Donald Trump Questioned Again In New Hampshire About Ted Cruz “Eligibility”….

It started with the Washington Post asking candidate Donald Trump about Ted Cruz’s eligibility to run for President because Ted Cruz was a Canadian citizen until last year.  The question surfaced again last night – and the media continue to frame the answers as Trump attacking Cruz.

In November democrat Alan Grayson stated his intention to sue Ted Cruz over his eligibility or lack thereof.  Trump appears to be responding (below) to the intent of Grayson to tie up the issue in court:

According to the outline in the following documentation (Birth Certificate Below), both of Ted Cruz’s parents were Canadian Citizens at the time he was born in Calgary:

[…]  Because Ted Cruz has been confirmed a legal citizen of Canada up until renouncing his Canadian citizenship in May of 2014, and because he has been confirmed a citizen of Canada at birth, and because his Father is on public record stating that he and his wife became citizens of Canada during their eight years living in Canada and because Rafael Cruz remained a citizen of Canada until he renounced and applied for legal citizenship in 2005. There is simply no way that Ted Cruz was, is or ever can be a natural born Citizen of the United States eligible for the offices of President or Vice President.

We have no specific skill set to determine these matters; it simply is, as many have noted, a highly charged conversation with much of the outcome dependent on interpretation of documents, intent and legal findings.

However, at least on the surface, it would appear that all Cruz needs to do is speak directly -for, and on, the record- and refute this outline above; if it is factually incorrect and put the entire matter to rest.

At the very least that might get the media to stop asking Donald Trump about it.

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  1. Doodahdaze says:

    Rubio and Cruz are toast. They are Cubans still I think.

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  2. mildtosevere says:

    Ted no longer (if ever) VP pick. Mia Love perhaps?


  3. TrumpsterinPa says:

    There is no doubt, that the Dem’s plan on challenging Cruz eligibility in the courts. When asked, Trump was correct in saying it needs to be resolved because it is not cut and dry. You know that Grayson an company will make this a huge issue.

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  4. William says:

    We may not be able to resolve the issue of whether Cruz and Rubio are natural born citizens or not. However, someone or some persons have already made that determination, and by the fact that they are running as candidates, that person or those persons has or have determined they meet the eligibility, and by inference, the natural born eligibility for the office. I believe, though I am eager to be corrected, the political parties make the determination. Therefore, the Republican Party has determined that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have met the eligibility for the office.


    • KBR says:

      Not necessarily. The GOPe is tricky. They might have been using Rubio and Cruz and Jindal as splitters they could easily take out precisely BECAUSE they were potentially ineligible. Whether those candidates realized they were patsies or not.

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      • Tommy Frisco says:

        Bingo! That would be their excuse for a brokered convention and forcing Bush on us.

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        • Angela Hale says:

          Plus, since Obama set the precedent, allowing Cruz or Rubio to get the nod sets it in stone. There is a conspiracy theory that the Globalist would like to see the US presidency open to all citizens — it does go along with Open Borders, doesn’t it?
          So one milestone down and only one to go. The next step would be to have both parents be foreign born then remove the residency requirement or lower the number of years to 10 or so. Then George Soros or his next-in-line Open Society, foreign-born SJW can run.
          Far fetched? Maybe.
          There are a lot of things I thought were far fetched until recently. Hell, I’m almost ready to concede the Lizard People Theory at this point.

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    • lorac says:

      As we learned in 2008, the constitution specifies the requirements for NBC, but does not mandate a particular office to make sure the self-reported statements are truthful. The party simply signs a letter accepting them as a candidate – vetting? Doesn’t happen. And there haven’t been laws passed which mandate this vetting job to any position in government.


      • lorac says:

        In other words, there is a very important constitutional test to pass, but without a “proctor”, there is a huge loophole that people can slip through using just their self-reported statements.


      • Wrong. States require the chair person to also duly swear that the candidate is a qualified candidate. The wording differs from state to state, but the docs I got from the Secretary of State of Arizona were much more specific than the other states that really put the DNC CHAIR in a position to check/verify the wording was something like had duly verified the candidate meets all the qualifications to run as president. I remember ol’ Nancy Pelosi had signed that one.

        According to Black’s Law Dictionary, duly is an adverb meaning “In a proper manner; in accordance with legal requirements.”


