Cruz Doubles Down – Proselytizing As An Electoral Strategy…

TODAY –  Sen. Ted Cruz Tells Volunteers: We Can Win ‘If We Awaken And Energize The Body Of Christ” (link)

“PROSELYTIZE”: using faith to recruit someone to join one’s party, institution, or cause…

There is a strategy, albeit a rather divisive strategy, which can be deployed politically by those intentionally selecting a very specific gathering of supporters.

cruz and beck

In a highly fractured presidential bid, this proselytizing strategy may even garner enough of a base to mount a bid amid a larger field of candidates. However, it is exceptionally narrow -hence works only amid large numbers of possible options- and can ultimately only gain the advocate a small percentage of the overall audience.

The strategy can NEVER win a general election.

Current evidence reflects this approach is the preferred direction of Team Ted Cruz and the presidential campaign therein.

When such a strategy is deployed amid the reality of an increasingly toxic and divisive anti-religious populist leftism – the approach is strengthened. Indeed, the narrow appeal, when contrast against examples of football coaches unable to bow their heads in prayer, actually broadens the base of sympathy from an objective audience.

beck and cruzThere is a market for the approach; religion can be quite an effective business model as evidenced by the scope of many evangelical organizations.

However, in the larger political deployment the polarization becomes self-defeating and presents with risks that should be consequentially avoided.

The alignment of Ted Cruz with Glenn Beck and David Barton speaks to both a profitable business branding/marketing approach, and simultaneously affords candidate Cruz an almost captive audience.

The intersection of religion as a business (2015 Beck Media) and presidential politics (2015 Cruz campaign) is a road that narrows with each mile traveled. It would serve all non-Cruz candidates, and specifically Donald Trump, to avoid the pitfalls within it.

Ceding ground to an opponent willing to stake their campaign almost exclusively on religious based affiliations is not only prudent, it is wise.

Candidate Cruz has isolated himself from effectiveness within the very institution he holds membership, the Senate. In essence, for the sake of a nail -which may or may not be- based upon purity, he has diminished his influence. Senator Cruz, by his chosen approach, is now relegated to the echo-chamber of his own inconsequential staff.

Unfortunately, Cruz’s constituents are now the victims of this decision-making; and if history serves any predictive sense, he will be challenged and defeated based on an ineffectual record.  How can candidate Ted Cruz attack Marco Rubio on his ability to be effective, when Cruz’s approach to legislation has made him the most ineffective Senator in DC.

Thus we fully understand both the praise and admonition from former Harvard Law Professor Alan Derschowitz who cast Cruz as a brilliant mind, but warned of an inability to accept, or move toward, counter positions. Put another, more familiar, way: “at what cost do you desire to be right“?

There is no doubt that 5 to 8% of the “conservative” electorate will support a Cruz campaign. It is also entirely possible for that figure to grow to around 15% when you add those willing to provide a faith-based opportunity.

However, beyond that element – you hit a dead end where the crowd evaporates, and expenditures to garner additional support are weighed amid the law of diminishing returns.  We are not selecting a Preacher-in-Chief, we are nominating a candidate for the Executive Office.

Glenn Beck has carved out a business model, a media-market, where an audience is willing to accept a soccer ball and teddy bear, illegal alien compassion tour/campaign almost entirely on faith alone.   The religious community is very generous and provides Glenn Beck, Ted Cruz and Benny Hinn with great wealth, affluence.

Candidate Cruz is following a business model, which can provide affluence, but cannot provide presidential influence – there is absolutely no winning presidential road map there; nor is there a reason to chase it.

Stick with what works 100% of the time….

…. broaden the base!

trump rally michigan

This Donald Trump rally -pictured above- was in Michigan a week ago with approximately 6,000+ supporters.  The MSM would like to advance a narrative that women, or minorities, or ( ___ fill in the blank ___) don’t support Trump.  However, if you want a good idea of how broad candidate Trump’s base of support is….

