Chris Christie Attacks Marco Rubio, and People are Shocked, SHOCKED…

chris-christie gotchaWatching the media talking about why Chris Christie has such a harsh tone toward Marco Rubio is actually quite funny.  The role of Christie in the GOPe larger political scheme has ALWAYS been to use him as the junk yard dog.

It is, quite simply, his job.

Do you need to go back to Christies’ time as head of the Republican Governors Association and remind yourself when the DC based GOPe apparatus was furious at Scott Walker?… Walker was facing a recall, Christie was given instructions to let him hang, and the RGA sat by doing next to nothing.   This was DC-based punishment for the Tea Party kicking out the chosen GOPe candidates.  Destroying their internal adversaries is what the Old Guard does best.

c1main_christie_romney_02_cnnOr, do you need to remind yourself of 2012 when Christie was given instructions by the Old Guard to go get that Gingrich guy who was becoming a risk to their next-in-line candidate, Mitt Romney?

C’mon, you can’t possibly forget the month long war Chris Christie waged against Newt Gingrich after Gingrich won the South Carolina 2012 primary.

Chris Christie is a tool of the DC establishment (GOPe) with a very specific purpose.  His role is so predictable when we identified the 2014 back room conversations happening within the professional political class (prior to the rule changes) to get Jeb Bush nominated, we immediately said Christie would be entering the race as a defender of Jeb.

Why?  Simple, this is always Christie’s role.

The Republican Old Guard will never allow anyone to easily jump the line and defy their next-in-line candidate Jeb Bush.   Part of the GOPe strategy is always to surround their nominee with people to defend his pedigree.

In 2012 Chris Christie brutally attacked Gingrich on behalf of Romney, in 2016 Christie is attacking Rubio on behalf of Jeb Bush.

The role of Christie in New Hampshire is less about his own candidacy, and more about positioning the Old Guard to win the battle of Jeb -v- Marco.  After New Hampshire, things might change, but before -and up to- the New Hampshire vote, the “establishment” candidate is not yet determined.

If Marco does not defeat Jeb by a sizable margin, the battle continues.  If however, Marco can beat Jeb by a wide margin, the opposition within the GOPe will shrink rapidly, and inner-party signals to support him will be dispatched in the 11 days prior to South Carolina.

The conversations are all closed door, but South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley will be the visible representation of the determination.

bush affluenzarubio gang of eight

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189 Responses to Chris Christie Attacks Marco Rubio, and People are Shocked, SHOCKED…

  1. The Boss says:

    This makes total sense. TY SD.

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  2. Martin says:

    I expect quite a bit of fireworks at the “debate” on Saturday night (Super Bowl eve night).

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  3. joshua says:

    The Republican Primary Race is becoming a cross between ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”…..characters and actions……just WOW

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  4. Libertati Aut Ad Mortem says:

    Excellent, faux candidate billionaire puppet Obama 2.0 is more qualified to be a gay porn star than President should be pummeled. Jeb has no chance either.

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    • Notmeagain says:

      However, if the comments are any indicator, it is going to be blown off as youthful indiscretion or “so what if he’s gay” by so many people that it won’t be a killer. Thanks, Obama, for your example.

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    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Wasn’t Runio’s brother or brother in law selling cocain and got arrested?

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    • jackmcg says:

      Remember also that his old roommate is not just gay, but a GAY PORN producer and distributor.

      So, if Marco needed some extra cash (and he has a long history of needing some spare change)…. there could be some real, irrefutable proof of this scandal…. and it would be something awfully disgusting.

      (Perhaps team Romney tracked it down)

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      • WSB says:

        And Trump can bring up ‘blackmail’.


      • KBR says:

        Reposting this here, because it fits:
        Insofar as Rubio’s past, I think it would be better to bring up his first job: working for a drug lord doing “odd jobs.” (Which is a fact.) “When I was 17 I was at military school doing well in school, when Rubio was 17 he was working for a family member who was a cocaine distributor and doing badly in school. The family member served time for it, so it’s true. Rubio admits working for him says he was doing odd jobs.”

        (Cocaine pushers and their former employees are not acceptable candidates for Pres.)