          – SEE PARAGRAPH 2 where candidate swears he/she is a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. (this is Barak Obama’s, but Ted Cruz would be signing it if he were nominated)

          2) STATE OF HAWAII:

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        • lorac says:

          In 2008 we learned that there was a requirement that presidential candidates be x, y, and z, but that there is no one mandated to vet those requirements. Yes, the chairperson has to sign the papers, but there is no office required to actually vet the statements. I understand what you are saying above, but it doesn’t comport with reality. Remember with Hawaii, Pelosi had to quick write one up with different wording, I can’t remember the reason now, it was either because something was more specific with what the state wanted, or because it was the putative birthplace of that particular candidate. But as we’re all aware, no real vetting was done, or The Messiah would have faded back into obscurity lol

          Anyway, bottom line, they were swearing to something they never did. Why not? It’s not like they ever read what they’re going to sign anyway, right Obamacare signers, right Iran treaty signers..????

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          • SharonKinDC says:

            IIRC, the second certificate for BO in HI in 2008 removed the ‘Constitutionally eligible’ language. Said something like meets the DNC’s qualifications or something like that. Noticeable, nay, glaring difference between the before and after versions.


        • stringy theory says:

          Thank you for the information. In my view, any votes for Cruz, were he to be found ineligible to run for POTUS, would be null and void and could not be transferred to jebita or some other GOPe candidate. I think they would simply be invalid.


      • The Constitution does not specify the requirements for Natural Born Citizen, it merely presents this status as an eligibility requirement for the office of President. Three years later, the First Congress of the US, in the Naturalization Act, provided the definition:

        “…And the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond Sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born Citizens: Provided, that the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States: Provided also, that no person heretofore proscribed by any States, shall be admitted a citizen as aforesaid, except by an Act of the Legislature of the State in which such person was proscribed.”

        I note that use of the word ‘citizens’ is intended as plural, particularly as reference to the father makes the assumption that the mother need not have been a resident of the US, as long as she is nevertheless a citizen.


        • SharonKinDC says:

          Why not mention the 1795 Naturalization Act which superceded this one? Because it closes a loophole. I note w/ interest, w/o mentioning a date (slick Teddy) Cruz says what the above does… nary a peep about the 1795 change. Heck, even Geraldo has been all over this, specifically mentioning the 1795 version and noting how significant the change is. Geraldo says no way is Cruz eligible. Not that Geraldo matters, per se, but considering how he’s on the liberal side, his genuine passion on this topic is a pleasant surprise.

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          • nwtex says:

            Hi Sharon—-I posted this earlier on another thread but it fits right in with your comment.

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          • nwtex says:

            I can’t do anything with this at this time waaaay too sleepy. Be my guest 😉 In fact I may be reading this backwards or upside down zzzz….
            Gerldo’s remarks have me curious—-re the change in language “Natural born…” omitted.

            On the Meaning of “Natural Born Citizen”

            The Naturalization Act of 1790
            8. Ch. 3, 1 Stat. 103 (repealed 1795).
            provided that “the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens: Provided, That the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States . . . .”

            Ch. 3, 1 Stat. 103 (repealed 1795).



          • I read the Wikipedia synopsis of the 1795, 1798 and 1802 Acts. None seemed to redefine the definition of Natural Born citizen, though I only read excerpts.

            The misinformation seems mainly in omitting reference to Natural Born status by commentators such as Levin, who know better and refer to ordinary citizenship.


    • If Ted’s father and mother were naturalized Canadian citizens before Ted was born it’s cut and dry. He’s not a natural born citizen and he’s ineligible.

      If they decide to take a laissez faire and lawless attitude with Cruz’ case, THE UNITED STATES is going to have some lawsuits from IMMIGRANTS COMING.

      How many other naturalized immigrants have been barred from running for president? How many wanted to be senators but couldn’t because they were Canadian? How many other citizenship cases regarding naturalization and Jure Sanguinis rulings would be affected? There are also tax treaties with foreign countries that set the rules for where a person’s tax home is, some based on tie breaker rules based on citizenship and then birth place.

      These are just a few problems I can think of off the top of my head.

      If they want to change the law to fit these kinds of foreign born candidates is one thing, but to just ignore the law will bring problems.

      Ted Cruz has brought nothing but DRAMA, uncertainty to this race and a big fat MESS.

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  5. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Who knows what these two have in mind is all I can say!


