to happen more. That’s why I’m honestly glad Carson is still in the race because he’s the only one I’ve seen so far that can expose Cruz’s sleazy-ness to the evangelicals that support Cruz..

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  38. DaveNY says:



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