…..Look at the Picture Gallery HERE

trump rally michigan 2

trump landslide 2

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431 Responses to Cruz Doubles Down – Proselytizing As An Electoral Strategy…

  1. Summer says:

    One of the reasons I came to loathe Sen. Cruz is his supporters. What a bunch of obnoxious, vicious, ignorant, sanctimonious trolls! His campaign said they employ 100,000 volunteers! That’s a lot of trolls, folks.

    I believe that many of these volunteers are instructed to spam the conservative websites with hateful anti-Trump rhetoric. I even think they are being provided with the talking points by the campaign. No way Sen. Cruz is unaware of the insults his own goons spewing online. This way he himself can appear “polite” and “sophisticated” gentleman who “refuses” to attack the front-runner, especially when attacking Trump usually means untimely demise. Crusing trolls do his dirty work for him while he is busy awakening the body of Christ.

    Moreover, I believe some of these “volunteers” are actually paid to infest forums, allegedly to promote Cruz. I can spot a paid troll a mile away. But the problem with trolls is they are mostly lazy, ignorant lowlife so they simply resort to recycling cheap insults and debunked myths and conspiracy theories to demonizeTrump and, which is much worse, his supporters.

    The worst mistake they have ever made — they INSULTED and ALIENATED the Trump’s supporters. Yep, the same people Sen. Cruz wishes to seduce/inherit. How stupid and shortsighted is that?

    Liked by 4 people

    • keebler AC says:

      This way he himself can appear “polite” and “sophisticated” gentleman who “refuses” to attack the front-runner, especially when attacking Trump usually means untimely demise. Crusing trolls do his dirty work for him while he is busy awakening the body of Christ.

      THIS ^^^^^

      This, was Barack Obama too. His undercover minions do the nasty work for him so he can look good. Carson, too, prayed to God to do the nasty work like get rid of his secretary for him so his hands could remain clean (Yikes!). Mitt Romney, Mr. Mormon, was nasty too the same way. They are not truly pure of mind. They only try to talk the talk. It’s virtue signaling no different from the far left.

      I am reminded of a saying that false men are to more greatly feared than the honest enemy.

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    • Athena the Warrior says:

      I know I’ve come across at least two who we’re paid operatives. The first one was really bad. He didn’t know Ted’s positions and couldn’t point oyr where to find them.

      The second one was better but eventually gave himself away. Once I made them as an operative, they disappeared.

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  2. Honestly, this type of strategy just screams “CULT” to me.

    I mean, doesn’t this turn off religious people? Using the Lord for political reasons? I mean, Cruz is actively trying to recruit pastors…which then makes them liable to lose their tax-exempt status for becoming political.


    • parteagirl says:

      Under the law a church can talk about anything political- candidates, issues, ask members to go vote, etc, as long as they do not endorse by name a specific candidate. They can, and often do, have candidates themselves address their congregations during a service. It’s legal. The left leaning churches do it all the time, and then use losing tax-exempt status as a way of scaring the right leaning churches into silence.


  3. NCPatrick says:

    Is anyone else watching the absolute debacle at the Rose Bowl as Iowa is being decimated by Stanford? This is agonizing for my family since two of the nephews played for Iowa football, 3 grandchildren are currently enrolled, they never miss a game, etc. Entire wing of the midwestern (Iowa) family is in Arizona watching this blood bath together. Oh man … Iowa team had been undefeated until today and this is painful to watch. There will be no joy in Iowa tonight.


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  5. David Rw says:

    Cruz knows very little about “The body of Christ”. I’m part of that body, but won’t vote for any “Christian” that thinks a Mormon is part of that body. I won’t vote for any “Christian” that uses sleazy campaign tactics to win his election. Won’t vote for any “Christian” that openly lies about his opponent “Donald Trump Supports Obamacare” is a filthy lie put out by Christian “Ted”.


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