        He can also hit him with being roommates with a porno-producer (without mentioning gay.) He can hit him with being in the car with this guy in a park where drug deals are said to go down. “Was he still working with the cocaine cartel by then, or what?” (No gay-bashing necessary, people will make the association themselves)

        And then buying a speedboat when he was supposedly strapped for (his own) cash. “Now why would he need a speedboat so badly when he was strapped for cash in Miami, was he hoping to earn extra money using his boat? I haven’t seen anything about him being a commercial fisherman, so it looks bad.” Leading to his poor spending and poor money management, using money not his own (Fla.’s $).

        Leading to his becoming a JBush protege…goes to JBush’s lack of sense in ” backing a cocaine-dealer-connected guy even though JBush’s own kid became a coke-addict. Bush’s bad judgement or else something’s shady there, so sad for his daughter, so sad.”(Mentor/mentee 2-birds w 1stone hit)

        This could be a leading point right into immigration, because Trump wants to stop drugs from crossing our borders.

        Which could segue right into the immigration of Rubio’s Cuban parentage, and that they were not citizens when Rubio was born. Anchor baby, Cuban citizens parents. And then on to Rubio’s open borders mandates, gang of 8, etc. “If you want amnesty for people who broke our laws and came here illegally, if you want a weak candidate, he or Bush are the same.”


    • Gail Combs says:

      Political Insider poll (11:30 PM)
      Trump 9062
      Cruz 2802
      Rubio 407
      Carson 370
      Bush 84
      Micky Mouse 78
      Christie 68
      Huckabee 62
      Kasich 54
      Santorium 49
      Fiorina 45


    • owentt says:

      Marco Rubio isn’t gay.

      He worked as a shirtless dancer at gay events and picked up money on the side at age nineteen as a gay prostitute, but he himself isn’t gay. Gay for pay is not the same as legitimately gay.

      Remember that after his first year of college, handsome and petite Marco lost his football scholarship. He could have barely scraped by on a regular job but putting yourself through school is expensive, especially in Miami in the go-go eighties. Even more so if you have a little cocaine habit.

      So Marco worked for some cocaine dealing relatives for a while, but he never dealt cocaine — Marco was respectable — he only laundered cash through their front businesses. It was nothing directly criminal. And he picked up extra cash meeting with older men that liked his good looking physique.

      It’s all natural for a nice Miami boy. He’s as morally clean as we can ask anyone to be. Marco is the first mainstream Cuban-American candidate who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice looking guy.


  5. Director says:

    I would not want to play Clue against you Bro.

    You should design a board game based on these political games.

    You have called every move.

    Btw it was Cruz in the Ames precinct with a smartphone. Lol.

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  6. El Torito says:

    TY SD. Do as much damage to Cruz while RNC decides who will be the establishment candidate. Then, let trump be Trump. There is a lot to be hopeful yet. Fingers crossed.

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  7. He wants to be Atty Gen for Trump and be the one who puts one or both of the Clontons in jail.

    He might get VP in Trumps second term.

    Get in line to be Pres.


    • Kaiser Roll says:

      Uh, no.

      The defining posture of Trump is his adopting the Buchanan/Coulter posture on immigration. That is the reason he is hated by the establishment, a lesser reason is that he isn’t a neocon on foreign policy.

      Chris Christie believes in “invade/invite”, he’s no different than Angela Merkel.

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      • singtune says:

        Got that Right~!

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      • fred says:

        I can tell you there is a huge illegal invasion going on right now. The desert is like in the 30’s but daytime in the high 70’s. In a month hold on to your hats the pied piper is calling and they are coming in droves. That mosquito is the tip of the disease iceberg. If you were sick down there would you come her for free treatment..Yes.. If you were in trouble with the law…yes…. so hold on all your little towns will be like mine soon. Go on elect Rubio you ain’t seen nothin yet. Ask me to send you a newspaper from any day here you’ll see what I mean. I speak Spanish and am street wise good luck if your not……

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      • WSB says:

        BIG Islam defender, said again tonight.

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    • Rev21v3n4 says:

      Never. If there is one person who sees behind the closed doors and veils, it’s Trump. He has ALL of their numbers. I absolutely believe he will put the best choice in every single position. And, if they do a turncoat, they’ll be fired. It’s how he rolls. He just doesn’t put up with what the rest of us have resigned ourselves to. At least that’s the way I see it for now.

      You know, people keep beating him down for being a billionaire. It occurs to me that is EXACTLY what we need. Someone who has been behind a LOT of closed doors and knows EXACTLY how the game is played. These people cannot schmooze or bamboozle him. He knows because he’s been forced to walk that path to conduct his business. Again, JMHO.

