Governor Jeb Bush Has A Much More Serious “Eminent Domain” Problem Than Donald Trump….

When Governor Jeb Bush Ordered The Jack Boots To Action…

jeb bush and katherine harrisFormer Governor Jeb Bush has a much more serious eminent domain problem to reconcile than current media reports are discussing.

During his tenure as Florida Governor Bush initiated the largest eminent domain private property confiscation in the history of the Sunshine State.

Bush’s action is now costing the State of Florida hundreds of millions in lawsuits and legal fees.

During a period from mid-2000 to January 2006 the Florida Department of Agriculture, at the direction of Governor Jeb Bush, began a program to seize and destroy citrus trees from Florida residents.

The action stemmed from an outbreak of citrus canker, a disease that weakens citrus trees and blemishes fruit. The fruit becomes less attractive and marketable.

[…]  the department’s tree-cutting crews went through Florida’s residential neighborhoods, destroying orange, grapefruit and other citrus trees found within 1,900 feet of diseased trees. Delayed and hampered by lawsuits from homeowners, the campaign failed to stop the disease, which eventually made it to the state’s commercial groves. (link)

The program was essentially FLDA government authorized jackboots entering the yards and properties of Florida residents and destroying private property “without compensation” for their loss.  Any homeowners who did not willingly comply were subject to arrest by law enforcement.

“They came with two sheriff’s deputies. They said if you don’t step aside we will handcuff you and take you to jail,” says John Haire, of Fort Lauderdale, one of several residents challenging the eradication program in court. (link)

Thousands of homeowners were affected and many saw all of their orange, lemon, lime and citrus trees completely destroyed.   Governor Jeb Bush and the Florida Dept of Agriculture used “eminent domain” law as the underlying legal principle for their action.

Eventually the Florida State Supreme court ruled the entire process was unconstitutional government eminent domain overreach, and thousands of Florida residents sued the state.

The lawsuits have dragged through the courts for almost a decade, and recently hundreds of millions in compensation have been awarded in Lee, Palm Beach, Broward, Orange and Miami-Dade counties.

In total the state destroyed about 660,000 trees of private property owners.

West Palm Beach judge granted residents $11 million in compensation – Link –  $20.17 Million awarded in Orange County – Link –  More than $20 million in Palm Beach county – Link –  Somewhere between $75 and $80 million estimated, including Lee County – Link

[…]  The reason the state is appealing and has appealed in other citrus cases is “no one in Tallahassee has the leadership and courage to say we did our best, in retrospect, we did them wrong, let’s move forward,” he said.

[…]  “This was an actual case, a real case of eminent domain and the state needs to come up with the money,” she said. “I think David beat Goliath, and Goliath has got to quit.” (link)

As voters in New Hampshire heard on Saturday night, Jeb Bush believes it a horrible thing to seize property from private citizens; yet history would reflect when Jeb Bush himself was governor of the state of Florida – not only did he order seizures, by force, but Bush also refused to reimburse the residents for the property he unlawfully ordered to be removed and destroyed.

Methinks Jeb doth protest too much….

bush v trump


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222 Responses to Governor Jeb Bush Has A Much More Serious “Eminent Domain” Problem Than Donald Trump….

  1. Betty says:

    Jeb took a risk on a unique set of circumstances, the people of NH are fighting a Canadian power company who want to use emanate domain to cross their state with high power lines to sell power to probably Boston or NYC.

    Jeb was venerable on emanate domain but not immediately, so he took a chance and brought it up to dirty Donald Trump where it would do the most damage NH. Maybe he thinks it will be all blown over by the time he gets to SC.

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    • joshua says:

      However, while the future of the project is unsettled, the use of eminent domain was taken off the table by the legislature. “In 2012, former governor John Lynch (D) signed a law blocking utility companies from using eminent domain for certain projects, a law aimed at the contentious Northern Pass project, which seeks to string power lines from Quebec through New Hampshire, connecting a Canadian hydroelectric plant to New England’s power grid,” reported the Washington Post on Jan. 26.

      [Associated Press]
      March 5, 2012

      CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The Northern Pass power project has been effectively blocked from using eminent domain by New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch’s approval of a law restricting its use.

