Candidate Donald Trump Behind The Scenes – With New Hampshire Police, and Trail Video…

Blue Lives Matter – Candidate Donald Trump delivers brief remarks to New Hampshire Law Enforcement, telling them how much they are appreciated.

Also random video on the trail. Questions to the candidate.

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56 Responses to Candidate Donald Trump Behind The Scenes – With New Hampshire Police, and Trail Video…

  1. NJF says:

    OMG, Rich Lowry….watching Lou Dobbs, and Lou praised Trump’s legal immigrants made this country great again comments.

    Lowry stated, “he didn’t go far enough, bc after WWII we had almost zero immigration and the country was still great.” 😜

    I think he shares the same koolaid as Beck. Wow. When Lou asked, “huh?” Lowry said, “I’m serious!”

    Lol Lou keeps busting his chops about the national review piece, and opened up the segment saying, “Trump leads big in NH.”

    Thank you Lou and Varney for remaining sane!

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    • knotpeesea says:

      lou dobbs should have oreillys spot

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    • nwtex says:

      NJF—I just posted a video (2/4 pres o/t) Andrea Tantaros vs this rude Lowry dude.

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      • NJF says:

        I saw it the other day. I was waiting for Andrea to say, “Rich put down the cucumber sandwich and get your head out of your a$$!”

        There some new “expert on Anderson Coopers show that is the female version,of him. I can’t find what her name and association is. She’s nasty. So nasty she puts Jeffrey Lord back on his heels a bit, bc he knows he can’t reply in kind.


        • jocaal3 says:

          I think that woman is Cheri Jacobs, a Republicanstrategist. If so, watch her facial expression when anyone complements Mr. Trump . She is vicious and can hardly restrain herself. She is the person who Mr. Lewandowski, Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, said went to Mr. Trump’s office seeking a job and “left Trump Tower without it.”.


  2. JustMe says:

    Gotta love him!

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    • parteagirl says:

      So patient, so gracious, so personable, so adorable with those cops!


    • smiley says:

      so great !
      this is signature Trump.
      the kind of rapport that really resonates with America.
      all the smiles are genuine.
      no pomp, no pretense, no rehearsed stale bread.
      Gotta love him, for real.


  3. MfM says:

    Most of the cops wanted selfies with Trump… I think one went back for a second one with his partner.

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    • white1awake says:

      It was the most adorable vid I’ve seen lately, they all looked so happy and VALUED! it’s that awesome “Trump effect” I’ve seen with young males as well, it’s flippin FANTASTIC to see such happiness in our people again. I am so grateful to Trump for running, win or lose, none of this will be forgotten, he has made such a difference already 🙂

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      • Benson II says:

        If Trump loses any difference he made during this contest will mean nothing because our country will be overrun with illegals given citizenship and Muslim invaders. I can’t even imagine what our foreign policy would look like under Cruz or Rubio or any of the other candidates. Not a one of them is capable or willing to do what’s needed to save what’s left of this country. The current field not including Trump make Romney look electable by comparison.


      • wanthetruth says:

        You’re comment is so right on. Thank you for your descriptor of “VALUED”. I tried to describe to a friend what I saw in the picture of Trump touching the vet’s face, because he had no hands, or arms… I came up with, “he was so happy to be cared about”, but it feels it is more that he is appreciative of being valued. Close to the same thing but yet, so much more.


  4. dakotacav says:

    I suspect that the people of this country will elect this man in a landslide of galactic proportions. Every questioner seems to be saying, “when we elect you, will you take a look at this ___ issue for us?”

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  5. Backspin says:

    Motorcycle Drill Teams for Trump !!

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  6. The Boss says:

    How many times you think those selfies will make the rounds on peoples social media sites?

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  7. hocuspocus13 says:

    It’s a “feel good” Thursday Night

    Everything is lined up just Right

    Smile 😉 Life is Good

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  8. tz says:

    We need to pass a law to stop the police from being blue version of the redcoat “swarms of agents sent forth to harass our people and eat out their substance”. Pass taxes, don’t make the police have to ignore crimes while writing millions of dollars in stupid tickets.