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    • jackphatz says:

      It would serve this country no good whatsoever to have Chris Christie as AG. He is as much establishment as Jeb or Hillary are. Deep down, how could we ever trust another “E” again. It’s bad enough we will still have all the very bad the House & Senate have to offer, why bring in more of the same. They do not have our best interest in mind.

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  8. joebal says:

    never seen that many chins w/ only 1 person in the picture!

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  9. A couple weeks ago it was Cruz going after Rubio before the last debate (without Trump), which created a faux tension between the two that was carried over into the debate. Rubio was already prepared for the debate as he was privy to the moderate’s questions beforehand, so of course he did well on the post debate polls. Now the establishment has sicked Christi on him, which will carry on into the next debate, and again, Rubio will be prepared and will come out like a rose. What would be great, if Trump threw a left curve ball by being the one to confront Rubio on his Gang of Eight bill, Obamatrade, Obamanukes, poor vote showing, etc., instead of Christi, which will destroy the establishment’s game plan.

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  10. NHVoter says:

    This makes total sense, although I do agree with what Christie has been saying about Rubio.

    Here’s what Trump had to say about Rubio tonight:

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    • hocuspocus13 says:

      That different feeling may be… organization


    • jackmcg says:

      Trump hasn’t attacked Marco at all, and has even been nice to him.


      Let me give my theory: There is nothing Trump would love more than to see Marco win the “establishment” mantel. There are many easy attacks on Rubio, but one is that he is an anchor baby. He has even less of a “natural born” claim than Ted Cruz does.

      Anchor baby with history pushing amnesty

      vs. Natural born citizen who wants a WALL

      It would really be a defining divide and a truly battle for America, the kind of War Trump would love.

      Like a brilliant tactician, Donald Trump is saving this juicy attack for the right moment. And the media can’t “scoop” him because they’d love for Rubio to be nominated. Its beautiful.

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      • Toronto Tonto says:

        Everyone misses the real fight. Is Rubio the new Obama to beat the dynastic heir apparent? Jeb wants Cruz and Rubio to duke it out in the early stages while he coasts along unscathed until the convention. Take out Cruz, who is Bush’s attack dog, and Jeb is forced to fight Rubio himself while Trump gets to hang back.

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      • RINOKiller says:



    • justfactsplz says:

      I love how Trump winked when he glanced at the small audience. He is so genuine.

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  11. runthetable says:

    Haley wants the VP slot on Jeb’s ticket. Is she NBC?

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  12. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I hope they go at him at the debate. I am tired of it being Trump’s job to do this or that. Then, when Trump does defend himself, they go after him for saying this or that. There is so much baggage on all of these candidates, and it is coming out one by one. Now the spotlight is on Rubio because he was propped up by the media. Let’s see how he handles it.

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  13. NHVoter says:

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  14. Ok, I’m starting to get confused.

    Are you saying that Rubio isn’t really the GOPe guy yet? If that’s the case, why is the MSM pushing him so hard? We all know they’re just an arm of the established ruling class in this country.

    Also, how is this good for the GOPe to be tearing each other apart? If, as you say, Rubio doesn’t score a decisive victory over Bush, then the GOPe candidate remains up in the air, which is massively deterimental to their long term strategy of vote splitting against the outsiders.

    Additionally, Rubio is already picking up the good endorsements, especially in SC, so doesn’t that make him the presumptive GOPe nominee? Or, is there a war/power struggle going on within the GOPe?

    Please help me understand this because I am trying to follow your logic but it doesn’t make sense in several areas.

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    • jackmcg says:

      I think the MSM is fine with Rubio bc although they’re intertwined with the GOPe, they’re not a monolith.

      GOPe wants Bush, but anyone who pushes amnesty is just fine with the MSM.


    • Director says:

      Bush is still the King. He is sacrificing the noble black knight the bishop and the porno boy. All cover for checking Trump.

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    • Daniel says:

      I don’t think either Cruz or Rubio are eligible to run. They can let Rubio almost get there and pull the chair out from under him any time they are ready.

      The republican party is responsible for certifying their nominee as eligible right? All they have to say is “we are uncertain about it and therefore cannot nominate.”


    • sundance says:

      Old Guard -vs- New Guard.