  6. Doodahdaze says:

    ELK v. WILKENS 112 U.S. 94
    This section contemplates two sources of citizenship, and two sources only: birth and naturalization. The persons declared to be citizens are ‘all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.’ The evident meaning of these last words is, not merely subject in some respect or degree to the jurisdiction of the United States, but completely subject to their political jurisdiction, and owing them direct and immediate allegiance. And the words relate to the time of birth in the one case, as they do to the time of naturalization in the other. Persons not thus subject to the jurisdiction of the United States at the time of birth cannot become so afterwards, except by being naturalized, either individually, as by proceedings under the naturalization acts; or collectively, as by the force of a treaty by which foreign territory is acquired.

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  7. photozombies says:

    The fact that certain security clearance positions within the government would require a person to renounce a dual citizenship tells me that a sitting Senator should not have been voting or acting in the US Senate with dual citizenship. I’m not sure how two Canadian citizens can give birth to a child in Canada and that child can automatically be a US citizen. I’m not saying it isn’t possible, it just doesn’t make good sense.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      I don’t see how it could even be possible.


    • It is not only isn’t possible, It also make Ted Cruz a FRAUD ! If you believe that Ted Cruz did not know he was a Canadian Citizen until 2014 I have a bridge in Brooklyn New York going at a reduced price ! Make Me an offer !


    • jc says:

      If Cruz mother was naturalized Canadian prior to his birth , if she renounced US citizenship, then he can’t possibly be US citizen.Did she file US tax returns for years she lived in Canada?


  8. sevenwheel says:

    If Trump has anything to say about it, he should refer the question to White House Press Secretary John Earnest, who somehow let it fall out of his mouth at a White House press conference!

    I have been saying that this was going to be an issue for at least three years now. Rubio, Cruz and Jindal have been getting kid-glove treatment and dreamy-eyed puff pieces from the press for just this exact reason. The left is going to go full-birther on any one of them. Earnest, showing the ineptitude and lack of discipline characteristic of the Obama administration, just blurted it out early.

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  9. jc says:

    We need s’more facts here
    1) proof of Cruz’s mother’s Delaware birth, which hasn’t been found
    2) copy of Cruz’s Consular Report of Birth Abroad CRBA
    3) Cruz mother is described as a dual citizen of US and Canada, need some proof she didn’t renounce US citizenship (I think she may have renounced to avoid US taxes)

    Cruz has denied having a Canadian passport, I wonder if he has a US passport

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  10. kinthenorthwest says:

    Media is again putting words in Trump’s mouth again Would be nice if they would try and use the real words.

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  11. yohio says:

    Trump brilliant once again whether brought up issue or continuing it. This will be are two week talking points along with north Korea up to the debate and Feb.1. Just unreal how he can get the MSM to play his game. Just Masterful. All this talk about birth if you know you don’t have a problem, just PROVE IT!

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  12. Honest Abbey says:

    Does anyone know how Yed Cruz’s father came back into the United States after having surrendered his green card status when he moved to (and became a citizen of) Canada? Did he come back as an illegal alien??? I haven’t been able to find any info on this and I’m very curious.

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    • Honest Abbey says:

      “Yed” Cruz lol obviously that’s a typo!


    • kinthenorthwest says:

      A bit late to be looking for it…Seems Ted Cruz has decided to make it all off limits to everyone.


      • Honest Abbey says:

        Hi Kin! I was just wondering if anyone remembers hearing anything [or reading about it] because it’s easy to find how the father originally gained entry into America, but not a word about his re-entry.


        • kinthenorthwest says:

          I know….you might ck Wikipedia…Strange I was looking at Wikipedia the other night and the information they used to have on the mom is gone, and I know there was a lot more.
          There was a separate whole section on Cruz’s mom; her parents, birthplace, marriage, job and lots of other things. Now I am having problems finding it.


          • mscynlynn says:

            At the top of the page is a “view history” tab. It should let you see prior versions of the page. Anybody can set up a Wikipedia account and make changes to the pages.

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            • kinthenorthwest says:

              I remembered that later but never when back. However it is strange there is no longer a separate article on Cruz’s mom.


