Sunday Talk Circuit With Donald Trump…

Face The Nation:

Fox News Sunday:

This Week:

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178 Responses to Sunday Talk Circuit With Donald Trump…

  1. Martin says:

    As usual, Trump handled these three chumps like a boss.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      He owns the dude from CBS. The other two he rents by the minute for boxing lessons. He punches, they “catch”. When this campaign is over both will have pug noses and cauliflower ears.

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      • joebal says:

        punching well below his weight on these bags… heheheh..

        just as an aside, noticing that all the red staters hosts on the talk radio show circuit are still babbling the establishment Goper agenda talking points, ie “real conservative” “rino” etc etc etc..

        not mentioning at all WHY Trump is killing it, nobody seems to remember all the “tough talk” from the Gopes like the Bushies back when the Big War on Terror was just kicking off.

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        • joebal says:

          meant to say “tough talk on getting serious about BORDER security”,, not that they ever intended more than talking about it anyway, as we are all now aware.


  2. Bull Durham says:

    As for the Blonde from Fox, here’s how that may work out.

    She’s due a new contract. When Fox realizes that Donald will not talk to her for 9 years, except on his terms, and Presidents decide these things, they will not load her up with a big contract.
    Moreover, Bill O’Reilly feeds her the big audience. Without his lead-in, she’d draw flies.

    I think MK will be offered a huge contract to go elsewhere. She’s the new Katie Courie for some people. They think she could be a crossover between the right and left.

    Fox then may lose their top sexpot attraction. That leaves them no hot woman they can peddle.
    Greta scares the farm animals. Shannon Bream is too proper. The rest of the willing lasses have no street cred.

    Fox will lose this either one way or the other.

    Sort of the old adage: be careful whose bed you lie down in. You may wake up with something itching, sore or fatal.

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  3. freeperjim says:

    Bernie rally photo on Drudge – note the huge MEXICAN flag on right side. Disgusting!

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  4. Curry Worsham says:

    Face the Nation: I was waiting for ” I have the greatest humility ever”. 🙂


  5. yy4u says:

    Bull, I disagree about Shannon Beam. She’s the real thing. Fox is a news organization not a night club. Also disagree about Greta. She might not be a Foxblonde, but she’s smart and professional.

    The Trump interview was EXCELLENT. I was mesmerized. Whoever the interviewer was, he was asking some pretty tough questions but Trump answered them well. Trump has said before that he’d rather do a network that he knows hates him than one he supposes to be fair and isn’t.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Shannon is top notch,that is why she covers the Supreme Court. I’m inferring she can’t be repackaged as a sexpot, though she has great charisma.

      Greta is fair and open to all and does a good job against injustices.
      But, she is hard on the eyes.

      It’s a cold medium and the medium is the message.

      Have you noticed why no one brings up Donald’s age?

      It’s because he is media and tech savvy. He communicates as if he was thirty.

      Fox is due for a new life as the RINO voice with no veil over everyone’s eyes.

      The paradigm shift may be coming, not only to Washington, but to Fox.

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  6. Martin says:

    At 11:42 on the Face the Nation interview, I like how Trump takes a shot at talk radio (Rush, Levin, or Beck) in regards to Cruz.

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    • anniesezso says:

      Great that you pointed that out, and Trump was spot on. Thnx!

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    • LEVIN put out a specific tweet saying it’s no problem that Cruz has ZERO senators endorsing him and gave some cockamaney reason about Reagan which had nothing to do with a sitting senator not having even ONE fellow senator, one of HIS peers endorsing him.

      LOL! Trump addressed that in the interview like a wise father dismissing the ideological view “Cruz tells ’em all to go to hell so he’s heroic, cool and strong” meme. Reminded me of the way my dad used to address me when I’d cite the success of certain rock stars as a valid reason for me not wanting to go to college or work a full-time job.

      Trump is older and wiser. Wisdom and competence counts this election especially.

