Donald Trump Rally Waterloo Iowa – Noon Live Stream Video…

Candidate Donald Trump is holding three events in Iowa on Caucus day today.  The first is at 11:00am CST, Noon EST in Waterloo Iowa.  The second is at 1:30pm CST, 2:30pm EST in Cedar Rapids, and the final event is a Caucus Results event in West Des Moines at 9:00pm CST / 10:00pm EST

The first event takes place in Waterloo at the Ramada Waterloo Hotel and Convention Center, noon Eastern:

Live Stream Link – Alternate Live Stream Link

trump rally michigan 2

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264 Responses to Donald Trump Rally Waterloo Iowa – Noon Live Stream Video…

  1. Bart Manson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

    It all begins today – WE WILL FINALLY TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK AND MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 1, 2016

    Damn straight.

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  2. KitKat says:

    I remember in the early days of blogging, Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit, rallied the right togeither, calling it an army of Davids. Who knew that those Davids were such a bunch of wimps. Now that a real David has come along to fight the establishment-Goliath, they’ve mostly scattered like fluff and are rallying for a sponsored career politician.

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  3. Gail Combs says:

    A new attack (on top spot on google didn’t click)

    Donald Trump is a fraud: Report confirms the billionaire’s presidential bid is a long and calculated con job
    Salon – 2 hours ago

    You would think his campaign spot would have top spot like Cruz does. SIGHHhhhh.


  4. joshua says:




  5. joshua says:

    trump trump trump


  6. prettyplease says:

    Build us a ballroom, Mr. Trump. I think it is a lovely idea.

    There are many unconventional policies Trump is threatening to impose if he makes Presidency, but few would have thought partying was a top priority .
    Yet in his closing speech yesterday in Sioux City, Iowa, he promised he would build a ‘lavish White House ballroom’ – and would even pay for it himself.
    He bemoaned that every time ‘top people came over from China’ all the White House put up was a ‘tent’,
    Read more:
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  7. ZZZ says:

    That was very enjoyable…love hearing about the military bases all over the world that we pay for and how unnecessary they are…hmmm…sounds familiar…oh, yeah, Ron Paul said that…and they called him an isolationist. Good on ya Donald.
    Ignorance is bliss I guess.

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    • Gail Combs says:

      It is called making others stand on their own two feet.

      Why should we be the ones to bare the expense and shed the blood when all we reap in return is HATE?

      Oh, Thats right the Bankster-Military Complex reaps big bucks funding both sides of every war like they have done since the Rothschilds funded both sides in the French Revolution.

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  8. joshua says:

    Trump and Sarah were GREAT this afternoon… much enthusiasm…he has to be darn near exhausted…but you cannot tell it…..this man WILL Make America Great Again

    I hope the PEOPLE OF IOWA have enough sense to recognize the duty and job they have to this nation tonight, and get out the votes for Donald Trump for President.

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  9. I visited this site regularly for about 2 years prior to this election cycle. During that time, I enjoyed the investigative research on the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases, along with the political commentary. You do top-notch investigative work, so I know that everyone who moderates and frequents this site works hard to uncover lies and expose truth. However, I must admit that after Trump declared for the GOP nomination and the subsequent “all in” endorsement of Trump by this site, I now rarely visit, though I still occasionally check in to see if there’s an article/post of interest (maybe 1-2 times per week now, whereas before, probably 8-10 times per day). My reason for visiting less is that, right or wrong, I get the impression that the site has taken on the “scorched earth” mindset with regard to other GOP candidates. Again, I’m not implying that this is your intent, just my personal impression as a now semi-regular visitor.

    Am I pissed at the current state of our political leadership (both ‘D’s & ‘R’s)? YES!

    Do I have ‘Cold Anger’ about the current state of political affairs in America? YES!

    However, as a conservative, I also believe that logic, reality, and debate are necessary when considering such weighty issues. As of now, I am supporting Ted Cruz because I believe that he is the most principled conservative to seek the nomination since Reagan. That doesn’t mean that he does not have his faults, which is why I am open to changing my allegiance if persuaded. While I would gladly support Trump if Cruz doesn’t win the nomination, I’m curious how many here would support Cruz if Trump doesn’t win the nomination? Sometimes I get the impression that Cruz is not even a viable option for some Trump supporters, and, in my humble opinion, that might be a mistake. The establishment on both sides of the political spectrum would tremble with fear if a Trump-Cruz or Cruz-Trump ticket were to come to fruition!

