Pictures From Donald Trump Rally in Pensacola Florida Tonight…

Ahem, Nikki Haley – you watching?

This is What an Assembly of Cold Anger Looks Like

trump rally pensacola 5

trump rally pensacola 6

Trump rally Pensacola 2

trump rally pensacola 3

trump rally pensacola 4

trump rally pensacola 7

trump rally pensacola 8

trump rally pensacola 9

trump lion

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301 Responses to Pictures From Donald Trump Rally in Pensacola Florida Tonight…

  1. ctmom says:

    Holy Moly!

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  2. ECM says:

    Once again I am forced to ask: where are these crowds for “strong second” Ted Cruz?

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  3. Attorney says:

    Shhhhh! Don’t be too loud. Gov. Haley would not have that!

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  4. Jtomka says:

    Someone on BB commented that Trump pays all those people to come to his rallies. Lol

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  5. Newman says:

    Wow!! Great pic!!. Look at all that beautiful anger!! If I had legs like Crissy Matthews, I think it would send a tingle up them.

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  6. Regina says:

    I’m thinking that by the general election, the USA Freedom Kids will be the size of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

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  7. TheFenian says:

    When will they ever learn ?
    July 21, 2015 Pensacola News Journal article;
    “Trump Come To Pensacola and Insult the POW Experience”

    And who did the warm-up speech to speak about his support for the next President of the United States ?
    A Vietnam POW from the Hanoi Hilton. (sorry, I forgot his name)

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  8. sundance says:

    It seemed as if there was about twice as much more visible security tonight also. Seemed a little more obvious, but might just have been because of venue. . Base of the stands in 360 perimeter of the entire building and on every staircase. That’s a lot of security people in a building like that.

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  9. Tammy Alsept says:


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    • researchermo says:

      WHOA THERE COWGIRL! WHASSUP WITH THE CAPS?? DON’T YOU KNOW THAT “During anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices”? YOU JUST SOUND SO, SO, ANGRY!! /s ;D

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  10. RoninInCA says:

    Houston—We are not alone… An we are coming to get Our Country Back..

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  11. Thank you Conservative Tree House for ALL you do to get the truth out. We SO appreciate you!

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  12. Wow awesom! Love it. I bet haley will not enter this site! May be sundance can email these shots!

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  13. taqiyyologist says:

    Cold anger.


    • Notmeagain says:

      Trump must be wielding the first one with the increased life and 15% slowing enemies after each hit. Also the huge vitality boost. 🙂 Nice!


  14. TwoLaine says:

    After trying to diss TRUMP last night using Chris Christie’s tagline, Obama felt kinda’ bad and decided to call TRUMP and offer him some debate advice.

    Afterwards TRUMP decided to play it forward and called ShrillBilly to help her campaign.

    This is required Debate Prep. Enjoy! 🙂

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    • parallax says:

      It’s been so long since I’ve heard HRC I’d forgotten how shrill she is.

      Fingernails meet chalkboard

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      • The Boss says:

        She must have planted people in the crowd. Nothing she said was worth acting like The Beatles were performing in the US for the first time. (That kind of reaction is found at Trump rallies not held in Iowa).

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  15. flova says:

    Thank you Treehouse, to see these pics makes me forget about sellout Nikki Haley and her buddy Barry.

    Do they have a number on how many were there?

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  16. TeaForAll says:

    What a beautiful picture. N Hailey will regret becoming a GOP elite. Everyone is angry that the GOP rebuttal, attacked a Republican Presidential Candidate. and frick and frat approved her speech. The ROAR IS GROWNING………………………………………..

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  17. Regina says:

    So The Hill is leading the inevitable charge – they’ve posted the video about him complaining about the lousy mic, and made sure to put all the language in text in case anyone missed his language.

    I love that he doesn’t back down, and talks like we would expect him to. Talks like a Guy. As if we don’t think anything off-color has ever crossed Their lips – people don’t write tell-all books for nothing.

    I picture a room full of webhags elbowing each other “ooh – he said ba$tard – Get That, Muffy!!”

