Donald Trump Rally Dubuque Iowa – 2:00pm (EST) Live Stream…

Candidate Donald Trump will be holding three rallies in Iowa today Dubuque, Clinton and Davenport. The first event takes place at the Dubuque Regional Airport at 1:00 PM Central, 2:00pm Eastern:

Live Stream LinkAlternate Live Stream

trump rally iowa 5

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309 Responses to Donald Trump Rally Dubuque Iowa – 2:00pm (EST) Live Stream…

  1. Trumpster2016 says:

    Coll video of the Fly By

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  2. R-C says:

    11,200 watching the Right Side feed.

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  3. jackphatz says:

    Drudge has the Right Side link front and center.

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  4. Plain Jane says:

    Donald speaking of trade. This imbalance is why companies like Boeing need the E/I Bank. If Donald can straighten out the imbalance, in time, a lot of excuses for corporate welfare are eliminated.

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  5. R-C says:

    Right Side YouTube feed topped 14,000 viewers. Amazing.

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  6. says:

    The NC GOP has added a new ballot choice this year – No Preference…. when there are tons of choices. They also put Jeb next to Trump, lol. I wrote the chairman of the NC GOP about it and he wondered why I was asking such a question.


    • This is such a ridiculously stupid thing on their part and will prove to be totally irrelevant. Why? “No Preference” is on every ballot. It is not compulsory to punch a dot, color in a circle, or pull a lever.

      Another way to look at this is who is going to take the time to go to the voting location to color in the box for ‘no preference’ when they could get the same result sitting home and watching reruns of American Idol?

      Don’t be fooled or concerned there will be zero affect.


  7. georgiafl says:

    Trump with no hat and gloves, acts like he doesn’t feel the cold at all.

    It’s so exciting to watch the crowds – so enthusiastic and happy a real patriot and non-politician is running – at last!

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  8. stringy theory says:

    Another great rally. He can talk off the cuff as well as anyone I’ve ever seen, a real communicator. Loved his put down of Cruz, Bush, and Rubio.

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    • R-C says:

      And fellow warriors, this means that WE are having an effect!

      Stay at it, brothers and sisters–stay in the trenches; fight the good fight!

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    • dizzymissl says:

      Don’t like being lumped in with that site. Lots of disinformation that has gotten us in trouble in the past.


    • stringy theory says:

      It looks like the Cruzbots are projecting again. Since they’re all on some establishment payroll, they think sites like TCH are being paid by Trump to do what is being done. As Diane Marshall states, it is being done gratis to help Trump so he can save our country. That will be more than fair compensation. Go Trump.

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    • bleep21k says:

      I am now following the Marshall report, and left a brief comment. Maaan i wish I had the flare for words, words, words lol. Spent a summer in Guildford, England – school of acting – specifically Shakespeare, but I swear its hectic trying to write a good opinion piece – Sundance gets to me because he makes it all seem so easy.

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    • Tonawanda says:

      Somebody on Free Republic made this accusation about Sundance being paid by Trump , saying it came from somebody “in the know.” When challenged to produce evidence or source, no response was given.

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    • Buck Weaver says:

      Looks like bogus twitter feed on that Marshall site.


  9. Papoose says:

    Hail To The Chief!

    USA! USA! USA!

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  10. marierogers says:

    its a beautiful sight..watching that magnificent plane coming in!
    TRUMP is a dynamo..
    wonder how theyre all doing over at FAUX! he schlonged ’em good!

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  11. prognomore says:

    What an energizing rally. My takeaway headline? “Trump denounces overspending on his new Air Force One.” because, the next Air Force One IS his!

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  12. Maxine says:

    Fantastic rally! I was hoping to see the kids getting on the Trump place. Maybe they’ll have some video later. I bet they are going to have a blast.

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  13. Athena the Warrior says:

    So proud to finally be able to support an American loving Patriot who will work with us to make our country unbelievable again!

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  14. Paula says:

    I just watched this rally while taking a shower! I love living in the 21st century! Ha!

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  15. This whole fiasco has lost Fox a fewer, No more of their fair and balanced-it’s rubbish

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  16. NCPatrick says:

    Since he got started so late in Dubuque, I looked up the distance to Clinton and then to Davenport. Dubuque/Clinton is 60 miles and Clinton/Davenport is 41 miles — so I’m guessing the plane will maybe go on to Waterloo (or somewhere) and he’ll go by car to the next towns in Iowa?

    I know, I worry about stuff like this. Weather and roads looked clear today, but his next event is approaching rapidly. I am obsessive about being on time myself, and being late makes my stomach hurt.

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  17. KitKat says:

    I’m reading about people watching a stream where they heard the national anthem, air traffic control etc etc and I didn’t see/hear any of that on the stream I watched. What stream was all that on?

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  18. shelleybear66 says:

    Loved this as always! Mr. Trump Very Presidential and quite serious today! The crowd was held in rapt attention and one could feel the vibe that these people know in their gut that “This is it”, it is time to MAGA or America is gone Forever.
    More so than ever be for..I felt this vibe @ that hangar today! These people WILL caucus!

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  19. News Universe says:

    Hello, Thanks for embedding our feed on your Blog. – News Universe

    We are now streaming with all the original Songs Playing at the rally.

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  20. Russell /Sherry Einarson says:

    A fly- by ! We love this guy, he delivers endless smiles to thousands.


  21. popsfromvienna says:

    I am worried. DJT mentioned that a new poll had a mere 5 point spread between him and the Canadian. Somebody give me encouragement!


  22. popsfromvienna says:

    I am worried. DJT mentioned that there is only a 5 point spread between him and the Canadian.


    • stringy theory says:

      There are several polls out with different margins and the DMR will put out its garbage poll at 5:30 today (I suppose their time). They may give up trying to make it seem Trump and Cruz are neck and neck and may fiddle the numbers to make it look as if Rubio is surging past Cruz which he may well be after Cruz’s debacle in the debate and this voter shaming big fail. Cruz may be lucky to make it to third.


    • Cameraman says:

      Apparently this Bing prediction has been pretty accurate in the past. I suspect it’s definitely closer than the DMR scam poll is.


      • Triumphant Trump says:

        For what it’s worth, they were very accurate reporting the results of Dancing with the Stars, they correctly predicted National Guard Specialist Alek Skarlatos would make the finals, when everyone else said he wouldn’t.


  23. DaveNY says:

    Episode of Mighty Planes Starring Trump’s 757

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  24. Hubcapjw says:

    Does anyone have video of trumps airplane fly over?


  25. daughnworks247 says:

    Trump stepped off that plane in Dubuque and looked particularly good today, rested and healthy.


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