      The new measures, signed into law by Lynch on Monday, prohibit public utilities from using eminent domain for projects not directly related to New Hampshire power needs, such as Northern Pass.

      “The use of eminent domain should be limited to projects designed to benefit the public as a whole,” Lynch said in statement.

      Northern Pass — the 180-mile transmission project to bring Canadian hydropower to southern New England — is hotly debated in the North Country, where residents say they were worried the project would attempt to use eminent domain to carve out the 40 miles it needs in the area.

      Northern Pass officials have said they have no intention of using eminent domain, nor is the project dependent on it.

      Northern Pass Transmission, LLC, is composed of Northeast Utilities and NSTAR, two New England-based utility companies. The project would build, own and operate the transmission lines while leasing them to Hydro-Quebec to transmit 1,200 megawatts of electricity into the New England Power pool.

      Project critics say other states like Connecticut would benefit from the cheap hydropower, but the additional power is not vital to New Hampshire.

      The new law also establishes homeowner protections against any attempt to use eminent domain and creates a commission to develop policies for burying power lines.

      Under the new protections, an entity looking to use eminent domain must first successfully petition the Public Utilities Commission before broaching the subject with the property owner. Violations would be subject to a $25,000 fine.

      Attempts to even enter a property for surveying require 30-day prior notification, and successful seizures of residential property require the owner receive “reasonable relocation and housing replacement costs.”

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      • Rattlerjake says:

        West Virginia, Virginia, and N. Carolina are dealing with a similar situation presently. Dominion Transmission, Inc. is running a large gas pipeline through these states using “eminent domain” under state and federal law to do so. This pipeline is being built so this company can pipe natural gas to the coast for shipment to Europe. What’s stupid is that it parallels the I95 Interstate, and the government refuses to allow it to go on PUBLIC property – along the interstate easement. It’s my understanding that this company is also receiving millions in tax dollar subsidies to run this line. It’s getting ridiculous.

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      • archer52 says:

        One of the 43 states that responded to the horrible and unconstitutional ruling by the SCOTUS in Kelo. This is the living example of why it is a bad idea to let private entities use government to make money.


    • Helen says:

      I am sure Bush is hoping it’ll blow over but it won’t. This was a great article Sundance, hope Trump brings this up.

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    • Bert Darrell says:

      Betty, your posting is somewhat unclear. I thought Trump punched Jeb right on the nose (figuratively) when he proved that Jeb did not know what he was talking about, Jeb was all against eminent domain being used for the benefit of private parties, but was unaware that the Keystone pipeline project -which Jeb supports- is a PRIVATE project run by a PRIVATE Canadian company.

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      • joleeinca says:

        Jeb also used eminent domain against a veteran when he was Gov. of Florida.

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      • Paul K. Ogden says:

        With the Keystone Pipeline you’re talking about a company obtaining an easement (not the fee, i.e. the ownership of a property) to deliver a product across thousands of properties, a product much needed by the public. There is a HUGE difference from that and Trump having local officials use eminent domain to take some old ladies’ house for limo parking for his casino.


        • Rattlerjake says:

          Actually you are way off! True that these pipelines are acquiring easements, but the property they cross becomes unusable for anything permanent and these companies pay a very unreasonable fee for that easement. We have a natural gas pipeline going through our area here in NC, and many of the property owners are being essentially being forced to accept what the company claims is reasonable, yet their property value drops to near nothing because it permanently prevents building any permanent structure. What is ridiculous is that this ENTIRE N-S stretch of pipeline runs parallel with Interstate 95 and not a mile away from it, and the government will not allow the pipeline to be buried on the interstate easement. Also, this pipeline is for nothing more than piping natural gas to the coast for shipment to Europe. These companies will make tens of millions of $$$$ on this pipeline, but have ruined hundreds of lives by destroying the value of their properties, and in some cases the property is lost if their house has to be removed. Every one of these pipelines could be put along the easements of highways and interstates and the companies could pay a fee that would GO TO THE TAX PAYERS, yet the government refuses to allow it.


    • archer52 says:

      That is a questionable situation you describe here. NY doesn’t want to insult environmentalists lobbies by making their own power (Hey a nuke plant maybe). Then they go to a place where they can get the power- but only if they run the line through private property- of people who don’t have a dog in this particular hunt?