    They just don’t understand our rage.

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  18. TwoLaine says:

    Had TRUMP published Nikki’s number yet? I didn’t get to see the whole Rally tonight. Did I miss it? That’s what he did to Linda when she got nasty with him. 🙂

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  19. Jamie Quebedeaux says:

    Eat your hearts out @NikkiHaley and @TedCruz. #TRUMP2016🇺🇸. The right man for the Job of President of the United States of America!

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    • Newman says:

      Trump absolutely put the wood to Erin Burnett with his retort on anger. It was a thing of beauty. And once again, the GOPe opened the door and just stepped right into all their manure in front of them. But I’m sure they don’t care since these abject idiots are all still glowing and basking in WH praise of Nikki Haley’s speech.

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  20. Bull Durham says:

    Cold Anger.

    Check out our sailors blindfolded. It’s on a good Russian source of straight news. You don’t need to translate. It’s the first image. We’ve seen most of the rest. But not all.

    Imagine what else exists.

    This is definitely Jimmy Carter Redux.

    And Trump will be Reagan.

    Look at the small boats that overwhelmed our two patrol boats. What the hell is going on in the Navy?

    Stand Down again?

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    • starfcker says:

      We have armoured patrol boats with a .50 Cal on the stern. They have something like 28 foot fiberglass wellcrafts. We surrendered why?

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      • k9puppy says:

        It was all a set up. Gohmert said that Kerry called the Iranians and asked them to go help our Sailors. Can you believe that? They would call Americans if they were truly broken down. The whole story reeks, and we may never know the truth, but for now it was all a big show to make Iran look good and us to look weak. I resent like hell our military was used like that, and I resent that they think the American people are stupid enough to believe their lies. The Bergdahl fiasco backfired horribly on them, they are desperate to do something, anything, to make barry look like a leader. SPIT

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      • Rudy Bowen says:

        Yeah, and it would have taken one short burst to have sunk that crappy little boat the Iranians had pulled up. Not to mention the fact that support would have been soon coming.
        It was theater.

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      • BigMamaTEA says:

        Some regional late night talk radio I was listening to, a guy called in, sounded legit. (now out of the service, but to my layman’s ear, it sounded as if he could have been on one of those boats). Essentially this caller, said that there are two engines on each of those patrol boats. Protocol would have been to tow should one go down, then questioned the odds of 4 engines stalling at the same time. (He even mentioned Farsi island, which I heard in official reports today)

        Something fishy. When do the Mullahs start to get their money? What could the Mullahs have already come up with/or purchased/ or have been given by YouKnowWho that could have stranded those boats at the same time?! {just asking questions…)

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    • k9puppy says:

      Wish I could read Russian, I would love to know what is being said in the comment section.

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      • Bull Durham says:

        Use Yandex browser as a translator or Google.
        You copy, paste the URL and it machine translates.
        I can tell you Russian folks are very erudite, sharp mouthed and merciless.
        They have lost all respect for American government.
        But then so have we.
        That is why Donald said we can get along with the Russians. And he and Putin will get along very well.
        Russia is not a threat, but they are a fearsome force if anyone messes with them.
        This incident would be unthinkable to Russians. Their troops know they will fight to the death, as did their grandfathers and mothers in WWII.

        They remind me of Americans circa 1900. Tough, agrarian, God-fearing Christians. Family, God and Country.

        Notice, they are the only country that went to the rescue of the Christians in Syria. Trump talks about the Christians and he would have done the same. But he ain’t Prez yet.
        When he is, if Putin hasn’t finished off all the ISIS freaks, Trump clearly will work with the Russians. Putin’s policy is to kill them there, not in Russia when they try to come there.
        Same as Trump. Kill them where they are before they move here.

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        • WSB says:

          Also disgusting rapists and savages. Their history in WWII is deplorable. Why do you think Patton was murdered? He knew we should have taken them out in 45.


          • mariner says:

            That’s not what got him killed.