        • Trump’s right, of course… The Democrats and the MSM will have a field day with this. They will declare Cruz ineligible as soon as he is nominated. They play hardball like the Republicans should have with B. Hussein. As others have said, if there’s no problem, show us. No one, on either side, should be allowed to run for any office with sealed records. Haven’t we learned anything??? I can just see if Trump tried that!
          Notice that when Cruz is asked about it, he doesn’t answer the question. He deflects it saying we should be talking about more important things. Show us the records, Ted, all of them, or drop out now and we’ll consider letting you remain a senator.

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  13. Honest Abbey says:

    Ted Cruz’s flip response to Donald Trump [jumping the shark] is bothering the hell out of me. There is nothing funny about this, at all.
    And regardless of his eligibility, some people [like me] want a president who was actually born in this country. Over 300 million people living in America and we should settle for a Canadian to lead us??? I don’t think so!

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    • snaggletooths says:

      I agree with you when you say cruz’s ” flip response” its off putting I also said to myself that is how he fights back?! So that is how he will fight his opponents and Hillary Clinton you do not win being weak like that , tired of Mr.Haney’s Howdy Doody act.

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  14. keebler AC says:

    I was sure Cruz had intimated to the media earlier that his mother told him she wasn’t aware if he had Canadian citizenship…..and then we find out both his parents had effectively chosen to immigrate, apply for and successfully obtain Canadian citizenship. When Ted was born, he would automatically get Canadian citizenship but not necessarily American because his parents must register his foreign birth at the US consulate.

    If Ted’s mother was already a Canadian citizen after 3 years or waiting to be citizen, would she have bothered to register Ted separately at the US Consulate?

    Ted is…….an outright liar. At this point, based on this citizenship lie, I doubt he is even a God-fearing Christian.

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    • Where is Ted Cruz’s Selective Service Registration Card 1988 – 1996?

      Where is Ted Cruz’s Registration of Birth Abroad at the US Embassy Consular’s office in Calgary, Canada 1970?

      ——-> Ted Cruz REAL NAME Rafael Edward Cruz born in Calgary, Canada, December 1970.

      Where is Ted Cruz’s Canadian passport and travel records?

      Where is Ted Cruz’s US passport and travel records?

      Where is Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Cruz US Birth Certificate?

      ——>Where are these records – Baptismal Record, K-12 grade school records, School Photos, Student ID, Library Card, Drivers Lic., High School Diploma, Social Security Number, Name of 1st Employer, Any Records from 1935-1970?

      Where is Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson Cruz US passport and travel records?

      Where is Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson Cruz Canadian citizenship application and naturalization papers?

      Where is Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Cruz Canadian passport and travel records?

      Where is Rafael Cruz Canadian citizenship application and naturalization papers?

      Where is Rafael Cruz Canadian passport and travel records?

      ——->Rafael Bienvendo Cruz, was born in 1939 in Matanzas, Cuba.

      Where is Rafael Cruz US citizenship application and naturalization papers?

      Where is Rafael Cruz US passport and travel records?

      Where is Heidi Cruz US passport and travel records?

      Where is Heidi Cruz Canadian citizenship application and naturalization papers?

      Where is Heidi Cruz Canadian passport and travel records?

      WHY did Ted Cruz hide his Canadian citizenship from Texas Voters when he ran for US Senator?

      Too Many Question Surround Ted Cruz aka “RAFAEL EDWARD CRUZ” Because He Is Another FRAUD! March 31, 2015 at 6:22am

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  15. Nnud says:

    In spite of all the commentary everywhere Ted Cruz never had a path to the presidency.

    Democrat’s and the MSM’s plan has always been to push for Ted to win the republican primary, then bring him down in the liberal court system which favors them and throw the republican nomination into JEB chaos.

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  16. Nnud says:

    I think President Trump will eventually have to deport the illegal aliens Ted cruz and his mother.

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  17. Nnud says:

    If Ted Cruz’s Father was a citizen of Canada at the time of Ted Cruz’s birth and his mother had denounced her American citizenship to become a Canadian citizen around 1968-69 before Ted was born, then Ted Cruz has never been an American citizen and still isn’t today, in fact he would be a man without a country because he denounced his natural born Canadian citizenship just recently.

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    • Rondo, thanks.

      Link #1 you provided is the Harvard Law Review (by Neal Katyal and Paul Clement) argument that the subsequent links you provided are based on. So they all say the same thing.

