Mark Steyn Attends Trump Rally – “Notes On A Phenomenon”…

Mark Steyn recently attended a Donald Trump rally in Vermont, and writes about it brilliantly.

Mark_Steyn_after_dismissaltrump hats etc 2

[…]  I think it would help if every member of the pundit class had to attend a Trump rally before cranking out the usual shtick about how he’s tapping into what Jeb called “angst and anger”. Yes, Trump supporters are indignant (and right to be) about the bipartisan cartel’s erasure of the southern border and their preference for unskilled Third World labor over their own citizenry, but “anger” is not the defining quality of a Trump night out. The candidate is clearly having the time of his life, and that’s infectious, which is why his supporters are having a good time, too. Had Mitt campaigned like this, he’d be president. But he had no ability to connect with voters. Nor does Jeb (“I’ve been endorsed by another 27 has-beens”) Bush.

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57 Responses to Mark Steyn Attends Trump Rally – “Notes On A Phenomenon”…

  1. I read the piece just moments before you posted this, and wrote Steyn a note:

    “I SO enjoyed reading your latest column on the Trump rally in VT. I must have laughed out loud at least twice for each paragraph you wrote. In your own inimitable style, you have captured the magnetism of Trump, who I believe is galvanizing Americans across the political spectrum.

    Thank you for sharing the evening with those of us who couldn’t be there in person. It was “electrifying!””

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  2. georgiafl says:

    The difference is – Trump loves us and cares about us – Mitt and Jeb and the rest do not like us and abuse us for their own ends.

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  3. giddyup says:

    i went to the rally in dallas a few months ago and i have to say it was fantastic. the electricity of the audience- i’ve never experienced before. I’ve been to other ho-hum rallys before but this one was so much fun. There were young and old in the audience. Trump just has the “it” factor. No doubt about it. If any of you have the opportunity to go to one of the rallys-GO! You’ll love him even more. He’s history in the making and you’ll be part of it.

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  4. catmom says:

    Mr. Trump would not be working this hard if he did not genuinely love this country and hate what is happening to all of us. He is a man of destiny. This is as it should be. Steyn’s article captures it like only he can. And he has a lot of influence with the chattering class, especially at FoxNews. He has been on the front lines of battles against the establishment. Trump is the real deal, and Steyn agrees.

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  5. NHVoter says:

    This was a wonderful essay. I’ve always liked Steyn & I appreciate his candor about not only the rally but Trump’s overall success.

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  6. socabill says:

    Mark Steyn: No better friend, No worse enemy. If he goes full-throated Trump, watch out. He is relentless (and brilliant to boot).

    He’s the one who single-handedly beat back that free-speech-killing bill in Canada and is also standing alone against that glowbull warmest Nazi, Michal Mann (going on 5 years now in the cesspool of the DC courts) in a defamation lawsuit.

    Go to his site, and support him by reading his coulumns and buying some of his stuff.

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  7. NJF says:



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  8. Reality Wins says:

    Mark Steyn hits it out of the park!

    Loved this line where he is describing the protesters across the street:
    “For a six-year bachelor’s degree in orientation studies, you’d think these fellows could work up something other than chants that were stale back when Pete Seeger was wondering where all the flowers went.”

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  9. Stein is a Wordsmith Extraordinaire… a “Silver Tongued Devil” if you will, as evidenced by this apt description:

    “…Peter Shumlin, the colorless dullard serving as Vermont’s governor…”

    …which makes him the perfect person to chronicle Donald Trump’s events.

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  10. Crassus says:

    Mark Steyn is one Canadian who ought to be eligible to run for POTUS. Not Creepy Ted.

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  11. Serpentor says:

    Took me a while to read it, but he did an excellent write up and first hand account. Very much appreciated! 🙂

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  12. New Vulgarian says:

    Steyn’s article is brilliance, pure brilliance!

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  13. L1 says:

    This was a brilliant article top to bottom, worth reading!


  14. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:


    Steyn ripped the Uni-Party a few new ones….

    What take down lines….such as….”the stilted robotic artificiality of the eternally on-message candidate”….

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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      and…”Traditionally in American politics the way you connect with voters is to pretend you’re just as big a broken-down loser as they are. One recalls Lamar Alexander and his team flying in to Manchester, New Hampshire and just before touchdown changing out of their Brooks Brothers suits and button-down shirts into suspiciously pressed and unstained plaid. In this cycle, it’s been John Kasich doing his slickly produced, soft-focus “son of a mailman” ads. So much presidential politicking is now complete bollocks, as rote and meaningless as English panto or Chinese opera conventions. …..”

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      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

        Also great…”What is “authenticity” in contemporary politics?

        Is it a man who parlayed a routine Congressional career into a lucrative gig at Lehman Brothers presenting himself as the son of a mailman?

        Or is it a billionaire with a supermodel wife dropping the pretense that he’s no different from you stump-toothed losers in the rusting double-wides? …”

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      • spacette55 says:

        I’ved always thought Kasich was taking a chance on the “mailman’s son” routine. I’ve been waiting for someone to come up with a joke about “going postal.”

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  15. Pinkie says:

    Politics is the art of inspiring people. After all how else can you get so many people to work so hard for no pay.The best politicians and political movements capture the Zeitgeist of the moment and a little bit of lightning in a bottle. Reagan did it in 1980, Obama did it in 2008 and, as unlikely as it may seem, Trump is doing it now.