      Old Money -vs- New Money

      Patriarchy -vs- Grifters

      Rockefeller’s -vs- Mellon’s

      Mitch McConnell -vs- Marco Rubio

      Louis XIII -vs- Remy Martin

      Rolls Royce / Bentley -vs- BMW / Audi

      All variants within the same Corinthian Leather GOPe camp.

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    • patrickhenryrevisited says:

      Ultimately the gRope prefers jeb.
      The only way to make that palatable to the voters is to sacrifice/destroy every other viable candidate.
      Trump impedes the scam because he’s the only one that the party doesn’t control.

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      • Director says:

        Amplifying this…

        The entire field was designed to hem in a populist-racially aware-nationalist candidacy like Trump’s. Then to provide a smokescreen for Bush until the convention so that he avoids flak for months n months.!

        It’s diabolical.

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    • Beenthere says:

      I believe Murdock is going with Rubio & so is Microsoft. There are some defecting from Bush to Rubio. Otherwise, the GOPe donors are fighting it out behind closed doors & are waiting & seeing for NH primary results.

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      • I hope they beat the crap out of each other so Trump can walk to a victory.

        Or else, they’ve determined that it doesn’t matter as long as they can keep things close, since they can just “fix” it at the convention.


    • rodney says:

      Remembered the GOPe wants a brokered convention in order to nominate Jeb! All Rubio and Cruz are there for is to suck up delegates and prevent Trump from getting the required amount in order to be nominated.

      Rubio has enough garbage in his past he has no chance at getting the nomination. Cruz is just plain despised. This leaves Jeb as the last crony standing.

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    • Spencer's Mom says:

      Even if Rubio does pretty well – it will be hard for him to win 1,237 delegates by election time. Same with Trump. With these many people staying in the race, NO ONE can easily get to 1,237 – and don’t forget they also have to win 8 states (by 1 over 50%). So i’m now starting to worry that we WILL have a brokered convention – and then the GOP elites can pick (and arm twist) delegates to eventually vote for whomever they like. Could be Jeb, could be Rubio. They won’t back Trump though.

      If Trump wants to win, he has to run the table early.

      I sure hope he know something we don’t know and has a GOOD PLAN up his sleeve to do this!

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    • Polar Vortex says:

      The tell as Scott Adams would say, is the Romney endorsement. Romney supposedly won’t endorse before NH. He will endorse after NH if Bush shows well or Rubio shows well.


    • JeremyR says:

      Ever play chess?
      The media is not part of the GOPe. They are part of the communist party, leeches on humanity, and utter vile filth. They want the weakest near-o-con to face off with Hitlery or Slanders.
      As for the GOPe, they don’t care who leads the race on lap two as long as their anointed one is in front at he finish line. If that means forcing a brokered convention to nominate Mr. Ho Hum, that is what they will do.
      Just like with the media, a Hitlery win is a win. A Sanders win, not so much, and a trump win is a complete defeat.

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  15. The Boss says:

    Keep an eye on Iowa too. Did anyone else notice the governor’s remarks about Cruz’s “unethical and unfair” practices ended with the statement: “I think there’ll be repercussion to that”?

    Between the dem’s (typical) low-life behavior and this Cruz-caused fraud, Iowa is taking a big PR hit. The integrity of their entire caucus process is being called into question. If they want to be taken seriously in the future, something serious needs to come from Iowa’s political leaders. Perhaps there’ll be repercussions of a consequential magnitude – right after the NH primary. I sense something is up. I may be wrong of course…

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    • Yeah, they’re still covering up the #MicrosoftRubioFraud but I’ll take what I can get at this point.

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    • jackphatz says:

      Maybe that’s why Trump has put Iowa in a bubble for now?

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    • R-C says:

      The integrity of their entire caucus process is being called into question.

      Absolutely! I sat back after this Iowa debacle and thought it through, and the inescapable conclusion is that the entire ‘caucus’ construct is fraught with the potential for…manipulation. The party ‘masterminds’ can organize the caucuses in several ways, to achieve their desired ends. It’s a VERY dirty process; absolutely in need of ‘disinfecting daylight’.

      In the first example, let’s just say that Little Jebbie was really polling well in the run-up to Iowa. The Iowa republican party apparatus would then orchestrate a rock-solid caucus, utterly regimented with more precision than a military honor guard. Absolutely no ‘slack’ in the system at all, to ensure their guy gets the nod.

