Post GOP Debate Open Discussion Thread….

Who Won the Debate?

Overview thoughts.  The auditorium venue was absolutely structured with GOPe types.  Support for Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio was far more evident than exists in a general republican population.  Party insiders within South Carolina, including Nikki Haley, obviously influenced who was within the participating audience.

trump debate 2

There was an earlier South Carolina delegate meeting/convention prior to the debate.  Insider sources on social media indicate most of the official South Carolina Republican Party delegates are pro-Rubio; many believe this is by specific GOPe design.

That explains the audience responses to both Jeb Bush an Marco Rubio.

Simultaneously, this same group (audience participating) understands the best way to eliminate Trump is to use Ted Cruz to attack him.   And Ted Cruz fell for it hook, line and sinker; just like the useful, and willing, idiot he is.

Always remember the GOPe party goal (Rubio and Bush) has never changed: 

….Remove Donald Trump and Ted Cruz becomes Newt Gingrich, Ben Carson becomes Herman Cain, and GOPe candidate Rubio/Bush becomes Mitt Romney circa 2012.

It begins by “removing Donald Trump“.

The battle is playing out among candidates, but it ultimately for the entire construct of the Republican Party – and the beneficiaries therein.

The GOPe, Wall Street, K-Street, and corporate U.S. interests do not want Trump any where near the presidency because he will destroy their grip on power.   Those who are professional political agents of the GOPe (Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Nikki Haley types) must do the bidding of the power structures to retain their own graft.

Two separate divisions within the GOPe:  The old guard (Jeb Bush) team, and the legislative class, new guard, (Marco Rubio) team.  What you saw play out tonight was the result of the professional Republican Party working earnestly to insure that only a member of their club is given the advantage.

Donald Trump is considered an insurgent.

Ted Cruz is considered a right-wing extremist useful to get rid of Trump.

Everything you saw tonight was evidence of this structure playing out.

GOP primary 2

Donald Trump did GREAT !

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558 Responses to Post GOP Debate Open Discussion Thread….

  1. I have a question Rubio kept on looking down at the podium. Did he have notes? So many comments not sure if someone has already addressed it.


  2. Buck Weaver says:

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  3. mazziflol says:

    I love Donald’s answer about Nikki Haley ‘anger statement’…Smart answer!!!

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  4. sundance says:

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  5. Beelza says:

    If most sc delegates support Rubio, how can Trump win SC?


    • andrewalinxs says:

      If Trump wins the state they are required to vote on the first ballot for him regardless of who they want.

      Only time a bound delegates opinion maters is if the convention is brokered and a presidential candidate does not get a majority of the delegates out right. Seems the plan now for the GOPe is stop trump from getting majority and beat him at convention.

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      • Beelza says:

        I see. Thanks for clearing that up.


      • El Torito says:

        You can read about it here in depth:
        The 3 bullet points in the 2nd section specifically speak to RNC rules which were changed in 2012 for the specific purpose of preventing delegate shenanigans. That section assures that if voters turn out for Trump as the polls reflect, we’re looking at the biggest landslide in USA history and there will be no brokered convention.

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      • dumbplumber says:

        So let me get this straight. If you have enough payed-off delegates you don’t need those pesky voters to decide? I’m just trying to get my arms around how a candidate, who can’t fill a motel room at a Best Western in Tonapah, Nevada is going to get enough delegates to beat a guy that can fill the Super Dome.


        • andrewalinxs says:

          Only in a brokered convention can delegates ignore primaries and pick who they want. Delegates that are bound must vote for who they are bound to in the first vote. If it goes to a 2nd vote they become released and are free to pick anyone they want. The way to keep it from being an issue is turn out the vote in the primaries and not let it get past the first ballot.


  6. GiGizMe says:

    Sorry guys but this is hilarious 🎯😆😂😂😂
    Tonight’s Debate ~ Trump, Rubio &. Cruz. Trump was Brilliant
    The Threes Stooges, Slaps, Smacks and Pokes

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  7. flyanddive says:

    Here’s what the left thinks. Irrelevant, but interesting none the less.

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    • Interesting. It’s the middle of WINTER. All the men had shirts and jackets on, while the “chick” was wearing a bikini, summer dress. Meanwhile the men pretend she’s “just one of the guys” and a serious political commentator. Phony liberal white trash at its finest, including Cenk Uygur on down. Shockingly this episode there were no “F” words every 2 sentences. All their talk about Jeb and Kasich was strange, although they’re right about Cruz, but that’s a no-BRAINER. No mention of Trump the front runner.