      The following is much more detailed, factual, and counters each point the Harvard folks make by an attorney that specializes in citizenship law. And this will only be a fraction of what Cruz could expect from the Clinton Machine attorneys, Liberal media, and Dems will rip apart and can keep Cruz tied up in court and public outrage for a year or two. It will be very hard for Cruz to uphold illegal immigration law when folks know his own citizenship is in question.

      Friday, March 13, 2015
      A Response to Neal Katyal and Paul Clement on the Meaning of a Natural Born Citizen
      By Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
      March 13, 2015

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  18. To the female bimbo CNN news babe:

    No, that is NOT Trump’s way of “putting an idea out there and making it sound like it was someone else doing it.”

    NO NO NO NO! Are these people STUPID? Trump never hints at anything, he just comes right out and says it. He’s never a beat around the bush guy. Believe me, if Trump wanted to question Cruz’ birth he’d have done it on TWITTER in an overt in-your-face way. There would be no doubt.

    It never ceases to amaze me how these lying haters project their own personalities onto Trump. LOOKING IN THE MIRROR AGAIN! Just because they would beat around the bush and drop innuendo and hints of gossip, doesn’t mean Trump does that. Gives us a glimpse of how these walking dead vultures think.

    And again, another CNN running a screen ticker below the report saying TRUMP TARGETS CRUZ WITH BIRTHER CRAP!

    Such propaganda!

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  19. I really don’t like the fact that Cruz (sitting Senator) has brought attention to the very possible fact that he was illegally elected to the U.S. Senate. Senate is a pretty good gig if you can get it. Can turn that into its own fiefdom.

    Now, dancing and preening as POTUS candidate, he stands at least a small chance of running afoul of the law. The only people who do stuff like that are either
    1) desperate (that’s not Ted right now)
    2) reckless (must be Ted)

    Seems Cruz is another professional politician good at talking, but at least slightly challenged on the dangers of playing with fire.

    Forget about his shifting policies on immigration, Trade, etc. He’s not POTUS material.

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  20. Based on my own family member records who naturalized to USA in 1940s and up to 1960s, if an immigrant married man applied for naturalization to USA it would automatically include his wife. At that time a wife did not have to file a separate application for herself. This was also true for many European countries as well. (Wives were extensions of their husbands so to speak back then)
    I don’t know if this was so in CANADA. But good chance it was in the 1960s.

    US Census records are helpful in determining citizenship and are accessible online there is a space to list citizenship and every member of the family including the children. They do them every 10 years. You just need the city or county where they resided at the time of census. I was able to find my family’s.

    Canadian census records I think are done every 5 years. Sometimes voter records are helpful as well.

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    • Thank you Monique for keeping these people straight. Not one got by you here 🙂 Your efforts are appreciated!

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      • I did a lot of the secretarial work for the 2008 Barak Obama birther blogs. I still have all the docs and info saved, from every Secretary of State nomination paper and who it is that is responsible to vet the candidate (the party, not the SOS) and more stuff like that.

        Some stuff I went through with my own family naturalizing to US and some naturalizing back to Italy and a brother born in PANAMA CANAL ZONE MILITARY BASE (situation exactly like John McCain’s). If there is one thing I learned it is that regular attorneys don’t know much about citizenship law. Really has to be an expert, there is a “birther” attorney Mario Apuzzo who has torn apart the 2 Harvard Law attorneys’ conclusions that Cruz is banking on and shown them to be lacking.

        Someone here mentioned what a nightmare it is to go through this again, first with senator Obama and now with senator Cruz. I CONCUR!! Only this time it won’t be as difficult because this time, unlike Barak Obama, THE LIBERAL MEDIA & DEMS WILL DO THEIR JOB AND VET THE HECK OUTTA CRUZ, A REPUBLICAN. He won’t get velvet glove treatment like Obama did that’s for SURE.

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    • I was married to a Canadian in the early 70’s. I had to apply for Canadian permanent residence to stay in Canada. I ended up moving back to the U.S., so I never applied for Canadian citizenship.


  21. jc says:

    Rafael Cruz Sr holds himself out as a super patriotic American even though he’s only been a naturalized US citizen for a few years. My questions are:

    1) Did he ever register for the US draft as a US green card holder?
    2) Did he and Eleanor Darragh Wilson Cruz file US tax returns, as required,while living in Canada 8 years?
    3) Has a CRBA,Consular Report of Birth Abroad, FS-240, been filed for Ted, what is it’s date? As you can see from the wording of the instruction US citizenship is not automatic, citizenship”may” be acquired. If the paperwork hasn’t been done then Ted is not a US citizen regardless of where his mother was born and if she renounced her US citizenship before he was born then , since he renounced his Canadian citizenship, he’s either stateless or a Cuban citizen depending when/if Rafael SR renounced his Cuban citizenship.