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  7. kingjulianx says:

    The wake up call for the pundits and the establishment is tomorrow. I am 100% positive Trump will win Iowa in the caucus. The panic will start that night in the beltway on how to regroup and try and spin Trumps big win.

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  8. R-C says:

    Two words: “HOME” & “RUN”.

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  9. What these “reporters” refuse to understand is that Trump is in it to win the nomination and then the presidency, NOT to advance the interests and ratings of the networks. Watched closely, most journalists ask questions about other media.

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  10. Regina says:

    Ted Cruz Defiant on Iowa Mailer: ‘I Will Apologize To Nobody’

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  11. ZurichMike says:

    Overall OK — he could have had stronger responses to the single payer issue and the “why don’t you have an endorsement from a senator” question from Georgiana.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      I didn’t listen to Trump’s answer, but it seems like a soft-ball question. Why don’t you check the senators’ voting records? Are they working for the people like I am and you are, or are they working for their government pay checks, perks, and the billionaires who fund their campaigns? Let’s us, and you, ask them how did they vote for….etc., etc.?


    • Regina says:

      as someone here pointed out, Cruz getting an endorsement from a senator would be a reflection of what it’s like to be his colleague- we works with these people every day (well, when he shows up)

      Trump is not a senator – but he Does have endorsements from those who have worked with him. It’s the equivalent of a senate endorsement

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    • NCPatriot says:

      ZurichMike: Stronger response? He called Ted a liar about his full page ad—saying he would repeal Obamacare. He has already stated his position—low income people need a medicare type safety net——-but otherwise free market, across state lines insurance etc. Too complex to state in a soundbite.

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      • ZurichMike says:

        He could have said just what you wrote. It’s not complex — he just needs to repeat his very good talking points. Then again, he’s been keeping a bruising schedule, and I should cut him some slack!

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  12. hocuspocus13 says:

    …let’s go PANTHERS… 🏈

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  13. ZurichMike says:

    Chris Wallace was very deferenetiall: “Mr. Trump” “sir” — I guess Ailes told him to treat Donald with respect, unlike the Murdoch’s kitten with the Woody Woodpecker haircut.

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  14. KBR says:

    CBS “The drama around his campaign” and the “great number of people who are anxious about you” were attempts at gotcha. Trump was so smooth today.

    But the drama and any public anxiety has been mostly produced and stirred by the press!

    Trump said “those people will come around I think” and I thought, yes they will, when the press stops with the scare-the-people Trump is a maniac type commentary.

    Of course if the people who are anxious are the leftists, the hedgefunders, the taxloopholers, and the uniparty trough feeders…well yes they should be anxious!

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  15. bverwey says:

    That Wallace is a fork tongued snake and as Trump would say wearing glasses to make him look smart.

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  16. Finch19 says:

    Just finished Trump’s interview with Doogie Howser…oh, err, I mean Face The Nation…and Trump was really great. Love the line about “we’re all going to one of two places” meaning heaven or hell.

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  17. Regina says:

    msnbc sent a reporter out with someone doing door-to-door for Bernie

    One person answered – she’s voting for The Donald =)
    (“but if he weren’t in the race, I’d vote for Bernie” haha)

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  18. SueAnn Brockwell says:

    The only two I watch on FOX is Greta as she goes to Mexican Prisons to interview our Marine held captive…goes to Haiti, the border….Missouri. Wherever the new is happening, she will take a break from the Washington Bureau and go to where the action is. The other is Judge Jennine Pirro. Boy can she verbally, savagely and elloquently attact Hildabeast and Obammy.

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  19. sundance says:

    Ted Cruz’s daughters respond to him on campaign trail.

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  20. NCPatriot says:

    Our man was PRESIDENTIAL in all three of those interviews ! Very proud of him ! Yes?