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      • SharonKinDC says:

        Because NONE of them thought Trump was a contender for the ‘biggest loser’ of the debate. IOW, he won, hands down.

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      • Avraham says:

        Watch their biggest winner video. It was AMAZING. The majority of them totally realize that Trump is unstoppable and dominating, eventhough they are in great pain and fear with their realization. Has been this way for a long time. They used to censor his image on TYT, but were forced to remove it eventually since he is constantly the focus point of all the news, and they had to acknowledge he was the real deal, as loathe as they were to admit it.

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  8. History Teaches says:

    Not a flattering view of Trump from the mainstream GOP perspective. But one that admits that he pretty much is saying what many want to hear. The poor, offended elite cognoscenti just cringe at blunt direct talk and worry more about form than substance!


    • TwoLaine says:

      Someone described him to me yesterday as brash. I said if by brash you mean he is strong, smart and energetic, then yes, I’ll go with brash.

      When did being strong and speaking the truth become brash? I remember a time when parents washed their kids mouths out with soap for telling lies, and that’s just the tip of that iceberg.

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  9. What Ted Cruz does not get, he’s not Obama, and therefore the whole ‘birther’ issue will not be deflected for him by the media should he, by an unlikely chance, get the nomination.

    Also, once again, he comes across as smarmy when he tries to be an Alpha. One of his advisers should tell him this.

    What works for Donald Trump, fails for Ted Cruz.

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  10. FriendlyKoala says:

    When they say “This President”, it makes me think of Donald Trump, not Obama. Because in everyone’s minds, he is now President Trump. The GOPe is deliberately saying “This President” instead of “President Obama” because they want to tar Donald Trump in people’s minds. Donald Trump is now seen as the incumbent.

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  11. “Ted Cruz is considered a right-wing extremist useful to get rid of Trump.”

    And this is actually backfiring on the establishment as well. Ted Cruz actually makes Trump look moderate. Before Ted came along, the media was looking at Trump as if he was some right wing nut. When they saw Ted rising in the polls THEY BEGAN TO GET SCARED! Suddenly they became nostalgic for Trump!

    Thanks Ted!

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  12. DEBATE CLIP: Donald Trump Vs. Ted Cruz over Natural Born Citizen Issue – 6th GOP Debate

    After Cruz’ grandstanding, nervously laughing it off and making light of a very important issue, Trump responds with valid concern of what it could do to the party: TRUMP: “The fact is, there is a big overhang. There’s a big question mark on your head. And you can’t do that to the party. You really can’t. You can’t do that to the party. You have to have certainty. Even if it was a one percent chance, and it’s far greater than one percent because…

    “I mean, you have great constitutional lawyers that say you can’t run. If there was a — and you know I’m not bringing a suit. I promise. But the Democrats are going to bring a lawsuit, and you have to have certainty. You can’t have a question. I can agree with you or not, but you can’t have a question over your head.”
    Published on Jan 14, 2016, Donald Trump Vs. Ted Cruz over Natural Born Citizen Issue – 6th GOP Debate (Length 7:34 min)
    For a written transcript of this exchange:

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    • Anyone that thinks Cruz won this round is crazy. Trump was brilliant! He successfully made it very clear he is not worried about Cruz and that Trump’s ahead in the polls in Iowa and that he could care either way but that it was a real concern for the party. WoW! Trump handled this amazing. Cruz looked foolish and like a typical Televangelist or Snake Oil Salesman. The shiny slick look from the VITALIS in Cruz’ hair just adds to that stereotype!

      Cruz bringing up Trump’s mom into it, as my guy informed me, is not wise and grounds for an a** whooping. Unwritten rule: NEVER TALK ABOUT A GUY’S MOM UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET PUNCHED. (my guy used different wording but you get the point!).

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      • gainny says:

        I didn’t watch the debate or read all the comments, so I don’t know if anybody brought this up, but: The constitutional lawyer Cruz stated that a natural born citizen candidate must have natural born citizen parents. Has anybody “of consequence” discussed this?


      • Tonawanda says:

        Upon re-watching I see Trump was actually quite brilliant – – moreso than I originally saw – – and Cruz unsuccessfully tried to use evasions and straw men to get Trump to shut up.