    A child born abroad to a U.S. citizen parent or parents may acquire U.S. citizenship at birth if certain statutory requirements are met. The child’s parents should contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate to apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America (CRBA) to document that the child is a U.S. citizen. If the U.S. embassy or consulate determines that the child acquired U.S. citizenship at birth, a consular officer will approve the CRBA application and the Department of State will issue a CRBA, also called a Form FS-240, in the child’s name.

    4) There are financial benefits for Eleanor Darragh Wilson Cruz to renounce her US citizenship, that’s why it’s important to see if she was filing US tax returns during those 8 years she was in Canada and the paperwork she filed for Canadian citizenship, eh.


  22. The MSM will jump on anything to trash Trump.

    In school we were taught that you had to be born in the U.S. in order to run for President. The logic was that if a person were naturalized or born in another country, they would have loyalty to that country over the U.S.

    As far as Cruz’s comments, he claims that he didn’t know that he was a Canadian citizen until 2013. Wasn’t he a Harvard Law School graduate? People born in Canada, at least then, were Canadian citizens, similar to how anchor babies here were allowed to be American citizens.

    Cruz is a first term senator, as is Rubio. It is the same as Obama. If they were not minorities, no one would take their candidacy seriously. Cruz has benefited from affirmative action, like Obama and Rubio. We need a President who actually has some credentials to be President and isn’t learning on the job.

    Cruz is also lying about his position on amnesty. Now he is trying to claim that he is stronger against amnesty than Trump. Cruz was always pro-amnesty and against deportation. He can’t be trusted. He let the fake polls go to his head.

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  23. jc says:

    If Ted can’t produce a CRBA (FS-240) then he’s not even a US citizen (let alone “natural born”).

    Ted Cruz is not a legal US citizen and he NOT a dual citizen.

    To be a dual citizen a person must be active in both countries, like doing business or having an active role in both countries. Ted Cruz does not fit that requirement. I was born in Canada & I’m now a LEGAL citizen of the US. I am NOT eligible to be a dual citizen because I am not in business or playing an active role in both countries. Merely visiting Canada does not qualify me OR Ted Cruz to have dual citizenship.

    Ted Cruz’s parents FAILED to complete an FS-240 form in Canada to state their son was born to an American mother. Because of this (and subsequent failings described below) Ted Cruz is NOT automatically a US citizen.


    Ted Cruz also FAILED to apply for US citizenship through the naturalization process where one must first apply, get a background check, give an oath rejecting his allegiance to all foreign nations & stating his allegiance to the US and THEN RECEIVING a US Certificate of Citizenship. Ted Cruz does not have a US Certificate of Citizenship or he would have produced it immediately. Therefore, Cruz is not a legal US citizen.

    Ted Cruz (and his parents), by NOT fulfilling any of the requirements to be a US citizen is not only NOT a US citizen, but he also is ineligible to even be a US senator and should be forced to resign.

    The Constitution, Article 1, Section 3 states anyone who becomes a US senator MUST be a citizen NINE years BEFORE accepting office. Ted Cruz DID NOT fulfill that requirement. That is obvious because Ted Cruz has NO documentation REQUIRED to be a US citizen. Those documents are the FS-240 form that was supposed to be filed out after his birth, a passport that his parents should have applied for when Ted Cruz was a baby or a US Certificate if Citizenship.

    In addition to Cruz’s non-US citizen status he is also guilty of voting illegally in US elections because he IS NOT a US citizen and because he failed to fulfill any of the US laws to become a US citizen. By voting illegally Ted Cruz subjected himself to US election laws and should be punished for each violation.

    As an ex-Canadian I was REQUIRED to apply for US citizenship through the naturalization process. Since one of my parents was an American I was entitled to become a US citizen, but there are laws to comply with in order to become a legal citizen. No one born outside the US is automatically a US citizen just because one of their parents is an American. Legal steps must be taken as I’ve described in this article to become a legal citizen.