    Also shows restraint and calmness in dealing with them. Loved the “humility” question–a person can’t, by definition, brag about his own humility–so ” I think you’d find I have more humility than you think I have.” (perfect understatement)

    Same as bragging about religion (unless a preacher etc) It is, for most, quiet and private, and witnessed in what you do and NOT what you say, and why Jerry Faldwell, Jr. was such a powerful testament to him this weekend.

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  21. NJF says:

    Wow……watching CNN and they just had a woman on from the Seltzer orginization who helped conduct the DMR poll.

    And they had a graphic up that showed the poll results as Trump 25% and Cruz at 23%

    They put up false numbers!!!! Trump has 28%, not 25.

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  22. Bull Durham says:

    Here’s a thought about Evangelical households:

    Eight years ago I did a few thousand phone calls in behalf of stop someone from getting the Democrat nomination (guess). During that process, in the Midwest and South when I ran across some very reverent people the husband dictated the verbal choice. The female in the household could not say her choice, but many times I got the impression that she would cast her own vote in secret her way.

    I think many Cruz evangelical households will likewise split. Some will go to Donald who appeals to women who want a strong man but a wise man, a talented man, not another dictator in their life.

    I can’t say if this will hold true in large numbers, but there is that dynamic in many households.

    I think it could cost Cruz a point or two overall.

    It certainly is why we see the history of late changes in Iowa.

    One reason Donald and Jerry, Jr.’s families are there is to show a happiness and contentment to other people who have reservations about the Trumps. It looked really good that those folks are old friends and socialized together.

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  23. Regina says:

    This has to hurt


    • Regina says:

      Levin, Hannity and Rush (and Cruz has the nerve to say it matters to “my grandkids”??)


    • georgiafl says:

      The Mark Levin show is now a CruzPAC. He is desperately tweeting a stream of pro-Cruz anti-Trump messages. Some are lies – such as Trump is for single payer health care.

      Breitbart finally admitted the Voter Violation mailers and Cruz’s refusal to apologize even though the Iowa Secretary of State censured his campaign for such misleading implication that it is an official form.

      That mailer is just one more thing that shows the heart of Cruz.

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    • Cruz is a carnie. That’s all that video shows.

      And that crowd they play at the beginning? Looks like it was from one of the bigger Republican events like the Value Voter events where there’s a lot of people and all the candidates speak.


      Mark, you’re an old CROW. We have lots of them in the parking lots here at grocery stores and shopping centers. You all sound the same. CAAAAWWWWW!

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  24. Ivehadit says:

    Donald was terrific on all three interviews!
    Bring it home, Iowa, bring it home for Donald and America!!

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  25. Bull Durham says:

    I have gone to Drudge a few times today but I am totally distracted by the shot and link to the Susan Sarandon article. She may be a Lib wackette, but @69, she’s smoking hot. Bad politics, great genes. Considering my user name, I have had a fondness for the quintessential Baseball Annie for a long time.


  26. Doug says:

    Trump has an event in Arkansas next week. Anyone think Huckabee endorses him at that event?

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      He said no when asked. Says he is running for Prez.


      • shelleybear66 says:

        He had to say that for Iowa. By Tuesday, he will concede a big loss and ask all of his supporters to vote for Trump on Wednesday in Arkansas! Big Headlines will ensue!!!

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        • LW says:

          Huckabee won’t be in Arkansas. Even if he drops out he would probably go to his home in Florida.


        • I heard Huckabee say he was getting out of the race if he didn’t place in Iowa. But then a few weeks later I heard him say he was in all the way.
          What you said makes sense and would explain the discrepancy.
          Arkansas primary isn’t even until AUGUST.

          Huck probably has a bit of COLD ANGER after his people in Iowa turned on him and endorsed a phony Christian like Cruz. Even Huck has his breaking point! And his video “Hello” sounds to me as his one last request to them. After that IT’S ON!

          I like Mike.

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    • After reading comments about Huckabe saying no.. I am wondering if it is the Governor of AR.