            He had made known his intention to resign from the Army and tell the American people about corruption and what he saw as leadership mistakes in Europe.

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    • the5thranchhand says:

      A demeaning day for the United States of America for sure.

      Donald J. Trump is his own man, And, I for one want him to stay that way. He will be a thousand time better than Reagan, in my opinion.

      Thank you for sharing the pictures even though it breaks my heart to see US Sailors in that ‘position’.

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    • WSB says:

      Yes, saw the white blindfolds.

      Looking through the comments, there is a map that shows Rockefeller, Oppenheimer and Rothschild mug shots over the entire world. That is really spooky. Living in the last century or what? What am I missing? Rockefeller is not Jewish. Or are they just picking out billionaires?


      • woohoowee says:

        It doesn’t have anything to do with Jews other than that some of them are bankers who back NWO. They’re listing a few principles of the New World Order.


    • Could this be a reversal of the Gulf of Tonkin set-up to justify bringing in a Trojan horse from our Shia “friends”?

      Speaking strictly from a technical standpoint, it is very clever strategy on their part.

      We need to heighten our awareness and defense.


  21. Newman says:

    These pictures ought to put a few skid marks in the underwear of the GOPe…and their new bimbo star Nicki Haley.

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  22. Trumped says:

    A democrat was on stage before Trump talking how he is a lifelong dem and registred rep in Florida to vote for Trump.

    Another interesting vid from Atlanta:

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  23. joshua says:

    Canadian Ted…

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  24. seventhndr says:

    Rally trolls ejected!

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    • Regina says:

      buh bye

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    • I’m a Trumpster all the way but I thought those guys should have been allowed to stay and peacefully protest as they seemed to be doing with their signs. They might be a little crazy for waiting to get in and then taking on the Trump crowd but they weren’t causing any trouble. It sends the wrong message to force them out.


      • The Boss says:

        They were in a dork-free zone. They had to go.

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      • seventhndr says:

        Respectfully, they knew exactly why they were there. To agitate and disrupt.

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      • NYGuy54 says:

        Before entering any Trump rally, security tells people that if they display any homemade signs they will be asked to leave.

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      • facebkwallflower says:

        People are there to hear and see Trump, not protesters. People waited in line for Trump not protesters. Trump paid for the event. It is his party. Protesters have all the public venues around the purchased venue to do their protesting. Showing up as an uninvited protesting entertainer that attempt to compete with Trump, who is the headlining gig, is trespassing and a slew of other not so good things. They entered under false pretenses and broke the rules so Trump says byebye just the way he supports America saying to illegal entrants into our country. Byebye. Go away.


  25. SLN says:

    Who says we’re angry, we are past angry we are down right as as hell and we’re mot going to take it anymore!!!!


  26. Mark Huther says:

    Please tell me it’s not true what Fox is reporting about the WH giving a list of premade anti-gun tweets out to celebrity A-listers to be used on cue during the SOTU!!!! That would be the biggest abuse of power from the government since he was elected…I can’t believe this could be true….I almost hope it isn’t…because the thought of it is sickening to the core! Anyone have any more info on this?

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  27. sundance says:

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  28. k9puppy says:

    I hope Miss Nikki isn’t holding her breath for that VP job, but then again, maybe I do. LOL!
    Go Eat Some Crow Lady.

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  29. Ed Grafke says:

    More people at this Trump rally than
    watched the Sorry breakup of our
    Union Speech by Alibama and the
    400 Thieves.Trump just keeps climbing, jet hate’n Liberals try to
    machinate to redistribute his 757.
    Make America Great Why Wait, he’s
    stretching the field, straight to GREAT.

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  30. sundance says:

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  31. Anyone went to Nikki haleys FB? Full of hatred and bashing her for what she did to Trump! Everyone should visit and comment on her FB and put some common sense into her. She is another megyn kelly! Bimbo!

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  33. TwoLaine says:

    Dear Nikki, You wasted your time and ours last night. Think what you could have done instead. SO MANY Topics. SO LITTLE TIME! And this is just the short list. Did you even mention San Bernardino, where fourteen were massacred at a Christmas Party, and another 22 were injured, in the name of Jihad?