    My parents did not complete a FS-240 form (as Ted Cruz’s parents failed to do) so as an adult I was required to do it myself. I had to apply for citizenship, have background checks performed, take an oath affirming my only allegiance was to the US and then ultimately receiving a CERTIFICATE OF US CITIZENSHIP. I did what US law required. Ted Cruz and his parents, did not.

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    • Eskie Mom says:

      Your link is coming up 404 Page Not Found. That’s…interesting. (not from your end jc)


      • jc says:

        I got that same 404 page not found a few days ago too,it’s not a one day thingy

        If Cruz has a CRBA then it’s all pretty moot but if he doesn’t then his campaign is pretty moot – and since he wouldn’t be a citizen he’d be required to resign from Congress and would actually be deportable


        • SharonKinDC says:

          Try this link:

          State is quite clear. If you have a child abroad, get that CRBA pronto. It notes failure to do so can cause issues if one tries to get US citizenship later on. Additionally, it notes that while not required, many parents chose to obtain a US passport for the child at the time the CRBA is approved.

          The fact he hasn’t shown a CRBA, nor his passport records is telling.


          • jc says:

            The instructions are clear that US citizenship for a foreign born child of a US cit isn’t automatic, they “may” be granted citizenship. The parent must submit evidence to nearest consulate ASAP to get FS-240, CRBA.

            Back before 9-11 the Cruzs could have come into the US without any passports or a FS-240 for Teddie.

            If Ted doesn’t have a valid FS-240/CRBA then he isn’t a US citizen,let alone natural born US citizen. Since he renounced his Canadian citizenship he could be stateless now and deportable. The issue isn’t whether he had a Canadian passport, the question is if he has a US passport (which is suggested at the same time a parent files for the CRBA.)

            I think Ted was trying to throw the dogs off the scent by renouncing his Canadian citizenship and his “jump the shark” dissembling.

            No tickee, no shirtee, no CRBA, no presidentee

            Liked by 1 person

  24. Honest Abbey says:

    Thank you to all of you who took your time to post such great info on this subject. It’s not looking good for Ted!


    • jc says:

      I’m sure Ted’s a fine guy, bright, hard working, just isn’t a US citizen

      But his marriage to a US citizen is enough to get him back into the country, Fiancee visa time

      Liked by 1 person

  25. 80210 says:

    The “Natural Born citizen” requirement of the U.S. Constitution was intended by the framers to insure the steadfast/ unquestionable loyalty of a President against foreign influences – a loyalty based upon the conditions of a prospective President’s birth.
    The clause “Natural Born Citizen” first appeared in the draft Constitution after George Washington received a letter from John Jay, the future first Chief Justice of the United States. Jay’s letter provided: “[W]hether it would not be wise & seasonable to provide a . . . strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Command in chief of the American [sic] army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.” Letter from John Jay to George Washington (July 25, 1787), The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787, at 61 (Max Farrand ed., 1911). Justice Joseph Story subsequently stated the clause’s purpose was to “cut[] off all chances for ambitious foreigners, who might otherwise be intriguing for the office; and interpose[] a barrier against those corrupt interferences of foreign governments in executive elections.” Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States § 1473, at 333 (1833). To put this in prospective, up until a few months ago Cruz could have legally ran for the PM of Canada. Thus, Cruz’s own Canadian birth citizenship and the foreign citizenship of one or both of his birth parents greatly complicate matters legally for him in any constitutional challenge. Regardless of the dual citizenship of his mother or himself, or not, the Canadian/foreign loyalty attributed to Cruz at the time of his birth, based upon the framer’s intent, may well prove fatal to Cruz’s ability to serve as President! [Bill Orr, Former Ex. Director, American Constitutional Law Foundation]


    • jc says:

      Cruz hasn’t even proven he’s a US citizen, let alone a natural born citizen. Citizenship MAY be granted to a child born outside the USA but there must be timely filing of CRBA, Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

      There’s no reason for him not to show the CRBA if one exists, it’s his equivalent of long form birth certificate. Why hasn’t any reporter asked to see his CRBA? Hell we haven’t even seen a US passport.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      The framers were trying to prevent an “Obama/ValJar” situation. 😦


  26. Dr Kerr says:

    If Ted Cruz’ sire was Ayatollah, born in Iran, & retained Iranian citizenship for 40 years, he could be President?


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