    I’ve followed Cruz since his arrival in the Senate, and he has been my first choice for the nomination since he declared to run for POTUS. However, I also strongly considered supporting Trump after he forced the immigration debate into to the national spotlight and spoke unabashedly to his detractors in his non-PC style. That said, the more I learned and observed about Trump, the more my support waned. As stated earlier, if he is the GOP nominee, I will vote for him over any Dem, but he is not my first choice for the GOP nomination. I have serious reservations about his stance on partial-birth abortion, his muddy stance on government-sponsored healthcare, his statements about “making deals” with Pelosi and Reid, touchback amnesty, the establishment seemingly warming up to Trump (and Trump likewise insinuating that he is warming to the establishment), eminent domain, and concerns about the type of judges he would nominate to the Supreme Court if a vacancy were to open during his administration.

    In my view, the likelihood of a Supreme Court justice appointment (or appointments) being made over the next 4-8 years is a MAJOR possibility (and a concern, by the way, that has been all-but-neglected in nearly every candidate’s campaign). There are deadly-serious issues relating to the 2nd amendment and other constitutional wedge issues that literally hinge on the vote of a single justice (as SCOTUS is currently comprised). At this point, I’m just not convinced that Trump would select a Constitutional conservative/originalist to the SCOTUS, but I have no doubt that Ted Cruz would nominate a conservative originalist given his record as a conservative constitutional lawyer who has argued and won several cases of conservative interest before SCOTUS.

    Again, I know I may take some heat for raising questions about Trump’s candidacy in the comments section of a pro-Trump site and forum on Iowa caucus day, but I also know that there will be many who will substantively engage in a healthy discussion. I know this site has done its due-diligence in trying to expose the truth about Trump’s GOP rivals, but unless I’ve missed it, I’ve seen little (if any) in-depth research on potential Trump red flags with regard to the issues I’ve mentioned. Again, not saying you haven’t, I just haven’t seen it. I do not raise these issues out of hostility or combativeness toward Trump and his supporters, but rather, I raise them as someone seeking truth in order to make an informed vote in a critical election year.

    Unlike leftists, I’m open-minded and would re-think my support of Trump if compelling counter arguments regarding the concerns I’ve mentioned come to light. My state doesn’t vote until Spring, so there’s plenty of time for me to weigh the pros-and-cons of each candidate before I cast a ballot. With that said, I know this group is first-rate when it comes to fact-finding and research, so if there is an argument to be made that would both address and allay my concerns about supporting Trump, I know you’ll share. Likewise, I’ll continue to follow the campaign and do my due-diligence over the comings days and weeks.

    Continue to Fight the Good Fight and May God Bless!

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    • Concerned Virginian says:

      Here are my thoughts for what they are worth, as one who also follows the political scene:
      Kasich/Bush/Christie: basically all RINO’s and GOP “business as usual” (translation: no spine).
      Rubio: not eligible to run or to serve as President or Vice-President per “anchor baby”/gray area status in 14th Amendment due to immigrant parents who may not have had green card status at his birth.
      Fiorina: HP disaster under her aegis as CEO. Enough said. BTW, I would venture to say this if Fiorina were a male person. Bad administration policies are “sexless”.
      Dr. Carson: too much “Johnny-come-lately” regarding stances and plans.
      Cruz: I refer you to “I am made to rule over America” attitude.
      Dr. Rand Paul: Not Ready For Prime Time.
      Santorum and Huckabee: perhaps could serve in Cabinet posts in Trump administration.
      Trump: nobody’s slave. Brash. Somewhat unpredictable. Would run the US government like a business enterprise of which he would be CEO. Might be a good idea, considering the mess that the “professional politicians” have made. Big plus: he would use the best and brightest to counsel him, NOT a “Valerie Jarrett clone”.