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    • nwtex says:

      Below the video –>
      “The Calling” – TRUMP 2016
      Published on Oct 8, 2015
      “The Calling” – TRUMP 2016
      Created by a combat veteran who weeps for America. Stop wasting time and do something for your country!
      Follow me on Twitter:

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    • DrPretorius says:

      What came to my mind as I watched this is that during the past 27 years we’ve given the GD Republican Party total majority control of the government during the Bush years to correct the problems that were known then and they didn’t do a GD thing but make matters orders-of-magnitude worse. Even during the Hussein years, the GD Republicans were given majority control of the House and Senate to stop the catastrophe and they STILL didn’t do a GD thing. In fact, they’ve shown themselves to be collaborators and enablers of the destruction of this country. There really is no other option now. Our last chance to save what is left of the Republic is to elect TRUMP 2016!

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    • JoeS says:

      That was such a moving event (your pic above) this summer! I just want to keep going back there!

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  34. Frank O'Pinion says:

    ‘You say you want a revolution, weeelll you know…”

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  35. aprilyn43 says:

    Whoa! What an awesome sight!

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  36. winky says:

    Did anyone catch that horrible mean spirited Sununu on Greta ?…..he actually said trump “sold out to Putin even though he says he cannot be bought” ……what a little weasel Kasich loving ass…..e he is …he needs some nasty tweets.

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  37. NJF says:

    Watching Lou Dobbs tonight was epic. He bashed Haley’s “performance” with every guest, insisting that labeling Trump as idiotic considering–according to Lou–Trump is the only one uniting people!

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  38. myopiafree says:

    Trump called for the camera man to, “scan the crowds” What’s wrong with the camera man – his arms broken? That was a fantastic crowd. Why do not the other candidates do the same thing – and draw the crowds? That is a big mystery to me? Where are Hillary’s cheering supporters – does Bernie have them? Enjoy!

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  39. Nessie509 says:

    MSM reporter lies about Trump behavior at Pensacola. The crowd gets it. Trump is doing a comedic bit with the microphone malfunction. The crowd laughter exposes the lie.

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  41. nwtex says:


  42. Louis Tabor says:

    He’ll be filling stadiums after he is nominated. I will not be surprised to see 50-60 thousand at some venues. This is an amazing time in our history and we get to ride along.


  43. JAS says:

    In any other planet, heck in any other universe, crowds like that would be headline news all over the world. The joint conspiracy of the media and the powers that be has become crystal clear to all Americans that see these images. They have lost control of us regular folks and they know it.

    The cry babies cannot show these images on a daily basis because their empire would collapse immediately. It will be very interesting to watch the effects on the American people when the empire makes its move against Trump and by consequence, against all us folks.

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  44. Craig W. Gordon says:

    Why is Mark Levin insistent on dying on Cruz Hill? Go Trump2016!

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  45. stringy theory says:

    Unbelievable, almost, except that it’s Trump. The tsunami is building and it will wash the uniparty out to sea where they can feed the fish since that’s all they’re really good for. And Haley thinks she can provide a firewall in SC against Trump. Ha ha ha ha ha!

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    • Tampa2 says:

      Nice metaphor, Stringy…


    • John hartmann says:

      I heard Mark Halperin describe our uni-party government as “the du-opoly” this morning.
      I like it!. Kinda like a Siamese-twined monopoly of power. More accurate than uni-party, cuz, technically, we still have 2 parties by name… Just same, shared agenda.


  46. Gayle says:

    The media loved her speech but most everyone I’ve talked to says it was soo 100% PC phony it was sickening to hear. She offered nothing but bashed one front-runner so much she should have just named him! Typical Republican party line. – it is so obvious they are all terrified of Trump which is why I’m voting for him!

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  47. John hartmann says:

    Love the bottom line “Trump 2016 because this… isn’t working.” LOVE THE TRUMP LION!
    Is this new????


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