    And end civil forfeiture (without a criminal conviction). Policing for profit is wrong.

    Policing is about crime, not revenue. I hope Trump fixes this.

    The only final thing is if a cop is dirty, throw the book at him. If he breaks a law, he should suffer 10x the penalty. That would remove the bad apples

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    • Sentient says:

      Agree. “No person…shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law”. Civil forfeiture as practiced currently is obscene.

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    • 9j1d8 says:

      The definition of crime has changed as we have moved from a system of common law to a system of commercial law. I would ask what your definition of crime is before commenting or debating further, other than that you are spot on.

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  9. IMO says:

    Trump made in America 🇺🇸

    He knows our police officers and military have taken a severe beating the last seven years by the cabal who hates this country. He gives us hope and strength. He’s going to win big time.

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  10. KBR says:

    One thing we don’t talk that much about is that Trump will be a law and order president!
    And has anyone noticed that there haven’t been as many negative news events involving police played up in the national news recently? Just quiet, or an effect?

    And is BLM quiet just because it’s cold, or are their former supporters, too, becoming disenchanted with the current president and crime situation? I do know that some of the black ministers supporting Trump were planning to work with black youth in the cities, at least one was going to work in Harlem.

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  11. burnett044 says:

    what a wonderful look a Trump behind the scenes….that folks is an honest to God good man…
    the real Donald J Trump….big thank you for posting this.

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  12. liberty2828 says:

    Love that Trump “These are tough cookies” referring to the police.

    They are all lining up for photos. Very good and positive. Even selfies!

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  13. Trump2016 says:

    We need more videos of this nature getting out in the public arena. It really shows how well he is received by the police and veterans. He needs to start reaching out to the firemen as well. Those are close knit communities and they have great voting power as well.

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  14. Jason says:

    Man I love this guy. Contrast this to that POS pretending to be President, gets me choked up.

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  15. I just had the pleasure of watching the video posted here of Donald Trump speaking to the police.

    Donald Trump is a prince of a man. Not because of what he said to the police, but because he means what he said and will do what he said. After he spoke the applause went on for a good long time. I could see spirits lifted in the room of the men and women who are at present being abused by our current administration and by our lawless society in general.

    All the other candidates are all talk and no action and their phony rallies and talks with organizations are nothing but stump speeches of pure bull manure.

    Donald Trump is not only America’s last chance to right this ship, but he is also God’s last warning.

    Never give up on doing what is right. Never.

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  16. avgjosephine says:

    Just as a Marine who is no longer in active service is a former Marine, not an ex-Marine, this former cop realizes more and more in these last few years that my blood is still blue, that I am not an “ex”. So very happy that Mr. Trump appreciates the service of the law enforcement officers. What other candidate has had the courage to stand up against the onslaught of anti-police sentiment that has been rampant in this country? Seeing Trump take the time to acknowledge the officers at his campaign stops warms my heart.

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  17. redsequin4 says:

    Trump – Proud American!

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  18. fnn says:

    NRO cucks are crowing. They think they have Trump pegged, and they think he’s finished:

    We need an all-out attack on Rubio so they’re dreams won’t come true.

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    • Sentient says:

      That guy Williamson is a clever wordsmith, but an idiot when it comes to negotiating. Who is more likely to extract a favorable trade deal – the guy who says “I’m going to slap on a 45% tariff” or the person who starts off with “don’t worry, under no circumstance will we ever even consider a tariff”? If trade deals were as simple as “no tariffs, no barriers”, TPP wouldn’t be >2,000 pages. Favorable terms need to be exacted and you don’t accomplish that by giving up all leverage upfront. Also, we should be so lucky as to get Buchanan’s approach to foreign policy. Staying on the neocon path with Rubio or Clinton will bankrupt us, flood us with Muslim refugees and potentially start WWIII with Russia.

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      • “If trade deals were as simple as “no tariffs, no barriers”, TPP wouldn’t be >2,000 pages.”
        Oh, gosh, Sentient! I’ve been saying just that for years! Since NAFTA, in fact. Thank you.
        You mention Russia – they will never be our (true) friend, but that is no reason not to respect them. Polite, but firm.