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      • nimrodman says:

        Bitter Clinger said: “However, as a conservative, I also believe that logic, reality, and debate are necessary when considering such weighty issues. As of now, I am supporting Ted Cruz because I believe that he is the most principled conservative to seek the nomination since Reagan.”

        Yes, all that is true, and I feel your angst that it all doesn’t add up to conservative victory.

        But in pragmatic terms, Cruz cannot win the General Election. Cruz will attract conservatives – yes – but will not draw from the middle like Trump will.

        Trump is a nationalist with a populist demeanor. He has spoken plainly on formerly forbidden issues, and much of middle America is nodding along: “Yeah – that’s exactly what I think.”

        Trump will draw conservatives, he’ll draw hugely from the middle, and will even cross over to pull middle-left voters. Look at the percentage of black and Hispanic support he’s drawing. The biggest electoral bulge is in the middle – both slightly right and slightly left of absolute middle – and Trump will have considerable draw there.

        Cruz will never have that broad appeal.

        So at the end of the day, with Cruz, you’d be nominating yet another GOP loser and you’d be left clinging (perhaps bitterly) to your logic, reality, debate, and “principled” conservative values …

        … while the nation is plagued with yet more far-left, anti-American initiatives.

        Not conservative solutions. Not even mainstream “middle” or centrist solutions.

        Far left. Just like the past 7 years.

        Want more of that? Keep promoting Cruz or anyone but Trump.

        That’s my ration of logic, reality, and debate.

        And thanks for asking. I’ve always loved your handle and have missed your input, hadn’t occurred to me that you’d stepped away until you explained it here.

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    • joshua says:

      I am a Texan and very close to local, county, state, and national politics, a Republican for many years and have been a participant in campaigns and strategy and support for many candidates. Ted Cruz is not part of our family here, he was put into place under George Bush when he was governor as a bright lawyer who was clearly ambition enough to be controlled as well as sent into the fires without questioning orders because of his driving ego ambition….he will say and do anything to anyone to better his own personal career and livelihood. He is not at all what he “presents” himself to be, and his family of origin history is flawed and full of dysfunctionality. I went to school at the time his mother was at Rice Institute (now University) and am well aware of the industry that she and her visa admitted (not citizen) Cuban husband became a part of (Petroleum industry oil exploration seismic computing analysis of geology)…Texas created those industry services, and when the Canadian oil discoveries at Calgory got big, the mother and father hiked off to Canada and started a seismic computer company for a living, having a kid along the way. When the business went away when the oil glut destroyed the financials of oil drilling and exploration, hubby took a powder and left mommy and baby Ted to take care of stuff while he went to Houston to drink a bunch of hooch on his own. Both parents were previously married before they got together this time. Ted did not mainstream ANYTHING like normal kids, went to private religious schools and some homeschooling. His mother is clearly very smart in math….maybe not so much in socialization. Ted will NEVER make a President of the USA or ANY other nation….he is too shallow and self serving and a schemer rather than a maker or doer.

      Support whoever you like…but do not think you are not being fooled by Ted just as he has all along his life with others….that is why he and Glen Beck get along…they are both liars, phonies, and self centered narcissists.

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    • Trumpire says:

      “Sometimes I get the impression that Cruz is not even a viable option for some Trump supporters”

      Cruz is NOT a principled conservative. A principled conservative who was clearly ineligible would NOT run for the presidency.

      A guy who is so self-centered and selfish that his oath of office would be predicated on a lie that he was defending the Constitution when he would be a usurper.

      And don’t start the ‘birther’ name calling crap or ‘he is eligible’ because he’s not. Never has been. He just wants to participate in the destruction of our Constitution and enable ANYONE who has the most tenuous connection to America to run for president.

      Open your eyes. Watch Cruz’s actions not his words.

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  10. jcthewizard says:

    The issue over ‘Natural Born’ is not over. Today, the New American Magazine reported on a recent Congressional Review of the situation – not good:

    The point is (same one Trump was making) that Cruz will be sued by the DNC if he is nominated.

    Already another organization claiming standing has started a law suit. What will Cruz supporters say when their candidates loses; either because of confusion or because he was disqualified?


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