        And once again Trump’s honesty is refreshing: Trump’s focus on the issue was due to Cruz doing better in the polls. Makes total sense. Just the plain truth, I love it.

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      • Bon says:

        You have always seemed like a fair person but this, (NEVER TALK ABOUT A GUY’S MOM UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET PUNCHED….) Isn’t this the same as what Trump was doing to Cruz? Seems to me I am now informed both moms were/ have been used as evidence of citizenship.


        • varsityward says:

          The main discussion about Ted is that he was born in Canada. He (Ted) is the one that brings up his own mother’s citizenship as a defense.

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          • Bon says:

            are you suggesting that because it was a thing of past discussions I should not have noted that both men drug their mothers into the conversation?
            Trump was making sure the media was aware that Cruz’s mother was out of country at time of birth. Which statement he thereby assessed that the Dims would be all over the birthright of Cruz with his hope being that it would take Cruz out as a contender.


            • singtune says:

              Trump’s Mother Is NOT an issue here at all . She WAS Naturalized way before she had Donald~! Bringing it up about Trump’s Mother is a NON-ISSUE~! An Real No No on Cruz’s Part~! It was either total Ignorance or a LIE~!

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              • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

                Hey Singtune and varsityward can you believe how many Uni-Party trolls are on this thread? YIKES!


              • ColoradoChloe says:

                Cruz is for some reason, trying very hard to chuckle his way through this issue. He seems to want to laugh and chuckle with reporters at our (the voters ) expense, running the time out on the primary. Trump keeps pointing out that it is unfair to the Party and the voters for him to chuckle happily along the campaign trail with this very serious issue hanging over his head. When asked about the Natural Born situation, Ted just grins like some kind of a kid running for middle school president , throws out a one liner, then looks to the crowd for applause and laughter. I for one am getting tired of his routine. If he thinks he can “ride out the problem” he can forget it. We will not stop asking, it is only going to get worse for him. No more ducking the issue, he must own up to it. Act like a man for Heavens sake.

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      • Eskie Mom says:

        Oh, well this is easy. Cruz has no respect for his own mother (he lies for her- putting the words into her mouth with her sitting right there, expecting her to go along) and he was taught this by his father (by the way he treated Ted’s mother/ his wife). So I think he has no comprehension that mothers are off limits.

        This probably extrapolates into no respect for women. (No, I’m not a feminist) The story about him walking around outside the girls’ dorm in a bathrobe is another example. And that he was apparently so offensive, girls asked his roommates to keep (Ted) away from them.


        • Janie M. says:

          Eskie, why do I get the feeling he was also attempting to be “suave” and use pick up lines while in his bathrobe? Makes my skin crawl and I was a teenager in the “free-love” ” 60’s.

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    • Let’s say Cruz win’s that nomination and the election and chooses Rubio as his running mate for balance and unity. When the court case comes before the Supreme Court do you think GOPe Justice Roberts will side with Cruz when he could have Rubio as President? Remember, get rid of Trump and Cruz will be easy to knock out or disqualify.


  13. DEBATE CLIP: Donald Trump Rips Ted Cruz for Insulting New York: NEW YORK VALUES – Trump Wins!!!

    Donald Trump Rips Ted Cruz for Insulting New York: NEW YORK VALUES (Length 3:23 min)
    6th GOP Debate January 14, 2016

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Gov. Cuomo also ripped Canadian Rafael a new one this morning for about five minutes.

      He then said he agrees with how TRUMP handled it, but said TRUMP did it because it was “politically expedient”.

      He would know…

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    • Tonawanda says:

      When I lived in Manhattan I was active in the Conservative Party. Even in the Upper West Side the diversity of opinion and perspectives on life were amazing.

      It’s not entirely relevant to say this, but I also think New Yorkers (the city) are very gracious and friendly. That was my experience living there and has been my experience going back.

      Trump very much has a New York City blue collar style and manner about him. It is a style many people mistakenly stereotype, or don’t understand.

      Trump does not have Southern charm or amiability because he is not from the South. He does not have Midwest nice because he is not from the Midwest. Folks from those places might draw the wrong conclusions because they are not from NYC, or conversant with blue collar NYC.

      But Trump is gracious, thoughtful, friendly and considerate in his own non-phony NYC way.