  19. Forcefed4door says:

    Anyone see trumps interview with ac on cnn tonight? I think he really needs to think of some specifics on how he will be replacing obama care with something much better. And he kinda dodged the question of the man who had 3 daughters. If he polished his answers to some of these questions he would garner a much much larger voting block. I can see why some people are still on the fence. Although I would vote for him not even needing a single specific haha


    • Sentient says:

      He could start by proposing that hospitals, clinics and doctors be prohibited from issuing wildly disparate bills based solely upon the method of payment – where cash buyers or the uninsured are charged many times what an insurance company would be charged. People make insurance decisions based upon a FAKE bill for $15,000 for a 24 hour arthroscopic appendix removal when an insurance company would be allowed to settle the bill for $4-5,000 in total. In fact, the entire actual cost may be paid from the patient’s deductible. The price should be the price, no matter who’s paying it. Until that happens, tinkering with the insurance system is rather beside the point. Outlawing disparate pricing would be wildly popular.

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    • Sentient says:

      Another immediate change that would cut American medical costs overnight would be to allow unimpeded drug re importation from other countries like Canada – OR (if you don’t like that) prohibiting drug companies from charging more in the US than in any other country. It’s not fair to force Americans to shoulder the burden of all R&D by paying $100 for a pill that is sold for $1 elsewhere. The only reason drug companies can maintain this scam is because importation from other countries is currently prohibited.

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      • annieoakley says:

        This is true: Western states have Rattlesnakes and they bite people and dogs walking around with their people. The anti venom costs $18 in Mexico and they charge $3,000 for the exact same thing in an Emergency Room. A news group dumpster dove and found the Spanish labeled vial of anti-venom. $18 dollars US.

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      • Another change is Medical Savings Accounts, for seniors as well. Yes, there was such a bill passed a while ago, but, SURPRISE!, the implementing regulations essentially wrecekd the program. The Dems wrecked Bush’s plan. I read it all. One example, the bill said you could have the MSA money in “your own financial institution.” Guess what. It had to go into a Chase account. There’s more, but it gets into the weeds and I think the program is dead anyway. This is how good bills become bad programs.


  20. Finch19 says:

    That thumb must be exhausted 😉

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  21. EJ says:

    He is such a genuine person. Nothing like any of the others. The rest would shake a hand or two and leave. He took a more than one photo with each person no even gave the pretty ladies an extra smile hahaha. He needs to continue doing these small events. He just seems like the guy who commands the room when he walks in and that is a rare trait.

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  22. justfactsplz says:

    I could watch these type of videos all day. Seeing Trump reacting one on one with these officers is worth the price of admission. No other candidate would take the time to do this. Trump has such a head start on making America great again. I imagine those secret servicemen are so happy to be on Trump duty. You know he respects them too and treats them well. He must be an awesome boss.

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  23. Beenthere says:

    This is Trump at his finest!!———-hanging out with us.


  24. tammy says:

    TRUMP must win or America will never survive another liberal!

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  25. grlangworth says:

    Mr. Trump serves his candidacy well by continuing to make and distribute these ‘between-the-events’ candids of his normal behavior.


  26. I really hope that we see parts of the awesome footage from some of the many videos in a commercial on SuperBowl Sunday. If the Clydesdales can make us feel patriotic, imagine what a Lion can do!

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    • That would be awesome. What a great opportunity and since he hasn’t spent much, spending a couple million on a Super Bowl ad would be worth every penny. Will the NFL accept a political ad, that’s the question.


  27. drdeb says:

    This brought tears to my eyes as I watched these public servants being recognized. I think the tears were a realization of far this great nation has slipped.


  28. With his brief speech to the NH police officers, President Trump has probably picked up every single law enforcement vote in the country… plus that of their extended families. This is one of the most moving scenes I have witnessed in American politics. I have a very strong BS detector, and I have no doubt that both President Trump and the officers were all in sincere support of one another.

    Trump 2016!

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