      Yikes. I think I side with the landowners. Always default AWAY from the profiteers and politicians. MAKE them change their ways by making them own their power needs.

      Leave people alone.

      That was the whole concept being our founding. Weak feds, fairly weak states= free citizens.

      Jefferson would be taking up arms if he were alive today. (and it wouldn’t be a musket either).


  2. Wide Awake says:

    EXCELLENT reporting once again! You guys ROCK!!

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  3. sundance says:

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    • mikayla825 says:

      Wow, I don’t think he can even see the poop storm heading his way. A couple of weeks ago I might have felt a bit sorry for him, but I’m over it now. Good grief what an idiot.

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      • marla1 says:

        John sits there pretending to be so pious and sanctimonious ,makes me want to wet my pants the traitor!! He was a traitor to his fellow captives and his father was an admiral and he got special treatment from his captors! Ask the slimy traitor snake Jane Fonda!!! Have the decency to read up , look up, John McCain,,, Donald is too kind to tell all he knows about John McCain!!!

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    • Bert Darrell says:

      It is well known that McCain was one of the “Keating Five,” a term referring to the five senators who pressed Federal authorities to spare help out Keating (the head of a major Savings and Loans bank that was going under in the era of the real estate scandal that cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in bailouts (courtesy of papa Bush). I don’t call McCain a hero, but a run-of -the-mill politician. BTW, McCain ultimately acknowledged that it was a bone-headed action.


    • Notmeagain says:

      Jeb! hasn’t looked at the news for a long time, has he.

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    • Finalage says:

      As pathetic as this is, I will not be surprised if Jeb finishes 2nd or 3rd in NH. If that happens it would be a big blow to Rubio and would effectively end the campaigns of Kasich and Christie (Fiorina as well but I don’t see her dropping out).


    • jello333 says:

      Jeb forgot to include that little tongue-sticking-out emoticon in his tweet.

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  4. 1hear2learn says:

    How about this… W’s library…

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    • Sandra says:

      The Obama library will likely be built on a chunk of a public park rather than in the empty lot across the street. I should research that story. I don’t know how they were able to take public park space. Oh, they want to build a new train stop too, just for the library. They’ll probably grab another piece of the park for that too.

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      • Sandra says:

        Oh boy, it looks like University of Chicago did the same thing as SMU, started gobbling up land around their desired site … when Obama was still a Senator.

        DNAInfo Chicago examined Cook County property records and found U. of C. spent six years and $18 million on 26 properties located near Martin Luther King Drive and Garfield Boulevard. The land purchases, which began when Barack Obama was still a senator, give an indication the university had a library bid in the works for years and already targeted Washington Park as the preferred site for it.

        And I see the answer to how the library is getting the valuable park land:

        This news will further infuriate opponents of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to hand over more than 20 acres of Chicago Park District property if U. of C.’s bid for the Obama Library is successful. The transfer of that land will only cost the university $1, far below market value and way less than what the university paid for many of the surrounding lots.

        The Mayor is giving public park land to the University of Chicago for the Obama library. Is this the opposite of eminent domain? The government giving public land to a private organization for private use?


      • Daniel says:

        Why would anyone go to an Obama library? There will not be anything there to read! It’ll all be held in secret.


        • Mike says:

          Our local library emptied the large video/music room and totally destroyed a 25′ x 30′ reference collection (with technical book stacks and encyclopedias worth 100s of dollars each) so LGBT teens could have a “safe space” to meet once a week/month…

          Maybe Obama’s library can have a large safe space room for ISILs, satanists and other pedophiles.



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    • VegasGuy says:

      Probably went down something like this….

      JEB says to wife……

      “We are in imminent danger of our Citrus crop being laid to waste…The Citrus Industry will blame me if I don’t do something ……But, what can I do?”

      Her English, being what it is, she misunderstands the word and says…..

      “Well, you are the Governor. If we have an imminent problem, you can proceed with imminent domain…..right? I read that somewhere. You just go & take the nasty trees down & save the Citrus Industry. Florida IS your domain…….Is it not?…The trees are growing on your Domain….Are they not?…….You will be a hero”

      JEB…..”You’re a genius…..That’s why I married you!!!…Imminent Domain it is!!!”