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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:


      Funny isn’t it, that no one – except Trump – tries to inspire people as a football couch would………….

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      • Pinkie says:

        Agreed, although Bernie is inspiring some of his people and holding big rallies on the other side. But Brenie inspires in a very pious and preachy way. Not a lot of fun there. Can’t imagine Bernie shaving Vince McMahon’s head.

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        • Jenny R. says:

          Right now the Democrats are having the same problem as the Republicans vis a vis the American public.

          When two of my friends, who consider themselves very liberal, say (just yesterday) that they are now almost ashamed to call themselves liberal, that they are thoroughly disenchanted with Obama, detest Hillary, and don’t much like their party anymore, that people who call themselves “liberal” seem “worse than a convention of Baptist preachers; worse than Puritans” when it comes to demanding people to do, say, and think things that are approved, and these are some of the same complaints I’ve heard from conservatives, who are now criticizing their own brand with it too, then you know that both sides of the aisle have lost the American people.

          And Bernie, like his conservative counterpart Cruz, is part of that malaise; he is no outsider — he’s only been allowed to (barely run by the DNC) because he is useful to them, up to a point; most Democrats are only going for him because of what they hear in the press about Trump and because they just can’t stomach Hillary (except for a few true blue fans, who the rest of the Dems seem to be ok with less and less anyway). Bernie was brought in to 1) give sjw hipster doofuses the idea that they actually had a choice; 2) to scare the other Dems into thinking they’d better vote “centrist, safe” Hillary. A mirror of Cruz — they know if Bernie were to get the nomination he couldn’t beat Jeb; just like the GOP knows if Cruz were to get the nom, he won’t beat Hillary. It was all a racket from the start…and people do know it deep down.
          But Trump has upset their little game on the American people, and that has them and their masters fuming.


  16. james23 says:

    terrific article!

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  17. Regina says:

    LOL – the callers are ripping it up on C-SPAN!!! “I want a strong leader who’s going to kick ass, and I’m voting for Donald Trump!!”

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  18. auscitizenmom says:

    Such a good piece. It completely held my attention, every word.

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  19. tytanshammer says:

    Mark Steyn gets it. Trump is like Grant. Not the most perfect person in the world, but a man chosen for having 2 qualities:Authenticity and Courage. We don’t need someone with political savvy or tremendous deal making. We need someone with the courage to say NO. If other candidates wanted to gain traction on Trump all they would have to do is demonstrate that power, but it is precisely the last thing they want to do. And the American people recognize their duplicitous nature in riding the fence and refusing to commit to what is right. Trump has exposed their hearts and minds.

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  20. woohoowee says:

    …the bipartisan cartel’s…

    Perfect name for the Uniparty!

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  21. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

    This Steyn article is also good.
    No-Islam-to-See-Here Story of the Day
    by Mark Steyn • Jan 8, 2016 at 3:31 pm

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  22. petszmom says:

    another hit, thank you sundance.

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  23. zephyrbreeze says:

    Mark Steyn is one of the bravest people around. Decent, honest, brave. Thank you Mark.

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  24. daughnworks247 says:

    Steyn uses his wit like a blade. It’s a joy to read his work.

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  25. aximand88 says:

    Not only did he bring conservatism back to Vermont, he also made it so the OTHER candidates now need to think about holding events in Vermont.


  26. Solo Tester says:

    Mr. Steyn is a gentleman of the first order and it is wonderful to see such a classy person recognize Mr. Trump’s attributes in such a warm way. Mark is truly an intellectual of many means, but he is not an egghead like so many other “conservative” pundits.

    To name but a few, Rich Lowry, Neil Cavuto, Bill Kristol, and sadly to say, Victor Davis Hanson are too enamored with their intellect that they cannot see the reflection in the mirror over their shoulders of Mr. Trump smiling at them.

    Mark Steyn’s intellect is refreshing when it comes to Mr. Trump and we need more of them to support him. Nevertheless, as Mark would certainly agree, we don’t need any eggheads for approval of what we want and what we are sick and disgusted with in America.

    All we need is Mr. Trump to change his address to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and to Make America Great Again.

    Thanks, Mark for riding with us on the Trump Train. God bless.

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    • DrPretorius says:

      Steyn is good precisely because he isn’t a college-educated “journalist”. He learned his wordsmithing skills the old-fashioned way; by observing and writing. That was the way the old-timers who wrote for the daily rags used to do the “police-beat” work that honed their investigative skills and developed their writing talent. As we can now see, the current crop of college-trained “journalists” are saps who write pap,


  27. milo minderbinder says:

    Trump can win, Cruz can’t. Been there seen that. It’s 1980 again.

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  28. ZurichMike says:

    Did you note the “Feline Groovy” album he is hawking on his site. Apparently he has an album of cat-related songs for which he sings cover. Hmmmm.


  29. JimBob says:

    Wonderful column by Mr. Steyn!

    Mark’s experience in Vermont sounds very much like my experience at Mr. Trump’s standing-room-only rally in the 13,000 seat Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, MS, a week or so ago.


  30. Gwen M says:

    Too right mate!


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