  27. georgiafl says:

    Ted is Cruzing for a Bruising. He adamantly refuses to apologize for the Voter Violation Mailers.

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  28. R-C says:

    Wallace shows the clip of Trump urging his daughter to deliver her baby in Iowa.

    Trump responds to the effect that “Iowa would certainly be a great place to deliver the baby”.

    What popped into R-C’s head at that moment: “It’s WAY better than, say, Canada!”

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    • Bull Durham says:

      He mentioned he might buy a farm in the state. Probably for next time.

      Or, to have a nice place to meet with President Xi who lived in Iowa, and visits Muscatine when he comes to the US.

      It’s about pork and corn exports, and maybe ethanol.

      A nice quaint Trump farm would be a perfect place to cut deals.

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      • shelleybear66 says:

        And for his sons and grandsons to hunt! 🙂 Dear Lord I love this family! ( BTW..I love animals and am NOT hunter) but can appreciate the grounding tradition of it!

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        • Bull Durham says:

          The reason we have great wilderness and water habitats is Duck Hunters of NA. Same with other hunters. Their hunting fees and private preserves are all important components in wildlife and ecological diversity and health.

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  29. marierogers says:

    missed them except the matthews interview..fair and balanced towards TRUMP..seems they know each other a long time, and that he genuinely likes TRUMP! (how can you NOT like him, he is so genuine)
    msnbc is full of surprises..

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  30. Martin says:

    Trump’s interview with Chris Matthews. Click on “Trump’s final pitch to Iowa”:

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  31. Ivehadit says:

    I can smell the sound of winning…:) Can you?
    Go Donald!!!!

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  32. janny11 says:

    Reblogged this on PACIFIC ISLAND BEACON.


  33. tz says:

    Make Vulgaria Great Again!
    America is equal opportunity. That means blue, white, pink collar are all equal.
    Trump notes he loves his construction workers – mostly if not all male, taking unpleasant, dangerous jobs. He hired the first woman manager – but he held her to the identical standards.
    (I just did Crippled America and am more convinced Trump is the one).
    Our greatness is NOT in our elite – having a great aristocracy and okay plebes. Our greatness is that every citizen, from the disabled, to the hard working dropout with a GED, to the smart entrepreneur, scientist, engineer, are all equal. We all – TOGETHER – make America great.
    Vulgar doesn’t mean dirty, it means common, as in the commoner – like Jerome’s Latin Vulgate, for the masses (people, not catholic church service).
    America is where the common is noble – kingly. Hard working. Virtuous. Thrifty. Smart enough. Wise.
    America is great. It only needs the iron mask of progressivism removed. The chains of bureaucracy. The chaos of arbitrary regulation.

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  34. facebkwallflower says:

    All over facebook, from the Cruz supporters is this video with statements like, “Look how Ted handles and angry farmer. Calms him down and changes his mind”. or “Now, this is how a president works. Changes peoples mind!” Or “We need a peace maker like this in the WH.”


  35. Mike says:

    It’s probably already been said: I doubt it Trump was ever behind Cruz in the polls, and now, at the last minute, surged ahead. They probably just got a little more honest this close to the end because they’re worried about losing all their credibility.

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  36. myrightpenguin says:

    Great set of interviews. Showed good knowledge when it came to the Zika virus also, just shows he likes to keep things high level but he knows the details also.

    A good close-out, in contrast to Cruz cracking up, as evidenced by his interview with Chris Wallace.


  37. jeans2nd says:

    Listening to the Sunday shows pundits, I heard a recurring theme – who are the Trump supporters, we do not see a ground game. I think I can help.

    We are American Patriots. There is no other measure by which we are quantifiable. Not nationalists, or whatever other word you use – Patriots. We are not in any campaign headquarters. We are in library and church basements, Vets and bingo halls, GMa’s kitchen and Puddy’s barn. You see the Col and his Rough Riders on the ridgeline, saddled up and standing at the ready. We are just below the ridgeline. You will see us when we vote.


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