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      • Ursula says:

        Yes, this is so true Tonawanda . I was born in NYC and raised in Queens, the people are fun, smart and brutally honest.
        I’m surprised that there is a Conservative party on the Upper West Side😃


      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

        Tonawanda, I can only speak for the “South,” but down here we have always appreciated honest, outspoken people of integrity. And we love those even more so if they are a “CHARACTER!” (See Eudora Welty or Horton Foote for example.)


    • i missed the debate last night but i’m catching up on the deets….trump dealt to ted what in video game parlance is known as a “finishing move”….he crushed him with righteousness…god that was awesome to watch….i’m gonna watch it again!

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    • ColoradoChloe says:

      Cruz a Canadian/American until 2013. I also saw the buildings come down on 9/11 and weep when I think of it till THIS day.


  14. TwoLaine says:

    As usual, Jebra! put me to sleep last night. I’m just catching up this AM, and according to Morning Joe, TRUMP SCHLONGED EVERYONE by miles and miles at the Main Event Debate last night!

    He’s on Morning Joe in Des Moines, IA right now.

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  15. Scoob says:

    It was obvious that SC Gov. Nikki Haley packed the audience against Trump. It was also equally obvious that Trump turned that to his advantage by saying the “boos” were against Cruz for President.

    I never seen a candidate without getting flustered handle such a negative audience reaction. Trump is an amazing candidate.

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  16. joshua says:

    The liberals and GOPe candidates and their supporters, especially the Jebbites…need a “safe space” to protect them from outspoken blunt non-PC statements of REALITY and FACTS coming from Trump “the bully” with the “loud voice and tone”

    The nation has turned into Kindergarten

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  17. Donald did do great last night. His NY values statement will turn NY and NJ purple if not RED. Even though I wanted to see him slam Nikki Haley his response was far more powerful, it let the millions of viewers that don’t know him as well as we do see that he doesn’t always attack and isn’t hot tempered. He came across honest and sincere.

    And the most important thing I don’t hear any news networks talking about today is Ted Cruz’ statement to Marco Rebio’s blistering 11 point attack.

    Ted said, “well HALF of those things Marco said are untrue!!!! Well they were in fact ALL true, but even admitting HALF were true is disqualification from the presidency.

    I hope some pundits start talking about that.

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  18. Beenthere says:

    As a natural born NYCer, I say that Trump handled Cruz brilliantly regarding both the birther question, NY values & everything else that was thrown at him. Reagan was good but never this good! Trump is going to blow everyone out of the water during the primaries & election. Looking forward to the cleanup.

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  19. MVW says:

    The debate problem is 2 hours of politician talk: blah, blah, blah, talk, talk, talk, apple pie, etc. No one but Trump was convincing that they would make America great again. The American crisis story is 100% because of Politicians. And politicians do only one thing, implement massive progressive socialist regulations and taxes. Their constant response to ‘Gubberment needs to fix XYZ’. Trump is not a politician.

    By now, the debate dust has cleared and there is only one standing and that is Trump. So the real question is who will be the VP choice? Until Cruz is clear of the ‘Natural Born Citizen’ issue, it can’t be him and I really doubt this will be cleared up before it is time for Trump to pick. So, I have no idea who Trump will pick, but it will be great.

    And the ugly question is what will Uniparty do? Escalate from white collar political crime to the sinister? I don’t know at this point what they will do; I don’t put anything past them.

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    • MVW says:

      PS Free tickets to the Bengazi movie is pure brilliance. Hillary may not make it to the Democrat nomination, so Bernie? Looks like a landslide for Trump, then the work begins.

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    • Jett Black says:

      VP will need to be an outsider, too. Maybe ex-military (Lord preserve us from an Adm. Stockdale, though), Bolton, or such. All the faux-conciliatory talk about positions for Cruz, Paul, or Huck don’t really make much sense. Well, maybe Huck for interior and Paul for DOJ/DHS. Unless Cruz comes clean with a dec action re: eligibility and rats out all his shadow puppet masters re: Corker/Iran Deal, TPA/TPP, etc., he’s too untrustworthy to have on the inside of any admin. Even GOPe seems to know this. Sad. Not that long ago, I thought he had promise.


  20. Bon says:

    Bush interview post debate” I’m becoming increasingly convinced that Jeb is mentally impaired. The impaired need sympathy not criticism. I think Bush should just go home as his heart is not in the battle.