      Ay Poppy….I love you too…..


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      • owentt says:

        Columba’s English isn’t that good. The Spanish word is /expropriación/ which doesn’t resemble the Spanish word for imminent, /a punto/. Besides, ¡Jeb! and Columba don’t speak to each other in English.


  6. Sandra says:

    Katherine Harris’ suit looks like it was made from an ugly set of 1950’s curtains.


  7. Paula says:

    Who’s the woman dressed in white, looking at the sky, and talking to herself, in the pic w/ Jeb?


  8. barton2016 says:

    Do not. DO NOT write off the son of a Bush even if he’s at 2%. He’s got organization employees and many stupid college kids looking for something to do. Plus he is a “known commodity” for all the sheeple afraid of trump. He’s a total loser but mark my words in the end he and maybe trump will be left standing


  9. Bert Darrell says:

    Jeb can’t help it. He’s is still regurgitating acid gastric fluid after Trump made him sound and look like an ignoramus during the eminent domain exchange at the last debate. I wonder, did his mother write that twit?

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  10. Hermit says:

    So let me get this straight. You’re saying Florida (JEB!) used eminent domain to destroy citrus trees that might be diseased.
    Is that like the current thing that lets the Department of agriculture come in and destroy your backyard chickens (without testing) because they might have the bird flu. Even though it has been proven backyard chicken nearly never catch it.

    This is one of those huge issues that gets me riled up. It is often swept under the rug with most folks not knowing unless they are actually affected by it. It is a continuous whittling away at our rights without us even knowing about it. Most folks don’t have the dollars to to fight back and the others won’t even know until it happens to them.

    Government overreach has become something that just makes me so angry an city folk have no clue.

    Just to be PC please don’t get your dander up if you’re a city folk.

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    • Rattlerjake says:

      This is exactly why you never fill out surveys or questionnaires that are provided by a government agency that asks you about anything personal. They collect this information so they known exactly who has what they want to ban or destroy. Last year the Dept. of Agriculture issued a mandatory requirement to divulge poultry numbers of anyone own 1 or more chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, etc. On that form they wanted to know a lot of irrelevant information, claiming it was relevant. They also suspended all poultry sales, auctions, and shows until Jan 2016. This was all under the guise that H1N1 (bird flu) “might” cause a pandemic. All it was was a scare tactic to sucker people to freely give up personal information! I’m sure they did the same thing in Florida with the citrus trees, and then used that information to go bad and destroy them. NEVER EVER comply with these bullshiite demands!


  11. Katherine McCoun says:

    Jeb suddenly in 2nd place in NH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. ihaterats says:

    This proves Jeb! Is not only stupid, he’s unscrupulous . If DT doesn’t make hay with this …

    Sent from my iPhone


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  13. MfM says:

    I’m not any horticultural genius, but by destroying all those diverse healthy trees, didn’t they perhaps lose the chance to find ones that were naturally immune to the disease?


    • jello333 says:

      I know plants (in this case trees) don’t have any animal-like feelings or consciousness, but despite that this just feels wrong… kinda sad, even grotesque. It’s weird that it strikes me that way.


  14. candy filkins says:

    We Definitely don’t need another Bush or Clinton in the White House.Save our country.Trump 2016 Make America great again.No Sanders either…


  15. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    I’m not surprised that Jeb did this but I am surprised the Trump didn’t bring it up. But then he could be saving it for later.


  16. Oh my goodness. What a collection. I hope Trump reads all this before his next debate.


  17. keebler AC says:

    The Bush Family is terrible. They are warmongrels and federal fascists, ’tis true! YUCK POX ON THEM, all generations back to Prescott Bush who helped Hitler rise to power.


  18. MSGT says:

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 13m13 minutes ago

    JEB is a hypocrite! Used massive private “Eminent Domain” — Just another clueless politician!



  20. Great reporting! Keep digging – you can hang them all! So sick of Jebba’s anti-Trump eminent domain ad that keeps running here in Florida. My TV set will be lucky to survive this election!


  21. ChupaDatos says:

    let’s take eminem’s domain away from him too!


  22. Trumpire says:

    Just saw Trump Twittered this post!!!

    Go Trump!!!


  23. Jml says:



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