      But conversely, as things happened in reality, we saw Little Jebbie languishing in the polls–he literally owned the margin of error. So, the party apparatus then orchestrates a sloppy, loosey-goosey caucus; plenty of opportunity for double-voting and shenanigans of every stripe. The result is not that Little Jebbie made any headway, but the despised front-runner Trump was diminished. (But only slightly: 7 delegates to Cruz’ 8.)

      The caucus model is the easiest to manipulate. Standard elections also can–and will–be manipulated: boxes of ‘lost’ ballots; boxes of ‘found’ ballots; not counting absentee ballots; not even delivering ballots to US service members in time for their votes to be counted; the dead rising from the grave to vote; ‘dirty’ contractors running the voting machines, etc, etc, etc.

      I feel ‘dirty’ just writing this stuff out. Gawd…the world of politics sucks. It’s a wonder a guy with Trump’s stature would care enough to throw his hat into this mess–yet another reason I hold him in very high esteem.

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      • TheseTruths says:

        Yes, ripe for manipulation. This was the first time I had ever paid attention to the Iowa caucus, and I thought it was the dumbest, most backward method of voting that I’ve ever seen. I really don’t like the fact that not everyone gets to participate, and it looks like a chaotic mess. Yet, Iowa is always touted as being so important. It was a big let-down.


        • NCPatrick says:

          And didn’t I also read that Nevada has a caucus system too? Not exactly like Iowa’s, but nonetheless it’s Rubio territory.


      • KBR says:

        Not delivering ballots to service members happened last election. Imagine risking your life for your country and being denied the right to vote!

        I think Trump should and will hit on this in the general.

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    • WSB says:

      Yes, and I didn’t see the RNC coming to Trump or Carson’s defense. Should they make a pact now for POTUS/VP? I wish Carson had more energy.

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    • gpen says:

      I just read an article on this. It also states that Rubio’s team took some of Carson’s votes.

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  16. jackmcg says:

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  17. Backspin says:

    Christie is a ‘ mopping up ‘ operation.

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  18. jackmcg says:

    Christie’s rise in a mob-riddled New Jersey is so sketchy. I’ve no doubt they have enough DIRT on him that they could put him away for LIFE if he didn’t fall in line with GOPe wishes.


  19. There was an interesting Roger Stone interview on Infowars today. He really seems to understand how to win. I hope he is still an important unofficial adviser to Trump even if he isn’t on the campaign staff anymore.

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    • This was great. Stone says Rubio will be the man to beat; will have Wall Street and establishment behind him. If election today Trump beats Rubio in NH. Trump team has great organization and ground game in SC so he can win it there too. If he does he sweeps the south etc and gets the nomination. Trump only man who can beat Hillary because he “will get up in her grill” and fight her over her record and abuse of the woman sexually assaulted by her husband.

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    • RINOKiller says:

      Let’s don’t blow any covers.


    • Paula says:

      Dear Lord, let Stone be right. Please cause New Hampshire citizens to come out in droves to vote for Trump.


    • NJ transplant says:

      James Ryder, thanks for posting this. It makes me feel better knowing Roger Stone is behind Trump. We have to help Trump win NH.


    • winky says:

      Alex Jones gets it also and he was visibly upset at the media hyping up Rubio because he is such a dirt bag. He said a vote for Rubio is a vote for Hillary as the rest of them are dead meat and Cruz is over. He was very upset at the prospect of Hillary. He and others who really get it like Drudge should go after dirt bags like Drudge and Levin for selling out the country and trying to harm Trump when he has put everything on the line for us. They have a voice and they need to speak up and do the right thing. Can we all tweet them and tell them?


  20. yohio says:

    Sundance from the articles before you have said many times Romney chose Ryan and had to because to much info on Rubio. You have said no way he could be propped up enough or would have been okay to run as Romney’s VP. I have some questions if you have the time. How can they allow for Rubio to run as establishment candidate if all that was true then still true now? Has most of the dirt come out on Rubio yet or is there more? If Romney was suppose to lose then why did it matter if Rubio added as VP? Please I would be interested in your answers or take on these questions.


  21. striket1977 says:

    It’s all smoke and mirrors. What else is there really to say.

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  22. Spencer's Mom says:

    If i had Trump’s money, i’d make a DEAL and get Cruz and Carson to drop out and back ME!
    I’m not kidding.
    That might be the only thing that can push Trump over the top….


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