    • singtune says:

      Jeb is from America’s NWO Global Elite Family~~that in some circles is called Crime Family, just like the Clinton’s~! Theses 2 families were Responsible for Bringing the NWO into our Government & ~~Now it it “WITHIN”~~! Obama is a Puppet driven by these 2 Families and the other Global Elite Master’s~!

      I am 78 year Old & watched this all go down & Jeb was in the midst of it~! {There is a Library of Material on this subject, if you doubt what i am saying. Not just what has been placed on the internet.}

      i have NO Sympathy for JEB at all~~He & HILLARY were the CHOSEN 2~~to bring a FINAL Blow to the United States & REMOVE our SOVEREIGNTY~!

      TRUMP 2016 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “A Nationalist”~!


  21. tz says:

    I disagree – well maybe not – that Cruz is too far right. If I expected him to really return America to the original intent constitution starting day one – which would require him to ignore SCOTUS beyond anything Trump would be likely to do, I would be supporting him.
    But this is why we have to burn the whole GOP to the ground. The libertarians and paleocons want a much smaller government, both to be free. Is that right or left wing? Are those who don’t want the FDA to stop people from buying raw milk right or left? Are those who find relief in Marijuana and want it (not big pharma $1000 pills even if covered under Obamacare) right or left?
    His wife is Wall Street bankster, CFR – which aren’t so big on the constitution. Speaking of New York values, isn’t Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch based in NYC?
    Cruz promises to nix 5 departments, Reagan only promised two and it never happened.

    Trump made the point that for ISIS, our wives, daughters, relatives and friends are considered legitimate targets, and that’s the problem – but I’m more circumspect on war. But in domestic legal matters, the entire “Establishment” (or the elite), not just the GOPe division, is breaking every rule, every rational interpretation, every idea of justice and fairness. The response of the GOP – not even all the establishment – is that we must play fair, play by the rules, if we want to change the “amendment by judge”, we have to wait and change judges, and we can only appoint stealth candidates like Roberts who may betray us, but that is all we can do.

    Congress is corrupt. The Senate is corrupt. The bureaucracy is corrupt. The Courts are corrupt. Wall Street, the banks, and the 4th estate – the media – is corrupt. How can a president that follows the rules no one else is following change anything? Assume Cruz attempts to keep every promise but play by the rules – he will be steamrolled. The media will crucify him – and he won’t fight back effectively.

    Trump comes off as blue-collar tough. Or farmer/rancher tough. Fair, but I expect him to fight – and “fair” is to fight by their rules, or whatever rules are effective, be it what Asia and Europe is doing on trade (they have barriers and tariffs, and play currency manipulation), what ISIS is doing, or what the rest of the corrupt government is doing.

    My top three if there was only a little corruption where a president could still make a difference would be very different.

    There comes a time to drop a nuclear bomb to incinerate everything and start over – the GOP is there and Trump is the bomb!


  22. Jett Black says:

    Haven’t read all the comments, but took a look at all the online polls linked in the post and it’s glaringly obvious that BB is way out of touch with reality. Every other poll showed clear majorities, not just pluralities, majorities and sometimes crushing, tsunami majorities for Trump.

    Suffice to say that when a candidate can’t respond effectively to a simple challenge to his fundamental eligibility to even be on the ballot and completely disses a state in the top 3 of electoral votes and (mainstream) media capital of the western hemisphere, even if he’s otherwise very smooth, he ain’t winning shiite.


  23. Jett Black says:

    One other thing–to all “conservative purists”–don’t care! What we want is a weapon to destroy the uniparty and the seditious globalist oligarchy that has infiltrated our government and nation. It doesn’t have to be a perfect or beautiful weapon, just effective.

    Here’s an analogy–have you ever seen an old Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54R rifle. It is old and ugly as sin. Usually dirt cheap. It’s ballistics and accuracy are comparable to an M-14 or a really pretty and pricey HK-91 or FN-FAL. If you’ve seen the movie “Enemy at the Gates” or read the book, you know that old MN can be extremely effective, even against more “advanced” opponents.

    Trump promises to be an effective weapon. He doesn’t need to be particularly slick, glib, or handsome to perform that function. Indeed, those attributes seem to be a hindrance. An effective weapon against the uniparty–that’s all I really want for the 8 years following the end of <0’s criminal occupation.

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